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Chapter 422 - A Real Immortal Level Warrior

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 422: A Real Immortal Level Warrior

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    It was the first time the people inside the valley saw the transformation of a human to werewolf.

    The depiction in the movies and legends turned out to be more accurate than most people had thought. Galdan’s body multiplied in size at first as his muscles started to bulge as if molten iron were being pumped into it. He quickly transformed from a short old man to a super werewolf that stood over three meters tall.

    Unlike the other werewolves, Galdan was covered in snow-white fur with a silvery sheen. No wonder he was called the Snow Wolf King. The only feature of the old man that remained the same in the werewolf was the pair of burning eyes.

    “China man, I have given you a chance, but you have blown it!”

    Galdan snarled and then curled his lips to a crude smile, revealing a row of filed teeth. A wave of powerful Soul Energy erupted from his body and swept across the entire valley as he spoke, carrying his words into everyone’s ears.

    His energy was more powerful than any other Werewolves, including those four pact-leader contenders and even surpassed that of the five Demon Gods.

    The rest of the Overlords were shaken to the core once Galdan revealed its true form. They felt a presence as terrifying as primeval bests such as T-rex had descended upon them.

    “Immortal Level!”

    Adam said bitterly.

    The faces of the white-hair reaper and the others paled.

    No one, other than Immortal Level Overlords could project such a powerful presence. They didn’t even sense such a fearsome presence when they met Chen Fan.

    “Who could think that after ten years of silence, the Immortal Level Overlord has finally appeared in our world again. ”

    The Fool said as his body shook uncontrollably. He rounded his eyes and looked at Galdan in fear. Reaching Immortal Level was the dream of his life, but so far he was unable to make it come true.

    All the werewolves paused their motion as soon as Galdan had finished his transformation. They threw their heads back and howled at the sky.

    “Ahhwooo, ahhwooo, ahhwoooo!”

    The entire valley was filled with ear defending wolf calls. The sound reverberated across the valley and out into the open. They could be heard even dozens of kilometers away. Their voice was filled with frenetic joy, forming a cacophony of celebration for the return of their King.


    Snow Wolf King’s body suddenly flickered out of view and reappeared right in front of Immortal Guardian Karasutengu. Immortal Guardian Karasutengu hadn’t transformed into his Dharma form so he was only three meters tall, the same height as Snow Wolf King. When Snow Wolf King suddenly appeared before him, he spread his wings and brought his mighty staff above his head. And then he pounded the staff down onto the Werewolf.

    The strike carried enough power to turn the world upside down.

    Although Karasutengu existed in the form of a Divine Soul, he was a mighty force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Worse, the golden staff he wielded was created by Chen Fan personally and weighed over a few thousand tons. One solid blow from this staff would instantly pulverize any Werewolf. However, the Snow Wolf King was unfazed by the mighty bow, and let out a derisive smile. He didn’t dodge the attack, and neither did he block it.


    The blow had landed squarely on Snow Wolf King’s shoulder. It should be powerful enough to crush a tank, but it only caused Snow Wolf King’s back to hunch a little. Then the three-meter tall super werewolf struck back with his large paws lined with thirty-centimeter long sharp claws that glinted under the pale sunlight.


    The werewolf clawed deeply into the chest of Immortal Guardian Karasutengu and wrenched both arms to either side, ripping the Immortal Guardian in half. Immortal Guardian Karasutengu’s body was tough enough to withstand bullets and cannon fire, and normal werewolves couldn’t even make a dent on his skin. However, the Snow Wolf King had torn it apart like shredding a piece of paper.

    If the Snow Wolf King could shred the body of an Immortal guardian, it definitely would destroy a tank with bare hands.

    “Ahhwooo, ahhwooo, ahhwooo.”

    Many werewolves pounded their chests and howled in elation, cheering for their mighty king.

    The other Overlords felt that their hearts had sunk to the bottom of an ice cave.

    “Immortal Guardians were Demon Gods of Semi-Immortal state. They were much more powerful than most Grandmasters since they have already reached the peak of the Grandmaster level. Either one of them was more powerful than me. Yet, Galdan was able to do away with one with such ease. What would happen to me if I had to face his deadly claws?”

    Cold sweat streaked across Adam’s face, and his fear was shared by the others. Everyone was shaken to their core by the sight of the Immortal State Power.

    “Is that how powerful an Immortal Level fighter is? It’s… scary.”

    Yang Qinhu’s legs started to tremble. Even from a few hundred meters away, the intimidating presence of the Snowwolf King made him feel suffocated. Yang Qinhu felt the same human instinct as that when an ordinary man ran into a hungry tiger in the forest.


    Even as the tattered body parts of Karasutengu fell to the ground, Snow Wolf King registered another opponent. He let go of Karasutengu and charged at his second target: Lord Susano.

    Immortal Guardian Susano was the fastest and the strongest of all Immortal Guardians since he was the first who had come under Chen Fan’s service. He stood over five-meters tall—much taller than most other Immortal Guardians. Mounted steadily on a galloping Heavenly Stallion, Immortal Guardian Susano charged at the werewolf and hacked his weapon in the air.

    Suddenly, a scintillating golden ray of light shot out from the edge of his weapon.

