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Chapter 436 - Total Annihilation

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 436: Total Annihilation

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    This was the second time Chen Fan had seen the transformation of a werewolf.

    Once they revealed their true form, Chen Fan finally understood why people call them the Blood Wolf Guards.

    The dozen or so brawny secret agents ripped open their shirts in unison, revealing another layer of protective clothing.

    Then their bodies started to swell. First their heads, then their chests, bellies, and finally limbs, all transformed their shape and texture to give them the likeness of a wolf. They were much taller and beefier looking than the other werewolves Chen Fan encountered on the Tundra and were also much more ferocious.

    Normal werewolves were only two meters tall; however, even the shortest werewolves in the room were a head taller than that. The tallest of them all had reached two meters and fifty centimeters.

    Other than size, their fiery red coats were also different than the werewolves of the Snow Wolf Clan. Their eyes were so red that they seemed to be bleeding. After the transformations were completed, there was no shred of humanity left in these beasts, as rage and blood-lust had utterly claimed their minds.

    "Are these the Blood Wolf Guards of Russia? They don't look that much different than those I met on the tundra, other than being a little bit more reckless." Chen Fan shrugged.

    There was no doubt that these Blood Wolf Guards were much stronger than normal human beings. The five leaders, in particular, had reached the semi-immortal levels and were much stronger than the four pack-leader contenders of the Snow Wolf Clan.

    However, they would only be pathetic fodder under Chen Fan's crushing force.

    He could have easily dealt with these monsters a year ago before he had reached initial success in his Azure Thearch Longevity Body cultivation. By now, he could kill them with a snap of fingers.


    Even as Chen Fan shook his head derisively, the Blood Wolf Guards had started charging toward him.

    They were not fully naked as a protective suit made out of thin but sturdy material covered their bodies. Chen Fan punched at one werewolf; his movement was almost lazy. The force penetrates through the werewolf's body as the beast's chest caved in.

    To Chen Fan's surprise, the werewolf managed to pick himself up after taking the brunt of his attack.


    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and registered that something was amiss.

    Although Chen Fan didn't use his full strength in that punch, and neither did he break the hypersonic barrier, not even Adam at his peak condition could have protected himself from his punch, much less a werewolf. Chen Fan quickly registered that the layer of protective clothing must be the reason that the werewolf was unharmed.

    "Come again!"

    Chen Fan let out a peal of laughter, shot out two fingers, and hacked into the air.

    Suddenly, a pulse of azure Blade Aura surged from the tip of his finger and sliced across the wall as if slicing through a piece of tofu, leaving deep scars on the concrete walls.


    The five Blood Wolves snarled at Chen Fan and claws at him at the same time.

    Their claws were over ten centimeters long and were wrapped in a metal fixture that was lined with sharp spikes. The claws clanked with each other while traveling in the air; the metallic noise was similar to that of the X-man hero Wolverine's adamantium claws.


    An azure light collided with the metal claws, and the impact sent sparks flying in all directions. The five werewolves were sent flying back. However, Chen Fan's Blade Auras were unable to shatter the claws as it would normal metal weapons.


    A cold light flickered in Chen Fan's eyes.

    These five werewolves' metal claws were as deadly as that of the Snow Wolf King. Their protective layer also emboldened them to throw themselves at Chen Fan with abandon.

    "I still don't think you can stop me."

    Chen Fan grunted and then stamped the ground with one foot. "Break!"


    The eleven-story tall building started to tremble as if an earthquake. Chen Fan's stomping had created a hole underneath his foot, big enough to see the floor beneath him. Before the werewolves knew what was going on, Chen Fan had broken the hypersonic barrier and punched at one of the unwitting werewolves.


    The powerful Fist Qi went through the werewolf. The force split open his rib cage, squashed his innards, and then shattered all the bones in the werewolf's body.

    The impact sent a shockwave across the entire floor and burst out of the building from broken windows. Looking from outside, it was as if someone had set off a huge explosion on the tenth floor.

    Chen Fan gazed at the black suit and pondered. "Uh? The protective layer is still intact? That's impossible. I should have broken even a full suit of metal armor with my last punch unless it is—" Suddenly, realization finally dawned upon him.

    "Unless it is Bio-Armor!"

    He was taken aback by this realization, so he examined the thin layer of armor more carefully.

    Lo and behold, he noticed something was fishy about the material of these protective layers.

