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Chapter 411 - What Comes After The Darkness

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Even as the group of Overlords rushed into the valley, the Three Lords of the Dark World were still slowly making their way toward the entrance, soaking in every inch of this magical land.

    “This valley and the hamlet called Snow Wolf reminded me of a legend.”

    Adam said as he walked slowly.

    The Three Lords of the Underground World were so relaxed that it was as if they were taking a stroll in the park.

    Adam hitched his thumbs on his belt, looked here and there with levity. The Fool walked confidently and carried a smirk on his face. Zeus’s wide strides carried so much conviction and weight that the earth moaned after every one of his steps. So convinced that they would have the lion’s share of the spring water, The Three Lords of the Underground World weren’t in any hurry to get in.

    Such was the confidence of the most powerful Overlords in the world!

    “What legend?”

    Zeus asked in a husky voice.

    “Rumor had it that the Russian soldiers found an ancient village in the sixties at the height of the cold war. The villagers could purportedly transform into a humanoid monster with red eyes. They are as fast as a jaguar and as ferocious as a saber tooth. They were covered with thick and impenetrable fur that was extremely powerful. Like a werewolf.” Adam said lightly.

    “Werewolf and Vampires were ancient legends. Even if they had existed at some point in history, they are long gone now.”

    The Fool tapped the ground with his cane as his eyes lit up by wisdom.

    The Grand Magus of the Magus Poison Sect was a well-learned know-it-all. He had read many ancient scrolls, some even contained forbidden knowledge. All history of the world, bright or dark, was inside of his mind.

    “And then?” Zeus asked impatiently.

    “Then the USSR dispatched army divisions that they had stationed in the far east to raid the village. However once these villagers turned into monsters, they were as powerful as Mixed Martial Arts Master. One particular monster was over three meters tall and was powerful enough to shred a tank into pieces with its bare hands. It’s hide was so tough that not even cannon fire could harm him. In the end, the battle was a catastrophic defeat for the USSR and they had to leave the village alone.”

    Adam said. His voice was even and unperturbed by the disturbing details.

    Neither The Fool nor Zeus was fazed by the revelation.

    An army division of the USSR has about ten thousand soldiers. The USSR military was in its prime during the seventies. Each division was equipped with hundreds of tanks. Even The Three Lords of the Underground World would have to think twice before butting heads against such an army. However, the fact that they failed to bring the village into submission spoke loudly of the power of the monsters.

    “The most powerful monster you spoke of, it has to be of Immortal Level to be able to ward off the attack of USSR, don’t you think?” The Fool adjusted his monocle and said after pondered a while.

    “What happened next?” Zeus cut to the chase and asked directly.

    “Next?” Adam’s lips curled into a smirk. “The USSR was mad, very mad. So they dumped a nuclear bomb over the village, hoping to completely wipe out the village and the monsters.”

    Adam’s words finally had an impact on his listeners.

    Both The Fool and Zeus pulled a taut face, even Adam looked gloomy.

    They were talking about the nuclear weapons!

    It was not something that they should treat lightly.

    Being only half a step away from the Immortal State, they were the embodiment of power on earth. One of them could count as an Immortal State warrior even now. However, the more powerful they were, the more they feared nuclear weapons.

    The Three Lords of the Underground World had lived through the cold war. During the peak of the USSR’s rein, it had over six million servicing members in its army, hundreds of divisions, fifty thousand tanks and thousands of aircraft. On top of that, they boasted a whopping forty thousand nuclear warheads.

    Even Adam had to shrivel up in the Underground World while the might of the USSR was at its peak. Adam didn’t come out of hiding until the collapse of the USSR in the 90s. However, there was another superpower in the world: the United States of America. Even now, there were eleven American aircraft carrier fleets traversing in the seven oceans of the world, thousands of fighter jets boomed in the sky across the globe. American military stations, a hundred eighty in total, spread all over different continents. They were the police, the bully, the real superpower of the world.

    “Those old curmudgeons had hidden behind the scenes, using us to distract the attention of the Americans. But they can not make people forget what they have done. Even now, records of their deeds were kept in the vault of CIA and KGB. The leaders of those super nations wouldn’t forget about them.”

    Adam cracked a cold smile.

    “Those Immortal Level Overlords have been hiding for six decades, and even the Americans seemed to have forgotten about them. But Chen Beixuan had once again exposed the power of the Immortal Level Overlords into broad daylight. He defeated an entire brigade and destroyed airplanes.” The Fool fiddled with the tip of his cane as he said mockingly.

    “I have a feeling that those Curmudgeons are not going to like Chen Beixuan too much.”

    Adam also let out a knowing smile.

    Their powers had given them a vantage point to see through the comfortable lies that ordinary people lived in. They saw only truth, however ugly it was.

    Sixty years should have been enough time for even the most poignant idea to fade from memory.

    And just so, most people had already forgotten about the Immortal State warriors. Even the American government were lulled into a false sense of security. Everyone willingly believed that people such as Zeus the Thunder Lord were the most powerful men and women in the world and even they were no match against the might of a modern military.

