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Chapter 423 - Battle of the Immortals.

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 423: Battle of the Immortals.

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    When the Azure Fist Aura and the Snow Wolf King’s claws collided, the impact shook the entire valley, causing numerous small avalanches at the peak of the mountain.

    The ground around the two trembled as if an earthquake. A powerful wave of Qi Energy rippled out from the point of impact for a few hundred meters. Even the people outside of the battleground were staggered by the residual of the shock wave.

    “He is terrifying!”

    Adam and the others gaped at Chen Fan as if he was a character out of a mythical tale about gods.


    When the Qi Energy swept across the valley and reached the Spirit Fruit of Embryonic Essence, it triggered a protective spell Chen Fan had cast to protect it. An iridescent energy shield appeared over the tree, protecting it from the shockwave. The protective shield was created using seventeen supreme-grade jades and could temporarily ward off the attack of an Immortal State Overlord.


    The two combatants backed away from each other as their feet dragged a deep groove on the ground. Snow Wolf King had to stomp one of his feet on the ground to stop himself from going any further. Meanwhile, Chen Fan kicked one of his feet in the air, tracing a graceful curve as he dissipated his momentum.

    No one seemed to have the upper hand during the first round.

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes as he scanned the Snow Wolf King.

    Ever since Chen Fan obtained the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, it was the first time he met anyone whose physique refinement was on par with his. Snow Wolf King’s body was much tougher than Adam and was the fully awakened God Form. Although it lacked speed, and strength while comparing to Chen Fan, the Snow Wolf King made it up with his incredible ability of regeneration.

    “Come again!”

    Chen Fan threw his head back and laughed. He took a step forward and darted out, but his feet never landed on the ground.

    Chen Fan charged at the Snow Wolf King without ever touching the ground. The belligerent energy roiled about changing his skin color to that of stained glass. Through his translucent skin, one could see his blood coursing in his veins and his azure bones, scintillated like pieces of crystals.

    This time, Chen Fan finally charged up the Azure Thearch Longevity Body to its maximum power.

    Seeing the Fruit of Embryonic Essence was protected by the spell, Snow Wolf King was also relieved. He cracked an ugly grin as the red light in his eyes surged. His body started to flicker as the Essence Qi around him suddenly turned into a gust of wind mixed with snow and ice that shrouded the Snow Wolf King. The powerful wind then lifted the Snow Wolf King up and forward at Chen Fan.

    “Bang, bang, bang!”

    The two mighty warriors exchanged a few blows in the air.

    Unlike Adam, the Snow Wolf King was an Immortal State warrior who had perfected every aspect of his cultivation over hundreds of years. Therefore, he was able to stand his ground and turn the battle into a deadlock.

    Looking from afar, the battle looked like a wash of azure energy and a grey cyclone in the sky constant ramming into each other.

    Each impact would let out an ear defending blast that reverberated across the valley. It sounded like a hammer hitting an anvil and it was so loud that it hurt many people’s ears.


    Snow Wolf King landed a claw on Chen Fan’s shoulder. The claws ripped through Chen Fan’s black robe and sliced open Chen Fan’s skin, leaving four deep wounds on Chen Fan’s shoulder.

    Chen Fan returned the attack with a direct punch to Snow Wolf King’s chest. As soon as his fist landed on the werewolf’s hairy chest, it caused an explosion and opened up the Snow Wolf King’s chest cavity, revealing white ribs, and a beating heart.

    The two quickly parted away after the brief engagement.

    Chen Fan glanced at the wound on his shoulder with a cold expression. This was the first time he got injured ever since he obtained the Azure Thearch Longevity Body. His body was nearly indestructible since not even a sniper rifle could have caused a dent. The Snow Wolf King’s power was truly terrifying.

    On the other hand, since Snow Wolf King’s body was much more fragile than that of Chen Fan, his injury was much more severe. However, thanks to his regeneration ability, his gut-churning wound healed itself in heartbeat.

    “I am invincible, China man. You can’t kill me.”

    Snow Wolf King gathered himself and shot out a violent pulse of soul energy to get his point across. His lips curled into a contemptuous smile.

    “Don’t make a fool out of yourself, please. Even a Soul Formation level cultivator who possessed mighty Primordial Essence dares not to claim himself invincible, much less you, just a mix-blood werewolf, a mutt.”

    Chen Fan let out a peal of laughter.

    He waved a hand as small glowing green light appeared on the trees and plants in the valley. These green lights float into the air and converged around Chen Fan. Under many surprised eyes, the wounds on Chen Fan’s shoulder disappeared.

    The Azure Thearch Longevity Body was one of the most powerful Divine Bodies in the Universe. One of its abilities is to absorb the vitality from any living plants.

    If the fight took place in the forest jungle, Chen Fan could use this ability to regenerate almost his entire body. The only way to cause some real harm to Chen Fan under that situation was to use a nuclear bomb to destroy not only Chen Fan but also anything worth living energy in it around him.

