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Chapter 439 - One-Punch Victory

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 439: One-Punch Victory

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    His name was Andrew Peterov.

    Being one of the most talented Blood Wolf Guards, Oleg had watched him grow up. The old man took the boy under his wing when Andrew was just a boy and he had treated him like his own kid. Andrew didn’t let the old man down either and had become a competent leader of the Intelligence Department. His ability was on par with that of Azure Dragon, Ye Nantian, Adam, The Fool, and Zeus.

    He could have killed Adam during the raid of the Warg valley with ease, but he had spared Adam’s life so that Adam could spread the news.

    Yet, powerful as he was, he was killed by Chen Fan with one swift blow.

    Chen Fan had come all the way across Siberia to do away with Andrew and he had done just that.

    When Andrew’s head slowly slid off of his neck and thudded onto the floor, even the air in the station had stopped moving.

    “Pee’ lee Paa’laa…”

    A crimson light shot three meters out from Oleg’s eyes like a flash of lightning. Chen Fan ‘s action had finally crossed the bottom line of the battle-hardened veteran who was the backbone of the Russian secret agent serves.


    Oleg took a step forward as the energy around him increased its intensity. He closed his fingers and grasped something in the air.


    The sky suddenly changed colors and released a huge wave of Essence Qi that converged toward Oleg. Oleg drew the Essence Qi up and shaped them into a three-meter long wolf paw that was lined with deadly claws and were covered in blood. With lightning speed, the paw suddenly charged at Chen Fan. Overbearing energy rippled about the wolf paw as it flew across the station. Chen Fan reckoned that Oleg’s attack packed as much potency as Chen Fan’s Grand Qin Na Hand when Chen Fan first reached Ethereal Enlightenment.


    Chen Fan cracked a light smile.

    He also closed his fingers and punched, mirroring his opponent’s actions.

    Chen Fan didn’t put too much True Essence in this attack, instead, he had tapped into the energy in his surroundings using Divine Will and charged his attack using the Wood Elemental energies. It wasn’t long before the azure fist grew to the same size as his opponent’s bloody paw.


    The azure Fist Aura shot out and clashed with the bloody wolf paw. Both waves of energy exploded at the impact and shattered into countless swirling tendrils of energy that could even tear a piece of metal into shreds, much less a mortal.

    “Bang, bang, bang!”

    Oleg connected his last attack with another deadly claw and Chen Fan also repeated his last move. The azure Fist Aura and the Bloody Paw collided with each other again and let out a huge explosion with a deep rumbling blare. The two mighty warriors were at each other’s throat with the same move sixteen more times.

    Their battle had unleashed powerful Essence Qi that threatened to turn the world upside down.

    After each impact of the two deadly plus of energy, Qi Energy spilled out from their collision and shot through the entire station, destroying anything and everything that was in its way. It knocked off walls and ripped roofs off of smaller buildings. Worse, the shock wave of the explosion reached much further than the Qi Energy and was equally destructive.

    Pull Back!

    Red Sparrow could no longer hold her ground, so she retreated to find safety.

    Fifty meters, sixty meters, seventy…

    Red Sparrow didn’t stop pulling back until she was a hundred meters away from the chaos. She looked back at the battle and was surprised to see nothing but two washes of Qi Energy—one azure and one crimson—that were shrouded with grey Qi Energy.

    “Is this the true power of Immortal State Warriors?”

    Red Sparrow watched on, but her body couldn’t stop shaking.

    She was acquainted with more than one Immortal State warrior in her life, but she had never seen any one of them put on a full display of their power. The closest thing to that she had witnessed was the battle between Chen Fan and Takemiya Hiro at the Tokyo Tower.

    However, that fight happened a few hundred meters above the ground, out of sight. Worse, Takemiya Hiro didn’t last long before he was utterly defeated by Chen Fan’s Wheel of Sun and Moon. Therefore, that battle was not a very good example of Immortal State warrior’s might.

    As for Chen Fan’s victory over the four Demon Gods, the fourteenth brigade, as well as the Infantry Division 116, Chen Fan had pulled that off using the strength of his body alone and didn’t tap into the Power of Heaven and Earth using True Essence.

    There and then, Chen Fan had finally let loose his energy. Even the slightest movement of his body would send out powerful Qi Energy that disturbed the balance of Essence Qi in nature, turning the flow of natural energy into garbled chaos.

    Such a significant change in nature’s balance had caught the attention of powerful Overlords within an area of a few hundred square kilometers. Those Overlords raised their eyebrows in shock and looked toward the direction of the action.

    “I sense a godly existence that is powerful enough to annihilate the planet. Whoever he is, he is not any ordinary Transcendent Master. Could it be an Immortal State warrior? Could it be Chen Beixuan?”

    Many Overlords thought to themselves. The promise of Chen Beixuan’s return didn’t sit well with them.

    Although most ordinary people couldn’t register anything was amiss, the powerful overlords could almost see in their minds’ eyes two large whales swirling swiftly around each other, stirring up powerful undercurrents beneath the otherwise calm surface of reality. For many of them, it was the first time they had ever witnessed such a struggle between two behemoths. The sheer magnitude of the power unleashed during the battle turned them into a bundle of nerves.

    Despite Red Sparrow had retreated to a safer distance, she was much closer to the eye of the terrifying storm than most people.

