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Chapter 426 - Watch Your Back

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 426: Watch Your Back

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    The biting wind of Northern Tundra came up.

    The valley was only a few hundred meters wide and the battle between Chen Fan and the Snow Wolf King had wreaked havoc in the small space, turning the peaceful and serene scene upside down. Fortunately, Chen Fan had used the seventeen supreme-grade jade to protect the spring and the Fruit of Embryonic Essence, so they were untouched by the chaos.

    “Hew… it’s finally over.”

    After a wave of coughs, Chen Fan finally gathered himself. Already, he felt the Azure Thearch Longevity art busy at work repairing his body. With every breath he took, he harnessed the Spirit Qi in the air and channeled them into his True Essence. Green dots also appeared on the leaves of the trees and plants, before they converged toward Chen Fan, surrounding him with a faint green glow.

    Chen Fan soaked in the warm comfortable energy as if he was taking a hot bath on a cold day. His strength recovered with incredible speed.

    “The Art of Passage Of Time is powerful alright, but it also consumes too much of my Raw Arcane Energy. I have already withdrawn some of my Raw Arcane Energy when I battled the Japanese Army, now it’s getting worse. Luckily I have the Fruit of Embryonic Essence, otherwise, it would take me at least half a year to fully recover.” Chen Fan thought to himself.

    Meanwhile, the Dark Overlords and the werewolves lowered their heads and scarcely dared to breathe.

    Yang Qinhu was the only one who made noises. He rushed to Chen Fan and shouted joyfully, beaming from side to side.

    “Senior Master Chen! Your power is unimaginable! No one would ever be your equal!”

    The twist and turns of the development had taken the Grandmaster who dominated Outer Guan Region by surprise.

    Their search for the Fruit of Embryonic Essence went smoothly until the twenty or so Dark Overlords, including The Three Lords of the Underground World showed up. Chen Fan averted the crisis by subduing the Three Lords of the Underground World. However, before Yang Qinhu could let his guard down, they were assaulted by a pack of Werewolves, lead by their Immortal Level leader. Even as he thought that their fates were sealed, Chen Fan turned the situation around by executing an unimaginable Divine power.

    The Art of Passage Of Time had robbed Galdan of his remaining live, killing the unkillable Immortal Level Overlord. Even now, Yang Qinhu still couldn’t wrap his mind around Chen Fan’s inconceivable power.

    Chen Fan had controlled the flow of time!

    Even the thought of what Chen Fan was capable of made Yang Qinhu jittery.

    Yang Qinhu wasn’t alone in his sentiment. So terrified were the rest of the witnesses of the battle, they didn’t dare to take advantage of Chen Fan’s severely weakened state and attack him. Their minds had long since succumbed to Chen Fan’s unnatural power that belonged to a god, or a devil.

    “Well, mission complete. A few more days, the Fruit of Embryonic Essence would be ready for use.” Chen Fan nodded and was about to get rid of the Heavenly Array of Five Elements that he used to protect the pond and the Fruit of Embryonic Essence.

    The array was a powerful dharma array that Chen Fan always carried with him. It was made out of seventeen supreme-grade jade talismans. Once they were set in place, they could ward off the attack of Peak Immortal State Warriors. It’s effectiveness was second to the Green Dragon Grand Array at the East Mountain.

    Even as Chen Fan descended to the ground, his face suddenly darkened as he looked to the eastern sky.

    “What is it?”

    Yang Qinhu was taken aback by Chen Fan’s expression.

    He turned his head over his shoulder and looked at where Chen Fan was gazing. Suddenly, he noticed something was amiss.

    Yang Qinhu saw a small black speck in the distant eastern sky hurtling toward them with incredible speed. In a blink, it had covered a few dozen kilometers of distance and increased to the size of an olive.

    “Hypersonic missile!”

    People recognized the object right away.


    Chen Fan stamped the ground with one foot and launched himself into the sky. Tousled by the wind, his grey hair rose from his head as a Divine Light came up in his eyes.

    Chen Fan reached out a hand and a lance appeared in his hand, seemingly out of nowhere. He clenched his fingers around the lance and hurled it out. The lance shot out, breaking the hypersonic barrier in a matter of milliseconds.


    Everyone watched as white energy shot out from Chen Fan’s hands. Before they realized what had happened, the white energy collided with the incoming missile and caused a huge explosion. A giant ball of fiery mushroom cloud covered the entire valley and was still expanding. The shock wave swept across the frozen tundra and shook the mountains.

    “Where did that missile come from?”

    “That’s the Russian’s 3M22 Zicron! The Russian military is not far!”

    “Thank god that Chen Beixuan had stopped the missile, otherwise we are all going to die!”

    Everyone felt a mix of fear, questions, and trepidation.

    These hypersonic missiles were superweapons of the modern world. If this missile hit the ground, it’s blast radius were over a few hundred meters, covering the entire valley. By then, only Chen Fan and Adam might be able to withstand the blast, the rest of them would all perish.

    Chen Fan had noticed the incoming hypersonic missile way before anyone else and blew it up before it was too late.

    Even as Yang Qinhu was going to cheer for the near escape, he noticed Chen Fan’s heavy face becoming even darker.

    “You mean…”

    Yang Qinhu was taken aback and looked into the distance.

