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Chapter 415 - Gang Up On Him!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 415: Gang Up On Him!

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    Adam, the Son of God.

    Rumor had it that he was at least in his eighties, yet he looked as young as a teenage boy.

    He was born in the 1930s, in a quiet German village. He had awakened the Gift of Light as soon as he was born. Due to his talent, he was taken into a monastery somewhere in Northern Europe and the monks had taught him numerous divine secret arts. When he turned twenty, he was deemed worthy to be the next leader of an overarching brach of all churches in the world that arbitrated internal disciplinary matters.

    When he was twenty, Adam committed an unspeakable heresy and slaughtered everyone in the monastery, including the father that had raised him. Afterward, he embarked on his journey in the Dark World.

    Even since he entered the Dark World, he had impressed everyone with his incredible power.

    Right off the bat, he had killed the most powerful man in India, the Brahmā

    Then, in the Middle East, he had defeated to Mercenary band from Kuwait.

    In Europe, he had made the British Special Air Service unit struggle for three months. The unit was the toughest brigade in the United Kingdom.

    Adam had claimed the seat of power in the Dark World since the seventies until a few months ago. In the last forty years, many had tried to challenge his dominance but none had succeeded. Even the late Sword Sage of Japan, Takemiya Hiro had held a private sparring event with him but was defeated by Adam.

    He was born with the Gift of Light, and his power was strengthened by the Sacred Arts of the Christian Church, making him the most powerful Overlord in the Dark World. People started to call him the Son of God after seeing his power. If not because of the raw and untamed nature of his power, he should have already entered the Immortal State. Even though he was not officially an Immortal state warrior, he was revered all over the world and was considered the most powerful man in the world until the rise of Chen Fan.

    “Huu! Huu!”

    Adam flapped his wind and swoop down on Chen Fan like a diving bomber. An intensely bright white light came up in his eyes and his razor-sharp winds sliced through the air with a hiss.


    Chen Fan landed another kick on Zeus, but let The Fool successfully sneak a Magus Poison curse on him. Chen Fan stomped the ground and launched himself straight into the air like a dragon until he was above Adam. Then he bore his fist down onto Adam from above. His fist shined a bright azure light that lit up the sky.


    Chen Fan collided with Adam.

    The azure fist aura quickly abated as soon as it landed on the white glowing winds, letting out a sharp and jarring metal to metal scraping noise. Many people couldn’t stand the gut-churning, finger curling noise and so they covered their ears.

    “Another Spirit Body?”

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and felt the force bounce off of the solid, but seemingly insubstantial white glow.

    Zeus’s Thunder Spirit Body was only in the Initial stage, and could only be triggered for a short period of time. Adam’s Spirit Body had already achieved Initial success and could be used at will. It was called the Divine Light Spirit Body and was relatively stronger than most power Spirit Bodies.

    Adam’s body was reinforced by the Gift of Light from inside out. The light energy had infused with his bones, sinews, muscles, and even his blood, granting him a nearly indestructible body. Not even the machine gun bullets could make a dent on his skin. He should be in his eighties, but he looked like a young man; that was another benefit of the Gift of Light. Although he had not yet reached Immortal State, he should be able to live to a hundred and fifty or so if not longer.

    All of that was because of his level of attainment in his Spirit Body cultivation.

    A Connate Spirit Body, could greatly prolong the cultivator’s life and toughen his physique with withstand cannon fire. Meanwhile, the Spirit Body could also complement Adam’s awakened power, making him as powerful as an immortal state warrior.

    If a cultivator could achieve Phenomenal success in their Spirit Body cultivation, they could live for at least five hundred years and withstand a blast from a long-range ballistic missile.

    If Chen Fan hadn’t gained Initial success in his Spirit Body cultivation using the Spirit Core of the Connate Spirit Wood, he might be about as powerful as Adam right now.

    “It’s a pity that your Spirit Body is just a normal one, while I have cultivated the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, one of the Five Elements Spirit Bodies. and the most powerful Divine Body in the universe!”

    Chen Fan laughed out loud and let one of Adam’s wings land a blow on his back. Adam’s blow didn’t have any effect on Chen Fan. Chen Fan about-turned and punched. His fist went through Adam’s white pulsing protecting aura and onto Adam’s chest.

    Adam let out a painful cry and was sent stumbling back a few dozen meters before he managed to regain balance.

    “His body is even tougher than mine?”

    Adam’s mind reeled.

    Ever since he had awakened the Gift of the Light and gained the Spirit Body of Divine Light, only armor-piercing rounds and high caliber sniper rounds could have threatened his life. Meanwhile, his wings were made out of pure divine energy and were sharp enough to cut through thick rebars. However, when his wing landed a blow on Chen Fan’s back, it barely made a scratch. Chen Fan’s counter-attack, on the other hand, had easily pierced through his protecting aura and winded him in the process.

    “He must possess some kind of God Form, a very powerful one while at it. At least it is much more powerful than mine. Worse, he must have already mastered the art as well.” Adam gave Chen Fan a knowing glance as he felt a pang of jealousy rise inside of him.

    There were two types of Overlords in the world.

