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Chapter 424 - He Is Unkillable?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 424: He Is Unkillable?

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    Chen Fan had gained the Li Fire Golden Eyes even before he had reached the Ethereal Enlightenment.

    Chen Fan didn’t need to use it once ever since he reached the Ethereal Enlightenment. It was a powerful technique that he had saved for the last moment. Chen Fan didn’t need to tap into its mighty power even when he was fighting Takemiya Hiro and the Japan Self-Defense Forces.

    However, Chen Fan had finally decided to use it in order to counter the Snow Wolf King’s Inborn Divine Power.


    Chen Fan threw his head back as two golden energies welled in his eyes and lanced up into the sky. The two rays of energy lit up the sky, tainting it red. The two crackling energies seemed to have to bend the very fabric of space as they joined together in the most inconceivable fashion and formed an energy ball. The streaming hot energy ball suddenly flew at the frigid white energy.

    “What is that?”

    Adam and the others were dumbfounded by what they saw.

    They had been convinced that Chen Fan was going to struggle if not get defeated by Snow Wolf King’s Inborn Talent. No one had expected the red hot fire to burst out from Chen Fan’s eyes.

    Zeus had also shot out energy from his eyes, but the deadliness of Zeus’s execution paled in comparison with that of Chen Fan.

    The energy in Zeus’s eyes were sparks that danced around the surface of his pupils, but the energy shot out from Chen Fan’s eyes came deep within his eye sockets. All the overlords had witnessed the progression of the flame from a tiny dancing flicker deep within Chen Fan’s pupils to the deadly conflagration.

    However, no one could make sense as to why Chen Fan’s eyes could have held such a deadly flame.

    “Is this the real strength of Chen Beixuan? He had been holding back his power when he fought us?”

    A seemingly absurd idea burst into Adam’s mind. After pondering on it for a while, Adam realized that it wasn’t so absurd at all. The Dark Overlords were simply too weak for Chen Fan to use his powerful moves.

    The sizzling golden flames were hot enough to burn a hole through the very fabric of reality. Even from a few hundred meters away, people could still sense the belligerent heatwaves on their faces. If Chen Fan had used this move on the Dark Overlords, none of them would have survived.


    The golden flame and the chilling white energy finally converged.

    The golden flame was hot enough to melt metal, and the white energy was cold enough to freeze even a ray of passing light. Once two intense energy came into contact with each other, they started to neutralize each other’s polar opposite attributes in the most violent fashion.

    In a blink, they filled the entire valley with white mist, turning the valley into a sauna.

    “Phhh… Pthsss…”

    It wasn’t long before the white light started to waver and back down. Try as he might, the Snow Wolf King could not force it to hold its ground.

    The Li Fire Golden Eyes was an above-average Divine power even among Divine powers that were far superior to that of the Snow Wolf King.

    Plus, Chen Fan had been strengthening his power for a while since it was the first Divine power he had obtained. By now, it was one of the deadliest spells in his arsenal. The much simpler Inborn Divine Powers of the Snow Wolf King simply couldn’t compare.

    “I might be wary of your power if you were a pure-bred Dark Wolf who had learned a few of Dark Wolf’s Divine powers. But you are just a mutt.”

    Chen Fan’s voice was laced with contempt. Even as he spoke, the golden flame had turned up its intensity a few notches.

    The scintillating golden flames surged and turned into two fire drakes that were intertwined with each other as they swooped down on the Snow Wolf King. The Snow Wolf King’s fur was lit on fire even when the fire drakes were still a few paces away from him—a testament to the deadliness of the golden conflagration.


    Snow Wolf King’s derisive smile evaporated as he let out a deep howl.

    He fumbled to draw even more frigid energy around him and puffed it out to cushion the brunt of the attack.

    Li Fire Golden Eyes was hot enough to burn through anything but the freezing energy summoned by the Snow Wolf King, a veteran Immortal Level Overlord was equally as powerful. Although the white energy was unable to stop the Li Fire Golden Eyes completely, it slowed it down enough for the Snow Wolf King to evade the attack.

    To the spectators on the ground, all they saw was a large fireball melting away a ball of crystal clear ice.

    Under the unrelenting heat of the fire, the ice started to melt but held its ground for now.

    Chen Fan was not taken aback by his foe’s countermeasure. After all, the Li Fire Golden Eyes was an ordinary Divine power. If the Demon God at the Ise Grand Shrine could have dissolved the Li Fire spell Chen Fan planted in Violet, so could the Snow Wolf King counter the Li Fire Golden Eyes.

    “Do you really think that a tiny bit of ice energy could stop me?”

    Chen Fan grinned as his hands formed a hand sign. He stomped the air with one foot and shouted.

    “Li Fire Golden Eyes, First Transformation: Transformation of The Red Lotus!”


    A crystalline lotus flower appeared in Chen Fan’s left eye and it shot out at the sunburned ball of ice.

    The ice ball was over ten meters wide and was able to withstand the scorch of the golden flame. However, it stood no chance against the seemingly unsubstantial lotus flower. The fire lotus went straight through the ice ball and into the body of the Snow Wolf King.


    The Snow Wolf King let out a pained scream.

    The large ice ball trembled violently and nearly crumbled. Through the translucent ice, the spectators on the ground watched as the Snow Wolf King covered his head with both arms as his body shook violently.