    “Old man used to tell me that the main difference between Transcendent State and Immortal State Warriors was the latter’s ability to draw the Power of Heaven and Earth. They could use only a fraction of their own energy to command ten times more Power of Heaven and Earth. I had always thought that my Old Man was pulling my leg by saying that, but now I see the truth in it.”

    As Red Sparrow trembled uncontrollably, she suddenly had a moment of epiphany. “No wonder they said Immortal State was the real beginning of cultivation!”


    Chen Fan’s Blade Qi went through the bloody paw and landed a solid blow on Oleg’s Protective Qi of Four Righteousness. The impact didn’t wound Oleg but winded him as the old man stumbled back a few dozen steps.

    “You don’t fight like the other werewolves. I felt like I am fighting against an Oriental Martial Artist.”

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and exclaimed.

    Oleg was well versed in many styles of combat and compared to him, Galdan fought like a simple-minded beast. Chen Fan had registered traces of many fighting techniques he was familiar with: Eagle Claw, Tongbei Fist, Pigua Palm and even the ancient art of Tangsudo. The layer of crimson qi protecting the old man’s body was also a parody of the Protective Qi of Four Righteousness used by internal force users.

    “When I reached Immortal State, I suddenly realized that all arts and techniques were different sides of the same thing. Only a stubborn mind such as Galdan would hang himself on one tree. Little did he know that he had given up a whole forest. Such was the way of life, keep experimenting new things would lead to success and get hung up on dated dogma and ideologies would only lead to death.”

    Oleg erected himself against the storm of Essence Qi. His white hair danced against the wind as he announced loudly and proudly.

    He looked nothing like an old and grumpy Russian man, instead, he had the look as well as the mind of a wise Chinese philosopher.

    “Just so!”

    Chen Fan agreed.

    Both Oleg and Lei Qianjue were two of the most competent cultivators Chen Fan had met since his rebirth. Although they still had a long way to go, Chen Fan could sense the immense potential in them. Should they relocate to an environment suited for cultivation, they would quickly gain enlightenment and wisdom and became mighty figures in the known universe.

    “It’s a pity that you are confined to earth. Your talent is wasted.”

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh.

    “Chen Beixuan, don’t waste your breath. Try to counter my next attack! Nine Transformation of the Crimson God!”

    Oleg shouted as he took a step forward. Suddenly, a gale shot up from under his feet; it engulfed the old man and lifted him up into the air. “I have invented this art to use it on General Ye, but I guess I will test it on you.”

    The Crimson energy that roiled about the old man converged into a glistering ray of light and bore down onto Chen Fan’s head. Almost simultaneously, he shot out an arm and clawed at Chen Fan. His attack was not only charged by the Power of Heaven and Earth but was also unpredictable. The glowing claws seemed to have changed their courses nine times while it was approaching Chen Fan, and after each swift change of direction, the energy in the attack surged. By the time it had completed the nine transformations, the attack seemed to be coming from nowhere, but also from everywhere at the same time.


    Impressed by the brilliant execution, even Chen Fan cheered for his opponent.

    Oleg had packed nearly all the possible techniques and tricks in the world into this one single attack. There was simply no other attack that would even come close to the complexity and intricacy of its design and execution.

    Although this art was a child’s play in the eyes of Immortal Cultivators—a far cry from the simple use of dharma treasure, Chen Fan was impressed by Oleg’s incredible talent to create such art with very limited resources. He was convinced that given time and proper training, Oleg could reach Golden Core with ease. Of all the Immortal State Warriors, on earth, only Oleg could have invented an art with such inconceivable effect. Chen Fan wagered that the attack would be a headache even for a Divine Sea level cultivator.

    “Tyr this!”

    Chen Fan grunted as a pulse of energy shot up around him, tossing his hair up into the air. Then he punched.

    Chen Fan’s punch was direct and to the point and seemed to have the same level of complexity as a punch thrown by a three-year-old.

    However, Oleg had seen through the ruse and reckoned that Chen Fan’s attack could not only counter his blow but also force him to expose his weakness.

    “This is… Impossible!”

    Oleg was suddenly seized by fear.

    Unlike normal Werewolves who increased their power by consuming the Fruit of the Warg, he had taken another path and reached Immortal State as a Martial artist. Because of that, Oleg not only had a powerful body as other werewolves did, but he also was a mighty immortal state martial artist. Combining the two powers together had given Oleg enough confidence to believe that he was nearly invincible in this world.

    However, the wisdom and the enlightenment required to execute Chen Fan’s seemingly simple punch had blown his mind.

    Compared to the transcendental quality of Chen Fan’s attack, his art seemed gaudy and overwrought art. Chen Fan had reached the ultimate enlightenment, therefore, his techniques were beyond this world.


    Chen Fan’s punch cut through the bloody paws, penetrated Oleg’s Four Righteousness Protection Aura and landed squarely on the old man’s chest.


    The impact sent a blaring din like the chime of a giant cast iron bell.

    a force shot through Oleg’s body, tearing his clothes at the seams before it penetrated deep into the old man’s body, flattening the rib cage. The invisible force came out from Oleg’s back and through the military uniform, leaving a gaping hole on the old man’s body.

    Oleg’s body was sent flying and rammed through countless walls until he thudded onto the ground at the far end of the station.

    Chen Fan had claimed victory with one simple punch.

    Red Sparrow was rendered speechless by the unbelievable development.