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Chapter 418 - Winter Is Coming

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 418: Winter Is Coming

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    Russia, Northern Siberia, Icewolf Valley…

    Even the incessant northern wind had stopped in the valley, and the only sound could be heard was the gurgling Spirit Spring. No one dared to even breathe heavily.

    Many Dark Overlords stood still with pale faces and shaky legs.

    Zeus was dead, The Fool and the Adam were gravely injured.

    In a blink, the tables inside the valley had changed. Just ten minutes ago, twenty or so western Overlords had faith in their victory. Lahore, the Demon Elephant, Karl the Crimson Wings, Dark Titan, Damon the War Elephant… anyone of them was a mighty figure in their own rights

    They also had the support of Three Lords of the Underground World, Adam, The Fool, and Zeus the Thunder Lord.

    When Chen Fan created that line on the ground and announced that whoever crosses the line would be dead, they all thought Chen Fan was joking.

    However, even Zeus the Thunder Lord was laid low by Chen Fan. Adding in Lahore and the Black Widow into the total number of deaths. Chen Fan had done away with a dozen Dark Overlords within this small mountain valley.

    Three of those were powerful Super Overlords listed on the Dark Roll

    No one could remain calm before such a frightening presence.


    Walking on seemingly invisible stairs, Chen Fan descended back to the ground. Every step he took sounded so loud that it was as if a bell was tooled around their ears.


    As soon Chen Fan touched solid ground, he threw Adam’s wings aside. The wings were made out of the energy inside of Adam’s system. Over decades of refinement, they have gained solidity. Dim white lights still flickered on the pair of wings and at its roots, blood suffused with a white glow dropped to the ground.

    If Adam could perfect the refinement of this pair of wings, he should be able to reach the Immortal Level and finally became a worthy opponent of Chen Fan.

    However, he was still half-step away from Immortal Level. It was a half-step that was impossible to finish.

    Adam had lost his wings and although he would still be an overlord on the Dark Roll, he would no longer be the invincible Son of God.

    “The Heavenly Spring of Life belongs to me, does anyone dare to oppose this time?”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and walked over toward the crowd.

    His long hair fell over his shoulder, his eyes were as dark as ink and his appearance was handsome and fit. The black robe had been ripped at many places during the fight, but by then, Chen Fan had fixed all of them using a Dharma Spell. Its loose folds flapped against the wind. This black robe was made out of Chen Fan’s True Essence, and therefore it still looked new even after numerous battles.

    “Honorable Mr. Chen Beixuan, we all agree with your proposal.”

    Hearing Chen Fan’s announcement, the dark overlords looked at each other in fear. In the end, a white-haired middle-aged man took a step forward and bowed to Chen Fan with a great measure of respect. The other Dark Overlords followed suit and bowed.

    He was a Bounty hunter, the White-Haired Reaper.

    He ranked number one on the list of bounty hunters in the underground world and number either on the Dark Roll, right after Azure Dragon.

    After the fall of The Three Lords of the Underground World, he became the de facto leader of the rest of the Dark Overlords.

    “Then fuck off, and never set foot into this valley ever again.”

    Chen Fan walked back to where he was sitting beside the Heavenly Spring of Life. A half-hour ago, from the same spot, he had drawn the line on the ground and issued his warning. Half an hour later, he was back where he had been.

    Hearing Chen Fan’s words, White-Hair Reaper tasted bitterness in his mouth.

    The entire Western Dark World had wasted a dozen lives and nothing to show for it. The line on the ground seemed as unbridgeable as the deepest chasm in the world and it blocked the Dark World’s access to Heavenly Spring of Life entirely.

    White-Hair Reaper shot a longing glance at the Heavenly Spring of Life and heaved a sigh in his mind. Then he replied Chen Fan respectfully.

    “Yes, Master.”

    The rest of the Dark Overlords followed his lead and nodded their heads. By then, the Heavenly Spring of Life was the least of their concern, they would count themselves lucky if Chen Beixuan would spare their lives. Many people regretted ever setting foot into Asia and reminded themselves to never do so ever again as long as Chen Beixuan was still alive.

    Adam struggled to his feet and gave Chen Fan a long look and started off.

    He knew that his chance for revenge was almost nonexistent.

    Chen Fan’s power would grow and multiply after he had consumed the Heavenly Spring of Life, further widening the gap between them. Losing his wings took a huge toll on his cultivation. Even if he could regain the wings, the trauma would prevent him from even entering the Immortal Level.

    “Senior Master Chen, your power is unimaginable! Your victory is going to shock the entire world. From now on, you will be the most powerful man on earth!”

    As soon as the Dark Overlords were gone, Yang Qinhu rushed to Chen Fan and announced in excitement.

    He had watched as Chen Fan brought the entire Western Dark World to their knees. Once the news got out, the entire world would be staggered. By then, all nations and powerful underground organizations would have to examine Chen Fan’s power under a very different light.

