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Chapter 417 - Invincible! Invincible! Invincible!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 417: Invincible! Invincible! Invincible!

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    “He is too powerful!”

    Disheartened by the development, the remaining dozen or so Dark Overlords froze in their tracks as their legs shook uncontrollably.

    They had thought that they might have a chance of defeating Chen Fan under the leadership of Three Lords of the Underground World, but it turned out that they had grossly underestimated the power of Chen Fan’s Azure Thearch Longevity Body. Even being besieged by so many mighty warriors, the only sign of injury was a red mark on his back from Adam’s blow and a touch of grey in his hair as the result of The Fool’s curse.

    Even as the Dark Overlords gazed at Chen Fan in terror, they watched as the red mark disappeared on Chen Fan’s back and his hair regained a silken sheen.

    Chen Beixuan’s body erected before his foes with his full power and belligerence after a second of respite.

    The sight instilled despair into the hearts of his opponents.

    Not only could Chen Fan kill any one of them with ease, but he could also regain his health in a blink. The Dark Overlords nearly lost all of their hope in surviving the battle.


    Adam fanged out his wings and shouted as he circled above the ground. His golden hair was on fire as intense white energy spilled out from his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. He had charged up the Gift of Light to its maximum strength.

    A sharp white light extended from his palm until it reached a dozen meters long, turning into a long blade with large hilts so large that made the blade look like a cross.

    Adam held the Cross-shaped Sword of Light in both hands and bore it down onto Chen Fan. The blade burned so violently and brilliantly that it seemed to have taken all the brightness in the world, jammed them into its outlandishly long body. As it sliced open the air, it seemed to have sliced through the fabric of space. Although the Blade Qi was much shorter than that of Takemiya Hiro hundred meter long Blade Qi, it was much more condensed and was unequivocally solid.

    Carrying two bright wings on his back and holding the burning sword of light, Adam looked like the Archangel Michael, raining down God’s righteous fury onto the mortal world.

    “Divine Retribution, Art of the Holy Cross!”.

    This was one of many secret arts fiercely guarded by the Christian church, accessible only to the Chief Arbiter and his heir. The Christian Church used to control vast wealth around the globe, but the rise of secularism had gradually diminished its influence. However, its secrets arts have not weakened a tad bit over centuries.


    Chen Fan grunted as his face grew hard. He extended both arms and closed his fingers to form an ancient hand sign. The two closed fists represented the starting point of all life on earth, the beginning of a new end.

    “True Martial Thirty-Six Forms, the tenth form: Seal of Garbha”

    As soon as the hand sign was complete, invisible energy was drawn out of the earth and converged towards Chen Fan’s hands, forming a white glow around Chen Fan’s hand. In a blink, the glow grew to a few meters long in the shape of a Buddha’s palm. Chen Fan lifted the white energy up with both hands to block Adam’s attack.


    The shining Cross-shaped Light Sword hacked into the white glowing hand.

    To everyone’s surprise, the impact didn’t cause an explosion, it was barely audible. The Cross-shaped Light Sword sunk into the white glow and was stuck in it. Try as he might, Adam couldn’t dislodge the Cross-shaped Light Sword from the white glowing energy, neither could he stop the blade from sinking in further. In the end, the entire long blade was swallowed by the wash of white glow.

    It wasn’t until the blade had completely disappeared into the glow did Chen Fan hurled the white glow up and forward.

    The white glow flew out a few dozen meters and landed on the ground. The pale energy faded right away as the golden Blade Aura appeared once again. The golden blade flew out of its entrapment and rammed into the side of a cliff with an ear-deafening blare. People looked at where the blade landed, and realized in shock that the blade had carved a twenty-meter long scar on the cliff face.

    So powerful was Adam’s attack that it could slice through granite rocks like slicing through tofu.

    What shocked people even more was the fact that Chen Beixuan was able to counter such a deadly attack with a simple hand sign. People realized that Chen Beixuan’s divine power had far exceeded their wildest imagination.

    “It’s my turn now. Try to counter this!”

    Chen Fan shouted at his opponent and launched himself into the air and walked on what seemed to be nothing as he started up the staircase to heaven. Azure energy sprouted out from his hand and formed a blade, which Chen Fan brought to the top of his head and hacked at Adam.

    The strength of the Azure Wood Qi Blade was greatly strengthened after Chen Fan reached the mid-stage of the Ethereal Enlightenment. Energy spilled out from his hand profusely and its sharp bit could tear open the fabric of space.


    Adam snorted. After developing the powerful blow, he was winded, and have the need to catch a breath. Even the glowing wings started to dim a little. However, after a brief respite, Adam regained himself and charged at Chen Fan with the golden blade once again.

    “Peng, peng, peng, peng!”

    The two fought each other at lightning speed. Most people couldn’t even make out their movement and all they could see was a swatch of azure light constantly colliding and creating a wash of gold.

    He flicked his fingers as a pulse of Blade Aura surged from his hand, and went through the Cross-shaped Light Sword and landed squarely on Adam’s shoulder.


    Adam let out a painful howl and fell from the sky after being dealt a blow.

    Chen Fan’s attack had left a long gash on his shoulder, deep enough to reveal the white bones inside. Blood gushed out from the wound and painted his body red. To everyone’s surprise, they noticed that even Adam’s blood had a white sheen to it.

    After ten minutes of battle, one of the Three Lords of the Underground World was wounded.

    “Damn, you! Let’s attack!”

    Zeus the Thunder Lord shouted even as the sparks on his body were about to fade. He forced his art to start and agitated the restless energy inside of him. He took one step forward, letting the energy surge higher inside of him. Already, a powerful wave of electrifying energy swept across his body.

