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Chapter 412 - Whoever Crosses This Line Will Die

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 412: Whoever Crosses This Line Will Die

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    Black Widow was an Overlord from Northern Africa.

    Her body was covered in ominous-looking marks that resembled the scales of a snake. Her face was also inked with eerie-looking tattoos that extended all the way to her shiny bald scalp, adding on to the long split tongue, she just like an alien but also mesmerizing looking snake humanoid.

    Despite her sexually charged bestial appearance, none of the Dark Overlords dared to lay a lewd gaze on her.

    Rumor had it that an African witch doctor had infused the soul of many poisonous beings with her life force, granting her many special abilities. Her body became flexible as a poisonous snake, she gained the ability to climb up walls and walk on water as spiders would, and even her teeth and lips were as poisonous as a scorpion’s barb. Therefore people started to call her the “Black Widow.”

    The black beauty slowly walked over to Chen Fan. She swayed her hips left and right as if she was performing a slow belly dancing. Her green eyes fixed on Chen Fan like a cold-blooded predator.

    Chen Fan didn’t use his real appearance in order to avoid the Rusian government’s detention. The flurry of snow and his hoodie also helped to hide his identity. Therefore, Black Widow had never thought that this seemingly young and frail Chinese teenager was Chen Beixuan.

    “Little guy, come here, come to me. Let me show you real pleasure.”

    Black Widow slithered out her tongue and let out a crazy smile.

    Chen Fan responded to her by sending out a wave of sharp Qi Energy at her.

    Black Widow’s face suddenly changed color as she jumped up a dozen meters high and landed a thirty meters away from where she was. She looked around for any sign of damage and realized that Chen Fan’s attack wasn’t aimed at her.

    The attack had landed on the ground and created a line that separated Chen Fan, the Spirit Spring and the tree with the other Dark Overlords.

    “What is the meaning of this?”

    Chen Fan’s power had caught everyone by surprise. They could tell that the young man had reached at least Semi transcendent State.

    “Don’t cross this line, or else, die.”

    Chen Fan said lightly and then sat down to start cultivating again.

    He sat down beside the spring and most of his face was concealed behind the baggy hoodie. He sat there so motionless that he looked like a statue.

    The Dark Overlords no longer provoked Chen Fan, instead, they looked at Black Widow and waited for her reaction.

    This was as much a test for the young man as it was for Black Widow. The Dark World was a dog-eat-dog world so Black Widow could not show any sign of weakness. If she was scared by the teenager’s threat, her peers might deem her unworthy of gaining any portion of the Heavenly Water of Life.

    Black Widow had been angry with herself for her overreaction, and her peers’ doubtful looks only rubbed salt into the injury. She pulled a taut face and looked at Chen Fan with a scowl, her red tongue slithered in and out of her mouth agitatedly.

    “Tsk, tsk… little guy, how dare you threaten me.”

    “Let’s see if you are still so arrogant when I slit your throat and drink your blood!”

    She said venomously as she walked toward that line on the ground.

    One step, two steps, three… under everyone’s expectant eyes, one of Black Widow’s long fit legs crossed the line. Even as she curled her lips into a smile, Chen Fan pointed a finger at her.


    A blaring noise came up in the Void Dimension and a white Black Widow shot out from the tip of Chen Fan’s finger. The energy covered the ten-meter distance in a blink and before Black Widow realized what was going on, the Black Qi had already landed on her.


    The apparitions of three strange creatures appeared above Black Widow as she let out a painful cry: a large viper, a six-eyed spider, and a scorpion. The white energy pierced through all three apparitions and then bore down onto Black Widow, through her skull and out, trailing behind a gush of blood.

    The famous enchantress of the Dark World was killed by Chen Fan with a flick of a finger. Everything happened so fast that Black Widow had no idea what had happened.


    Black Widow’s body thudded back onto the ground.

    A deadly silence fell over the valley, even Damon and Yang Qinhu stopped fighting. Damon walked back to his peers and Yang Qinhu retreated to the spring. The Dark Overlords looked to Chen Fan with a mix of fear and hatred.

    Black Widow was the weakest among all the Dark Overlords.

    However, to be able to kill Black Widow with one flick of a finger meant the young man must be listed on the Dark Roll.

    “Who are you? Hua Yunfeng? Lin Family member? Ye Nantian? Or are you one of those four freaks from the Special Case Departments?” Karl the Crimson Wings narrowed his eyes and asked with a scowl as a red fire start to burn in his eyes.

    Chen Fan kept his silence, and slowly closed his eyes to focus on his cultivation.

    The group of Dark Overlords stood far behind the line Chen Fan drew on the ground, hesitant to act.

    Although they believed that if they joined forces, they could easily do away with this young man, no one had that much faith in the loose alliance barely held together by greed. When hell breaks loose, it was every man for himself. Deep down, they wished for the death of their temporary allies so that they would gain more Heanly Spring of Life in the end.