    However, Chen Fan had completely shattered the bubble the world was currently in.

    He had killed Takemiya Hiro, and defeated four Demon Gods, and a four thousand strong brigade. His killing blow with the flying sword had struck down the epitome of modern military technology: F-15 fighter jets. The world had finally awakened to the ancient threat that they seemed to have forgotten.

    Although the Japan Self-Defense Forces was not a fully-fledged military and F-15 was a watered-down version of that used in the US air force, their defeat was a loud and clear wake-up call for all the nations around the world. They looked to Chen Fan and examined him not as a singular threat, but the possible revival of Immortal Level Overlords.

    “If I were them, I would kill Chen Beixuan right now.” Zeus murmured to himself, “When I was on the run from the Americans, I scarcely dared to show off too much of my power, fearing that I will further provoke them. However, Chen Beixuan blatantly defeated an entire army and broke their toys. It was the same as slapping the United States of America in the face.”

    “But at least that event proved that Chen Beixuan was indeed an Immortal Level Overlord and deserves our respect.” The Fool finally said.

    Adam and Zeus both smiled agreeably.

    However, respect, not fear, was all Chen Fan would get out of these Three Lords of the Underground World. The Three Lords of the Underground World had presided over the world undefeated for too long to be afraid of anything or anyone on this planet.

    Suddenly, they heard a cacophony of curses and scuffling come in from inside the valley and were caught by surprise.

    What was going on in there?

    Even as the man charged toward Yang Qinhu with racist remarks, Yang Qinhu pulled a taut face and punched back while taking a step forward.

    “Courting Death!”

    As the powerful Overlord listed on the Heaven roll, Yang Qinhu had reached the Early-stage of the Transcendent State. After consuming the Spirit Water for ten days, his body was brimming with energy. His fist roared in the air like a hungry tiger as Fist Qi poured out from within and swept through the valley.

    The energy formed a gust that scoured the ground, leaving countless marks.

    The Fist Qi was so belligerent that it would have shaken any ordinary martial artist to the core. However, those overlords who had made it to the valley were anything but ordinary.

    The man who charged at Yang Qinhu was called Damon the War Elephant. He was a Tank Class Extraordinary One who stood over two meters tall. Despite the extreme temperature, he was half-naked, revealing his rock hard muscles. His level of attainment in Physique Refinement was no less than that of Buck the Diamond.

    Seeing Yang Qinhu’s counter-attack, Damon let out a mocking smirk.

    He didn’t choose to dodge the attack, instead, he let Yang Qinhu’s attack land on his chest and then planned to hug lock him in his arms and squeeze Yang Qinhu to death.

    Damon had destroyed a small vehicle using this technique.


    Yang Qinhu really lived up to his reputation as a Grandmaster. As soon as his fist landed on Damon’s chest, he realized that something was amiss. His punch was powerful enough to sever a large tree into half but it wasn’t even able to make a dent on Damon’s flesh.

    He changed his tactic right away and stabbed the ground with the tip of his toe. Suddenly, Yang Qinhu flew up into the air and back, evading Damon’s killing blow gracefully.

    “Damn! How come this guy can withstand my punch?”

    Yang Qinhu lamented in his mind.

    Before he could find an answer, Damon was already coming after him like an enraged elephant. Hearing the fast-approaching heavy foot stops, Yang Qinhu was forced to turn around to face Damon.

    However heavy his punch was, it rarely had any effect on Damon. However, Damon’s large lumbering frame moved much slower than Yang Qinhu. The fight entered a deadlock with no side having any decisive advantages.

    However, a dozen or so Overlords of the Dark world closed in, each with a conniving smirk on their face.

    The sight of more opponents made Yang Qinhu’s heart suddenly sink to the bottom.

    Damon’s only strength was his Physical condition and he was probably the weakest among his peers. He was not nearly as threatening as some of the other Overlords. Karl, The Crimson Wings for example, his technique called Fire Wings could strike down a fighter jet. Damon’s thick hide and brute force simply couldn’t compare.

    “Where did these Overlords came from? All of them are stronger than me.” Yang Qinhu felt a pang of desperation. He looked to Chen Fan for help.

    Chen Beixuan was his only hope of getting out of the valley alive.

    Chen Fan was considered the most powerful man in the Dark World, so he should be able to handle these Overlords, couldn’t he?

    Yang Qinhu was not entirely confident in Chen Fan’s victory. After all, there were over twenty Grandmaster level super overlords here, not to mention those who were on the Dark Roll. It would be a much bigger challenge for Chen Fan than his last run-in with the Dark World, fighting against the team of assassins led by Theseus.

    A black woman with a soft and flexible body took a step forward and gazed at Chen Fan as a predator would to her prey. She flashed her long two-pronged tongue out of her mouth and said:

    “Here is another Chinese, let me have him.”

    “Black Widow, don’t choke on his bones.”

    The rest of the Overlords guffawed. Damon had kept Yang Qinhu occupied, so no one had thought that this ordinary-looking young man in a black sweater with a baggy hoodie would escape the deadly clutches of the Black Widow.

    Finally, Chen Fan slowly reached out his arm.