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Chapter 414 - One Versus Three

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 414: One Versus Three

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    Chen Fan punched out and his fist changed its attack angle nine times before it hit the target, forming a twisting and gnarly path that looked like the horn of a ram. As the attack curved its course, it by-passed Zeus’s arms and landed squarely on Zeus’s chest.

    Zeus’s speed had increased significantly after he had used the Thunder Spirit Body or the so-called Thunder God’s Form. Before many people’s eyes, the Thunder God had turned into a wash of light that moved about swiftly around Chen Fan, who also appeared to be a wash of Azure light. Although Zeus the Thunder Lord was not a martial artist, his speed was much faster than that of the peak level Grandmaster. He would be able to catch a flying bullet from the air. However, despite the unimpressive seed of Chen Fan’s punch, somehow it was able to land a solid blow on Zeus the Thunder Lord.


    Zeus was winded at first when Chen Fans’ mighty blow landed on his chest. He grunted as his body shook a little. Suddenly, an azure-colored light appeared on his chest at the point of the impact, then it exploded. The explosion was able to dim the crackling energy on one side of Zeus’s body.

    Zeus stumbled back and nearly tripped and fell.

    The Thunder God’s Form which he had executed to perfection was countered by Chen Fan with one punch!

    “What kind of Martial arts was that?”

    Zeus exclaimed in his mind.

    He was convinced that once he used the Thunder God’s Form, no one in the world could be faster than him unless it was hypersonic jets or missiles. Even when the Americans were hot on his heels, he didn’t use the Thunder God’s Form. However, not only was Chen Fan able to catch up with his incredible speed, but he had also inconceivably countered his attack with a slow attack.

    Chen Fan didn’t give Zeus too much time to ponder and punched at him again. The second punch was packed with raw energy and sheer brute force. When it was finally near him, Zeus felt that an entire mountain was boring down on him and even the sky was about to collapse under its weight.

    Zeus was confident that he would be reduced to a pulp should the blow land on him.

    Even as he was about to give up and accept his fate, he heard a hoarse voice.

    “Defend yourself!”

    The voice was carried by a gust of wind into Zeus’s ear. The wind quickly wrapped around Zeus and formed a translucent energy shield just before Chen Fan’s attack landed on it. The shield shattered after the blow landed on it in a violent explosion. It gave time for Zeus to restart the Thunder God’s Form, turning himself into a streak of lightning as he backed away a few dozen meters.

    “Another one?”

    The hook of Chen Fan’s cold glance caught The Fool. Regardless of how many Overlords he must face, he was not at all concerned.

    “You call that a Dharma Spells? I will show you what real Dharma Spells are.”

    Chen Fan grasped something in the air and stomped the ground with his feet. Suddenly, a flurry of snow and ice drifted and converged toward Chen Fan and formed a blue crystalline chisel.


    The Ice Chisel shot out like a bolt, whistling across space as it ripped open the air, The Ice Chisel was about half a meter long and it spun with incredible speed along its length. It looked like a wall blasting bolt shot out from the Roman Scorpion. Its tip was incredibly sharp and it glinted in the sunlight.

    The Fool was unfazed by the deadly attack. He stabbed the ground with the tip of his cane.


    The wooden walking cane miraculously expanded and started to grow like a vine, and quickly turned into a giant tree with gnarly vine-like branches. Its roots planted deep into the permafrost land and its huge crown was filled with large fruits.

    The ice chisel landed on the tree trunk, and instantly made a deep cut into the wood, spitting out wood chips everywhere. But it didn’t stop there, as the tip of the ice chisel kept on spinning and burrowing into the body of the tree. The ice chisel didn’t fully stop until it was almost through the tree trunk from the other end.

    “Oh my god.”

    The Fool exclaimed as cold sweat glided down from his back.

    Despite the ordinary appearance of the tree, its wood was as hard as steel and could easily withstand cannon fire. However, Chen Fan’s Ice Chisel nearly made it through the tree trunk. Was Chen Fan’s attack really more powerful than armor-piercing shells?

    “Thank the gods that he could only cast that spell once.”

    The Fool wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

    “The Tree Herding Art of the Ancient Druid Sect. I have never thought that The Fool’s cane was actually an Oak staff of the Ancient Druid Sect.”

    Meanwhile, the leader of the Blizzard Witch Covenant said with a pale face: “The Fool had used a long lost spell. That Oaktree can not only shield The Fool from attacks, but it could also transform into a spriggan and attack its enemy. Those fruits could be hurled at enemies and they will explode like grenades. ”

    Even as the witch spoke, the giant Oak Tree started to shake its branches and hurled the fruit as big as a human’s head toward Chen Fan. The Fool had started his counter attack.

    As the fruits hurtled across space at incredible speed, they made a whistling noise that sounded like the boulders launched out from ancient siege weapons. It surely would make a hole wherever it landed.

    “The Fool really lives up to his reputation. I bet no one else would know such an ancient power except for him.”

    Everyone exclaimed in their minds.

    All eyes were on Chen Fan now as people wondered how he was going to counter this attack.

    However, Chen Fan didn’t seem to care about these incoming projectiles. They smashed into Chen Fan’s Arcane Energy Bulwark three paces away from Chen Fan but couldn’t penetrate it.

