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Chapter 420 - Snow Wolf King

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 420: Snow Wolf King

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    “Stop it!”

    Carried by the wind, a wizened voice drifted into the valley. Its timbre had an ancient and eternal quality to it. The Overlords watched in surprise as the wolves stopped cold in their tracks after they heard the voice.

    Under everyone’s surprised watch, the group of werewolves dispersed in the middle, making a way for a shriveled old man with dry white hairs. The old man’s wrinkled face was covered with yellow blotches and was the color of tree bark. He breathed laboriously after each step.

    The ferocious werewolves lowered their heads quietly with a great measure of deference.

    “An old man is in charge of this large group of monsters? They all listened to him?” Everyone was dumbfounded by the development.

    The Old man walked over to the wolf pack and bowed to Chen Fan slightly.

    “Honorable Human Overlord, please forgive my children. They had no idea that you are a living legend.”

    The old man spoke in Russian in a heavy Siberian accent. However, most people could understand his words.

    “The Werewolves are your offspring?”

    Chen Fan looked around at the old man with great interest. Despite the old man’s shriveled-up appearance, he could sense pulsing energy like the undercurrent of magma inside an active volcano. Chen Fan had never registered such energy in any warrior he had met so far.

    Even the energy inside of Takemiya Hiro or Adam paled in comparison with his.

    “Indeed. Many of them are my grandsons and great-grandsons. Some of them are my great-great-grandsons. I am the leader of the pack, you can call me Snowwolf King.”

    The old man said while breathing heavily.

    “Great-great grandson? How old are you?” Someone put in.

    “Ummm… Excuse me, but I have forgotten how old I am. I remembered that the great war had not yet started when I was a child. I left the tundra in my youth and fought for the Russians against the Ottoman. After that, I retired here ever since.” The old man said slowly.

    Everyone was terrified by what they heard.

    World War started in 1914, and by then, the old man was already a middle-aged man. How old exactly was he now? A hundred twenty?

    People’s mind raced and they found it hard to believe that anyone could live up to a hundred and twenty years old.

    “When I traveled the world, I used the name Galdan. You might have never heard of me. I have seen many Overlords during my travel, just like you guys.” Galdan tapped the ground with his wooden cane and shot a gaze at White-Hair Reaper.

    “I can smell a Demon Hunter from miles away. Are you one of them? How is Van Helsing doing? Is he still kicking around?”

    White-Hair Reaper was stupefied by the question. He lowered his head and answered respectfully: “My Lord, I am the twenty-seventh generation of Demon Hunter. Lord Van Helsin was the twentieth generation Demon Hunter almost a hundred years ago.”

    People’s faces changed colors after they heard it.

    Van Helsing was one of the most famous Demon Hunter in the 19th century. He used to work for the Christian Church and slay Dark Races all over the world during the last few glorious days of the Church. After World War One, the Church fell from grace after being embattled by new rising powers.

    If the old man knew Van Helsing personally, he must be even older than people thought he was. He must be around a hundred forty or so.

    “You are the twenty-seventh generation of Demon Hunters? Sigh… another half-century seemed to have slipped through my fingers.” Galdan said slowly as he looked to the distance wistfully.

    He then moved his gaze toward The Fool. “Magus Poison Sect. Interesting. You must be the new Grand Magus. ”

    “Indeed, my lord.” The Fool lowered his head and saluted the old man with a strange and long-forgotten gesture.

    Galdan nodded and continued to scan the crowd.

    He could point out each and every Dark Overlord’s lineage based on the power they possessed. He talked about some of the characters who lived a hundred years ago as if he had known them personally. He was even able to pinpoint the sect and the lineage of Yang Qinhu.

    When he saw Adam, a fire lit up in his eyes.

    “A church scumbag! Are you one of the Arbiter?”

    “My lord, I have long since left the Church.” Adam lowered himself and saluted to the old man like a true gentleman.

    Galdan nodded and then he saw Chen Fan and he nearly blanched. His eyes were filled with doubts and questions.

    Everyone held their breath and waited for the two’s conversation expectantly.

    It was evident that Galdan had lived a long time and had seen a lot. If he could pinpoint each and every warrior’s lineage and so he would see Chen Fans. Everyone was curious about Chen Fan’s background. He was too young to have possessed so much power and so many unimaginable spells.

    “Sir, you are oriental and that reminded me of one person I met in China: the mighty figure in China. His sword attack was so powerful that it was able to stop the flow of water. I didn’t expect any veteran warriors in China could have reached Immortal State just as the mighty Lin Family member had, much less a young lad such as yourself.”

    Galdan said slowly.

    “I wager you are talking about the ancestor of the Lin Family.” Chen Fan replied.

    “Indeed. While I was outside the valley and sensed your energy, I thought that you were one of the Lin Family’s heirs. But now, I noticed that your energy was very different than what I remembered.” Galdan furrowed brows and said.