    The old wolf didn’t even flinch when Chen Fan nearly busted his heart earlier, yet the small fire lotus seemed to have given him more pain than anyone could imagine.

    The Transformation of The Red Lotus was one of the variants of the Li Fire Golden Eyes. It affected only a living being’s soul and spirit and its intensity could be controlled from miles away by the caster. Chen Fan used this exact same spell on a Ghost Witch Sect member and burnt him alive before the elders of the sect.

    “Arhh! Arrhh!”

    As Snow Wolf King’s screaming waned, he slumped against the inner shell of the rotting ice ball and struggled to breathe.

    The sharp hook of his venomous glare caught Chen Fan. He could feel his vitality ebbing away as the flame ate away his soul. Galdan hadn’t suffered this much since the Great War when he was stricken by the French field cannon. At that time, he was just an ordinary soldier.

    “China man, how dare you damage my soul energy! I will rip you apart and eat every last bit of you!” The Snow Wolf King snarled. His voice carried powerful soul energy and swept across the valley.

    “His soul energy is still pretty strong. Impressive ”

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows and pondered.

    The transformation of The Red Lotus was detrimental to soul energy, but it was only able to burn away a small fraction of Snow Wolf King’s large reserve of soul energy. It had barely harmed the ancient werewolf.

    “If one is not enough, how about two.”

    Chen Fan snorted and two fiery lotus flowers appeared in both eyes. When they appeared out of Chen Fan’s eyes, they were one size larger than the previous one. The sight of them sent Snow Wolf King’s mind reeling.


    To everyone’s surprise, the Snow Wolf King got out of the Iceball and rammed into the golden flame.

    “Sthla… sthla.”

    In a blink, the Snow Wolf King was surrounded by golden flames that seared away his skin and fur, exposing his muscles and cartilage at places.

    however, the Snow Wolf King was able to rely on his incredible regeneration ability and charged at Chen Fan despite the fire.

    I am going to rip you apart!

    With a deafening roar, the Snow Wolf King charged up all his energy and broke the sound barrier. His movement traced a golden arc in the air.

    Although Snow Wolf King was only able to break the hypersonic barrier for a split second, the sudden burst of speed had given him incredible momentum.


    Chen Fan grunted and stomped the ground and charged out, turning his body into a smear of aura glow. He, too, Broke the hypersonic barrier.

    The two of them rammed into each other in the air. They didn’t use any Dharma Spells nor martial arts technique. It was an impact of raw energy and force.


    A huge blast reverberated in the valley.

    A large shock wave erupted from the point of impact, throwing belligerent waves that swept through the valley. Everyone in the valley was staggered by the shockwaves and a ripple appeared on the surface of the pond.

    After the impact, the body of the Snow Wolf King was sent flying and rammed into a cliff face. His body was in ruin. His chest caved in so deep that his heart nearly busted.

    On the other hand, Chen Fan merely stumbled back a few steps and was unharmed.

    “Come again!”

    Chen Fan shouted and stomped the ground to broke the hypersonic barrier again. He whizzed through the air like a cannonball as he rammed into the Snow Wolf King. The Snow Wolf King gritted his teeth and tapped into his Bloodline energy to quickly gather himself.


    This impact sounded even louder than the last one. Right after the impact, the Snow Wolf King’s body suddenly slumped into Chen Fan’s arm lifelessly. Without the resistance Chen Fan had expected, the momentum carried Chen Fan and the slumped body of the Snow Wolf King forward, taking out a few werewolves along their way. When Chen Fan finally regained his balance, he let Snow Wolf King’s body slide from his shoulder to the ground. Everyone finally noticed that the Snow Wolf King had already passed out.

    However, in a few seconds, the Snow Wolf King regained conscious again.

    “I told you, China man. You won’t be able to kill me,”

    As the Snow Wolf King regenerated one of his bloody eyes, he cracked a smile and said.

    “Bang, bang, bang!”

    With a stoic expression, Chen Fan punched out nine hypersonic punches.

    These hypersonic punches landed on Snow Wolf King’s body as a meat tenderizer landing blows on a slab of steak. It pulverized the Snow Wolf King, including his heart and bones. However, to everyone’s surprise, and shock, even such utter annihilation couldn’t completely kill the Snow Wolf King

    As blood spilled out of his mouth, he laughed and said.

    “I told you, I am invincible!”

    Chen Fan finally stopped and furrowed brows.

    “You really live up to the reputation as the descendant of a Dark Wolf. However, I have killed more Dark Wolves than you can count.”

    So saying, Chen Fan heaved a sigh and reached out his right hand.

    “I didn’t want to use this Divine power, but now I have to.”

    Suddenly, a stillness gripped the entire valley that paused the wind, the expressions on people’s faces, and even a few snowflakes in the air. A giant azure apparition appeared behind Chen Fan’s back. The apparition was wearing a traditional Chinese scholar’s dress but it was difficult to make out the features of his face. His appearance carried an ancient and mystical quality that made it look like a primordial god.

    Everyone felt the overbearing presence hang in the air. The Snow Wolf King’s face suddenly paled.

    “What is this?”

    Chen Fan answered him quietly.

    “The third Divine Power: Passage Of Time”