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Chapter 406 - The Journey of Cultivation

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 406: The Journey of Cultivation

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    Once Chen Fan’s family members finally gathered themselves, Chen Huaian said heavily: “You are right in keeping this information a secret. If it got out, the entire world would usher chaos to the world. In order to gain power, everyone, including those in foreign countries would come knocking on our doors and ask us to hand over the Cultivation technique.”

    Chen Gexin, Wang Xiaoyun, and An Ya nodded in agreement.

    This secret carried too much weight for them to shoulder.

    The Vitality Serum could only slightly improve a mortal’s physical condition, yet the Lee Family and the Pharmaceutical tycoons were crazy for it. Because of this, Chen Fan was considered by the Chinese government the most valuable asset of the nation. If the world got a whiff of Chen Fan’s special cultivation technique, they would spare no expense to get it.

    By then, the USA and Russia would very likely start a nuclear war, risking the destruction of the entire human civilization. They would rather let the world burn than having their rival gain an edge. The United States of America would not sit around and let everyone in China become as powerful as Chen Fan. They couldn’t even handle a hundred Chen Fan much less 1.3 billion of them.

    Its aircraft carriers, fighter jets, and battleships would be child’s toys before the combined might of a hundred more soldiers as powerful as Chen Fan. Only the threat of nuclear warheads might have some effect on them.

    “Xiao Fan, is it true that your cultivation technique can make everyone as powerful as you?”

    An Ya looked at Chen Fan anxiously.

    Everyone held their breath and looked to Chen Fan expectantly.

    “The requirement for cultivation is low, anyone can do it. However, just like learning Math and physics, not everyone can be Einstein and Newton.” Chen Fan said. “Most people would finish their academic career by the time they finished high school. Most people from more impoverished areas couldn’t even finish elementary school, the same goes for cultivators on Spirit Qi deprived earth.”

    There were gazillions of cultivation techniques and sects, and there were equally as many cultivators in the universe, but there were only a handful of Perfected Immortals.

    The Immortal Cultivation realm had millions of years of history, but there had only been one North Mystic Celestial Lord.

    The lack of Spirit Qi on earth was another hurdle for the cultivators. Without proper resources, they would easily get stuck and couldn’t progress. An ample supply of good high-quality Spirit Qi was as essential to Immortal Cultivators as fuel were to an engine. The more powerful the engine, the more fuel it would burn and the same went for cultivators and Spirit Qi.

    “Immortal Cultivation comes in different stages such as Qi Refinement, Connate Spirit, Golden Core, and Nascent Soul just to name a few. For now, you should focus on the Qi Refinement stage, and it is further divided into a few phases: Foundation Establishment, Ethereal Enlightenment, and Divine Sea. I think the Divine Sea should be the maximum level you can achieve on earth.”

    Chen Fan said slowly.

    “Cultivation might sound easy, but it required powerful and effective arts, a good Spirit Land, talent, good guidance and a bit of luck. Most people are able to reach the introductory level of Foundation Establishment and reap some health benefits. It was not that much different than Tai Chi. However, those who were talents have a good teacher and are committed would eventually reach higher levels such as Divine Sea, Connate Spirit, and Golden Core.”

    As Chen Fan finally addressed some of the key questions his listers had, Chen Huaian and the others nodded, and they started to see the whole picture.

    If anyone could be as powerful as Chen Fan, the world would be in chaos in no time. Although the requirement for Immortal Cultivation was low, it wasn’t all that easy to be good at it. Just like the Martial Arts cultivation, Immortal Cultivation also required talents and resources, both were subjects of fierce competition among Immortal Cultivation sects.

    Chen Fan’s Teacher, Cangqin the Immortal Sage toured the universe every few thousand years to recruit a group of candidates to pit them against each other in his Cangmin Immortal Realm. It was free for all battle royale and only the last one standing could have the honor of becoming his Inner Circle Disciple.

    Canqin did it to winnow out the real talents among the candidates.

    “Are you calling yourself a genius? Is that why your cultivation progressed so fast?” Wang Xiaoyun giggled. Her eyes were filled with pride.

    Chen Fan was not sure what to make of his mom’s remark, but he was slightly lighthearted by it nonetheless. He rose to his feet and said: “Grandpa, mom, pa and Sister An, I want to show you something.”

    After exchanging a glance with each other, the Chen Family members rose to their feet and followed Chen Fan out of the room.

    Chen Fan led them out of the East Mountain Villas. To Chen Huaian’s surprise, Chen Fan didn’t hop into a car; instead, he started up the path that leads to the top of the mountain.

    When they were halfway to the top, Wang Xiaoyun furrowed her brows and asked in confusion: “Xiao Fan, where are you taking us? Your Grandpa hikes on this trail every day and there is nothing special up there. It’s the East Mountain Meadow that you bought and have done nothing to it. It’s overgrown with bushes now. What a waste of money and —”

    “That’s enough. I believe Xiao Fan wouldn’t bring us here for no reason.” Chen Gexin cut his wife short.

    An Ya and Chen Huaian kept their silence and followed closely behind Chen Fan.

    When they finally reached the main peak of East Mountain directly above the East Mountain Meadow, they saw a patch of barren land dotted with gnarly bushes through a veil of mist hovering above the ground. Everyone looked to Chen Fan in confusion.

    Why did Chen Fan bring everyone here?