    “I have never sensed such energy in anyone else. It’s ancient, vast, boundless and… sublime. It seemed to have existed before ice claimed the tundra and before hot sand claimed the desert. I have never seen anything like it. Only in legends that I have heard in bits and pieces about a group of mighty figures in ancient Asia, could I find details that draw parallels with your power. But those legends were as old as the human race itself, and the characters in it are definitely fictitious.”

    So saying, Galdan shook his head to shake away the preposterous thought. He squeezed his wooden cane and gave Chen Fan a serious look.

    “You Sir, you are trespassing the Snowwolf clan’s territory. Out of respect for your power, we allow you to leave here unharmed as long as you promise to keep what happened today a secret. ”

    Before the old man’s words faded away in the wind, someone asked.

    “What about us?”

    “You?” Galdan curled his lips into a mocking smile, deepening the lines on his face.

    “You have entered the sacred ground of the Warg, you should pay the price with your lives. They have just had their appetizer out there, but those are just ordinary humans unlike you. Your energy-infused flesh could help my pups grew faster.”

    Even as the old man spoke, many Werewolves grinned, revealing rows of filed teeth with the bits of pink flesh stuck in between.

    Yang Qinhu’s heart sank to the bottom as he realized that the guides he had brought here were all dead.

    White-haired reaper and the other Overlords turned into bundles of nerves after hearing what old man was going to do with them. They looked desperately at Chen Fan for help, hoping for him to stay with them.

    “You are a fine example of your capricious, untrustworthy and emotional race.” Chen Fan cracked a smile and shook his head. He locked his eyes onto Galdan and said: “Fine, I can leave. But I will take the Spring water and the fruit with me.”

    Galdan was unperturbed even when Chen Fan mentioned the spring water, however, the old man’s anger flared as soon as Chen Fan pointed a finger at the Fruit of Embryonic Essence. The werewolves were also agitated, seemingly uncomfortable how close Chen Fan was to the tree.

    “Insolence! The fruit is a sacred gift from the Wolf God to my people. Anyone who dares to lay a finger on it is the enemy of the Snowwolf Clan. No matter where you are, we will find you, crush your throat and eat your flesh!”

    Galdan stomped the ground with his cane and shouted.

    The rest of the werewolves gave Chen Fan hostile glares.

    The Fruit of the Warg was the most precious treasure of the Snow Wolf Clan. The fruit matured every a hundred years and any Werewolf that consumed it would have a chance of purifying their bloodline and take one step closer toward their ancestors. The purer one’s bloodline, the more likely he was going to become the next Snowwolf King.

    “It’s not the Fruit of the Warg, it is the Fruit of Embryonic Essence. You dim-witted beasts would never understand its full benefit.”

    Chen Fan snorted.

    He had realized that the Snow Wolf Clan had been using the Fruit of Embryonic Essence to refine their bloodline. Little did the werewolves know that refining bloodline was just a minor benefit of consuming the Fruit of Embryonic Essence. The real effect of the Fruit was to recharge Essence Qi and help the Cultivator to reach Divine Sea Level.

    “Don’t waste your breath. Get out of the valley, or else I will kill all of you.”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and said coldly.


    The werewolves replied Chen Fan with a maddening howl.

    “Kill, kill all of them!”

    Galdan held the cane in one hand and pointed at Chen Fan.

    Under his command, hundreds of Werewolves ran past the old man and charged at Chen Fan. A savage light lit up in their red eyes. In their eyes, Chen Fan and the other warriors were only food, the more powerful a warrior was, the delicious he was when they munch him.

    “Let’s fight!”

    Adam let out a wry smile and pulled out a golden blade.

    “Guns ready!”

    White-Hair Reaper pulled out the twin hand cannons and replied with a hard face.

    Chen Fan didn’t pay attention to them. He punched at the incoming werewolves with an incandescent azure fist. The werewolves were blown to the ground like bowling pins. Already, Chen Fan had charged forward and arrived in the thick of the action.

    Suddenly, the other human fighters heard a wave of snapping noises.

    Many werewolves were sent flying after a simple punch from Chen Fan.

    However, thanks to their tough body, these werewolves were only winded by the attack and were able to pick themselves up and charged at Chen Fan anew.

    The other werewolves started engaging the Dark Overlords.

    The Overlords’s defense line was already wavering in less than a second. They only had a dozen fighter but had to ward off hundreds of werewolves. Already, a Mixed Martial Arts Master had already fallen to death after a couple of Werewolves lacerated his neck with their sharp claws.

    “We are all going to die here.”

    White-Hair Reaper landed shot at a werewolf almost at point-blank range. He was gripped by a pang of despair after seeing how badly the werewolves had gotten them.

    Yang Qinhu had just escaped the deadly clutch of one werewolf, only to notice that he was surrounded.

    Adam was also besieged by a dozen werewolves; his movement had slowed down significantly.

    Everyone looked at Chen Fan, their last hope.


    A pulse of energy erupted out of Chen Fan’s body as he broke the hypersonic barrier.

    He finally attacked.