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Chapter 416 - One Kill Every Ten Steps

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 416: One Kill Every Ten Steps

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    Everyone looked at Chen Fan in awe. Divine Light burnt in his eyes as his body became incandescent under his scintillating skin. Energy roiled and rippled about him, tousled his hair and stirred up the loose folds of his shirt. His appearance sublime, god-like almost.

    “So this is the true face of the legendary Curmudgeon Chen.”

    Yang Qinhu looked at Chen Fan from afar as the memory of Chen Fan’s battle with Lei Qianjue at the shore of the West Lake came back to him. Chen Fan had stepped on Lei Qianjue’s dead body as a ladder to climb the seat of power in China. Now it looked like he was ready to find his new ladders to reach the top of the world.

    Yang Qinhu didn’t know that the battle between Chen Fan and the rest of the world had begun a while ago.


    Karl spread out his flaming wings; his eyes were two pools of blood.

    The wings burnt with a vibrant red that looked like blood, although it was not nearly as powerful as Adam’s wings of light, it was able to melt through metal due to its high temperature. He flapped burning wind and swooped down on Chen Fan like an angel from hell.

    Meanwhile, Dark Titan had taken out his outrageous weapon: A giant ship anchor.

    Dark Titan stood two meters and fifty centimeters tall. His statuesque body and bronze skin made him look like a statue of some Greek Hero. The Anchor was made out of steel and weighed a few thousand kilograms. Dark Titan had stripped it off of a mammoth crude oil tanker.

    Dark Titan drew the giant anchor back a little and then hurled it directly at Chen Fan. The rumbling noise it made as it flew through the air meant that it packed an impact large enough to topple a thick wall. Dark Titan crushed the tank like a tin can using this Anchor. Even being grazed by this giant meant certain death for most people.

    The other Overlord also used whatever Dharma Spells and martial arts under their disposal.

    These men and women were all forces to be reckoned with in their own rights. Almost all of them were more powerful than Lin Tatian, and many of them were even stronger than Lei Qianjue and the Azure dragon. Their joint attack was equivalent to twenty Lin Tatian attacking Chen Fan at the same time, forcing Chen Fan to take the threat seriously.


    Chen Fan punched out in a simple and direct motion, but the punch carried such a heavy and primordial quality, that was as if it had tapped into the energy of ancient mountains. The unyielding punch landed squarely on the incoming anchor.


    A blare loud enough to shatter the listener’s eardrum came up. Chen Fan had withstood the attack of anchor that weight over a few thousand kilograms using only his body. Worse, Chen Fan’s punch forced the anchor to change course and fly back at Dark Titan. Dark Titan fumbled to catch the anchor but was winded by the impact with the metal behemoth. His chest suddenly felt numb, and then blood started to spill out his mouth.

    Then He suddenly noticed an impression of a fist was pressed a few inches into the surface of the Anchor.

    “Chen Beixuan’s fist is tougher than steel?”

    Dark Titan exclaimed in his mind.

    As soon as Chen Fan punched at the Anchor, he knocked Karl to the side with an elbow. Karl suddenly lost control of his energy and some of the rough energy nearly bite back at him. Chen Fan swung his hand around and slapped at Damon the War Elephant, creating a palm-shaped dent on the latter’s chest and gravely injuring the War Elephant. Then Chen Fan about-turned and drew a large gulp of air, sucking in the lightning energy summoned by Catelyn.

    “Bang, bang, bang!”

    In a blink, Chen Fan countered the attacks from seven deadly warriors.

    The fight caused countless rough energy to lash out, hitting the ground, kicking up plumes of dust. Chen Fan’s guides were so terrified by the development that they hurried to pack up and bolted for the exit of the valley. No one seemed to pay any attention to these guides, as they were all engrossed in the battle.


    The seven Overlords were sent flying by Chen Fan at once and landed outside of the battlefield with blood in their mouth.

    However, fighting seven deadly warriors at once had stretched Chen Fan’s power very thin and was grazed by a few surprise attacks sneak upon him. Many more overlords joined the battle. They brandished their weapons and readied their spells, and could lash out at Chen Fan at any moment.

    Adam swooped down onto Chen Fan

    “Clank, clank!”

    Chen Fan was surrounded by the group of Overlords and was unable to break the encirclement. He rammed into one Overlord, knocking him backwards, but there was another Overlord filling up the opening right away. Even though Chen Fan had the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, fighting twenty warriors as powerful as Lin Tatian had pushed him to the limits.


    Chen Fan’s blood boiled as energy roiled violently inside of him. He gracefully dodged Adam’s swooping attack and charged up his Azure Thearch Longevity Body, and then darted out, transforming his body into a smear of azure light. He broke the hypersonic barrier and covered a dozen-meter distance in a blink. He hurled his fist squarely at the chest of War Elephant, Damon.


    Chen Fan’s fist bore into the chest of the two-meter tall giant Elite Extraordinary and busted the beating heart. Sinews connecting Damon’s muscles snapped one after another as the force rippled out from the point of impact. In the end, Chen Fan’s fist came out from Damon’s back, killing the War Elephant on the spot.

    The Elite Overlord, Damon the War Elephant was dead.

