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Chapter 437 - The Second Immortal Level Warrior?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 437: The Second Immortal Level Warrior?

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    The train pulled over to a station.

    This was the last stop before entering Moscow in a small city called Balashikha. The city only had a few hundred thousand citizens, and therefore, not a lot of passengers were getting on or off at this stop.

    Once the train had come to a full stop, a couple of passengers got off the train to get some food at the station or to stretch their legs.

    Unlike the other stations, there was not a single soldier to be seen at the Balashikha station. Moscow was only a few dozen kilometers away, and she slept quietly, seemingly unwitting of Chen Fan’s arrival.

    “Sir, something is off…”

    Natasha’s face changed color as she registered that something was amiss.

    The closer they got to Moscow, the more stringent the security check had been. Why would the Russians swing the gate to the city wide-open while trying so hard to stop them from getting here?

    Something didn’t add up.

    “Pada, pda.”

    A short-hair woman wearing a tight leather outfit over her hot body walked over to Chen Fan, bowed, and then said: “Mr. Chen Beixuan, someone wants to see you.”

    “Red Sparrow?”

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and gazed at the woman.

    The illusion spell he had cast could only fool the eyes of normal people, but not Extraordinary Ones such as Red Sparrow. At Red Sparrow’s level, she had learned to identify a person, not by appearance, but also their soul energy signal.

    A Grandmaster’s nose was more sensitive than a dogs nose, their eyes were sharper than that of an eagle, and they could hear the quietest sound that could even escape an alert cat.

    Both Martial artists and Immortal Cultivators were a form of evolution in their own ways. Through her cultivation, Red Sparrow had gained a rudimentary form of spirit body that helped to heighten her senses. Therefore, she had easily seen through Chen Fan’s cover.

    “How did you find me?”

    Chen Fan waved a calming hand at Natasha, gesturing her to be quiet. Then he asked Red Sparrow curiously.

    “I am not an idiot. It’s not very hard to deduce the train you are on based on a slew of evidence you have left behind.”

    Red Sparrow shrugged.

    It had been a year since the last time Chen Fan met with Red Sparrow. She had become much more mature in appearance but still held on to the edge in her voice and her snappy attitude. She lowered her head slightly and said.

    “Mr. Chen, they are waiting for you.”

    “Fine, I will meet with them since you insisted. But I doubt they will like the meeting.” Chen Fan rose to his feet and told Natasha to remain on the train before he started off with Red Sparrow.

    Chen Fan didn’t seem to be concerned that his cover was blown.

    The train was only a couple dozen kilometers away from Moscow, and even the craziest Russian leader would think twice before dropping a nuclear bomb so close to the nation’s capital. Therefore, the closer Chen Fan got to Moscow, the safer he felt. Other than nuclear weapons, there was nothing in Russia’s arsenal that could harm him.

    “I wager that ‘Someone’ must be the leader of the Blood Wolf Guards. I think I am going to meet with Andrew very soon.” Chen Fan thought to himself as he narrowed his eyes.

    He traveled this far across Siberia, killing countless secret agents and seventeen Blood Wolf Guards, in order to confront Andrew.

    He was the mastermind behind the military operation in Warg Valley, the real culprit of the life-threatening danger that Chen Fan escaped within a hair’s breadth.

    The two quickly made their way out of the landing to the arrival section of the station.

    There had been many workers bustling in the arrival section, but now there was not a single soul to be seen, except for two burly Russian men. One of them was a young and handsome blond in a brand new spiffy military fatigue.

    The other man was a white-haired old man in a soviet-era army uniform that was so old that the color had faded. However, the uniform was ironed carefully so that it looked well-used and well-loved.

    “Andrew Peterov, the deputy director of the Russian Intelligence Department. The leader of the Blood Wolf Guards.”

    The blond caught Chen Fan’s attention immediately.

    He had scraped the minds of the secret agents he had encountered on his way, and therefore, he recognized Andrew’s face right away. Chen Fan had been searching for Andrew for the last few weeks, and now his target was finally standing right in front of him. However, Chen Fan was not in a hurry to lash out.

    Andrew gave Chen Fan a furtive glance and remained silent. He stood right by the old man with a great measure of deference.

    “My lord, Chen Beixuan, is here.”

    Red Sparrow walked over to the old man, lowered her head, and said.

