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Chapter 430 - Onslaught Along The Way

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 430: Onslaught Along The Way

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    The scorching Flame of Red Lotus could make an Immortal Level Overlord capitulate in a heartbeat, much less Paul. The Russian War Bear quickly told Chen Fan the names of all those who were involved in the attack.

    “North Division, The Blood Wolf Guard of KGB and the leaders of Russia. I see… I will make all of them pay.”

    Chen Fan said lightly. He flicked his finger and shot out a golden flame from his fingers that landed on Paul. The golden flame quickly devoured Paul, reducing him to ash. After he had erased the memories of his bodyguards, he walked out of the bar with Natasha in tow.

    When the two were out of the bar, Chen Fan paused and turned around to look at the girl. He linked his hands behind his back and asked.

    “Now you know who my enemies are. Are you sure you want to help me still?”

    Natasha hid behind Chen Fan, eyes gleaming with admiration. To her, Chen Fan might as well be a superhero in the movies.

    “Of course! They have done you wrong first. You didn’t harm Russia, but they attacked you out of jealousy and fear. Of course, you should hit back.”

    Ever since Natasha learned what the Russian government did to Chen Fan, she had been feeling indignant.

    Although Paul had only offered bits and pieces of information, Natasha had connected the dots and painted a shocking picture in her mind.

    The Dark World, snow wolf clan, The Three Lords of the Dark Roll, Blood Wolf from the KGB… These were all the stuff of fiction. Yet, not only they turned out to be real, but they were all up against Chen Fan.

    How powerful exactly was Chen Fan?

    “So your name is Chen Beixuan? May I call you by that name, Sir?” Natasha asked quietly under her breath.


    Chen Fan paused a second and noticed that the girl was trembling in the cold wind.

    “Let’s go buy you some clothes and I need to change as well. we have a lot to do afterward.”

    In early February of 2010, while everything stilled seemed ordinary on the surface in Russia, a dark undercurrent rose inside Russia’s North Division.

    February 15th, the captain of North Division stationed at the City of Yakutsk was found unconscious in the house of his mistress.

    February 17th, a couple barged into the City of Alxin and kidnapped the general who was in charge of the missile unit stationed nearby. They walked away from the camp under all the other soldiers’ disbelieving eyes.

    February 19th, a Major was attacked in his home at Neryungri and was turned into a vegetable.

    February 23…

    “What are those idiots at the Intelligence Department up to? Haven’t they find out who did this?”

    Lieutenant General Scherchen Malenkov slammed the table in a fit of rage and shouted at the other officers at the meeting. They were sitting in a meeting room at the headquarters of the North Division located at Khabarovsk, the largest city in Northern Russia. The other military officers looked at each other in fear and offered no answer to Lieutenant General Malenkov.

    The North Division had lost nearly twelve officers in less than half a month, including nine majors, two Captains, and one General Major. The attacker didn’t kill them, instead, he had turned them into vegetables.

    This was a blatant insult and humiliation to the North Division.

    The news of these incidents got out, it shook the entire North Division.

    Rumor had it that the incidents had even stirred the Department of National Defense at Moscow. They had started their own separate investigation into the incidents. The intelligence department’s northern branch also worked round the clock to collect as much information as they could.

    “General Scherchen, we have found out that there are two attackers. One male and the other female. The female is around twenty-seven, Caucasian, blonde. We have searched the national database and found a hundred and seventeen suspects. The male attacker, on the other hand, we know very little about him because none of the cameras could capture a good image of him. But we know that he is Asian.”

    “All of their victims so far were officers of the North Division, so I wager they are targeting us directly. Based on anecdotal evidence, the two were nearly bulletproof. Some soldiers tried to stop them with a gun, but the bullets simply bound off of their bodies. They moved in and out so fast that when our soldiers finally readied the heavy weapons, they were already gone.”

    “Considering their extraordinary abilities, the KGB had also sent out the Blood Wolf. Blood Wolf had already looked into it and concluded that they were either Martial arts grandmasters from China or Kendo Masters from Japan. Blood Wolf suggested using military force against them.”

    A young strategist briefing the general on what they had learned so far.

