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Chapter 419 - The Descendants of the Dark Race

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 419: The Descendants of the Dark Race

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    “It was equivalent of a hundred and thirty-seven Damons!”

    Yang Qinhu exclaimed in his mind helplessly.

    Damon the War Elephant and Buck the Diamond were Bloodline Awakened Extraordinary Ones. Their body was tougher than even Grandmasters in Physique Refinement cultivation. Yang Qinhu could not even handle one of them, much less a hundred and thirty-seven of them.

    Conventional bullets would be of no use against them and only cannon shells might have a chance of penetrating their defense.

    With such a formidable body, they could have dominated the earth and defeat anyone without a God Form. If each and every one of the hundred and seventy monsters were as powerful as Damon, then the combined might of these monsters should be enough to defeat an entire division of armored vehicles and tanks.

    Nearly half of the Western Dark World had gathered here and there were only twenty of them. Yet, they had to face a hundred and thirty-seven monsters. Some people even wondered if there were that many Grandmasters in the entire world.

    Even as Yang Qinhu grappled with his fear, those monsters were fast approaching. It wasn’t long before the human warriors could make out their faces.

    They stood over two meters tall and bodies were covered with fury black hide. Their eyes were incandescent red with a hint of blood. Although their heads had canine features, their expression was strikingly human. They walked on their hind legs as a human did but their feet and hands had sharp claws. They were a hybrid of wolf and man.

    “Are these… werewolves?”

    Someone gasped.

    Many others also blanched in shock and fear.

    High tales about Werewolves and Vampires spread across Europe ever since the ancient time. No one had ever claimed to see one of these monsters in hundreds of years.

    However, there and then, a group of werewolves were standing before everyone’s eyes.

    “Impossible! It is impossible!” The Fool shook his head. He panted heavily as he said: “Based on ancient scrolls, the Christian Church killed off all the Vampires and Werewolves in the world. The last saint, St Augustine of Hippo was granted sainthood after he had slaughtered the last werewolf.”


    Adam nodded.

    During his stay behind the thick walls of the monastery in Northern Europe, he had translated heavy tomes in Hebrew into English. Therefore, he was well aware that the Church’s crusade against the Vile Races had significantly weakened its power, given the rise of monarchy and absolutism and secularism that came later. After the two great wars, the national interest had overtaken that of the church and the Christian Church finally lost grip of power.

    The USSR leader, Joseph Stalin, used to mock the Church by asking the Russian Bishop about the military prowess of the Pope.

    That incident had been written in the Church’s records as an example of the world leader’s contempt against the Church.

    While the slayers of Vampires and Werewolves fell from grace, a small group of their sworn enemy still lived and thrived.

    “What are they if they are not Werewolves?”

    White-Hair Reaper asked after reflecting on the situation for a few moments.

    “They must be the offspring of the Dark Race.” An even voice came into everyone’s ears.

    They looked back and noticed Chen Fan was right behind them, listening. He Linked his hands behind his back and examined the Werewolves with great interest.

    “Sir, what do you mean by that?”

    White-Hair Reaper lowered his head slightly and asked deferentially.

    The other overlords, including Adam and The Fool, lowered their heads in the presence of such a powerful man.

    “I had never thought that there were bloodlines of the Dark Races on earth.” Chen Fan shook his head and said. “I have never seen a Werewolf nor Vampire in my life, but I know what these monsters are. They are the descendants of the Dark Wolves. But they are not purebred, so they are not as powerful as the purebred Dark Wolves.”


    Everyone was as confused as they were shocked by Chen Fan’s answer.

    They had fought against these Werewolf look-alikes before and knew their power at first hand. They were as agile and swift as Mixed Martial Arts Master; their claws and teeth could easily tear through plates of iron and steel; their bodies were tougher than that of a Physique Refinement Grandmaster. Yet, Chen Fan claimed that they were still no match against the so-called purebred Dark Wolves?

    “How powerful are the purebred ones?”

    Someone asked curiously.

    “Um… they could easily destroy an aircraft carrier and could survive a nuclear blast with ease.” Chen Fan shrugged and said.

    Dark Wolves were one of the many races in the universe. They were above average in strength among the list of mighty races. Once they were fully grown, they were as powerful as a Connate Being and could traverse the space with ease. Once they became a seasoned warrior, they could easily destroy space battle cruisers and butt heads against Immortal Cultivators of the Nascent Soul level.

    However, their power was a far cry from that of the North Mystic Celestial Lord. Chen Beixuan had eradicated them on many planets, among many other alien races.


    The crowd was dumbfounded by Chen Fan’s explanation.

    They can destroy an aircraft carrier and survive a nuclear blast? That sounds almost preposterous. Not even the most powerful Immortal Level Overlord could live through a nuclear bomb blast unscathed.