    Two steps, three, four…

    Zeus’s body became brighter with each step he took. After he had made the seventh step, he had regained all of his power.

    Zeus didn’t stop. Face flushed red, he made the eighth step.

    “BOM! Kaboom!”

    Suddenly, sparks crackled violently and spit fire onto the grass around Zeus. Zeus’s eyes were bloodshot, and veins bulged on his forehead which had turned so hot that a crimson mist started to rise from it. However, it was still not enough power for Zeus. He snarled and made the ninth step.


    The electrifying energy suddenly turned golden in color.

    Shrouded by golden sparks, Zeus the Thunder Lord looked like the Thunder God Thor. Even his eyes turned into two pools of incandescent molten gold. He had never overcharged his system to such a degree before, and in this state, he was even more powerful than Adam.

    Meanwhile, Adam looked troubled.

    The rest of the Dark Overlords also registered the seriousness of the situation.

    “Secret Art of Blood Singing! Zeus is given all he has.”

    The source of Extraordinary Ones was in their blood. When the blood was set on fire, its power would quickly expand beyond its holding capacity. Despite the boost in power output, the art was extremely detrimental to the user’s health. Burning too much blood would even put the user’s life at risk.

    Zeus was well aware of the adverse effects. However, he stomped the ground and snarled as he doubled down on his art. He suddenly charged at Chen Fan with increasing speed, turning his body into a smear of golden light. In the end, he finally broke the sonic barrier and reached the speed of sound.

    The Fool heaved a sigh and lamented.

    “Buddy, you don’t have to do this.”

    So saying, he fished out a small green snake from his inner pocket and cast a long parting glance at it and before he threw it into the air. The small snake suddenly exploded from inside and turned into a puff of green mist.

    Within the mist, a shadow slithered into view: It was a bloody red snake.

    The snake’s red skin was almost translucent, revealing dark mist roiling inside. The mist took the shape of an Evil Spirit from time to time, trying to break the scaly skin but to no avail.

    “Curse of Ten Thousand Snakes”

    Yang Qinhu’s face suddenly turned dark as he remembered an ancient tale.

    The tale said that the most terrifying curse sorcery in the world involved pitting a den of snakes together until there is only one remaining. The last snake was called Prime.

    The Prime had no special effects, but once it was dead, it’s spirit would possess a human until it consumed all of its victim’s soul energy.

    It took at least ten years to raise such a snake and even a Grand Magus such as The Fool could only have one such snake in his lifetime. Therefore, it was one of the tricks he saved for the moment of life and death.


    The Fool pointed at Chen Fan, commanding the bloody snake to shoot at Chen Fan.

    Adam also managed to pick himself up from the ground. He flapped his wings, and formed a golden blade in his hand again and hacked at Chen Fan.

    Suddenly, The Three Lords of the Underground World were attacking at once.

    Chen Fan was unfazed by the incoming attacks. He remained stoic and stomped the ground with one foot.

    With a deep rumbling noise in the distance, a puff of smoke and mist rose from the valley. Chen Fan broke the hypersonic barrier as he charged at Zeus, tracing a scintillating azure light across space.


    Under everyone’s surprised eyes, the azure light and the golden sparks collided into each other.

    The two combatants didn’t use any fancy techniques, and their only weapon was their bodies. There were no Dharma Spells, no Dharma Treasure, no divine powers only raw strength.

    It was the Azure Thearch Longevity Body versus the Thunder Spirit Body!

    Blinding golden sparks danced around Zeus’s body. He had never been so powerful before. He was confident that he could even shred a tank into pieces. The moment he entered hypersonic speed, he felt he had finally reached the peak of Physic refinement cultivation.

    However, Chen Fan was much more powerful than him.

    The Azure Thearch Longevity Body was one of the most powerful Divine Bodies in the universe. It was the most valuable assets of the Five Elements Immortal Sect.


    The collision with Chen Fan shattered Zeus’s body. The force ripped open his rib cage and squished his innards into a bloody mush, turning Zeus’s body into a pulp.

    Before anyone could have taken in the development, The Fool and Adam had already descended upon Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan’s face was expressionless, only two azure fire burned violently in his eyes. He transferred his Divine Will into a silvery blade and threw it at the incoming snake, shattering the apparition in an instant. Then the silvery blade made a wide turn and struck The Fool.


    The Fool looked unharmed, but the blade severed his soul. The Grand Magus started to age rapidly. His body shriveled up as his legs trembled more violently by the second. Eventually, even his cane couldn’t support his weight as he fell to the ground helplessly.

    Chen Fan had severed his soul and spirit, the Grand Magus could no longer cast any spells because he couldn’t even focus his mind to evoke the simplest incantation.


    Adam shouted as he was driven to madness by the defeat. After exchanging seven blows with Chen Fan, the latter seized an opening to shoot out both hands and snatched Adam’s wings. With a jerk of both arms, Chen Fan tore the glorious white wings off of Adam’s back.

    Adam let out a pained scream. He fell from the sky and thudded heavily on the ground and passed out.

    Chen Fan had defeated The Three Lords of the Underground World in a heartbeat.

    He had killed Zeus, robbed The Fool’s ability to cast spells and mutilated Adam.

    A deadly silence fell over the valley as the remaining Dark Overlord’s faces turned dark and their hearts sank to the bottom.

    Chen Fan hovered above the ground triumphantly. Shrouded by an azure glow, he clutched Adam’s wings in his hands like a trophy for his victory, looking like an invincible god who had just slain his foe.

    “He is the very definition of invincible.”

    Yang Qinhu looked up at Chen Fan admiringly as he thought to himself.