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Chapter 432 - Defeat An Army, Kill A General, And Be A Bad-ass!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 432: Defeat An Army, Kill A General, And Be A Bad-ass!

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    Chen Fan had achieved Initial success in his Azure Thearch Longevity Body cultivation, so his body was already as indestructible as that of a Connate Cultivator.

    Although Connate Cultivators lacked the Dark Wolf’s incredible regeneration ability, they could even withstand a direct hit from a small nuclear bomb, much less regular bombs or rockets. On the other hand, Connate Cultivators could dish out much more damage compared to the Dark Wolf thanks to numerous divine powers at their disposal.

    Chen Fan slowly walked out of the smoke and fire unhurriedly.

    His skin let out the azure glow, making him look like an indestructible walking diamond.

    Everyone was shocked after they saw the development. The soldiers who launched the artillery froze into statues. Meanwhile, the other passengers let out a cheer after a long silence.

    They cheered for the miracle that they had just witnessed.

    Natasha heaved a sigh of relief and felt as if a heavy weight was off her heart. She fixed her gaze at Chen Fan, as her eyes lit up with glee and admiration.


    The handheld intercom slipped from General Major Gromov’s hand and thudded on the ground, but the General Major didn’t even notice it. Gromov looked into distance blankly and murmured.

    “It’s him. It’s HIM… Chen Beixuan is back.”

    The nightmare that had tormented the minds of the North Division officers one year ago was finally back.

    He had seen the picture of what had become of the Warg Valley, and had heard of Chen Fan’s unimaginable heroic deeds such as striking down an F-15. The thoughts and memories sent chills down Gromov’s spine.

    He had been convinced that the deadly ten thousand strong army should be able to quell any threat.

    Infantry Division 116 was a decorated veteran division that survived the brutality of WW2. It’s members used to march across the Red Square in front of the supreme leader of the USSR. Later on, it had become one of the best-equipped divisions in Russia. It had hundreds of armored vehicles, self-propelled artillery, tanks, and anti-tank units. It was lauded as the Iron Wall of Russia.

    However, there and then, Gromov felt that even this Iron Wall was about to crumble.

    “Sir, Sir! What shall we do next?”

    The voice of a strategist drifted from the intercom on the ground.

    The sound wrenched Gromov’s mind out of his reverie. He picked up the intercom and bellowed into it.

    “Dispatch all armored vehicles and air support. We need to stop him at all costs. Call the Headquarters and tell them that we have encountered Chen Beixuan, and we need assistance! We need ASSISTANCE!”

    “…yes, Sir.”

    Although the strategist had no idea what Gromov meant by “encountered Chen Beixuan,” he called the headquarters and delivered the message nonetheless.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan finally picked up some speed and started running toward the army’s formation. His speed became faster by the second until he was so fast that his body had turned into a steak of golden glow that glided across the landscape toward the front-line of the Infantry Division 116.

    Chen Fan was going to throw himself into the Iron Wall of armored vehicles that were literally made out of iron and steel. These armored vehicles tanks had enough firepower to annihilate the fourteenth brigade of Japan’s self-defense force; however, Chen Fan was unfazed and rammed right into the thick of danger.

    “Vroom! Vroom!”

    Countless armored vehicles revved up their engines and charged at Chen Fan. There were heavily armored tanks, lightly armored personnel carriers, Self-propelled artillery, and anti-tank units.

    Unlike the Japanese Fourteenth Brigade, the Infantry Division 116 was a fully motorized division which had ten times more armored battle units than the fourteenth brigade. In addition, the Russian military technology was miles ahead of Japan. Even though Japan Self-Defense Forces received some arms from America, those weapons were watered down versions for export only.

    “Stop him, stop him! Don’t let him get near us!”

    The Russian officers were battle-hardened veterans with a keen sense of tactics. They realized that if Chen Fan was able to reach the army formation, they wouldn’t be able to take full advantage of their deadly firepower due to the likelihood of friendly fire.


    The first unit that opened fire on Chen Fan was an A-T-62 main battle tank with a 116mm smooth-bore gun. The shell traced an arc he air that looked like the sharp edge of the Grim Reaper’s Scythe. The artillery shell covered a few kilometers in a blink and bore down on Chen Fan.

    The Russian military had a very advanced Fire-control Systems and could land a surgical strike from miles away.


    To everyone’s surprise, the shell that weighed a few kilograms traveling at incredible speed was knocked down by Chen Fan’s punch. The shell exploded in the air, and the shock wave forced Chen Fan back a few steps.

    Without the smoke blotting the view, everyone had witnessed Chen Fan’s heroic ability to take a direct hit from a cannon. The sight made many people’s hearts skip a beat.