    “Fear not. I don’t think the Dark Wolves exist on earth. Even if there had been some, they must have already left or died.” Chen Fan put in.

    Since there had been an Immortal Cultivation civilization on earth, it was reasonable to assume that there had been Dark Wolves wandering the earth at some point in history. However, the earth was so deprived of Spirit Qi that no Purebred Dark Wolves could have survived here. Even if there had been one or two, they must lay dormant somewhere hidden, struggling to survive.

    “I think the so-called Werewolves must be the descendants of the Dark Wolves. These monsters are the descendants of the werewolves, so they are the twice-removed descendants to the purebred Dark Wolves. No big deal.”

    So saying, Chen Fan looked away from the group of monsters.

    These monsters were so far away from the purebred bloodline that they might only have one-tenth of their ancestor’s prowess in them. At the most, they were equivalent to peak level Physique Refinement Grandmasters.

    Continuous breeding with humans must have diluted their bloodline.

    Chen Fan had hoped to capture a monster that had retained a quarter or half of the Dark Wolf’s bloodline and use its blood to create a team of powerful soldiers loyal to him. However, these werewolves had very little of their mighty ancestors left in them, so they were useless to Chen Fan.

    Suddenly, Chen Fan lost interest in these monsters.

    “Werewolf’s descendants? Hybrid Werewolf?”

    Chen Fan’s explanation was as clear as mud to his listeners. Chen Fan’s knowledge had far exceeded the scope of these Overlords comprehension, he might as well walking nonsense.


    Even as everyone tried to wrap their heads around Chen Fan’s explanation, they heard a bone-chilling wolf call in the blizzard.

    The rest of the monsters answered the call and a hundred or so werewolves started howling at once. Their voices reverberated in the valley, causing a few small avalanches at the top of the mountain peaks.

    The sound had stolen color from the Overlord’s faces and wrenched their minds to their problem at hand.

    However diluted their bloodline was, each one of them still wielded the same amount of power as a Mixed Martial Arts Master would. Worse, there were over a hundred of them.

    “They can’t be all that powerful, can they?” Someone asked hesitantly.

    “There might be some differences among individuals, but it was small. I was able to kill one of them with quite a bit of effort.” Adam said stoically.

    His words brought out even more desperation on his peers’ faces.

    Seeing more and more people turned around to look at Chen Fan, The Fool and Adam couldn’t resist and joined them.

    They were on their last leg and Chen Fan was their only hope. Even though Adam was impressed by Chen Fan’s display of power, he was still unsure if Chen Fan could ward off the onslaught of monsters.

    Chen Fan remained unflappable despite the situation. He said almost casually: “Get out of the valley, or die.”

    As he spoke, a powerful Divine Will burst out from Chen Fan’s body and swept across the entire valley. The Divine Will delivered his message across the valley to the ears of each and every Werewolf.

    The Werewolves stopped howling and looked at Chen Fan in shock and surprise.

    They might not know any human language, but they could communicate using Soul Energy. Among the Dark Wolf race, the most powerful warriors communicated with each other exclusively using Soul Energy.


    A Werewolf with a bigger frame than his peers took a step forward. He glared at Chen Fan with his bloodshot eyes that were brimming with contempt.

    To everyone’s surprise, these monsters were extremely intelligent and possessed human emotions as shown by the provocative disdain on his face.

    Chen Fan reciprocated the Werewolf’s arrogance with a wave of a hand.

    Suddenly, a palm made out of azure-colored energy bore down on the Werewolf. The giant palm churned the clouds in the sky and made the mountain moan as it came down on its target with unstoppable force.

    The Werewolf who challenged Chen Fan snarled derisively and lifted only one arm to block the attack.

    His contempt was shared by all the other werewolves standing behind him. One of the Werewolves even yawned, thinking the battle would be over soon. However, to their surprise, their champion couldn’t stop the attack and eventually was squashed under the azure palm.

    During his final moment, the werewolf snarled desperately as muscles on his arms burgeoned. However, his resistance was futile before the Connate Grand Qin-na Hand.

    After a while, the azure energy faded away, revealing a meter deep depression on the ground and a bloody mush

    Chen Fan had killed a werewolf that was as powerful as a Physique Refinement Grandmasters with one slap?

    The werewolves froze in their tracks as they gaped at Chen Fan in disbelief. The embers in their eyes flickered as they tried to cope with the shock.


    One of the Werewolves broke the silence, and many more followed suit. They shot Chen Fan venomous glares as they filed their teeth, ready to sink them into Chen Fan’s flesh.

    The situation quickly escalated and a battle between Chen Fan and the werewolves could happen at any moment.

    Suddenly, the wind carried a wizened voice to everyone’s ears.

    “Stop it!”