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Chapter 427 - Death of Chen Beixuan?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 427: Death of Chen Beixuan?

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    Chen Beixuan was dead?

    When the news finally got out through the darknet, it shook the entire world.

    Seeing the Warg Valley was going to be showered by countless rockets, Adam, who had been standing close to the entrance of the valley turned on his heels and ran for his life. Even with his lightning reaction, he wouldn’t have made it if not for a holy artifact he carried around with him.

    Right after the near escape from the sea of fire, Adam had to be on the run again from a dozen of Russian super soldiers led by Andrew. In the end, he managed to escape and returned home.

    Rumor had it that over thirty percent of Adam’s skin was burnt to a crisp. On top of that, deep wounds nearly covered his entire body. If not for his incredible Dao Body, he would have died in the frozen tundra of Siberia.

    After Adam escaped, he told everyone what had happened and the revelation had shaken the entire world.

    “Karl the Crimson Wings, Demon Elephant, Lahore, White-Hair Reaper, Zeus, and The Fool, they are all dead.”

    In that little known valley in the middle of nowhere, over twenty western dark Overlords had lost their lives, including five members of the Dark Roll as well as two of the Three Lords of the Dark World . In addition, a hundred of werewolves, including the Snow Wolf King were either killed by Chen Fan or swallowed by the deadly flames.

    In total, the battle had cost the lives of over two hundred Grandmasters.

    It was such a shocking revelation.

    One question remained in everyone’s mind: “Did Chen Beixuan die?”

    “He killed twenty Dark Overlord, including Zeus and injured The Fool and Adam. Then he warded off the attack of over a hundred werewolves and killed the Immortal Level Overlord Galdan, the Snow Wolf King with the Blade of Time.”

    “If I didn’t hear it from Adam, I would never think it is real.”

    Someone posted a comment on the CIA’s private server.

    The post had garnered a lot of replies, all of them agreed with the original post.

    Unlike the ordinary martial artists, Grandmasters were powerful forces and each had their own territory. Chen Fan had killed over a hundred Grandmasters and defeated the combined forces of the Three Lords of the Underground World. Worse, he had even killed an Immortal Level Overlord!

    Would he still be a human if he wielded power that was on par with that of a god?

    Or maybe he was a god or a devil!

    “The first half of Adam’s story made sense to me, but when he started talking about powerful werewolves, I almost rolled my eyes. Vampires and Werewolves are merely legends and high tales spun by the superstitious minds in the medieval time. To make things sound even more absurd, he claimed that one of the Werewolves was an Immortal Level Overlord!”

    “We haven’t seen an Immortal Level Overlord for decades, and I doubt they still exist. Are we all going to believe whatever Adam says?”

    Someone else posted a question.

    “Just so! I bet he had made up those stories about werewolves because he is too ashamed to admit that Chen Beixuan had gravely injured him. If he could make us believe that Chen Beixuan was more powerful than an Immortal Level Overlord, then his defeat might also seem less embarrassing.”

    Someone else agreed.

    However, most other people were unsure of what to believe.

    Ever since the end of World War Two, Immortal Level Overlords rarely show up in public.

    Within the last thirty years or so, they have completely disappeared from the public’s eyes. Adam claimed that the so-called Snow Wolf King was an Immortal Level Overlord and was killed by Chen Fan along with his army of werewolves. That sounded implausible to the Dark World.

    The part about Werewolf was the most absurd. Even though some people knew that they were not entire fictional, all werewolves were killed off by the Christian Church hundreds of years ago.

    Even as the users of the secret forum argued with each other, The Observer finally spoke.

    “Galdan the Snow Wolf King does exist.”

    The Observer supports his claim with many references, including a black and white picture showing a three-meter tall werewolf in WW1 attire battling against a french soldier in a trench.

    “This was a photograph snatched by the French in the thick of battle. They had claimed that the German had deployed a wolf-man against them. The wolf-man was nearly invincible on the battlefield and could rip an armored tank apart with bare hands. The story was confirmed by many German soldiers, and they called the wolf-man Galdan.”

    The Observer said.

    What he had just disclosed was highly classified information that only a few in the world had laid their eyes upon it.

    Everyone held their breath and waited for the Observer to offer more tips.

    “Galdan was an Immortal Level Overlord through and through. He was active a hundred years ago in Europe before he set forth to travel around the world. Nations around the globe had recorded their encounters with him. There was not a lot of Immortal Level Overlords on earth back then, so it was a very small circle. Many Immortal Level Overlords had written in their memoir about Galdan. as for the other werewolves…”

    The Observer paused a moment to attach another document to his post.

    The document was from an unknown nation and it had a classification level of SSS.

