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Chapter 407 - Dark World In Elation

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 407: Dark World In Elation

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    Even as Chen Fan prepared to meet up with Yang Qinhu, a secret message started to spread among the elites of the Dark World. The message came in the form of a stack of grainy photos.

    These were the picture of Fruit of Embryonic Essence that Yang Qinhu obtained from Din Fuhai.

    “Heavenly Water of Life? It has to be it! A full pond full of it. It’s an unlimited supply of Heavenly Water of Life!”

    The elites of the Dark World quickly arrived at the conclusion as soon as they saw the pond of running water in the frigid tundra.

    The news had made the Dark World sizzle with excitement.

    From Western Europe to North America, from the Balkans to the Baltics, countless organizations and Overlords of the Dark World focused their attention on Siberia, the snow-covered tundra that was an enigma to everyone.

    “The biggest bottleneck restricting the number of Extraordinary Ones was the lack of Heavenly Water of Life. With the spring, we can create as many Extraordinary Ones as we want and the entire Dark World would soon be under our control.”

    One leader of an underground organization slammed the table and announced during a secret meeting.

    Although his gusto had won a lot of approval around the table, a few others had chosen to re-examine the situation with a more rational mind. “If we have gotten the message so would other more powerful organizations such as Crimson Wings, Hong Sect, Dragon Hall and Square Tower. Are we going to compete against those Super Overlords at the top of the Dark Roll? Even if we succeeded, could we withstand the ensuing besiegement from the entire Dark World?”

    The voice of reason quickly quelled everyone’s enthusiasm.

    He was right. The news had already gotten out so many Super Overlords would already be on their way to Siberia. Therefore, for most ordinary Extraordinary Ones, It was not worth it to risk their lives just so that they could add more members to the ranks of their organization.

    Most mid to small size underground organizations started to think better of their actions, but the superpowers of the Dark World remained unfazed by the challenge.

    “We have lost Diamond Buck, Zoro the Thunder King, and Lei Qianjue, we need to secure the spring while we still have four Super Overlords left. Let me lead the Dark Moon to claim the Spring for our sect. With the Heavenly Water of Life, our sect will recover from our losses of three underbosses in just a few years.”

    A scrawny Chinese man with hair slammed the table and announced with gusto.

    He was Hu Zongxiu, the Wind Lord.

    There were only two underbosses in the Hong Sect who were of Chinese descent, and he was one of them. He perfected both Martial arts and his awakened power and merged the two to create a combat technique called “Vayu’s Blades,” which allowed him to summon sharp blades from the tip of his fingers amidst the heat of combat. As an Extraordinary One, his power was no less than a Grandmaster.

    “In less than a year, we lost three underbosses. I wager there are going to be many powerful Super Overlords vying for the same thing, perhaps even the top warriors on the Dark Roll would show up as well. Are you sure you can defeat Zeus the Thunder Lord?” Olga smirked. Her hair was the color of burning coal, while her round pupils were two shiny bloody moons.

    “Olga, you have escaped Chen Beixuan by kneeling before him and begging. You have lost your right to speak up at the table. So be quiet.”

    Hu Zongxiu cracked a cold smile and then flung back at her.

    “Fuck you!”

    Olga slammed the table and rose to her feet. Fire suddenly came up around her body and her eyes turned so red that blood seemed to ooze out of them. She locked her fiery gaze onto Hu Zongxiu as the temperature in the room cranked up instantly.

    Capitulating to Chen Fan was the most embarrassing thing she had ever done. She couldn’t let Hu Zongxiu rub it in and add insult to injury.

    Hu Zongxiu snickered and spread out both arms to summon two deadly wind blades. These Wind blades swirled around his arms, turning them into the deadly forearms of the praying mantis. Hu Zongxiu slightly bent both legs and arched his back like a wild cat ready to pounce on its prey.

    “That’s enough.”

    The old man sitting at the head of the table pulled a taut face and said: “Stop it, both of you. We need solidarity during such a trying time!”

    Seeing their leader was angry, both Olga and Hu Zongxiu slowly sat down at their seats as their special powers abated.

    Although the old man at the head of the table was an ordinary mortal, no one dared to defy his order. His authority was supported by an incredible power that was the foundation of the Hong Sect’s dominance over the Dark World. Even if all the underbosses were dead, as long as that incredible power lived on, the Hong Sect would still thrive.

    “I approve of Xiuzong’s plan. But the Dark Moon had sustained heavy casualties during its fight with White Tiger and Red Sparrow I can only let you take half of its men. Be careful, the Hong Sect can’t afford to lose another underboss. Don’t make things difficult for me while I report back to the Elder.” The old man said solemnly.


    Hu Zongxiu, Olga and Romon all replied in unison.

    Such meetings carried out in many other organizations of the Dark World. In order to claim the Heavenly Water of Life, they all sent in the best of the best. Those who ranked high enough on the Dark Roll didn’t even waste time on preparation as they departed for Siberia right away.

    In a few days, Siberia would see a gathering of powerful Overlords all around the world.

    All the while, Chen Fan was oblivious to the actions around him.

    After the spring festival, he assigned Yu Qin and the Cang Dragon Bodyguards to his parents and grandpa’s house and then he took a plane to the Outer Guan Region by himself.

    By now, Chen Fan had spent ten days inside the Green Dragon Grand Array, so his body had fully recuperated and energy charged. However, he still couldn’t fully recover the Raw Arcane Energy he had consumed during the battle with the Japanese Military. That being said, the damage to the Raw Arcane Energy only had a long term effect and wouldn’t hamper his performance during battle.

    “Huu! Huu!”

    The airplane took off and reached ten thousand meters above the ground.

