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Chapter 425 - Killing An Immortal!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 425: Killing An Immortal!

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    The Passage of Time!

    This was the third Divine Powers Chen Fan had mastered.

    Chen Fan had awakened this art as early as when he first gained the Azure Thearch Longevity Body. Immediately after he had gained the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, Chen Fan had been convinced that he had only unlocked the Yi Wood Spirit Qi, but later, he realized that the Azure Thearch Longevity Body had awakened two different Divine powers inside of him.

    Azure Thearch Longevity Body was the secret art of one of the most powerful Immortal Sects of the human race: Five Elements Immortal Sect. Once it had reached phenomenal success, it would come with a slew of Divine powers such as: Three Lives Incarnations, Out of Body Experience, and Dharma Eye of the Green Drake. Each and every one of those Divine powers were of superior-grade, if not supreme-grade. Therefore, The Yi Wood Spirit Qi was only one of the many ordinary arts Chen Fan could unlock.

    However, the Passage Of Time was anything but ordinary.

    The Great Azure Thearch, keeper of time; his power was linked to the unbreakable flow of time. He had existed since the beginning of time and shall do so until the end. The art of Passage Of Time was one of the top three arts at Azure Thearch’s disposal, therefore, it was a stunningly mighty and powerful Grand Divine Power.

    When the apparition of the Azure Thearch appeared, most people couldn’t help but kneel down before its presence. They lowered their heads, daring not to behold the visage of an ancient god. Even the werewolves lowered their heads and bowed. Adam managed to hold himself and kept his back upright.

    On the other hand, the Snow Wolf King was suddenly seized by a sense of danger.


    He howled and tapped deeper into his Bloodline Energy, making his body surge in size. In a blink, he had increased to five-meters tall. Already, most of the wounds on his body were healed as his presence became much more unwavering and assertive than before.


    The Snow Wolf King stomped the ground, creating a two-meter wide crater in the shape of his paw. The stomping action had lent Snow Wolf King enough speed to break the hypersonic barrier. By now, it had become an all too familiar sight for the audience: first, they heard a whistle as thin as a pinprick, then the sound became a defining blare. Surrounded by white mist, Snow Wolf King whizzed through the air, tracing a white smear of mist in the air.

    “It’s too late. I have already started my Divine power. ”

    Without evading the attack, Chen Fan announced calmly instead.

    To the Snow Wolf King’s disbelief, he realized that he was losing more speed as he got closer to Chen Fan. It was as if he had rammed into a giant invisible jelly. Even the air became thick and hampered his movement.

    In the end, his movement became so slow that he could barely move forward a centimeter a minute.

    “Passage Of Time is a Grand Divine power. Its power stemmed out from the Infallible Law of Time. So great is its power that I can only show you the tip of the iceberg since I am only at the Ethereal Enlightenment level. However, that is enough to prevent you from ever getting near me.”

    Chen Fan said stoically. His eyes were two pools of azure glows that held a divine indifference toward the lives on earth.

    In the Snow Wolf King’s mind’s eyes, he saw the outline of Chen Fan and the large apparition behind him merge into one.

    “Shit, I need to get out of here.”

    The illusion alerted the Snow Wolf King. He howled and struggled to break free from the constraining spell, turned tail and darted toward the exit of the valley.

    Snow Wolf King was going to run away?

    Everyone was shocked by what they saw. The werewolves couldn’t believe that their invincible patriarch would forsake his people and run for his own life like a coward.

    “I told you that it’s too late.”

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh and reached out his left hand.

    Everyone watched in shock as the thirty-meter tall Azure apparition also lifted his illusionary left hand, mirroring Chen Fan’s action. It was as if Chen Fan and the primordial god were one and the same.


    Chen Fan reached out into the Void Dimension and grabbed a hold of something.

    The apparition of the Azure Thearch also did the same, although there was nothing in his grasp.

    The Passage Of Time!

    Chen Fan grunted and squeezed his fingers and yanked his arm up.


    To everyone’s surprise, as the Azure Thearch copied Chen Fan’s movement, a thin long blade appeared in his hand.

    There were no words that could do justice to the long blade. Its body was as smooth as a mirror but allowed the passage of light. It was made out of time itself, the refraction and reflections of lights were the told and untold stories of lives. Among the countless movements of light and energy, the history of the universe was told through the blade’s glinting cold edge.

    The Blade Of Time!

    It was the Divine Weapon of Unparalleled Power that had helped the Azure Thearch to claim the seat of power in the Universe.

    The moment The Blade Of Time was unsheathed, the entire world stopped moving altogether. Falling leaves and gurgling water all froze in their tracks along with the expression on the Dark Overlords and Werewolves.

    Even the Snow Wolf King who had been galloping across the valley was stopped cold in his tracks. As Time suddenly lost its eternal grip over reality, Snow Wolf King was stunned.

