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Chapter 413 - Attack Again

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 413: Attack Again

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    “Why are they here?”

    The smirk on Yang Qinhu’s suddenly evaporated as he asked himself in a dry voice.

    The Three Lords of the Underground World had been the most powerful trio in the Dark World for decades, so Yang Qinhu recognized them very quickly. The sight of the deadly trio had given Yang Qinhu a pang of despair.

    The Son of God, Adam!

    The Fool!

    Zeus the Thunder Lord!

    All Three Lords of the Underground World had joined forces. Chen Fan had fought with Takemiya Hiro who was as powerful as Zeus, but now he not only had to deal with Zeus but also the other two warriors who were even more powerful. Worse, the threat of the twenty or so Dark World Overlords was still there.

    Such a formidable opponent might even be a headache for an Immortal State Warrior.

    “Will Senior Master Chen be Ok?”

    Yang Qinhu gave Chen Fan a glance and asked in his mind.

    However powerful Chen Fan was, he was fighting by himself and would be stretched pretty thin while dealing with The Three Lords of the Underground World on top of the twenty Dark Overlords.

    “Chen Beixuan!”

    Adam and his peers were all taken aback by the sight of the young man. They were just talking about him before they enter the valley and had never thought that they would see him so soon.

    Although Chen Fan’s face looked different than the face of Chen Beixuan that they knew, the fact that the young man could hold off more than a dozen Dark Overlords and killed Lahore spoke loudly of his identity.

    “Chen Beixuan, we do not wish to fight with you for the Heavenly Spring of Life. You are the most powerful man here, so you can claim the biggest share.” The Fool waved his walking-cane at Chen Beixuan and said loudly.

    Although Chen Fan was recognized as an Immortal Level Overlord, The Three Lords of the Underground World merely respected him but did not fear him. The Fool was confident that the combined might of all Dark Overlords in the valley, including The Three Lords of the Underground World, should be enough to bring Chen Fan to heels.

    “Don’t cross the line, or else you will die.”

    Chen Fan opened his eyes and repeated.

    The Fool pulled a taut face grew quiet. Zeus put in with a booming voice: “Chen Beixuan! You are fighting a losing war. Do you expect to ward off all twenty of us?”

    “Don’t waste your breath, kill him.”

    Adam’s face hardened as a golden light gleamed in his eyes.

    “Fine, today, the three of us will teach the world how to kill an Immortal.”

    The Fool knocked on the ground with the tip of his cane and laughed out loud.

    There were ten tons of Heavenly Spring of Life, enough to create an entire army of Extraordinary Ones; the prize was too great to pass up. At the most, they would let Chen Fan have a share of the profit, but they wouldn’t let Chen Fan claim all of it.

    Chen Fan’s action had reached their bottom lines.

    Let it be Adam or the entire western world, they would not allow someone from China to claim all the Heanly Spring of Life, particularly if the man representing China was Chen Fan. He was already extremely powerful, and the Heavenly Spring of Life would make him almost god-like.

    “Are we really going to fight them?”

    Yang Qinhu’s heart sank to the bottom as his blood turn cold and froze in his hands and feet.

    Chen Fan was going to challenge the entire Dark World all by himself. Nearly half of the Western Dark World had gathered here. If Chen Fan could emerge as the victor, he would dominate the Dark World for the rest of his life!

    Seeing The Three Lords of the Underground World had made up their mind, Karl and the others also let out a smile of relief.

    With the help of the Three Lords of the Underground World, they would see to it that Chen Fan’s life would end today.

    “Chen Beixuan is such an arrogant fool. Does he think that he could challenge the entire Dark World because he can defeat an army? Humph! If all of us joined forces, we can even crush a division of the American army, much less a Japanese brigade.” Dark Titan crossed his arms and put in.

    The Overlords either looked to Chen Fan derisively or shook their heads to lament Chen Fan’s impending doom.

    Even an immortal level overlord was not invincible.

    Once the three lords of the underground world joined forces, they would easily do away with an Immortal State warrior.

    “Let me test him first.”

    Zeus grumbled. He threw the silver flask to the side and started walking toward Chen Fan in wide and powerful strides.

    Chen Fan also slowly rose to his feet.

    The energy emanated from the three lords of the underground world revealed to Chen Fan their identity. They were powerful foes, Chen Fan reckoned, but the Fruit of Embryonic Essence was right behind him, and he couldn’t back down. Plus, they were just a few Overlords in the Dark World, and Chen Beixuan doubted they would pose any real threat to him. After all, he was the invincible North Mystic Celestial Lord who, even in his current weakened state, could have taken on three immortal state warriors at once.


    Zeus crossed the line on the ground as if he didn’t even see it. Standing ten meters away from Chen Fan, he spat out a flash of lightning from his mouth.

    The lightning burnt intensely white and formed a bolt. Zeus held onto the javelin and hurled it at Chen Fan exactly like how a thunder god was depicted in paintings.

    The energy in the lightning javelin was so condensed that they had gained solidity in the real world.

    This attack would have taken Zoro, the late underboss of Hong Sect a while to prepare and execute, but Zeus did it as easily as breathing.

    The lightning javelin covered ten paces of space in a blink, tracing a long arch in the air. The javelin crackled with energy, spitting sparks out in all directions. Even from a distance, Chen Fan could sense the incredible destructive force carried by the javelin.

    “Impressive power! He really lives up to his reputation as the Thunder Lord!”

    Hu Zongxiu the Wind Lord exclaimed.