    It was made out of a stretchy material that had the properties of both metal, plastic, and fiber. It reminded Chen Fan of the spacesuit he had seen at a few advanced Galactic Civilizations. These suits were woven using highly advanced Bio-Tech and could withstand a direct hit from a rail gun.

    Although the protection layer on these werewolves was primitive, they bore unmistakable signs of Bio-Armor.

    "Interesting. It appears that the mortals on earth are quite advanced in technology. Although this Bio-Armor is a few hundred years behind the real deal, it was impressive nonetheless."

    Chen Fan shook his head and cracked a smile.

    The Bio-Armor was invented by the best Biology Research Institution in Russia. Even the werewolf's sharp claws were enhanced by the latest technology. This equipment could only be manufactured in small quantities and, therefore, could only be used by a small group of werewolves.

    Once mass-producing was possible for these Bio-Armor, Russia would have a bulletproof army under her disposal.

    "Ahhwooo, ahhwooo, ahhwooo."

    These Blood Wolf Guards let out maddening howls after they watched as Chen Fan killed one of their brethren. Their eyes turned bloodshot, and their voice held a fragile edge that threatened to explode.

    The five larger werewolves threw themselves at Chen Fan, their claws glinting in the air. So sharp were those claws that they could tear through an armored vehicle. Even Adam might not be able to escape the deadly attack.

    "The five of you might have a chance against me if all of you were as powerful as the Snowwolf King. However, that was not the case for anyone of you. I could have ground you all into a pulp with my bare fist if not for the layer of protection you are wearing. "

    Chen Fan cracked a smile, and his body started to flicker.

    In a blink, Chen Fan's flickering body gave birth to many copies of himself. These copies flickered in their own frequencies and looked as insubstantial as an image on the silver screen.

    However, the intangible quality of these copies was only an illusion due to the lightning movement of Chen Fan. Chen Fan punched, and so did his fifteen copies, sending sixteen werewolves flying across the room.

    These werewolves didn't stand a chance before Chen Fan's fist.


    A few dark shadows smashed through the wall and fell out of the building to the streets below. Fortunately, the KGB had cordoned off the streets around the building and evacuated the residence; otherwise, the sight of a furry werewolf was going to scare the residences.


    As soon as these Blood Wolf Guards thudded back on the floor, they struggled to their feet and quickly gathered themselves. It was evident that their regeneration ability was much more advanced than normal werewolves.

    Chen Fan had even punched a hole on some of these werewolves' chests, but their bloody bodies were recovering by the second. Already, the five larger werewolves climbed up the wall and inched toward Chen Fan while creeping upside down on the ceiling.

    "Do you think I really can't kill you with that layer of protection?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes as a cold light came up.

    "Fine, I will show you the way in which the cultivation civilization trampled over technology civilizations."

    While facing the coordinated attacks of a few dozen Blood Wolf Guards, Chen Fan decided to simply stand there with his hands linked behind his back. When the wolf claws were only a mere inch away from Chen Fan, the Blood Wolf Guards' eyes lit up with glee.

    Suddenly, a thin golden flame appeared in Chen Fan's left eye, and the fire quickly engulfed Chen Fan's eye before it shot out of the eye socket and surrounded the werewolves that were the closest to Chen Fan.

    "Shit, pull back!"

    The sudden turn of events startled the rest of the four werewolves. They let out a howl that sounded more like a yelp as they tried to pull back. However, Chen Fan wouldn't let them getaway.


    Another golden flame shot out from Chen Fan's right eye and it grew in size. When it was ten meters away from Chen Fan, it had grown so large that it filled up the entire room, engulfing all the werewolves in its fiery maw, killing them in an instant.

    Natasha fixed her gaze at the exit of the building from a safe distance. Suddenly, she saw a man in a black outfit saunter out of the building and walk straight to her.

    Chen Fan had been in there for less than ten minutes, yet, he had annihilated the KGB's branch at Ufa, and killed all seventeen Blood Wolf Guards.


    Natasha rushed to Chen Fan and was relieved to find out that he was unharmed.

    "Let's move. Some of these Blood Wolf Guards are still alive, but I don't think they would pose any trouble for us for a while." Chen Fan said lightly.

    The seventeen Blood Wolves were the KGB's last resort.

    Chen Fan was right, they didn't encounter any secret agents nor Blood Wolf Guards after they left Ufa. After all, their attempts to bring Chen Fan to heel had ended in utter failure, the KGB seemed to have finally given up.

    The rest of their journey was smooth sailing, and after a couple of days, they finally arrived in Moscow.