    The document revealed that during the time of the USSR, the Russians had discovered more than one ancient werewolf clan in the Siberia tundra. The USSR had enlisted some of these werewolves into their military services and even conducted experiments on them. They have concluded that the strongest werewolf was as powerful as a Semi-Immortal level warrior.

    After the fall of society Russia, these super-soldiers were incorporated into the KGB.

    “Holy shit, is that real?”

    “I bet that the Observer is a high level official from one of the superpowers in the world. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have access to such highly classified information.”

    “So Adam was right then. Chen Beixuan killed an Immortal State Warrior!”

    Supported by indisputable facts, the Observer’s claim had set off a heated debate.

    Facts were facts, so it wasn’t long before everyone reached a consensus that Adam was telling the truth.

    By then, there was only one question that remained.

    Did Chen Beixuan die?

    “If he was dead, he would only become a memory that people might or might not remember in a decade or so.”

    “But if he lives, then he should have proven himself to be the most powerful man on earth. If that’s the case, I wager that the General of Russian’s Northern Division or the Chairman of the KGB would never have a good night’s sleep from now on.”

    Despite the gloating tone of the comment, Many other users agreed with it.

    Regardless of how Chen Fan did it, the fact that he killed Galdan had proven his status as a living legend even among the Immortal Level Overlords.

    It went without saying that the Russian officials also were asking themselves the same question about Chen Fan’s fate.

    The North Division of the Rusian Military arrived at the valley two days after the explosion. The valley was in ruins and there was no inch of earth that was not scorched by fire.

    They found a hundred dead corpses of werewolves and over a dozen human bodies that belonged to the Dark Overlords. However, Chen Beixuan’s body was nowhere to be seen. The general of the North Division was so terrified by the report that he couldn’t fall asleep for three nights straight.

    Everyone waited and waited, but half a year later, Chen Beixuan was still missing in action.

    No one knew where he was and if he was still alive or dead

    In the end, the battle in the Warg Valley started to fade away from people’s memory and the North Division also lowered their guard. Most warriors of the Dark World believed that Chen Beixuan had survived the initial blast, but he must have sustained grave injuries and couldn’t make it in the end.

    After all, he was showered by heavy rockets and took a direct hit from the “Father of all Bombs.” Even an Immortal Level Overlord in his best condition couldn’t survive such ordeal much less when Chen Fan had just finished an intense battle against the Snow Wolf King.

    “What a shame, a rising star that would otherwise be invincible was dead. So it goes.”

    Many people lamented in their minds.

    Many more started to seek the news about new rising powers that could replace the vacuum left by so many powerful Overlords. Not only Chen Beixuan, The Fool and Zeus were off the Dark Roll, but the ranking of Adam also lowered significantly.

    Such was the indifference and unforgiveness of reality, that it simply didn’t care about the living beings within its confine. New stars would rise, and new worlds would be created upon the ashes of the old ones. The world went on as usual. Even the most powerful warrior on earth was nothing but a little speck in the starry night to the world itself.

    In the end, only a very few people still remembered that incredible battle that took place on the frozen tundra.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan’s enemies praised the actions of the Russian military and cheered for Chen Fan’s downfall.

    The Hong Sect hosted a celebration that lasted one month. The Samsung group also recalled its representative who was already on his way to apologize to the Chen Family. Their joy and elation were shared by many, including the Ghost Witch Sect, the Martial Arts community in Japan, and the Dark Totem.

    When the news reached China, Director Xiao heaved a heavy sigh. He ordered Red Sparrow, who was already weeping to deliver the news to Chen Fan’s parents. That night Li Wuchen broke his promise to stay dry and drunk with the members of the Cang Dragon until his face covered in tears.

    “How dare you die before I can avenge my humiliation!”

    Chu Minhui pounded a fist on the wall and cursed in his mind.

    Rusty, Yue Jianqiu and Zhao Baofen were all on the verge of breaking into tears.

    A deadly silence had loomed over the entire Chen family ever since Chen Fan’s disappearance. As time went on, more and more people believed that Chen Fan was dead. Already, the Chen family’s enemies were on the move, seeking to regain what they had lost to Chen Fan.

    One year later, most people had already completely forgot about the incident at the Warg Valley.

    The explosion destroyed the source of Spirit Qi, so the pond had long since dried up and was covered with frozen ice. This valley was in the middle of nowhere, and so except for the rare inspection by the North Division, no one had ever set foot in the valley. As time went by, even the North Division came much less frequently. It had been three months now since their last visit.

    Suddenly, an explosion erupted among a pile of rubble where the pond used to be. Amidst the explosion, an azure shadow flew into the sky.