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Chapter 434 - He Is Back!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 434: He Is Back!

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    Chen Beixuan?

    He is back?

    The news had quickly spread throughout the world like wildfire. The striking details of the news had shocked everyone and made them focus their attention on Khabarovsk and Chen Fan.

    Although Chen Fan had faded out of the world stage for a year, too many people, he was already dead. During the Battle of the Warg Valley, the Russian North Division had used Katyusha and the Father of all Bombs, they were powerful enough to kill any Immortal level warrior. However, not only had Chen Fan survived the bombing, but he had become even stronger as he had demonstrated during his fight against the Infantry Division 116

    Unlike any other Infantry Division, the Infantry Division 116 was a fully motorized elite veteran force that ranked in the top ten elite armored divisions in the world among Infantry Divisions from nations such as China, the United State of America and England.

    However, Chen Fan had penetrated the rank of this powerful force in mere minutes, destroying hundreds of armored vehicles and killing the chief in command of the Infantry Division.

    Intelligence agents flocked to Northern Russian, hoping to get a detailed report about what had happened. This battle would be a precious case study for comparing strength between an Immortal Level Overlord and modern military.

    Meanwhile, Russia had tried all the tricks under its sleeves to block the news from spreading further.

    Although the soldiers of the Infantry Division 116, as well as the onlookers, were told to keep their lips sealed, evidence of the battle still found its way to the internet in bits and pieces. One of the key pieces of evidence was a series of photos snapped by a journalist from the Global Mail. The pictures were grainy but had recorded the full event from the beginning to the end.

    Those who were lucky enough to lay their eyes on these pictures were all stunned.

    They saw pictures that showed Chen Fan taking a direct hit from an artillery gun at point-blank and others depicted him destroying a tank with one punch.

    Every single picture was framed by Chen Fan's god-like power on the battlefield.

    "Chen Beixuan seemed to be much stronger than he had been a year ago. When he was up against the Japanese fourteenth brigade, he avoided the shelling from artillery and tanks, but only avoided bullets from machine guns. However, now it seemed that he was no longer afraid of artillery shelling."

    As soon as the intelligence departments from all over the world got their hands on the photos, they started to squeeze as much information as they could from these grainy images.

    Many experts pointed at the pictures and said calculatedly.

    Many listeners nodded solemnly.

    "If normal Armored vehicles and Self-propelled artillery can't threaten him, I wager that the only options left for us are nuclear weapons."

    Someone spoke quietly under their breath.

    The others listened with cold and somber expressions.

    The threat of Chen Fan would be devastating for many counties. If only nuclear weapons were effective against Chen Fan, then there would only be five nations in the world that might be able to keep Chen Fan in check using nuclear capabilities: England, France, Russia, China and the United State of America.

    "However, if you look closer, you will notice that he was clearly avoiding contact with armor-piercing shells. K-50 also carried armor piercing rounds which he dodged as well. It was evident that only armor-piercing shells can harm him." Another expert put in.

    "Are you suggesting swarming him with a large number of armor-piercing shells such as Massive Ordnance Penetrator, Laser weapons or even rail guns?" A general asked with a frown.

    "Just so. It doesn't have to be the most deadly weapon, but it needed to be able to bore through a tank's armor to be able to pose any threat to Chen Beixuan."

    The expert replied.

    The General looked around him and nodded in reply.

    Realization finally dawned upon the generals. The weapons of mass destruction often spread its energy across a large area, therefore, they might not be the best option for a single target. Powerful single-target weapons such as the rail guns and armor-piercing shells would yield much better results.

    "Very well, we will report this to the National Defense Office. We will propose the research for more effective weapons against a powerful single target such as Immortal Level Overlords. Once such weapons are created, we will distribute them among the Elite Units first to test it out."

    The General quickly made up his mind and concluded the meeting.

    Such conversations were carried out in all major countries. Their conclusions were the same: without using nuclear weapons, deadly single target weapons were their best option against Chen Beixuan. However, such weapons could only be used once per encounter and letting Chen Beixuan dodge the only silver bullet would have devastating implications.

    For most major counties, coming up with methods to deal with Chen Fan's return had quickly become their priority.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan's return had dropped the bomb on the entire Dark World.