    Chen Fan calculated in his mind.

    “It would take grandpa and Sister An at least three years to finish Foundation Establishment level, by then, I should start to teach them some Divine spells. By that time, I should have already reached Divine Sea Level, if not Connate Spirit. I should be powerful enough to protect them even if the entire world turns against me.”

    Chen Fan thought to himself.

    The art he had taught his family was not a fully-fledged Art of Immortal Cultivation. Instead, it was an enhanced version of Internal Force cultivation. It would strengthen Chen Huaian and the other’s bodies and reinforce their inner energy, but it wouldn’t grant them the ability to use any Dharma Spells or Divine spells. Chen Fan did it to make sure their cultivation foundations were solid and as a fail-safe, in case they were unable to pick up the more advanced arts.

    Cultivation, at its core, was the process of breaking the circle of life.

    The earth’s resources were scarce and couldn’t support too many Immortal Cultivators. It wouldn’t be too difficult for the Chen Fan’s family members to enter Foundation Establishment level using the abundant Spirit Medicine in the valley, but even these Spirit herbs wouldn’t support the huge Spirit Qi consumption once they reached the Ethereal Enlightenment and Divine Sea level.

    Chen Fan’s plan was simple: he would improve his level of attainment first so that he would traverse the universe to seek cultivation resources elsewhere. Then he could relocate his family to those Spirit Lands with abundant resources. He didn’t forget about Fang Qiong either, but he wagered that since Fang Qiong was still young, he wouldn’t have to worry about her for another decade or so. During that time, she could soak up the rough and tumble of the mortal world, letting it harden her will and soul so that she would be better prepared for the journey of cultivation.

    Chen Fan had created a new batch of Jade Talisman for his family and with the protection of Tong Shan and the Cang Dragon unit, Chen Fan was confident that his family should be safe.

    Tiger Demon’s Physique Refinement Art has the Tiger Demon’s Physique Refinement Art, so he was powerful enough to drive off a Grandmaster.

    Chen Fan had seen to it that his family was safe before he boarded the plane. He was not sure how long he would be gone. Even after he got the Fruit of Embryonic Essence, he might find a quiet place to cultivate instead of returning home right away since the Fruit of Embryonic Essence couldn’t be preserved for too long.

    “Sigh… I can teach them all the arts in the world, and shower them with Spirit Qi, but do ma and pa really have what it takes to be Immortal Cultivators?” Chen Fan let out a sigh. Patience and perseverance were the two cornerstones of cultivation. Anyone could reach the Introductory Level, but as they progress further, fewer and fewer people would remain committed. Chen Fan was not sure how far his family could go.

    However, even if they could only reach Connate Spirit or Golden Core, they should be able to live up to hundreds if not thousands of years. The thought gave Chen Fan some solace and comfort.

    After a while, the plane finally landed on the frozen tarmac of an airport

    It was the northmost city of the northernmost province of China. Looking from above, the land was covered by a thick white blanket. On the ground, the streets were decorated with ice sculptures and lights.

    Yang Qinhu already had been waiting for Chen Fan outside of the airport.

    “Senior Master Chen, welcome.”

    Yang Qinhu was the biggest tycoon in the Outer Guan Region and he was not afraid of showing off his wealth. A dozen or so brawny men in black suits stood behind him and they were flanked by a row of Mercedes. The group of brawny men bowed and greeted Chen Fan in unison.

    “It’s kinda weird. I don’t like it.” Chen Fan furrowed his brows and said slightly.

    “Yes, Senior Master Chen.” Yang Qinhu waved a hand and dismissed those men in black. After all the men drove away, they were left alone with a couple of bodyguards and a Mercedes-Benz S-650

    The bodyguard held the car door for Chen Fan and shut it after Chen Fan was all buckled up.

    The Mercedes-Benz then started off quietly toward the outskirts of the frigid city.

    “Senior Master Chen Fan, this man was the captain of the expedition team. You can ask him if you have any questions.” Yang Qinhu knew what was on Chen Fan’s mind so he brought the answer to him straight away.

    Across Chen Fan sat a thin man with a stupid and wondering gaze. The man was in rough shape and he definitely had seen better days. The deep wrinkles on his skin where muscles used to be suggested that he had been a fit and healthy man. However, now he was as thin as a skeleton and despite the blasting heat in the car, he was shaking uncontrollably.

    “What is your name?” Chen Fan asked in an even voice.

    “My name is Wang Baoguo.” The question startled the middle-aged man at first, then he answered with a jittering voice.

    “Don’t be afraid, I’m just going to ask you a few questions.” Chen Fan said: “Where did you take the photo of the spring and the tree? Where are the other members of your team? Did you encounter any monsters?”

    Chen Fan’s calm voice seemed to have steadied Wang Baoguo’s mind a little.

    He fished out a small silver vodka flask and took a sip, which brought a light color onto his cheeks. He rubbed his hands together and said: “We found it in a valley deep inside of Siberia. We were commissioned by the boss of Fu Hai Group. He wanted to explore new oil fields and mines in Russia because of its cheap cost of operation.” Wang Baoguo said.

    “Our expedition team had a dozen members, all armed to ward off wild animals such as bears and tigers. The man in charge of security was my vice captain. He was a sharp shooter recently retired from the military. When we found out about the spring, we were ecstatic. We thought we had found the magical spring that can grant us immortality. but…”

    Even as he said that a flicker of panic flashed in Wang Baoguo’s eyes. His lips trembled as he started shaking again. “As I was saying… we were… we were ecstatic at first. But… there were monsters… they attacked us…”

    “What kind of monsters?” Chen Fan pressed on.