    “Cough… cough…”

    The old man drew on the Tobacco pipe as he coughed. Hearing Red Sparrow’s words, he about-turned to look at Chen Fan. His face was lined with deep wrinkles, and his eyes were dull and sheen-less. However, there was an unmistakable perspicacity in his gaze, which reminded Chen Fan of his own grandfather, Chen Huaian.

    “Impressive! I didn’t expect you to be so young. It has been a while since the last time I met an Immortal Level warrior on this planet. You remind me of General Ye when he was your age. So bold, energetic, and full of potential.”

    The old man spoke in fluent Chinese as if he had been living in China for decades.

    “Do I know you?”

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and asked.

    Despite the old man’s frail form that threatened collapse at any moment, Chen Fan felt the presence of energy in the old man that was more powerful than any other person he had encountered.

    This old man might as well be the most powerful being Chen Fan had seen on earth. Even the Snow Wolf King, Galdan would pale in comparison with the old man as an ordinary citizen would in the presence of a battle-seasoned veteran warrior. What surprised Chen Fan more was the striking similarity between the energy of the old man and Galdan.

    “He is not just any Immortal State Overlord. He is…” A light flickered in Chen Fan’s eyes as realization dawned upon him, “Mid-stage Immortal State!”

    “This mid-stage Immortal State Overlord must be the Russian’s last trump card. Thus it was, Russia, the crest-fallen rival of America must have some deadly tricks up her sleeves.”

    Chen Fan thought to himself.

    However, even though the old man was a mid-stage Immortal State Overlord, Chen Fan was not afraid of him.

    Since Chen Fan had gained Initial success in his Azure Thearch Longevity Body, he was nearly invincible on this planet. He could hold his own even against an Immortal State Warrior in peak-stage, much less one in mid-stage.

    “I am Oleg Nikolayevich, the first Blood Wolf Guard, and the second director of the Intelligence Department.”

    The old man answered as he bowed slightly.

    “Mr. Oleg joined the military during the French Invasion of Russia. He had served under all the subsequent Russian leaders and was awarded the Order of the Red Banner numerous times. He was the founder of the Blood Wolf Guards.” Red Sparrow came over to Chen Fan and explained, almost whispering.

    “He is also a mighty Immortal State Overlord. His nickname is the Bloodwolf King. He ranked pretty high even among all the rest of the immortal state overlords.”

    “Bloodwolf King, are you related to the Snow Wolf King?”

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and asked lightheartedly.

    “We were good friends a hundred years ago. Our clan’s territories were adjacent to each other. However, Galdan took the ancient creed of the Werewolf too seriously and refused any form of contact with the humans, and eventually, he was forgotten by the modern world.”

    The old man heaved a sigh. His gaze suddenly grew cold as he fixed his gaze on to Chen Fan.

    “Mr. Chen Beixuan, you have disrupted the treaty between China and Russia by attacking Infantry Division 116 and killing General Scherchen. Worse, along the way to Moscow, you have humiliated the Russian government by turning the KGB agents into vegetables. This is a blatant insult! If not because of my objection, the leader of our nation would have already dropped a nuclear bomb on you and erased you off of this planet.”

    “They can try that if they dare.”

    Chen Fan snorted, his voice was laced with contempt.

    A crimson glow came up in the old man’s eyes, flickering in fits and starts.

    “So you have made up your mind to be the enemy of my country? Are you going to waste away the precious peace between the two nations?”

    “Chen Fan, Director Xiao, also hoped that you could see the big picture. You have humiliated Russia by destroying seventeen local branches of its Intelligence Department and killing General Scherchen, shouldn’t that be enough to avenge the wrong they have done to you?” Red Sparrow added.

    “Not enough!”

    Chen Fan answered calmly but firmly.

    It wouldn’t be enough until he had done away with the real culprit.

    He could spare anyone except for Andrew. He would see to it that Andrew got what he deserved even if it meant traversing all the way across Russia.

    Oleg announced in a clear voice: “Even an Immortal Level Overlord has someone he cares in the world. You might be able to escape a nuclear bomb, but what about your family and friends? They couldn’t even dodge a bullet.”

    “Are you threatening me?”

    A Divine Light suddenly surged in Chen Fan’s eyes.

    The situation quickly escalated as a deadly tension crept into the air. Everyone felt the cold teeth of the impending disaster gnawing at their minds.