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Chapter 435 - All The Way Toward Wes

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 435: All The Way Toward West

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    Russia covered a huge landmass both in Asia as well as in Europe. The Railroad that went through Siberia Tundra was one of the only two means of transportation between the Northern area and Moscow. This railway was the bloodline of Northern Siberia that provided it with supplies to support the harsh life on the tundra. Other than trains, planes also connected the two areas.

    However, Chen Fan would never take such a risk.

    If the Russians learned the flight he was on, they would very likely shoot the plane down from the air. Also, Chen Fan might be unharmed from the attack, that wouldn't be the case for the other passengers on the plane with him.

    "Clank Clank"

    The train wheels struck the railway rhythmically. Outside the window, the world was covered in snow.

    Chen Fan and Natasha looked like a young couple on their vacation. Chen Fan didn't alter his appearance, but he didn't arouse any suspicion so far.

    "Sir, the checkpoints are getting so frequent that we need to stop at each and every station now. There had been only one checkpoint every few stations when we first started."

    Natasha lowered her head and murmured under her breath.

    She was wearing a fashionable peacoat and underneath that was a turtleneck sweater and a pair of pencil jeans. Her clothes and pants clung to her breathtaking curves, making her look like a supermodel. Despite the coldness of winter that seeped through the window, Natasha would trade warmth for glamour in a heartbeat.

    "Don't worry, I have already cast a spell so that the soldiers can only see an illusion of us." Chen Fan closed his eyes and murmured.

    "We have already done away with seventeen organizations related to the KGB, of course, they would be riled up."

    The memory of their past few days still left a taste of thrill in Natasha's mouth. Even thinking about it made her blood boil.

    After Chen Fan had killed Scherchen, he left Khabarovsk and returned to Smidovichsky. From there, the pair headed west toward Moscow. At every layover station, Chen Fan would locate and destroy a KGB's branch in that city.

    They stopped at Ulankhad, Ulanqab, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and then Omsk.

    At each and every city they stopped, Chen Fan first projected out his Divine Will to locate his target. After one year of cultivation in seclusion, Chen Fan's Divine Will could reach as far as ten kilometers in range. The Russian cities were small due to their small population and were only one-tenth the size of Lin City or Zhong Hai, therefore, Chen Fan's enhanced Divine Will could easily cover the entire city.

    Then after some winnowing, Chen Fan registered the presence of anyone who might pose a threat to him. Natasha's familiarity with the area also made the searching for the KGB office much easier.

    Once Chen Fan located a target, he fried his victim's brain using the Art of Soul Searching to extract information. With that newfound information, Chen Fan quickly located the base and destroyed it. Then he would travel to the next city, rinse and repeat.

    It wasn't until Chen Fan destroyed the fifth regional headquarters that the KGB noticed something was amiss. The KGB officers used to congregate in their regional headquarters, but after realizing that they were being hunted, they dispersed into different parts of the city in order to avoid Chen Fan. However, in the end, they were unable to escape Chen Fan's Divine Will which Chen Fan used to locate each and every one of them and killed them.

    That being said, The KGB officers didn't go down without putting up a fight. Among the secret agents were veteran soldiers, seasoned assassins, and Extraordinary Ones hired by the Russian government. Unfortunately, their power was a far-cry from that of Chen Fan.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan even had a few run-ins with the Russian military.

    However, those battles never escalated to a full-on war since Chen Fan didn't want to waste time on dealing with the military; his primary targets were secret agents for now. That being said, Chen Fan's presence had alerted the Russian military. They set stringent checkpoints and mobilized deadly war machines such as main battle tanks and Su-27 fighter jets—both were common sights in cities where Chen Fan had his layover.

    "Sir, we didn't find a single secret agent ever since we passed Omsk. I think they have run away knowing you are coming after them." Natasha said, beaming from side to side.

    She regarded Chen Fan with such deference as if Chen Fan was a god.

    Those secret agents were masters of deceit and Natasha watched as Chen Fan easily identified them among the masses. Chen Fan could pinpoint their whereabouts regardless of where they were hiding.

    Even now, Natasha was still clueless as to how Chen Fan spotted those secret agents. She even wondered if Chen Fan was communicating with some powerful organization that had supplied him with the information.

    Could it be the intelligence department in China?

    Natasha thought to herself.

    "These KGB officers were elite fearless spies. They wouldn't let me get away with it." Chen Fan shook his head and said: "I bet you that they were setting up a trap for me."


    Natasha paused a second and then nodded.

