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Chapter 410 - We Have Finally Me

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 410: We Have Finally Met

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    The son of the god Adam, the Fool and Zeus the Thunder Lord.

    The former Three Lords of the Underground World had gathered together. Adding in the other five members of the Dark Roll, over half of the warriors listed on the Dark Roll were here.

    Paul licked his parched lips and felt his legs trembling.

    “What do you know, my friend. I told you so.” Firefox patted Paul’s shoulder.

    Paul nodded mechanically.

    These figures were not just powerful, they could change the world.

    Zeus the Thunder Lord had killed an American General while he was in the Philippines, and had always been on the American’s most wanted list. Since then, he had never made a public appearance until now.

    The Fool had the highest bounty among all of his peers. He was on the wanted list for over a hundred and seventy countries and the total sum of his bounty added up to twenty billion US dollars. Yet, he was still alive and well. It was nearly impossible to bring the Grand Magus to heel.

    Adam, the so-called Son of God was regarded as the most powerful man in the Dark World a decade ago. He had been the most powerful man who was not an Immortal Level Overlord. He was an Extraordinary One, and rumor had it that even Immortal Level Overlord was extremely impressed by his Super Power. However, they conceded that his over the top power had also hindered his cultivation toward the higher level of attainment.

    Why would so many powerful Overlords flock to this bar in the middle of nowhere?

    “War Bear Paul, I have seen your name on the list of Mercenary before. Do you happen to know how to get to the Icewolf Valley?” Adam walked over to Paul and asked. He snapped a finger to bring the barterer’s mind out of his stupor and asked for a cup of white wine.

    “Sir, may I ask your purpose at the Icewolf Valley?” Paul lowered his head and asked quietly.

    “The entire Dark World now knows that there is a spring of Heavenly Water of Life at the Icewolf Valley. Do you know how big the spring it is?” Adam spread his arms and said: “About the size of a basketball court. How much Heavenly Water of Life do you think is there? Two tons, or maybe ten tons?”

    “Organizations in the Dark World would wage a war with each other for a few kilograms of the Heavenly Water of Life. The fact that there are literally tons of it out there, is going to drive the entire Dark World nuts until someone gets their hands on it.” Adam said with a warm smile.

    However, Paul felt a chill down his spine.

    As a former member of the Underground World, he knew the significance of the Heavenly Water of Life. They were ten times more expensive per unit weight than even diamonds.

    “Damn! Those two Chinese are going after the Heavenly Water of Life as well!”

    Paul cursed under his breath.

    “I have heard two of your Chinese friends had headed that way as well?”

    “So now, can you please tell us the way to the Icewolf Valley?” Adam gave Paul a friendly smile, but there was a fire starting to burn in his eyes.

    “Yes, yes… One of them is Yang Qinhu.” Paul lowered his head and answered obsequiously.

    “Yang Qinhu? I have heard of him before. An Overlord in China, is he?” Adam nodded derisively, letting contempt surface on his face. He then continued: “Our friend from China is clearing the way for us.”

    Adam said jokingly while the rest of the Overlords laughed with him.

    Yang Qinhu was of no concern before the combined might of so many westerns Super Overlords.

    Adam nodded and didn’t press on, thinking Paul wouldn’t dare to withhold any information from him in his frightened state. However, little did he know that the seemingly simple-minded Russian Bear was as cunning as a fox. He thought to himself.

    “I wonder how Chen Beixuan would fare in a fight with Adam and the others?”

    “I hope they both die out there!”

    Ten days later, Chen Fan and his team finally arrived at the valley.

    “The elders call it the Warg Valley, and they claimed to have seen Wolf Gods in there.” Old Man Logan looked fearfully at the valley.

    Chen Fan looked into the distance and saw the entrance of the valley was shaped like the gaping mouth of a hungry wolf. The lay of the land and the mountain around it resembled a giant wolf in its slumber.

    “Those are mere superstitions, let’s head there now.” Yang Qinhu grunted and then led the way.

    He was a man of reason and didn’t believe those legends and mythical tales.

    Chen Fan trailed behind Yang Qihu while he scanned his surroundings carefully and cautiously. There was a nagging sense of danger in Chen Fan’s mind as if something terrifying was lurking behind the otherwise ordinary scene.

    Chen Fan would press onward regardless of what kind of danger laid ahead. He simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity of gaining a Fruit of Embryonic Essence.

    As soon as everyone entered the valley, they felt they walked into a different place.

    Despite the biting wind and heavy snow outside the valley, in here, the temperature was as mild as that of the Jiang Nan Province. There were plants and flowers everywhere. In the middle of the valley was a pond of steaming and gurgling water. The water vapor drifted upward and lingered around the waist of the mountains surrounding the valley. Behind the spring water was a small three about a meter in height.

    “Heavenly Spring of Life?”

    Yang Qinhu’s eyes were glued to the pond of running water.

    He darted toward the spring, already forgetting about the monsters mentioned by Wang Baoguo. When he arrived at the edge of the well, he scooped some of the water out by hand and started drinking it.

    “Senior Master Chen, this is indeed Heavenly Water of Life!”