    The first kind relied on hard work and diligent cultivation. They were the Martial Artists, Daoists, Spellcasters, Onmyojis, and Feng Shui Masters. These Overlords required training at a very young age and their progress was slow but steady.

    The other kind of Overlords was the Extraordinary Ones. Although they also needed to cultivate, the main source of their power was from their inborn abilities and gifts that were capped out to a certain level as soon as they were awakened. Because of their headstart from birth, they considered themselves superior to the cultivators of the other category. Once an Extraordinary Once reached the peak of his power, he would awaken the so-called God Form.

    Both Zeus and Adam had possessed God Form, which made them as powerful as an Immortal State Overlord.

    Although they were very close to fully unlocking their God Form, neither Adam nor Zeus had achieved that yet. However, even with the incomplete God Form, they had dominated the Dark World and had been invincible. Adam was so close to completing his God Form that he could remain in God Form twenty-three hours a day.

    In their views that were influenced by their system of knowledge, Chen Fan had fully unlocked his God Form.

    Chen Fan was only twenty, much younger than Adam. No wonder Adam would feel jealous of him.


    As soon as Chen Fan landed back on the ground, Zeus was already coming after him. The Fool also shaped the earth into a large mud golem and commanded it to charge at Chen Fan while brandishing its giant fist.

    “Pathetic, bug off!”

    Chen Fan snorted and punch at Zeus, sending the latter hurtle backward. Then Chen Fan Charged out, ramming into the Mud Golem, reducing it into dust. He stomped the ground with one foot and summoned a few Qi energy and then he charged at The Fool.

    Chen Fan had decided to get rid of this annoying caster first.

    “Watch out!”

    Zeus’s face changed color and he shouted out a warning at The Fool. Adam spun around in the air and shot out countless white bolts from the tip of his feathers. These bolts rained upon Chen Fan from above.

    Chen Fan’s Arcane Energy Bulwark had blocked these bolts, but the impact slowed Chen Fan down and gave The Fool some time to cast an illusion spell and disappeared into thin air.

    “You wish to fool me with such laughable art?”

    Chen Fan cracked a cold smile as a light came up in his eyes. He locked onto The Fool using his Divine Will.

    Meanwhile, Adam had already swooped down onto Chen Fan again, forcing Chen Fan to deal with him first. Even though Adam had achieved Initial success in his Spirit Body, the impact with Chen Fan’s body sent a force that shock through his body, churning his innards. That being said, if he could get past the pain, he was able to slow down Chen Fan significantly.

    Zeus the Thunder Lord had also quickly gathered himself and charged at Chen Fan with abandon. Although his Thunder God Form was not as powerful as Adam’s God Form, he was able to withstand a few punches from Chen Fan. The Fool didn’t stop putting pressure on Chen Fan either, so the three were able to force Chen Fan into a standstill.

    “Oh my god! Is he the living legend?”

    Unbeknownst to Chen Fan, many Dark Overlords watching the fight were stupefied.

    They wouldn’t believe that Chen Fan was able to take on three enemies at once and still hold a slight edge. He countered the attacks from Adam, The Fool and Zeus with ease while the three could barely withstand and hold themselves after each of Chen Fan’s attacks.

    Even Adam’s attack with abandon using the Holy Cross Light Blade couldn’t harm Chen Fan.

    “How powerful exactly is he? Is his body tougher than even God Form?”

    Catelyn murmured to herself with a trembling voice.

    “He is a real Immortal Level Overlord. He had far surpassed us and reached an unthinkable level in terms of Dharma Spells, Martial arts and Physique Refinement cultivations. Only a tenacious body such as his could break the Hypersonic barrier.” Karl said with a solemn face.

    He was also an elite Extraordinary One with the gift of fire. Just like Adam, he could also summon a pair of wings, although it couldn’t compare to that of Adam. After seeing that even Adam’s attack with his powerful wings had failed, Karl suddenly felt a pang of despair.

    “Can the three really handle Chen Beixuan?”

    People asked in their minds.

    “If they can’t subjugate Chen Beixuan, neither could we. We will not only lose the Heavenly Spring of Life but also die here.” Dark Titan gritted his teeth, stomped the ground and said.

    “He is right, let’s attack.”

    Everyone nodded after a while.

    The Three Lords of the Underground World had joined forces, yet they still couldn’t subdue Chen Fan. Therefore, the Dark Overlords decided to put aside their past and join the battle. Chen Fan’s power was too terrifying for any Dark Overlord to face him alone and only in solidarity they might have a chance of defeating him.

    “Shit, what are you? Street thugs? How dare you gang up on one person!”

    Yang Qinhu had been light-hearted by Chen Fan’s upper hand and even as he cracked a smile in relief, he saw the other dark Overlords roll up their sleeves, and was going to jump right into the battle.

    Yang Qinhu’s insult didn’t deter the Overlords.

    He watched as countless shadows surrounded Chen Fan from all directions. Then they used whatever arts or spells they knew on Chen Fan all at once. Suddenly, the heat of the battle turned up as Chen Fan took on nearly all the Overlords in the western world.


    Chen Fan laughed out loud and suddenly changed his appearance from a college student to a handsome young god with a tenacious body and flowy, silken hair.

    He had finally revealed his ultimate form.