    He watched as a few dozen more small dots appeared in the sky and were fast approaching. They arrived right on top of the valley in a blink. Yang Qinhu could even make out the model number painted on the missiles.



    “This was Russia’s most advanced rocket launcher system. Each rocket was as powerful as a small long-range ballistic missile. It could easily destroy a tank or a building within 90 kilometers. A dozen of these rockets could cover a few hundred square kilometers areas.”

    As a martial arts Grandmaster, Yang Qinhu was familiar with all different kinds of rocket models. The sight had made his heart sank to the bottom.

    The dozen or so heavy rockets were going to cover the entire valley and under such intense fire, even a Semi-Immortal warrior would not survive, much less ordinary Grandmasters. The only ones who might be able to weather the attack were Immortal State Warriors such as Chen Fan and the Snow Wolf King.

    With that thought in mind, Yang Qinhu looked at Chen Fan, eyes filled with despair.

    Yang Qinhu was not alone in his terror, Adam, the White-Hair Reaper, and many werewolves also turned into a bundle of nerves.

    “Break! Break! Break!”

    Chen Fan remained unfazed. He took seven steps and after each step, he hurled out a lance that intercepted one if not multiple BM-30 rockets.

    However, there were too many rockets coming at them. Although Chen Fan was able to get rid of a dozen of them, the rest was only a few thousand meters away from him. As he ripped open the air above everyone’s head, it made a jarring and ear-piercing noise.

    The rockets were only a thousand meters away.


    A divine light came up in Chen Fan’s eyes and he yanked his arm, summoning a dozen or so Wind blades hurtling toward the incoming rockets. The wind blades were so numerous in number, they formed a web above everyone’s head.

    “Bang, bang, bang!”

    The rockets rammed into the wind blades almost immediately and exploded. Everyone watched as a splendid firework displayed itself in the sky. However, when the shock wave and the heatwave from the explosions passed through the wind blades and reached the valley, they shook the earth with great force.

    Even Chen Fan’s last resort was unable to block all the rockets from coming through. There were a dozen or so rockets that successfully passed the web of wind blades and landed the valley.

    “Vroom! Vroom!”

    looking from afar, a dozen or so flowers of fire blossomed in the Warg Valley, each covering a large area. The explosions lined up and formed a line. Looking from a distance, the series of explosions looked like a string of fiery beads.

    However, this was only a beginning.

    Another wave of rockets came from the eastern sky and rain down on them. The dozen or so rockets let out a jarring noise as they pierced the air open. It didn’t take them long to land inside the Valley of the Warg, causing an explosion much louder and more intense than the last.

    After the second wave of rockets, finally came the killing blow.

    A hypersonic bomber had glided across the sky ten thousand meters above the ground and released an Aerial bomb that weighed a ton.

    As soon as the bulky aerial bomb hit the ground inside the valley, it started a deadly explosion.


    A giant mushroom cloud rose from the ground and reached a few hundred meters into the air. This magnificent sight could be seen even from a few hundred miles away. The dark cloud had covered the entire sky above the valley, and on the ground, the explosion had devoured any life within five hundred radius.

    The mountain trembled and the earth moaned, it was as if a nuclear bomb had just landed.

    It was called the father of all bombs.

    Newly invented by the Russians, this bomb was the most powerful conventional bomb in the world. It was nearly as powerful as a nuclear warhead. Each bomb could cover an area of three hundred meters radius and was enough to wipe a small village off the map. It was four times more powerful than the so-called “Mother of All Bombs” created by the Americans.

    “It’s done.”

    In the distance, two Russian men in military fatigues watched the destruction unfold. One of them said.

    “We have used the Zicron first and sent in two waves of BM-30 before delivering the final nail on the coffin, the ‘Father of All Bombs’. Andrew my friend, do you realize that this was probably the max firepower modern military could provide without using nuclear weapons.”

    The other man answered lightly.

    “We never meant to kill Chen Beixuan, but he asked for it by coming to Siberia. This place is in the middle of nowhere, a perfect testing ground for the maximum firepower of our military. Plus, he had lured the Snow Wolf Clan and a dozen western Dark Overlords to the valley as well, giving up a chance to kill all of them with one stone. It’s too great of an opportunity to pass up.”

    The blond man called Andrew lamented.

    “Indeed. I even planned to win Chen Fan over if he wasn’t so stupid.” The other man shrugged.

    “It looks like some pathetic worms had survived the blast.” Andrew looked into the distance and saw human shapes shamble out of the sea of fire. The man’s scorched skin was black and a pair of wings flickered behind his back.

    “I am going to finish him.”

    Andrew smirked and took a step forward. As soon as his feet landed on the ground, his body increased in size and changed its shape. When he took ten steps, he had grown into a large werewolf that stood two meters tall. Unlike the Snow Wolf King, his fur was fiery red.

    The Werewolf galloped across the tundra and charged at Adam who had just escaped the deadly bombardment.

    The other Russian man kept his hands in the deep pockets of the military uniform and looked at the Warg Valley from a distance. He was not worried about his partner’s safety since he knew that Adam wouldn’t be able to harm Andrew even when he was not so badly injured.

    “But… what about Chen Beixuan? Is he really killed by the bomb?”

    A hint to worry flashed across the man’s face.

    If Chen Fan was still alive, then what? Russia was no longer the world superpower that it used to be, so they couldn’t deploy nuclear weapons and still get away with it.