    “You can block one of the ice chisels, but can you block ten of them?”

    Chen Fan laughed almost lightheartedly. He grunted and started the art once again.


    He shot out both hands and spread out his fingers, like a blooming lotus flower. Energy started to converge to the tip of each finger and in a blink, ten Ice Chisels were formed at his fingertips. Chen Fan abruptly closed his fingers and sent the ten Ice Chisels hurtling out. Each Ice Chisel traced a white streak of mist in the air and they converged onto The Fool from all directions of the campuses.

    “Oh my god, his casting speed is so fast!”

    The Fool’s face suddenly grew dark.

    Chen Fan’s Ice Chisels were not any ordinary Ice Elemental spells. Each projectile was powerful as an armor-piercing shell that could punch a hole through the armor of a tank. The Fool was terrified after seeing Chen Fan had unleashed ten of suddenly deadly spells at once.

    “Is this the power of an Immortal Level Overlord?”

    The Fool didn’t have much time to think, so he fumbled to start a spell with all the energy he could muster before the projectiles hit. A couple of earthen walls suddenly erected in the path of the Ice Chisels but they crumbled as the Ice Chisels flew through them without slowing down the slightest.

    One wall, two, three… seven.

    The Ice Chisels toppled seven earthen walls, and landed on the Oka three, went through it as well and appeared right before The Fool. Although there were only three Ice Chisels left, its deadly energy and the razor-sharp edges sent a chill down The Fool’s spine.


    The Fool lowered to his side and rolled away and was able to dodge two of the three projectiles. However, he had to take the last Ice Chisel head-on. Suddenly, the sapphire necklace he was wearing let out a brilliant glow and quickly covered The Fool inside blue energy shield. The Ice Chisel slammed into the energy shield and with a jarring clank, both the energy shield and the Ice Chisel both shattered into pieces.

    The Fool watched painfully as the sapphire necklace also burst into pieces.

    “Damn you! This is an ancient relic that I had to risk my life to get out of a Babylonian royal tomb. Its energy shield should have withstood a direct hit from a cannon. But Chen Beixuan had shattered it with one attack? His power is terrifying.” The Fool exclaimed in his mind.

    Meanwhile, Zeus had already gathered himself and charged toward Chen Fan anew with a roar.

    Chen Fan used one hand to keep Zeus in check, while the other continues rained deadly spells on to The Fool, forcing him into a corner.

    The Dark Overlords finally realized that the battle had unequivocally tipped toward Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan fought two enemies at once, yet he was still able to do it with ease.

    With every punch, Chen Fan could send Zeus hurtling back like a football. Not even the old man’s thick beard could muffle his painful howling and screaming. If not for the initial success level Thunder Spirit Body, he would have already been reduced to a pulp by Chen Fan. Meanwhile, Chen Fan poured Ice Chisel, fire bolts, and Wind blades onto The Fool from all directions.

    The Oaktree in front of The Fool was already filled with holes and was nearly severed in half.

    The Fool was on the defensive side most of the time, and could only retaliate Chen Fan’s strikes very seldomly. He was regarded as the most powerful Spell Caster in the world, yet, he was on the verge of being subdued by Chen Fan who used only one hand.

    Worse, Chen Beixuan hasn’t even deployed his infamous move: Hypersonic Punch that he had used against F-15 hypersonic jets.

    “He could gain an upper hand even when he had to take on two enemies at once. Why is he so powerful?”

    Hu Zongxiu and the others gasped in utter disbelief.

    “He really lived up to his reputation as a living legend. Both Zeus and The Fool were only half step away from the Immortal State, yet even their combined might seemed like a joke to Chen Beixuan. He fought them with such ease that he might as well be frolicking with two kids.”

    Karl the Crimson Wings pulled a taut face and said.

    “So is that the power of an Immortal Level Overlord? That’s terrifying!”

    Everyone was scared by Chen Fan’s astonishing power.


    Chen Fan landed a kick on Zeus once again, sending the latter hurtling back like a lighting ball. Zeus rolled on the ground for fifty meters and finally managed to pick himself up, shouting. “Curse you, Adam! It’s time for you to join us! Are you going to watch us die here?”

    The Fool’s face was also covered with sweat.

    He had just summoned a walking dead, but the brainless brute was severed into two halves by a gust of wind blades. To The Fool’s dismay, he realized that Chen Fan knew way more spells than he had imagined. By far, no two of the Chen Fan’s spells were the same.

    Adam stood beside him with a heavy expression. Suddenly, he took a step forward.

    The so-called Son of God, the former most powerful man in the Dark World was about to attack.


    Two wings made out of incandescent white pure energy spread out behind Adam. they spanned over six meters long and were covered with feathers that had razor-sharp edges.

    He flapped the wings once and lifted himself twenty meters into the air. The sight reminded everyone of the Angles in biblical tales. Fanging out his huge wings, Adam glided in the sky, looking for an opportunity to swoop down.

    “Three versus one? Haha. Might as well.”

    Chen Fan let out a peal of laughter as a light came up in his eyes. Loose fold of his shirt flapped again the wind, as his battle will surged.

    He was going to take one Three Lords all by himself!