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Chapter 438 - Lets Get It Over With

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 438: Let's Get It Over With

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    So overbearing was Chen Fan's energy-imbued presence that Red Sparrow and Andrew felt suffocated by the mountainous pressure around them. The pressure was real and created a weight on top of trees and bushes, bending their branches to almost touch the ground.

    Red Sparrow was forced to take a few steps back as she gave Chen Fan a surprised look.

    Andrew raised his eyebrows in shock and connected his gaze with Chen Fan for the first time. He had seen Chen Fan's face in many pictures and footage, but it was the first time he stood eye to eye with him.

    "He has a terrifying presence, almost as imposing as that of my teacher… if not more so. Is this the power of a real Immortal State warrior?"

    Andrew could only hold Chen Fan's gaze momentarily before he lowered his head and looked away.

    Oleg stood unflinchingly, letting the wild energy tossing the thin white hair around his sideburns. The crimson glow in his eyes turned brighter and matched the intensity of the azure divine light in Chen Fan's eyes. Suddenly, both warriors shot the glowing energy out of their eye sockets.

    Two pulses of energy, one crimson and the other azure collided, letting out a cacophony of explosions and sparks. Despite their intangible nature, they collided with every ounce of solidity their masters had given them.

    "Mr. Chen Beixuan, are you really going to challenge a superpower in the world?"

    Oleg announced as deadly energy roiled about him, threatening to engulf the train station.

    His energy had such ruthlessness to it that it painted a picture of fire and smoke, tattered banners, piled up bodies of dead soldiers and rivulets of blood in everyone's mind. Compared to Oleg, Galdan's energy was much calmer, if not ordinary. It was evident that contact with the human world improved Oleg's power and abilities by leaps and bounds.

    The two warrior's growing energy inevitably come into contact with each other like a slow train wreck. They grounded each other's edges, trying to overpower one another.

    The energy of the two Immortal Level Overlords loomed over the area of a few hundred meters wide. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary outside of the boundary, but inside, the churning energy clashed into each other violently like rough waves of the sea.

    Unable to hold her own against the belligerent current, Red Sparrow retreated to a safer space some thirty steps away from where she was standing. Andrew fared slightly better than her and only took ten steps back instead of thirty.

    "What I hate the most is being threatened."

    Chen Fan said lightly.

    Both warriors had held their grounds so far, but Chen Fan's nonchalant expression spoke loudly of the upper hand he had held. On the other hand, Oleg's face contorted, his hands clenched tightly in a fist, and the glow in his eyes intensified as he pushed himself closer to the limit.

    "You are right that I have family and friends who I care about, but doesn't the same goes to you? There are 140 million citizens in Russia, and don't you care about their well being as well?"

    Chen Fan's chilling threat sent fear into Oleg's heart.

    That was what the old man had been afraid of the most.

    Chen Fan had upped the ante and reciprocated Oleg's threat by threatening to hold the entire Russian nation hostage. Chen Fan's family was a much smaller target compared to the 140 million souls in Russia.

    The exchange between the two Immortal Overlords was a parody of that between superpowers of the world. Every single move on each side was accounted for by the opponent, forming a tight deadlock that would eventually bring both parties to the negotiating table.

    "Mr. Chen Beixuan, the perilous situation we are in is exactly why the superpowers signed non-aggression pact with each other. But you have broken the truce unilaterally."

    Oleg turned his aggression down a notch and tried to reason with Chen Fan again.

    "No, it wasn't me who broke the rules. You have used weapons of mass destruction on me first." Chen Fan flung back at him.

    Oleg was suddenly at a loss for words.

    He had loaded his gun with reason, but he ended up shooting himself in the foot. It was obvious the fault was with the KGB and the Russian military.

    Chen Fan had no intention of harming anyone in Russia; all he wanted was the Fruit of Embryonic Essence in the Warg Valley. However, the Blood Wolf Guards and the KGB decided to do away with two enemies with one stone by attacking the European Dark Overlords and Chen Fan with the element of surprise. Their arrogance eventually brought Chen Fan's wrath onto themselves.

    Their minds were clouded by greed.

    If they could foresee what was happening now, they would never make a move against Chen Fan.

    However, as a traditional superpower, Russia had gotten used to pushing her weight around without thinking twice. The Russian official's sense of entitlement and content lulled them into a false sense of security that blinded their judgment.

    It was ridiculous for them to think that any individual could subjugate one of the superpowers in the world.

    "Mister, what happened past no longer matters."

    Oleg paused a second and said: "It's true that Russia had attacked your fist, but what you have done later was an egregious affront to a proud nation. Stop now, and I will spare your life."

    "Spare my life?"

    Chen Fan let out a peal of laughter.

    "Chen Fan, he is right. No one will gain anything if you keep escalating the situation. How are you going to fight against the entire Russian military anyways?" Red Sparrow urged on.