    The Trans-Siberia Rail line was a single line on the map that connects all major cities along its way. Therefore, it wouldn't take long for the KGB to realize that Chen Fan was on a train. They might have even deduced the train number based on the timing of all the incidents.

    However, try as they might, they couldn't find Chen Fan among the passengers.

    So inconceivable was Chen Fan's Dharma Spells, that it could fool even the most shrewd mortal.

    Even if Chen Fan stood right in front of them, they wouldn't recognize him at all.

    "I wager they would place the ambush in a large city since it would be easier for them to accommodate a large number of agents. I think the most likely spot would be the city of Ufa." Natasha said.


    Chen Fan unfurled the map on the small table and started to examine it.

    The city of Ufa was located on the west side of the Ural Mountains and was the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan. It was one of Russia's largest hubs for economy, culture, and religion. situated in the middle of east and west Russia, the city was an important transportation nod.

    "We will see. If the agents remained in their headquarters pretending nothing was going to happen then you are likely right that they have set up the trap in Ufa."

    After Chen Fan had said that, he closed his eyes and started to cultivate.

    Natasha also grew silent and started her own cultivation. Chen Fan had taught her some basic methods. Although those were the most common cultivation methods in the realm of Immortal Cultivation, for Natasha, getting to learn the methods was like hitting a jackpot. She had been practicing it diligently every day.

    While the two were engrossed in their cultivation, the train carried them closer toward the City of Ufa.

    Chen Fan got off the train when they finally reached Ufa, he looked up into the distant sky in the north and said coldly: "You are right. It appears that the secret agents hunkered down in their headquarters. I register the presence of many elite soldiers, including a few whose energy signature are similar to that of the Snow Wolf King. Are they the so-called Blood Wolf Guard?"

    Chen Fan's eyes glinted.

    He had wreaked havoc along his way in order to force the Blood Wolf Guards out to seek revenge on them.

    After all, the Blood Wolf Guards were the mastermind behind the attack on the Warg Valley. Chen Fan had also learned the name of their leader, Andrew and swore to get rid of him.

    "Let's move. I want to meet these Blood Wolf Guards."

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and cracked a smile as he walked out of the train station. Natasha carried her luggage and followed him closely.

    The two of them went on a taxi and arrived at the Regional Headquarter for National Defense Department. Chen Fan got out of the car and said: "Wait for me here. I won't be long."

    Then, he linked his hands behind his back and sauntered into the massive building.


    The heavy gate was closed, but it didn't stop Chen Fan. He punched the gate open, announcing his arrival.


    Natasha heard gunshots as soon as Chen Fan entered the building. Then the gunshots were replaced by the sound of something heavy thudding on the ground repeatedly.

    Natasha knew that those were the sounds of Barrett M82 Anti-materiel semi-automatic snipers. One hit from this beast would explode a human skull. It could even penetrate armored vehicles.

    "First floor."

    "Second Floor."


    Natasha counted the floors of the building and listened attentively as the gunshots progressed from the lower levels to the higher ones, signaling Chen Fan's progression.

    "Then the tenth floor!"

    When Natasha counted to ten, she gaped at the building in shock.

    She realized that Chen Fan had charged through nine levels of defenses and reached the tenth floor. The gunshots slowly died down and were replaced by a cacophony of clinking and clanking as Chen Fan's Qi Energy wrecked havoc. Many windows on the tenth floor were shattered from inside.

    "Mr. Chen must be fighting against the Blood Wolf Guards now. I wonder who would win the battle."

    Natasha furrowed her brows and asked herself.

    Although the Blood Wolf Guards were well known for their deadliness and ruthlessness, Natasha had witnessed Chen Fan's subjugating an entire army with his unimaginable power. Therefore, she had put her bet on Chen Fan unequivocally.


    As a bullet bounced off of Chen Fan's body, he dealt a blow on the head of the Ufa's security chief, killing him on the spot. Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and scanned around him

    "Stop hiding, I can smell your stench from miles away."

    "Kacha, Kacha."

    As soon as Chen Fan had said that, a dozen men emerged from behind closed doors. These men all had large frames and were wearing Russian military fatigues. The five men who stood at the head of the group were over two meters tall.

    "Are you the Blood Wolf Guards? Where is Andrew?"

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and asked lightly.

    "Mr. Andrew and Mr. Ivan are waiting for you in Moscow, if you can defeat us first, that is." The leader of the group was a man in a black outfit. Unlike the rest of his cohort, his eyes were blood red and slightly incandescent at the same time.

    "Is that so? Then let me finish you quickly before I deal with Andrew in Moscow."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile as a brilliant Blade Aura surged on the tenth floor.