    “I already knew all of that. But who exactly is our enemy? Why are they targeting the North Division? I need to know.”

    Scherchen slammed his fist on the table again.

    “Grandmaster from China? Could it be someone seeking revenge for what happened last year?”

    A young General Major put in.

    His words seemed to have cast a spell on the room, making everyone quiet and drop the temperature a few degrees.

    A hint of fear flashed in Lieutenant General Scherchen’s eyes. He didn’t want to remember what had happened a year ago. It was he who approved the KGB’s requested to mobilize the North Division to attack the Warg Valley. When they finally arrived at the valley a day later, they couldn’t find what they were looking for. Chen Fan’s body was missing!

    If Chen Fan lived, he had survived the bombardment of rockets and the “Father of all Bombs.”

    Everyone involved in the operation was at first shocked by the development, and then fear started to set in.

    Lieutenant General Scherchen couldn’t fall asleep for three nights and every night, he had a loaded gun hidden under his pillow. The Headquarters of the North Division was on high alert and was closed off for three months. He had remained in the heavily fortified walls of the headquarters during that time.

    He waited and waited but Chen Fan never showed up. It wasn’t until he heard the rumors from the Dark World of Chen Fan’s death that he moved back to his house in Khabarovsk.

    However, the fear lingered in his mind even now despite his effort to bury that memory deep inside of him.

    “Could it be Chen Beixuan…”

    Someone murmured.

    “Impossible! Chen Beixuan is already dead, killed by the Father of All Bombs! Nothing could survive the explosion from ten thousand tons of TNT. NOTHING!”

    General Scherchen cut the speaker off in a fit of anger.

    Another officer put in agreeably: “Indeed, The KGB has assured us that Chen Beixuan was dead. Otherwise, he wouldn’t wait this long to seek revenge. Plus, the report says it was a couple. I have never heard that Chen Beixuan had a partner.”

    “Judging by the location and timing of each incident, the couple was moving along the Trans-Siberia railway. They will be here at Khabarovsk in no time.” Someone put in.

    Silence fell over the meeting room again.

    All northern cities in Russia were connected by railway. Chen Fan had already made his way to Birobidzhan, and was only a hundred kilometer away from Khabarovsk.

    “We need to stop him at the Smidovichsky District.” General Scherchen said as he slammed the table with a fist. “Send my order to Infantry Division 116, stop the attacker outside of Khabarovsk at all costs!”

    The other officers looked at each other in fear and shock.

    Infantry Division 116 belonged to the number 35 Field Army and was over ten thousand strong. Would it be overkill to use such a large army to deal with two assassins?

    However, the thought of what had happened to some of their peers make everyone see the sense in General’s decision.

    We must kill them.

    Chen Fan looked into the distance and saw the small village called Smidovichsky.

    Chen Fan had registered the presence of tens of thousands of soldiers lurking behind a hazy cloud of dust. The railway was closed, blocking all traffic coming from the west. Soldiers from the North Division searched the passengers for the attackers.

    “They have finally found out what we have done.”

    Natasha said with a concerned voice.

    Chen Fan had traveled south along the railway and did away with over a dozen officials from the North Division. Many of their victims were hidden deep inside guarded camps, but that couldn’t stop Chen Fan from barging straight through the camp and finishing his business. Natasha had never felt such a thrill of living on the edge.

    Once, Natasha asked Chen Fan if he had spared their lives because he was afraid of retribution.

    Chen Fan replied with a smile and said.

    “I can kill all of them like slaughtering chickens, why would I be afraid?”

    “These men were just following their orders, so I didn’t think it’s fair to kill them.”

    “We have visited a dozen officials, including a General Major. It should be enough to catch the attention of the real culprits.” Chen Fan said lightly. He looked outside of the train’s window and scanned the soldiers standing by the train station.

    “They must think that I would sneak through Smidovichsky and reach Khabarovsk to assassinate them.”

    “But I won’t. I will defeat their army and send them a clear message: I am back!”

    After he said that, he walked off the train toward the group of soldiers.

    He was going to face over ten thousand soldiers with deadly munitions.