    The scarcity of plants the Siberian Tundra didn’t deter Chen Fan’s battle spirit from flaring.

    Snow Wolf King narrowed his eyes and drew a large gulp of air and then blew it out. As soon as the air left his mouth, it turned into a frigid pulse of white energy that shot out at Chen Fan.

    The white energy shot across space and froze the air along its way. The energy was much colder than even the arctic winds that ravaged the tundra.

    “Inborn Divine Powers?”

    The sight had taken Chen Fan by surprise.

    Although the Snow Wolf King was not a real Immortal Cultivator, he had reached Immortal State nonetheless so it was possible that he had awakened one or two inborn divine powers that had lay dormant in him.

    Although these Inborn Divine Powers were relatively simpler compared to the Divine powers gained through cultivation, they were extremely deadly.

    Even Chen Fan had to increase his store of defense at the sight of the Divine power. He could feel the frigid energy and its malicious intent even from a distance. Although Chen Fan was confident in his power, he dared not to lower his guard. He shot out both hands and formed a few hand signs, and summoned countless shining Taoism Inscriptions in air. These inscriptions converged and formed a half translucent golden wall before Chen Fan to protect him.

    “Grand Diamond Curse”

    Chen Fan didn’t master this mid-level Curse Sorcery until he reached Ethereal Enlightenment. It was an upgraded version of the regular Diamond Curse and it was powerful enough to ward off a cannon shell hit point-blank.

    “Our Clan Leader used his Inborn Divine Art!”

    Many werewolves looked up at their leader expectantly.

    It was common knowledge among the werewolves that the Warg would bestow a mighty Divine Art to each generation of the Wolf King. These Divine Arts were so powerful that they would be outright terrifying. Many older werewolves had seen with their own eyes that Snow Wolf King had frozen an unstoppable train cold in its track with one blow of air.

    Although the other Overlords stood a few hundred meters away from the battle, they also felt the chilling air biting into their bones.

    “They both have reached Immortal state, so their moves are not just ordinary Martial arts, they are Divine powers.”

    The sight of the unimaginable powers of both combatants reminded Yang Qinhu a description of Immortal State warriors in an ancient text he stumbled upon once.

    The scroll recorded abilities such as levitating, turning wind into blades and breath into thunder, immune to elements, such as fire. Those abilities used to sound like the stuff of legends to him, but the battle between Chen Fan and Snow Wolf King had lent credence to those records.

    Meanwhile, the deadly frozen energy had landed squarely on the golden wall. What happened next stunned everyone. They watched as the flowing inscriptions on the wall suddenly froze in their tacks as a layer of frost formed over the wall, dimming its golden glow.

    “How… how is that possible? A spell can freeze another spell?”

    The Fool’s mind reeled.

    What happened before his eyes had completely toppled his understanding of the world.


    A small crack appeared on the wall, followed by many more cracks. In a blink, these cracks had crawled all over the wall and a few moments later, the wall crumbled like an avalanche. When its frozen fragments hit the ground, they made a cacophony of clinks and clanks.

    “How many times can you use those Dharma Spells?” The Snow Wolf King smirked and said: “As long as I am on the tundra, I can absorb an infinite amount of energy from the cold.”

    “Such is the stature of the Wolf God. It’s beyond the reach of your filthy humans.”

    So saying, Snow Wolf King opened up his mouth as chilling energy converged and drew into his body. Then he huffed again, sending out an even more intense pulse of white energy that was as thick as a pillar in a greek temple.

    Covered by a layer of frost, the white energy lanced at Chen Fan with deadly intent.

    As the frosty energy shot across the valley, it seized everything, including air in its bone-chilling grasp. Even the Overlords standing a distance away started to shiver from the cold.

    Everyone looked at Chen Fan expectantly, wondering how he was going to counter the attack.

    “Chen Beixuan was not yet a real Immortal State warrior, so he still had a long way to go to catch up with Galdan who had reached Immortal State for decades.”

    Adam lamented in his mind.

    Although he conceded that Chen Fan’s level of attainment was much higher than his, he couldn’t sense the signature singularity of all powers within other Immortal State warriors.

    The gap between Chen Fan and a real Immortal Level Overlord might be unnoticeable while fighting against weak enemies, it was the difference between life and death during a battle against powerful foes such as the Snow Wolf King.

    To Adam’s surprise, Chen Fan cracked a smile at the incoming deadly attack.

    “Do you think you are the only one who has Divine powers?”

    As soon as he said that, two balls of golden flames burst out from Chen Fan’s eyes. They started small, the size of a needle, then they grew larger and brighter and lanced out from Chen Fan’s eyes in the form of a deadly Divine Flames.

    Divine Powers: Li Fire Golden Eyes!