    Yang Qinhu was elated, he about-turned and then shouted at Chen Fan


    Chen Fan replied, but his focus was on the red fruit of a small tree behind the spring.

    “Fruit of Embryonic Essence, I finally found it!”

    Chen Fan held back his roiling expectation and walked over to the tree. After careful examination, he confirmed that the fruit was indeed the Fruit of Embryonic Essence. A smile finally appeared on his face.

    However, at the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of a disheartened Yang Qinhu who came over to him.

    “Senior Master Chen, the Spring Water evaporated as soon as I move it away from the spring.”

    Yang Qinhu said as he held out a handful of spring water. Just like he said, the water was turning into thin wisps of mist even as they spoke.

    “That’s normal for Spirit Water. They were formed by Spirit Qi and as soon as they left the source of Spirit Qi, they will lose their solidity very quickly. It’s kinda like adding salt into water, they will just get dissolved.” Chen Fan replied matter-of-factly.

    “Then what should we do?” Yang Qinhu asked helplessly.

    “You can either use a jade container to prolong its effectiveness for a short while, or you can stay here and cultivate.” Chen Fan shrugged.

    Chen Fan didn’t tell Yang Qinhu the third method: the Spirit Water would remain intact if he kept them in his Dimension Altering Dharma Treasure.

    The Spring was not huge in size, but it contained at least ten tons of spirit water. Yang Qinhu would not have enough Jade Bottles to bottle all of them up. Even if he has that many bottles, how would he ship them here to the middle of nowhere?

    He gritted his teeth and decided to remain in the valley to cultivate. Already, he felt his internal force had strengthened significantly after taking one sip of the water.

    Chen Fan didn’t care what he did, his attention was on the tree.

    “It seemed that the Fruit of Embryonic Essence wouldn’t be ready for another thirty years. I can use Yi Wood Spirit Qi, and Vitality Serum boots its growth and reduce the time it will take to maturity to thirty days.”

    Chen Fan thought as he rubbed his chin.

    Waiting for thirty days in the middle of nowhere was a small price to pay for the Fruit of Embryonic Essence. The strong Spirit Qi made it a perfect place for cultivation anyways.

    With that thought in mind, Chen Fan started his art and infused the tree with Yi Wood Spirit Qi. Then he fished out a supreme-grade Jade from his pocket and cast a Dharma Array around the tree.

    Since both Yang Qinhu and Chen Fan had decided to remain in the valley, the guides and the bodyguards started to pitch the tents and get ready for the night. They had brought with them ample supplies that should last them a month in this temperate climate.

    Chen Fan had also cast a Dharma Array at the entrance of the valley to warn them of any intruders.

    After Chen Fan had done all that, he sat under the tree and started cultivating. His Raw Arcane Energy was still damaged so he wouldn’t enter late-stage of the Ethereal Enlightenment level just yet, but the abundant Spirit Qi should help him reach the mid-stage of Ethereal Enlightenment.

    One day, two days, three…

    Chen Fan was worried at first about the monsters so he would draw his mind out of his cultivation from time to time to check on his surroundings. But the monster never came. After a while, he didn’t bother with the checking anymore and became fully engrossed in his cultivation.

    There were so many Spirit Qi here that its concentration was ten times greater than that in the Green Dragon Grand Array. Chen Fan opened every pore on his body to absorb as many Spirit Qi as possible. An azure whirlwind suddenly appeared on top of the pond, drawing the Spirit Qi into its funnel and challenged it into Chen Fan’s body. As the True Essence charged up slowly inside of Chen Fan’s body, he progressed toward the late-stage of Ethereal Enlightenment slowly but surely.

    Although Yang Qinhu wished that he could absorb the Spirit Qi in the air with the same speed as Chen Fan did, all he could do was take a sip of the spring water from time to time. Despite his crude and simple method, his level of attainment also improved by leaps and bounds.

    Chen Fan’s rate of improvement was much faster than Yang Qinhu. The amount of Spirit Qi he absorbed was more than what Yang Qinhu could get in a month.

    Day eight… nine… ten…

    On the tenth day, Chen Fan suddenly heard a large explosion.

    He opened his eyes and looked to the entrance. The Dharma Array he had placed there was gone and a group of strange-looking men and women barged into the valley.

    These intruders were ecstatic once they saw the Spirit Water. They shouted in all kinds of languages.

    “Heavenly Spring of Life! It’s real!”

    “Oh, my lord! This is enough to awaken countless extraordinary ones.”

    “Damn you! This is all mine. MINE I said!”

    These intruders completely ignored Chen Fan and Yang Qinhu and fixed their eyes on the spring.

    By now, Yang Qinhu also heard the commotion. He walked over to Chen Fan with a heavy expression on his face.

    “Who are they?” Chen Fan narrowed his eyes. He could sense powerful energy in these men and women. Of all the strangers, Chen Fan noticed three of them possessed incredible power as great as Takemiya Hiro, if not more.

    “These are the Overlords of the Dark World. ” Yang Qinhu said with a gloomy expression.

    Even as Yang Qinhu was going to say more, a man had charged towards them, shouting: “You yellow monkey! Fuck off! The spring belongs to the western Dark World.”