    After a while, Demon Elephant, Lahore took a step forward and announced with a heavy nasal voice.

    “I don’t care who you are if you stop me, you die!”

    After he said that, the leader of the Diablo Mercenary Band who ranked number fifteen on the Dark Roll walked over to Chen Fan in large strides.

    Lahore was also known as Demon Elephant.

    He was an heir of a high caste Brahmin family. He stood two meters tall and his body was ripped. What made him so powerful was an ancient secret art practiced among the Brahmin families. Once he had mastered the art, he would be as powerful as an elephant god, Ganesha. Even now, Lahore’s strength was beyond anyone’s imagination. He could easily tear a rhino into half. When he was engaged, he would wreak havoc like a deranged Elephant.

    Lahore walked over to Chen Fan under everyone’s cautious and curious eyes. Even Yang Qinhu looked to Chen Fan, wondering what Chen Fan would do.


    Lahore finally crossed the line on the ground.

    Chen Fan suddenly opened up her eyes and attacked without hesitation.

    This time, he didn’t flick his finger, instead, he reached out his smooth-skinned palm

    His fingers were long and thin, looked almost feminine. It was suffused with an azure glow, making the hand looked as if it were chiseled out of a piece of jade. Chen Fan turned his palm down and as a blaring noise came up in the air. It was as if a mighty god had lifted a mountain and slammed it on the ground. Then came a loud and deep rumbling, like that of two mountains grinding each other.


    A four-meter long palm made out of azure light suddenly appeared in the sky and slammed down onto Lahore. Even Lahore’s giant frame seemed small in comparison with the size of the palm.

    “Fuck off!”

    Lahore shouted and punched at the light in the shape of a palm.

    However, his unrelenting strength had only made the palm flicker a little without even slowing it down a little.

    Lahore snarled in disbelief. He stomped the ground, letting his body expand even bigger. The hard muscles on his body burgeoned up as if molten iron were being pumped into it. In a blink, the Overlord had become a three-meters tall monster. He raised both hands above his head to stop the palm from coming down on him.

    However, under everyone’s shocked eyes, Chen Fan’s palm kept on pressing down without any difficulties. Lahore shouted and doubled down his defense by start consuming his Aether Blood. However, even that secret art of Aether Blood failed to halt Chen Fan’s attack. The giant palm crushed down onto him, and after a series of bond crunching noise, the bottom of the palm was pressed tight against the ground. Lahore was nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t until the light-palm faded away, did everyone see what was left of Lahore.

    He killed an overlord on Dark Roll?


    Everyone gasped and was speechless by the turn of events.

    No one spoke a word and Karl’s face suddenly paled.

    “He is Chen Beixuan!”

    Someone finally pointed out what the development showed them.

    By now, everyone in the valley knew who Chen Fan really was. Not even Ye Nantian or Azure dragon could kill a powerful Overlord on the Dark Roll with such ease, only the most powerful man on earth, Chen Beixuan could pull it off.

    Although Chen Fan had donned a disguise, the Dark Overlords can still distinguish him by his incredible power. There was no one else in China who could be so powerful. Neither were they surprised to see a different face of Chen Fan since they knew it was easy for Overlords to change their appearances.

    “Indeed. He is Master Chen.” Yang Qinhu felt relieved after seeing the fearful faces. He folded his arms and said with a smirk.”This place belongs to us now, bugger off!”

    No one dared to say a word.

    Many Dark Overlords were riled up by Yang Qinhu’s remark, but the sight of the young man suddenly quelled their anger quickly. After Chen Fan’s victory over the Japan Self-Defense Forces, he was regarded as the only Immortal Level Overlord by the Dark World.

    Let it be Karl the Crimson Wings or the Dark Titan, everyone was afraid of Chen Fan, reluctant to ruffle his feathers. However, some overlords still wondered if they would bring Chen Fan to submission by joining forces.

    “What should we do?”

    Someone asked under his breath.

    These dark lords were on the edge of a dilemma. They wanted to fight back but feared for their lives; they wanted to retreat, but the temptation was too great. Plus, if they backed away because of Chen Fan’s threat, the entire Western Dark World would lose face.

    “Don’t worry, the big guys haven’t arrived yet.”

    Karl gathered himself and said.

    Everyone nodded in agreement.

    Just so!

    Why should they be afraid of Chen Fan while they have the support of three real formidable forces?

    The Three Lords of the Underground World had presided over the Dark World for decades, and everyone thought that their power should be at least on par with that of Chen Beixuan.

    Some people turned around from time to time to glance at the valley entrance expectantly.

    It wasn’t long before the Three Lords of the Underground World showed up.

    The first one showed up was a drunken old man with a flask, followed by a stage magician, and a handsome young man with blond hair brought up the rear.

    They were Adam, The Fool and Zeus.

    Yang Qinhu panicked when he saw the three of them. The smirk on his face suddenly evaporated.