    "Chen Beixuan is back!"

    "How is that possible? I thought he was killed by the Father of All Bombs!"

    "It's true. I have heard that he even killed the General of the Russian's North Division."

    Many people were dumbfounded by the shocking revelation.

    Users flocked onto the CIA's server and posted their two cents about the situation. A few newly registered users had no clue who Chen Beixuan was. But after being filled in on Chen Beixuan's deeds, they fell in utter disbelief.

    Oh My God!

    Who would have thought that there was such a bad-ass among us in the Dark World?

    He had killed an Immortal Level Overlord and survived the direct strike from the Father of all Bombs? Worse, he had defeated a Russian Motorized Infantry Division and killed a high-level chief in the Russian military!

    The rest of the Overlords quickly paled in comparison with Chen Fan.

    No one had expected Chen Fan's return, much less such a dramatic one.

    "Chen Beixuan really lived up to his reputation. Only a living legend such as himself would have challenged a superpower on our planet."

    The Observer commented.

    "Sir, you had said that if Chen Beixuan could survive the battle at the Warg Valley, he would have proved himself to be worthy of the title "Living Legend".. Do you still think that way?"

    Someone raised a question.

    "I didn't say that, but I do agree with it." The Observer replied. "Chen Beixuan has proven himself numerous times. He has outshone even many Immortal Level Overlords who lived a few hundred years ago. I say that he would rank top five if not top three among all Immortal Level Overlords that walked the earth."

    "After his victory over the Russians, most counties would learn to stay out of his business, except for the United States of America"

    The Observer lamented meaningfully.

    Many other users who saw the post nodded in their minds.

    The Russian military prowess ranked the top three in the world. If Chen Fan was able to get away with what he did in Russia, then he could get away with almost anything.

    However, the question remains if the Russians would deploy their final coup de grace: nuclear weapons.

    Everyone thought to themself.

    Most people watched the event unfold as spectators.

    However, the news had shaken Chen Fan's enemies to their core.

    "Chen Beixuan is still alive? And he had killed the Chief in Command of Russian's North Division?"

    The family lord of the Lee Family of the Samsung Group nearly fell off his chair when he heard the news. The mighty tycoon who possessed trillions of wealth couldn't help but tremble uncontrollably.

    Chen Fan had already killed a military heavyweight in Russia, what would stop him from doing the same to a Korean tycoon? If Chen Fan killed him, he doubted that the Korean Government would even dare to raise a question.

    "Hurry, call for a family meeting. I need to see the president!"

    The family lord was helped to his feet by his assistant. Even after he steadied himself in his arm chair, his lips were shaking in fear.

    The sect leader of the Hong Sect slammed a fist on the table when he heard the news.

    Olga and Romon lowered their heads and kept their silence. They knew they were no match against Chen Fan even if they had reached the transcendent state.

    "The most powerful Grandmaster… hmph… I have underestimated him after all. He is much more powerful than a Grandmaster. He reached Immortal State!"

    The sect leader let out a wry grin.

    He rose to his feet but was unable to straighten his back. In his shriveled form, he looked as if he had aged ten years in a few seconds. He pushed the chair out of his way and shambled toward the door.

    "I need an audience with the Ancestral Patriarch. The situation has gone out of control and is beyond me now."

    "But, my lord, Didn't our Ancestral Patriarch tell us not to disturb him unless the sect is in grave danger." Romon's face paled a little and asked.

    "This is exactly that moment. Hong Sect's existence is already hanging by a thread."

    The sect leader grinned and started off without a word.

    Everyone froze in their seats and were speechless.

    Such as it was, even the Russian elite forces had capitulated before Chen Fan's might. What could a few Grandmasters achieve? If Chen Fan descended upon them, he would uproot the sect with a flick of a finger.

    "Sect Leader is right. The Hong Sect is on the verge of extinction."

    Olga the Crimson Lady had never thought that a young man she used to look down on had grown so inconceivably powerful.

    Hong Sect was not the only sect that felt the pressure, all of Chen Fan's former enemies, such as the Crimson Wings, the Diablo, and the Martial arts community in Japan all felt a force that drew their attention to the east.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan was already on his way toward central Russia with Natasha in tow.