    Then and only then, the jarring sound of air being ripped open along the hypersonic barrier finally reached people’s ears. A cloud of mist formed behind Chen Fan. He had finally used his coup de grace, Hypersonic Punch!

    “Let’s attack him together. He can’t use that move too many times regardless of how powerful his God Form is.”

    Seeing the hesitation in everyone’s eyes, Adam rallied the fighters.

    He had tested his own God Form’s capacity and realized that his body would reach its limit at subsonic speed. Zeus the Thunder Lord had braved the hypersonic speed while in his God Form, but he could only sustain the speed for one second. Even one second of the hypersonic speed had taken a huge toll on Zeus the Thunder Lord’s body, gravely injuring him. Therefore, the Three Lords of the Underground World were well aware of the huge burden that the hypersonic speed had on Chen Fan’s body and wagered that Chen Fan wouldn’t use it too frequently.

    However, they were wrong.

    Chen Fan had reached Initial success in his Azure Thearch Longevity Body, so he could break the Hypersonic barrier more than a few dozen times without any difficulties. That being said, being besieged from all directions, Chen Fan found it hard to find an opportunity to use the Hypersonic Punch.

    To reach hypersonic required a period of charging up energy which Chen Fan found difficult to pull off.

    “Clank, clank!”

    As soon as Chen Fan dealt with five more Overlords, he turned sideways and knocked back Zeus the Thunder Lord with his shoulder. The opening gave him an opportunity to unleash more powerful arts. So he shot out two fingers as a golden energy Blade appeared at the tips of his fingers.

    True Martial’s Dharmic Blade!

    Chen Fan held the Dharmic Blade in one hand and swung it in a flat sidearm slash. Under Catelyn’s terrified gaze, the scintillating energy blade sliced through her thin waist.

    The leader of the Blizzard Witch Covenant was dead!


    Wind Lord Hu Zongxiu who was a good friend of Catelyn let out a saddened cry. He brandished two sharp Wind blades in both hands and charged at Chen Fan with abandon.

    In a blink, Hu Zongxiu initiated the Art of the Wind and hacked seventeen times at Chen Fan.

    The last of the seventeen attacks nearly broke the sonic barrier.

    Chen Fan countered the seventeen attacks with one direct punch.

    The punch packed so much raw energy that made it seem to be straight out of the Immortal world. The energy swam about in the air and changed its form every millisecond. The pure and raw energy felt as ancient as time itself. Chen Fan’s fist thrust forward, as his body charged at incredible speed, turning itself into a smear of azure light. Then Chen Fan flew up, and soared into the sky.

    “The Fourth Form: Naga’s Transform!”

    The fourth form of the True Martial Thirty-Six Forms was well known for its unpredictability. It was invented by a Perfected Immortal after he had watched the transformation of a Naga into a true Dragon. Although it was a Martial arts move, in theory, it was nearly as powerful as a Divine Art. It could counter Hu Zongxiu’s attack regardless of how many Wind blades he had summoned.

    The Azure Fist Aura went through Hu Zongxiu’s wind blades and landed squarely on Hu Zongxiu’s forehead, blasting the Wind Lord’s brain into mush.

    The Wind Lord Hu Zongxiu was dead!

    In a blink, Chen Fan had killed three mighty warriors in the dark world, while being besieged by twenty or so equally powerful Grandmasters.

    The death of three of their peers had sent a blood rage into the minds of the other Overlords.


    Adam fanged out his wings and swooped down on Chen Fan with a blinding Divine Light in one of his hands. The Divine Light shone so brilliantly that it threatened to pierce through the very fabric of reality. The sight had encouraged the rest of the Overlords and all of them threw themselves at Chen Fan with abandon.

    At this moment of life and death, no one would hold back their strength.

    There could only be one party walking away alive and it was either Chen Fan or them.

    Countless Dharma Spells and weapons were hurled at Chen Fan from all directions. There was the Blade of the Divine Light from Adam, the thunderbolts from Zeus, the iron anchor of Dark Titan, the Crimson Wings of Karl, poisonous daggers from elite assassins, just to name a few.

    The dark Overlords had entered a blood rage as they threw everything they got at Chen Fan. By now, Chen Fan also let loose his power and used all the Martial arts and Dharma Spells he knew.


    Seven seconds later, Chen Fan landed a lethal blow on a Yoga Grandmaster and killed him at the cost of taking the brunt of one of Zeus’s attacks.

    Twenty-three seconds later, Chen Fan was dealt a blow by Adam from behind him, but he was able to charge up to Hypersonic speed and rammed into Dark Titan, reducing the giant into pulp.

    Forty-two seconds later, Chen Fan took a curse from the fool, which gave his hair a touch of grey. He staggered a little but quickly regained balance and hacked the azure blade auras at the leader of The Blood Skull, Max.

    Two minutes and thirty-six seconds later, Chen Fan was still standing and fought even harder than before. He let a few more blows land on him as he launched into the air and caught Karl by his wing. With a sudden wrench of his arms, he tore the wings off of Karl’s back. The fire spilled out from the wound and seared Chen Fan’s skin, but he didn’t seem to mind it.

    The Dark Overlords finally started to waver.

    In the past couple of minutes, Chen Fan had killed seven Dark Overlords including two warriors on the Dark Roll.