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Chapter 433 - Killing A Man From Miles Away

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 433: Killing A Man From Miles Away

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    Silence fell over the battlefield after Chen Fan was gone.

    Countless men and women gaped at unthinkable development.

    From the mangled shapes of over a hundred armored vehicles, the moaning soldiers lay across the battlefield, to the dead body of General Gromov, everything seemed almost surreal. Chen Fan had rammed straight through the army and made a bloody path for himself.

    The blood-stained path looked like an ugly scar on the land. It started from a few kilometers outside of Smidovichsky, sliced right through the heart of the small city and disappeared at the end of the eastern horizon, pointed directly at the headquarters of the North Division at Khabarovsk.

    The soldiers of the Infantry Division 116 had initially thought that this operation would be a stroll in the park. Most officers were convinced that one battalion of soldiers should be more than enough to deal with the criminal. Many passengers, as well as Natasha, also thought that Chen Fan wouldn’t stand a chance: at the most, Chen Fan could only kite the flank of the army but not for long.

    The journalist from the Global Mail was too busy capturing footage to ponder on what would become of this battle.

    In the end, no one was right about the outcome.

    Chen Fan simply marched onward despite the shower of bullets and shells. He had penetrated straight through the deep ranks of Infantry Division 116 and left as if nothing had happened.

    Even now, some soldiers still tried to wrap their heads around what had just happened.

    “Gromov, General Gromov! This is Lieutenant General Vasily. How goes the battle? Are you sure the suspect is Chen Beixuan? The headquarters had ordered fire at will, and General Scherchen wanted the suspect dead. Hello, General Gromov, are you there?”

    The voice of a strategist from the North Division’s headquarters came through the intercom.

    An assistant of Gromov picked up the intercom and pressed it close to his blood-smeared face. “Report… report to the headquarters… we are… defeated. General Major is unconscious if not dead. The suspect is gone.”


    The message had shocked the person at the other end.

    The assistant also heard the panicked heavy breathing and chairs suddenly being knocked over through the intercom.

    This was not his problem anymore, so the assistant slowly put down the intercom and gazed at the injured comrades all around him.

    We are already… defeated?


    Everyone was startled when the news about Chen Fan’s appearance reached the headquarters of the North Division.

    No one had never thought that the nightmare that had tormented them a year ago was finally becoming a reality.

    The other generals were shocked and turned into a bundle of nerves.

    When they heard about the defeat of the Infantry Division 116, the death of Gromov and Chen Fan’s impending retribution, a pin-drop silence fell over the office.

    “Defeated? An entire Motorized Division was defeated?”

    Before his words faded, an explosion erupted outside the window, and fire quickly engulfed the entrance of the Headquarters. Then the generals heard gunshots.

    Meanwhile, inside the Headquarters, everyone’s face turned white.

    “Chen Beixuan is here!”

    No one had expected Chen Fan to arrive so soon, and their defense was far from ready.

    Only a small number of reinforcements had arrived at the Headquarters, most of the reinforcement were still on their way.

    The Headquarters only had a few hundred regular troops.

    Chen Fan quickly defeated the few hundred soldiers guarding the Headquarters with ease.

    As soon as Scherchen heard the gunshots, he ducked under the conference table. A few seconds later, the gunshots disappeared. The headquarters had grown so deadly silent that it was as if everyone outside of the meeting room were dead.


    Loud and clear footsteps approached the meeting room and stopped right at the entrance. Everyone’s hearts caught in their throats and they scarcely dared to breathe as they peeked out from their cover toward the door.

    Then they heard the door crack open as a handsome young man with black hair and black eyes entered the meeting room.

    His appearance didn’t change the slightest from the picture of him taken a few years ago. There was no sign of the harsh time he had spent on the tundra since he still looked young, handsome, and powerful as ever.

    Chen Beixuan!

    He had been the most powerful man in the Dark World, a living legend, and now a revenant, returning from his death.

    He was BACK!

    “Bam! Bam! Bam!”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and walked into the meeting room. This was in the center of power of Northern Russia, where the most critical decisions were made. He scanned the decorated generals sitting around the table and noticed that they were all political heavyweights in Russia.

    “So You are General Scherchen Malenkov? Are you the one ordered the attack on the Warg Valley using the Father of all Bombs?” Chen Fan locked his eyes onto the pale-faced old man sitting at the head of the table.

    Life and color ebbed away from Scherchen’s face as he trembled uncontrollably.

    “Russia is a superpower on earth, think twice before you do whatever you are going to do.”

    Vasily rose to his feet and straightened his back.

    “You have decided for me already. What choice do I have?”

    Chen Fan said quietly, and then he looked at Scherchen. He flicked a finger and sent an azure blade from the tip of his finger.

    “This is for Yang Qinhu!”

    The Blade Aura flew to Scherchen and landed squarely on his head. Everything happened so fast that most people only saw a flash of azure light, and then they watched as Chen Fan turned around and started off.

    A deadly silence fell over the entire office.

    When everyone finally realized what had happened, they looked at each other in fear and disbelief.

    Chen Fa had killed the general with a great measure of levity and casualness. It was as if his victory over the mighty Russian North Division was so insignificant that it could be easily brushed off.

    Chen Fan had come all the way from the City of Yakutsk to here, just to kill one man.

    March 5, 2010.

    Chen Beixuan had killed the Lieutenant General Scherchen in the North Division’s Headquarters at the outskirts of Khabarovsk.

    The news spread quickly and shocked everyone in the world.