    Meanwhile, the battle had dealt a heavy blow to the western world. It would take them a long time to recuperate. During that time, the Chinese Martial arts community could seize the power vacuum and exert its influence.

    After today’s event, no one in the Underground World would dare to overlook China under the protection of Chen Beixuan.

    The thought elated Yang Qinhu.

    “They are powerful warriors, but they are far from the real force in the Western world. Who knows if those Immortal State Warriors were still hanging around in Europe.” Chen Fan said lightly. The mentioning of the Immortal State Warriors didn’t seem to perturb his mood at all.

    Even if there were some Immortal State warriors still alive, he would not be afraid of them with the power he possessed now.

    Plus, once he consumed the Fruit of Embryonic Essence and Heavenly Spring of Life, his level of attainment would increase by leaps and bounds. He would enter the peak of Ethereal Enlightenment if not Divine Sea. Once he had reached Divine Sea, fighting against an Immortal State warrior would be like fighting a child for him.

    Excitement and glee were written all over Yang Qinhu’s face. Even as he was going to ask Chen Fan more questions, he noticed that Chen Fan’s face suddenly darkened.

    “What is it?”

    Yang Qinhu asked under his breath, and suddenly, he heard a wave of commotion drift into the valley from outside.

    “We have other company? Who could make it this far into this frozen waste?” Yang Qinhu’s mind raced. Then he watched as Chen Fan rose to his feet with a solemn face. Chen Fan didn’t look so serious even when Adam entered the valley. Yang Qinhu’s heart suddenly sank to the bottom.

    “What kind of energy would make Senior Master Chen feel threatened? Could it be the Russian Army?”

    Even as Yang Qinhu racked his brain to find out an answer, he saw a group of people had retreated back into the valley.

    They were the western Dark Overlords.

    However, many of them were injured with deep claw marks on their shoulders and chests. Those claw marks come in a set of four and looked bestial in nature. Yang Qinhu couldn’t figure out what kind of beat could have harmed so many powerful Overlords.

    “The wind is howling.”

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and heaved a sigh.

    Chen Fan’s words suddenly reminded Yang Qinhu what Wang Baoguo had told them.

    “The monster came with a blizzard. The snow was so heavy that we couldn’t make out their faces. But what we know is that they are very fast and had a pair of bloody eyes, and they moved like wolves.”

    “Could… could it be those monsters?”

    Yang Qinhu stammered, eyes brimming with disbelief.

    Although these Dark Overlords were no match against Chen Fan, they were all forces to be reckoned with in their own rights. Some of them were even listed on the Dark Roll. They could have defeated an entire Russian brigade, much less a few beasts. White-Hair Reaper alone should be able to deal with wild animals.

    “These are not ordinary wild beasts. You will see… Interesting. I had never thought that they could have survived on earth.” Chen Fan spoke under his breath. His words were blown away by the wind and so Yang Qinhu couldn’t hear what he had said.

    Meanwhile, the group of Overlords had already retreated back to Chen Fan. They looked shaken to the core.

    “What are those monsters? They are extremely powerful and fast. I landed a blow on one of them, but the impact knocked me back. They clawed through my Four Righteousness protection aura right away and injured my shoulder.”

    A Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts Master exclaimed in panic.

    “I am not sure but even my Demon Hunting Rifle wouldn’t harm them. My rifle should be deadly enough to end the life of an Elephant with one shot. Their level of attainment in physique refinement were all as high as Damon, the war elephant.” White-Hair Reaper put in calmly. He held two guns in his hands, one white and one black.

    While Adam was helping him to steady himself, The Fool suddenly remembered something. His face changed color as he looked at Adam.

    “It might be THEM. They should have been dead after the Russians dropped the N-bomb on them. Why are they still alive?” Adam asked in surprise.

    Nuclear weapons are the most powerful weapons in the world.

    The temperature could rise up to a thousand degrees at the center of the nuclear blast that would evaporate any form of life. Even an Immortal State warrior could not have survived such a blast. Adam found it difficult to believe that anything could have lived after being hit directly with a nuclear bomb.

    “Hehe… maybe they are of a different clan. Siberia is huge, there could be more villages just like the one that USSR had discovered.” The Fool coughed violently and put in.

    Meanwhile, the blizzard had already approached the entrance of the valley.

    Inside the chilling mix of ice and snow, a few dark humanoid shadows appeared. They lurked inside behind the storm, using it as a cover. However, people could still see their shape silhouetted against the whiteness. There stood two meters tall and their eyes burned like coals

    “one, two, three.”

    “…sixteen, seventeen, eighteen…”

    “…Seventy-nine, eighty, eighty-one…”

    Someone started counting. As the number tallied up, the person’s voice sounded more desperate and helpless.

    “A hundred and thirty-seven!”

    The fighter finally finished counting. He put in with a shaky voice: “How are we going to fight back against a hundred and thirty-seven Damon the War Elephants? We are doomed!”

    Even Adam’s face turned pale as if he had just seen a ghost.