    The weapon of Susano was a five-meter long halberd. Its movements across the space carried such graceful finality as a Blade Qi erupted from the edge of the Halberd and shot out towards the target. The Blade Qi was so deadly that it would go through the body of an ordinary person with ease.


    the Golden Blade Auras landed on Snow Wolf King’s claws, letting out a jarring sound of metal scraping against metal. Snow Wolf King stood unflinchingly even after taking the brunt of Lord Susano’s attack.

    On the other hand, the impact had winded Lord Susano and made him stumble back a few meters.

    Snow Wolf King’s body shook only a little but there was a deep gash on his paw. Already, blood had started to well in the deep cut. Despite the toughness of his claws, his paw was much softer and could not withstand the attack of the golden halberd which was refined by Chen Fan using Devotion Energy.

    However, the deep wound disappeared in a heartbeat.

    Werewolves of the Snow Wolf Clan not only had extremely durable bodies, they also possessed incredible self-healing abilities.

    “I didn’t expect you to be able to harm me.”

    A red flame in Snowwolf King’s eyes surged as he spoke. He charged up his energy and let them swept across the valley. The hot and belligerent energy agitating the air, creating a cacophony of popping noises. Lord Susano was unfazed, he brought the halberd around to the top of his head with both hands and attacked again.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the three Immortal Guardians had also surrounded the Snow Wolf King.

    Suddenly the Snow Wolf King was besieged from all sides.

    After Snow Wolf King had fully charged up his energy, he started to engage the Demon Gods. Such was the unimaginable power of the Snow Wolf King, he quickly defeated three of the four Immortal Guardians, except for Immortal Guardian Susano.

    In less than three seconds into battle, Snow Wolf King took a blow on his back, turned around and ripped the body of Six-Armed Immortal Guardian into pieces.

    Five seconds later, Snow Wolf King let Lord Kurome use the Kurome Divine Light to burn a large hold on his belly, while he ripped open Immortal Guardian Kurome’s throat.

    Ten more seconds later, Snow Wolf King snarled and darted out, turning into a black shadow that circled around Immortal Guardian Yamamizuki. Despite Lord Susano’s landing tireless attacks on him, Snow Wolf King caught an opportunity and shredded Immortal Guardian Yamamizuki into pieces.


    In less than half a minute, Snow Wolf King had killed three Immortal Guardians of Semi-Immortal Level at the cost of half a dozen wounds and a hold on his belly.

    Those wounds recovered rapidly after each breath he took. Already, the first wound had disappeared and the second and the third one quickly followed suit.

    His self-healing and regeneration ability were stunning. He might as well be indestructible.

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and pondered.

    The Snow Wolf King was much more powerful than Takemiya Hiro who thought he had reached Immortal Level. The Snow Wolf King had truly reached the Immortal level, the peak of power on this planet. Such power had laid dormant for decades and by now, people considered it merely a legend.

    “China man, your toys are useless on me.”

    Snow Wolf King turned around and gave Chen Fan a mocking smirk.

    “Is that so?”

    Chen Fan remained calm and replied with a wave of a hand.

    The bodies of the four Immortal Guardians were drawn up by a gust of wind and pieced themselves together. In a blink, Chen Fan had revived the four Immortal Guardians.

    “Do you think you are the only one who has an indestructible body?” Chen Fan flicked a finger and said with a grin. “These Immortal Guardians used to be Demon Gods and they can not be killed. I wonder how long you can keep at it.”

    Snow Wolf King was taken aback by the revelation.

    The joyful howling of the other werewolves also paused as sounds stuck in their throats and won’t get out.

    Lord Susano was able to survive nine hypersonic blows from Chen Fan even before he soaked up the energy inside the Summoning Flute of Demon God. By now, these Immortal Guardians were able to regenerate their bodies almost indefinitely.

    The seriousness of the situation quickly sank in.

    After Snow Wolf King has watched as Immortal Guardian Karasutengu regenerated his body for the third time, he could no longer hold back his anger. He stomped the ground with one foot and launched himself into the air, nearly breaking the hypersonic barrier. Then he plummeted down and landed right before Chen Fan and hacked as he let out an ear-defining snarl.

    “They will disappear once I kill you!”

    The attack came so fast that white energy started to form at the tip of his claws and shot out in the form of Wind blades. These deadly wind blades quickly surrounded Chen Fan and attacked him from all fronts.

    At Snow Wolf King’s level, he could easily tap into the power of heaven and earth.

    “You kill ME?”

    Chen Fan let out a peal of laughter and punched back.

    Suddenly, the earth trembled as if an earthquake. Fast-moving Essence Qi let out an ear-deafening roar and caused a violent shockwave that could kill any Grandmaster within a ten-meter area.

    It was going to be a direct impact of the Azure Thearch Longevity Body against the Snow Wolf King.

    It was the final showdown between an Ethereal Enlightenment level Immortal Cultivator and an Immortal Level warrior of the earth.

    Chen Fan had finally encountered the most powerful force on this planet since his rebirth. His blood boiled, letting the rogue energy tousle his hair. Even the Azure fire in his eyes was in a deadlock with the red angry flame of the Snow Wolf King.


    Under many expectant eyes, the Azure Aura collided with the Snow Wolf King’s claws. The stage for the momentous battle was finally set in place and the show was about to start.