    Andrew sneered and said: "Chen Beixuan, don't underestimate Mother Russia. Our advances in military technology far exceed your imagination. The time has gone when an Immortal State Overlord could single-handedly defeat a nation. For example, we are already able to create miniature portable nuclear bombs that can be carried by one individual. We can detonate such a bomb right next to you, do you think you can run faster than nuclear chain reaction?"

    "There are other deadly weapons, high precision armor-piercing shells, laser guns, rail guns, space-based weapons… just to name a few. Plus, do you really think you are the only Immortal State Warrior in the world? Well, surprise. You are NOT!"

    Andrew went on while the old man stood quietly.

    The three of them looked at Chen Fan expectantly, waiting for his final decision.

    "Miniature Nuclear Weapon?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and projected his Divine Will out to cover a swath of land that was a few dozen square kilometers in size.

    He quickly noticed that there were three groups of secret agents in three different directions. Each group was setting up a small bomb inside a suitcase. Despite the bomb's small size, Chen Fan sensed their infinite capacity for destruction. The three bombs formed a triangle around Chen Fan so that he couldn't escape regardless of his escape route.

    Nuclear weapon!

    The Russians had finally used their last resort.

    "So that's your final coup de grace? Nuclear bombs?" Chen Fan grinned and then said: "You know that if you detonate those bombs, I am not the only one who will die, right?"

    The color drained away from Red Sparrow's face after she heard Chen Fan's words. She looked at Oleg in shock.

    Oleg straightened his back and stood unflinchingly before Chen Fan. He gave Chen Fan a hard glare and said: "That's plan B in case of my failure.."

    "But I doubt I will fail. I am not Galdan, who had been hiding under a rock while I strengthened myself in countless battles. Not even Yao Daoyi, Li Changsheng, or Lin Shuming in China were my worthy opponents, much less you."

    Oleg announced as he charged up his energy with each breath he took. The energy inside of him soon surpassed that of Galdan during his peak and was still going without any sign of slowing down.

    The battle-hardened veteran Immortal Warrior, the backbone of Russia, was finally ready to unleash his deadly power into this world again.

    Red Sparrow's face suddenly paled while fire danced in Andrew's eyes.

    This was going to be a battle between two Immortal State Overlords, a rare sight to behold. Although Chen Fan had just fought against Galdan last year, very little was known about that battle, and to this day, many people still doubted if Chen Fan really had killed Galdan.

    "Is that so?"

    Chen Fan smirked.

    He had obtained initial success in his Azure Thearch Longevity Body cultivation, so a mid-stage immortal state warrior would pose no threat to him. Even though Chen Fan sensed that Oleg possessed many cultivation techniques other than his extraordinary inborn gift, he was confident that he would defeat his opponent.

    As both combatants charged up their energies, Red Sparrow had to keep retreating until she was fifty steps away from the two warriors. Andrew was also forced to retreat to safety.


    Before the two warriors engaged each other, their soul energy collided first.

    Controlling soul energy was a signature ability of an Immortal State Warrior. Using their soul energy, they could tap into otherwise invisible sources of powerful forces in the world, making them powerful gods.

    "Pee' lee Paa'laa…"

    Oleg's soul energy materialized in the world in the form of a wash of crimson glow, and then it charged at Chen Fan. Chen Fan yanked his arm up, sending a scintillating Blade of Divine Will toward the incoming energy. The Blade of Divine Will sliced through the crimson mist and flew directly at Oleg.


    Oleg was taken aback at first and then punched out a fist out.

    Oleg's punch seemed ordinary, but it was a result of hundreds of years of refinement and perfection. The punch would not only inflict physical harm but also damage souls. However, it wasn't until Oleg punched three times that Chen Fan's Blade of Divine Will finally abated.

    Chen Fan had gained the upper hand in the second round again. However, Oleg was still confident that he would emerge victoriously since he had a nearly indestructible body.

    "Mr. Chen Beixuan, are you sure you want to continue this path? It is still not too late to change your mind. But once the fight really begins, there will be no turning back."

    Oleg gave Chen Fan a cold glare.

    "Sure, I will let the matter slide if you hand over Andrew. Do that, and I will turn around and walk away right now."

    Chen Fan answered.

    "That's impossible. Andrew is the most powerful Blood Wolf Guard. You can ask for anything else, but not him."

    Oleg shook his head and replied readily.


    Chen Fan cracked a smile and waved a hand.


    Golden light spilled out from a gourd hitched by his waist. The light shot up into the sky, swirled around a few times as it grew in size and intensity. With lightning speed, it suddenly plummeted toward Andrew and wrapped itself around Andrew's neck. It tightened the noose, severing Andrew's neck, and flew back into the gourd before anyone knew what was going on.

    Andrew gaped stupidly at Chen Fan as blood finally start to seep through the thin red line around his neck.

    The current leader of Blood Wolf Guards was killed by Chen Fan without any warning. Worse, he executed Andrew right under another Immortal State Warrior's nose.

    The culprit must die!