    Did he just punch at a shell?

    OMG! Was he a human or a.. superman?

    Chen Fan took a few steps back and quickly gathered himself and charged forward again.

    “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

    A dozen more tanks fired. Chen Fan yanked his arm up and delivered over a dozen punches in a blink. The Fist Qi surged high up into the sky and collided with the incoming shells. Only one armor-piercing shell that was fired by an anti-tank unit had snuck its way across Chen Fan’s defense. Chen Fan pitched his body to the side and gracefully dodged the shell traveling near the speed of sound.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan made a mental note to himself to watch out for these armor-piercing shells.

    Normal shells would explode upon impact, spreading its energy over a large area. The explosion would be of little to no harm to Chen Fan’s Azure Thearch Longevity Body.

    However, the armor-piercing shells fired from the anti-tank units were a different story. Their heads were made out of tungsten alloy that could bore through a few meters thick steel plates, much less human flesh. Chen Fan didn’t wish to test its deadliness using his body just yet.

    Since all the kinetic energy of the shell was concentrated at one point, it could apply immeasurable pressure to the point of impact.

    However, the Russians had only deployed a handful of anti-tank units, and they also had an extremely slow fire rate. Once Chen Fan picked up some speed, they would never land a direct hit on him.

    Two kilometers.

    One kilometer.

    Nine hundred meters,

    Eight hundred…

    Chen Fan was getting closer and closer to the front line of the army.


    Under everyone’s incredulous eyes, he rammed into an armored vehicle. The tank weight over twenty tons, but it was sent flying into the air, spun a few times in the air and thudded heavily back onto the ground, right on top of another armored vehicle. The weight of the first armored vehicle nearly flattened the one on the ground, turning both into two hunks of scrap metal.


    Many soldiers blenched.

    He had thrown himself into an armored vehicle! Although the armored vehicle was of light tank class, instead of the massive main battle tanks that weighed twice as much, Chen Fan’s actions were enough to stun everyone who saw what happened. One of the soldiers who even noticed a vague outline of an impression on the Armored vehicle in the shape of a human body.

    “Attack! Don’t just stare at him. ATTACK!”

    The officer screamed orders at his soldiers.

    A dozen armored vehicles quickly charged forward and encircled Chen Fan.

    These irons beasts could easily run over a car, if not a semi-truck.

    However, they trod carefully around Chen Fan, hesitant to provoke him.

    “Bang, bang, bang!”

    Chen Fan hurled a punch with every step he took.

    Whenever his fist landed on an armored vehicle, the steel plating caved in, and the impact would send the armored vehicle flying. Although the heavier tanks were not easily overtaken by the force of the impact and would only shake violently after receiving a punch, the shock wave would kill the drivers and gunners in the bowel of the iron beast.

    One step, two steps, three…

    Chen Fan punched ten times in ten steps and eliminated the ten armored vehicles from the battlefield.

    Sized by a pang of anger and fear, General Major Gromov’s eyes were bloodshot as hair stood on end. He only had three hundred Armored vehicles under his command, yet, Chen Fan had demolished ten of them in a heartbeat.

    However, little did he know that this was only the beginning.

    “Donn Donn Donn”

    The deadly iron beast was destroyed by Chen Fan, one after another.

    Try as the tank commanders might, they couldn’t stop Chen Fan’s almost mechanical punches. No matter how many shells they rained upon Chen Fan, his punches kept on coming.

    Ten punches, twenty punches, thirty…

    Every punch proclaimed the downfall of an armored vehicle.

    In less than ten minutes, Chen Fan had decommissioned a few dozen armored vehicles. He had ripped an opening right in the middle of Iron Wall with bare fists.

    “Holy shit!”

    The soldiers were terrified by the development as they gaped stupidly at Chen Fan.

    They were convinced that Chen Fan couldn’t withstand their deadly weapons. However, their man-killing machines turned into plastic toys before Chen Fan.

    He simply punched at any armored vehicle that dared to block his path.

    He paid little to no attention to the foot soldiers, and he was also indifferent to their deaths as collateral damage of the chaos. He had rammed straight through the army’s barricade and reached the other side.

    Before Chen Fan left for his final destination, he caught a glimpse of a terrified General Major Gromov. He pointed the finger at him and sent out a pulse of deadly energy at the Russian general, turning Gromov into a vegetable on the spot.

    Then, and only then, he turned around and walked toward Khabarovsk under the incredulous and fearful eyes of soldiers.

    He had crushed the army, killed their general, and left the chaotic explosions behind without even looking back, just as a Hollywood hero would.

    The Hollywood heroes were fictional, but Chen Fan was real. He was an invincible God Of War!