    He wagered that he would simply melt before such a powerful attack. The might of the three lords had far exceeded his imagination. Zeus was supposed to be the weakest of all three. so how powerful exactly was The Fool and Adam? Hu Zongxiu found it difficult to wrap his head around their might and prowess.

    Chen Fan was unfazed by the incoming attack. He punched out his fist way before the javelin reached him. Suddenly, a glittering Azure Fist Aura appeared on Chen Fan’s hand. It was a long moving strand of energy that shot out from the back of Chen Fan’s hand directly at the incoming javelin.


    The Fist Aura and the lightning javelin collided.

    The impact caused a huge explosion, spilling out countless sparks and Qi Energy in all directions. These rogue energy steadied and sustained in the air about ten meters away from the point of impact, forming a ring of crackling electricity. Although Karl was far from the blue ring of death, he could feel its static pull on his hair.

    “He is too powerful!”

    The captain of the Blizzard Witch Covenant Katherine exclaimed.

    Controlling wind and lightning were right up her alley. Although she was called the Goddess of Blizzard, her power was a far cry compared to that of the Thunder Lord.


    Zeus the Thunder Lord summoned two more Lightning Javelins and hurled both of them at Chen Fan. Looking from a distance, the two Lightning Javelins looked like two writhing dragons crackled with electrifying energy. Each one of the lightning javelins was able to kill at least ten strong men at once, yet Zeus had executed two such deadly attacks with great ease.


    Chen Fan snorted with a scowl. He was slightly annoyed by the lightning attack.

    He shot out both hands and formed Thunder Reining Art. With a twist of his wrists, the two dragons suddenly changed their courses and plummeted into Chen Fan’s grasp. The Thunder Reining Art could easily take control of the lightning energy. Although Zeus’s art was powerful and deadly, his execution was too crude and unrefined to properly control these lightning energies once they were being hurled out.

    Once both lighting dragons were in Chen Fan’s grasp, he folded his hands, palm to palm.

    The two lightning dragons intertwined into one single lightning bolt that had bands of yellow and white lights. This bolt seemed much more solid than the javelin that Zeus had used earlier. Looking from afar, the scintillating bolt looked like a weapon befitting for a god.

    Chen Fan reached out a hand and held onto the bolt, letting the crackling energy flow into his system, transforming him from an average-looking young man to a god-slaying hero. He bent backward as he tensed up his back, turning his body into a bow. His spine was the body of the bow, his arms and legs formed the bowstrings.


    Chen Fan let loose of the tension in his back and threw the bolt out.

    He had already reached initial success in his Azure Thearch Longevity Body cultivation, therefore, the bolt easily broke the sonic battier as it whizzed through the air. The bolt was made out of pure electric energy; deadly but extremely light. It was much faster than any other weapon Chen Fan used to use and was twice as fast as the speed of sound.

    The bolt crackled with energy and spat sparks into the air. As it traveled in the air, the sparks forced a long tail, like that of a comet. It carried an unstoppable momentum toward Zeus.

    The bolt packed enough energy to punch a hole in the universe and even Zeus wavered before its might. He acted quickly and flew back a few paces. Adam and the other Overlords were all shocked by Chen Fan’s display of power.


    The bolt landed on the ground, causing a huge shock wave.

    The impact created a three-meter wide crater on the ground where Zeus was standing. It looked like a cannon shell had just stuck there. Chunks of frozen earth flew into the air, and rained down onto the onlookers.

    “Damn it!”

    Zeus wiped dust and dirt off of his face, eyes filled with rage.

    He had traversed the world for his entire life, and other than the time he was up against the US military, he had never been in such a difficult situation.

    Suddenly, an electrifying tendril came out of Zeus’s body and it quickly wrapped him inside a layer of zapping energy, turning Zeus into walking lightning. Sparks flashed all over his body, making him look like a real god of thunder.

    Suddenly Zeus charged out with a speed ten times faster than he had been before. He was so fast that he almost broke the sound barrier. No other Grandmaster that Chen Fan could have pulled that off.

    “Uh… Is that the Thunder Spirit Body?”

    Chen Fan was taken aback. He had never thought that anyone on earth could have mastered thunder art to such a degree that a vague Spirit Body had started to form.

    Despite his powerful foe, Chen Fan was not worried at all.

    His Spirit Body was one of the Sacred Bodies of Five Elements, the Azure Thearch Longevity Body. It was the most powerful Divine Body in the universe. Even though Chen Fans’s Azure Thearch Longevity Body was only at Initial success, it was already much more powerful than the Phenomenal success level Thunder Spirit Body.


    Chen Fan charged out to meet his attacker. Azure light came up around him as he collided into Zeus.

    In the eyes of the other warriors, they only saw two washes of light, one azure light, and the other yellow rammed into each other. Then after the impact, the two wash of light turned into a large sphere filled with flashing lights and sparks.

    “Zeus is so powerful. ”

    Many Dark Overlords exclaimed.

    However, even as everyone was enamored by Zeus the Thunder Lord’s display of power, The Fool and Adam’s faces grew dark. They knew that the Thunder Spirit Body was Zeus’s coup de grace and he wouldn’t be able to sustain the energy output for too long. Once the burst of strength wore off, Zeus would become vulnerable. However, even though Zeus the Thunder Lord had used his most powerful attack, Chen Fan still seemed to have an upper hand.

    “Let me help you.”

    The Fool picked up his cane and joined the battle.