    Despite his hair turning grey rapidly, Chen Fan remained focused on the spell. Under Chen Fan’s divine indifference, the Snow Wolf King started to tremble in fear.


    Chen Fan took a step forward and hacked at his foe with seemingly nothing in his hand.

    The apparition of the Azure Thearch mirrored Chen Fan’s movement, however, unlike Chen Fan who was unarmed, he hacked at the Snow Wolf King with The Blade Of Time.


    The blade defied the constraints of physicals and tore open the barriers of multiple realities. The nearly invincible Blade Aura suddenly shot across the valley and through the body of the Snow Wolf King.


    As soon as the Snow Wolf King was dealt a blow, the apparition of the Azure Thearch started to shatter, starting from a small crack at the tip of his blade. As the crack spread across the entire body of the Azure Thearch, the godly visage shivered into countless tiny pieces that disappeared into thin air.

    Blood gushed out of Chen Fan’s mouth as his Qi Energy suddenly diminished. He staggered a little in the air and nearly fell to the ground.

    “I think the Grand Divine Powers is a little bit too much for me for now.”

    Chen Fan let out a wry smile.

    Once he had gained the Passage Of Time, Chen Fan had only used it once while he was in Hong Kong to take fifty years of life from Zheng Anqi.

    The last execution didn’t take much effort since Zheng Anqi was a human, not a mighty Immortal warrior such as the Snow Wolf King. He had pushed himself to the limit by summoning the visage of the Azure Thearch and delivered the mighty attack of no equal. If not because of the Azure Thearch Longevity Body he had possessed, he would have already died of overcharging his system.

    “But it was worth it.”

    Chen Fan cracked a smile as he looked at the Snow Wolf King who still remained afloat in the air.

    “What? What happened? What did Chen Fan do to him?”

    After everyone gathered themselves from the Chen Fan’s time-freezing spell, they looked to the sky and was surprised to see a seemingly injured Chen Fan and a motionless Snow Wolf King.

    “That attack paused time itself and it must have taken a toll on Chen Beixuan’s system. On top of that, he also summoned some kind of Primordial being. No wonder he looks in such bad shape.”

    Adam murmured to himself; his mind was filled with questions.

    He had read descriptions of similar techniques used by Chen Fan in the most ancient scrolls that were locked deep inside of the Church’s vault. Those were the arts used by the most powerful arch-angles if he remembered correctly.

    However, the Snow Wolf King seemed unharmed after a direct blow from the attack.

    “Ahhwooo, ahhwooo, ahhwoooo!”

    The other werewolves howled in elation after seeing the ineffectiveness of Chen Fan’s attack. However, a few moments later, they all became quiet.

    Under everyone’s shocked eyes, the Snow Wolf King’s black fur turned grey and dry and fell off from his deeply wrinkled skin. His muscles also shriveled with each slowing heartbeat. It wasn’t long before his heart stopped pulsating all together. The five meter tall Snow Wolf King diminished in size and shrunk to only half of his height. It was as if the Snow Wolf King had aged a hundred years in a split second. On the verge of death, he was too fragile to even walk, much less combat Chen Fan.

    Such was the power of The Blade Of Time.

    One blow would take a hundred years’ worth of life away from its victim.


    Snow Wolf King turned around and struggled to lift one of his paws slightly, wasting away the only energy left in him to say his last word.


    Galdan, the Leader of the Snow Wolf Clan, a survivor of both Great Wars—he had roamed the earth for over a hundred years, and made as many foes as friends—died in the Valley of the Warg in the most inexplicable way.

    His body fell to the ground but made no sound. It was as light as a feather.

    Everyone gaped at the development, scarcely daring to move. The other werewolves were stunned and scared. They couldn’t believe what had happened. After a while, the sound of Chen Fan’s coughing wrenched their minda out of their shocked state.


    Chen Fan remained afloat in the air and coughed violently as his energy waned and his hair turned a few shades grayer. In the end, his silky black hair had become a color of dry plaster and his energy felt like a flickering candle in a storm. Nonetheless, he kept his back straight and chin up as his battle-will roiled in his eyes.

    Despite Chen Fan’s diminished power, no one in the valley, let it be the Dark Overlords or the werewolves dared to make a move.

    Everyone looked at him in fear.

    “A living legend is dead?”

    A few words came out of White Haired Reaper’s clenched jaws.

    Hearing the words, many Dark Overlords lowered their heads to avoid Chen Fan’s gaze. Even Adam was filled with shock and terror. The werewolves were seized by fear, scarcely dareing to move a muscle.

    Galdan the Snow Wolf King had been a living legend. He was a real Immortal Level Overlord!

    If Chen Fan could do away with the mighty Immortal Level Overlord, who would dare to challenge him from now on?

    “We have not only witnessed the fall of an Immortal Level Overlord, but also the making of history.”

    A thought came into everyone’s mind.