    Chen Fan answered their curious look by a gentle tap on the ground. Then he let out a grunt.


    Suddenly, a deep thunder rumbled in the distance and the mist started to churn itself over.

    Once the mist was gone, the East Mountain Meadow finally revealed its true form to everyone.

    “Oh my god!”

    Wang Xiaoyun and An Ya both covered their mouths to stifle a cry. A flicker of shock also flashed across Chen Huaian and Chen Gexin’s faces as disbelief surfaced in their eyes.

    The East Mountain Meadow was covered under a shimmering Azure dome with small azure-colored rain droplets as fine and soft as rabbit fur filled up space inside. Everything has a dream-like quality that reminded the viewers of fairyland in their childhood imaginations. The Azure-colored mist climbed up the mountains that flanked the meadow, and from their peaks, the mist turned into rain droplets and fell to the rich soil below where countless Spirit herbs, Spirit Trees grew. At the other end of the meadow was a pavilion also shrouded in mist.

    “I must have been blinded by a Dharma Spell! I have been here hundreds of times and never had I notice this miraculous sight. This is absolutely amazing!”

    Chen Huaian held back his shock and disbelief and shook his head.

    “Grandpa, this is why I needed the East Mountain Meadow. I grow spirit medicine here.” Chen Fan said as he gestured everyone to follow him. “Let’s go and take a look at my Cave Abode.”


    Everyone was stupefied by Chen Fan’s suggestion.

    Wang Xiaoyun asked: “Son, this is a sheer drop, how are we going to get there? We can’t fly like you.”

    Chen Huaian kept his silence and looked to Chen Fan, he knew that Chen Fan had a way to get them down there.

    Lo and behold, Chen Fan cracked a smile and said: “Arise!”

    The Green Dragon Grand Array started working at his command. Under everyone’s shocked eyes, the clouds roiled about before them and parted in the middle, creating a space that was filled with a raw bow and ingredient air bubbles. The path extended from the top of the mountain where the Chen Family was to the pavilion.

    After Chen Fan’s assuring and reassuring that the path was safe to walk on, Wang Xiaoyun and An Ya finally took the first step fearfully. Meanwhile, Chen Huaian and Chen Gexin embarked on the path without any hesitation. They looked around and enjoyed the view of the East Mountain Meadow as they made their way down.

    Suddenly, the White Drake appeared amidst the clouds and startled the Chen family.

    After much explanation from Chen Fan, they finally accepted that this monster in the cloud was the Artifact Spirit of the Green Dragon Grand Array.

    When they finally arrived at the North Qiong Pavilion, Tong Shan and Yukishiro Sa were already waiting for them by the entrance.

    Seeing Chen Fan and the other guests, Yukishiro Sa came up to them and bowed: “My name is Yukishiro Sa. Welcome, my lords!”

    “Xiao Fan, Who is she?”

    Chen Fan felt Wang Xiaoyun’s shoot a glare at his face.

    An Ya was also taken aback by the development. Yukishiro Sa had been a drop-dead gorgeous even before she lived in the Green Dragon Grand Array, after spending days around so much Spirit Qi, her skin had become so tender and smooth that she looked like a goddess in paintings.

    “My lords, I am master’s servant, Yukishiro Sa.” Yukishiro Sa hurried to explain.

    Chen Fan put in calmly: ‘Mom and Dad, she is the family lord of the Yukishiro family in Japan that I told you of. She was wanted by the Japanese government because of me so I brought her here. Please be rest assured, she is absolutely loyal to us.”

    Hearing Chen Fan’s explanation, Wang Xiaoyun’s glare grew softer, but a flicker of suspicion still flashed in her eyes.

    Chen Fan was lighthearted by the development. He couldn’t register that his mother seemed to believe that the girl was his mistress. On the other hand, Sister An believed Chen Fan’s explanation and gave Chen Fan a trusting look.

    Once they entered the North Qiong Pavilion, Chen Fan showed them around and finally started to teach them Dharmic formulation.

    Since the Chen Family members started from zero, Chen Fan decided to teach them the most basic art of Foundation Establishment first. This Art was from a prominent immortal cultivation set and was called the Qi Harness Art of Foundation Establishment. Although it was not as powerful as the Void Mortal Refinement Art, it had an easy learning curve and anyone could be good at it. In addition, this art could also help the cultivators prolong their lives.

    Chen Fan only taught them the Qi Harnessing part of the art since it was still too early to expect them to attempt the real Dharma Cultivation.

    Both Chen Gexin and Wang Xiaoyun were busy with their own business, so it was unrealistic to expect them to be fully commit to cultivation. The Qi Harness Art would at least strengthen their bodies and improve their health.

    After spending another week in the East Mountain, the Chen family members finally got the hang of it. The Green Dragon Grand Array and the Spirit Medicine had helped their cultivation greatly.

    To Chen Fan’s surprise, Chen Huaian and An Ya had progressed their cultivation much faster than the other two. Just in a few days, they seemed to have already reached the Introductory Level.

    “Grandpa was an unflappable veteran in the harsh world, while Sister An had great attention to detail, both of their personalities were well suited for cultivation. However, mom and pa were too distracted by worldly matters to focus on their cultivation.”

    Chen Fan thought to himself.

    However, he was not at all worried by his parents’ slow progression. He wouldn’t leave the Earth for many years so he had time.

    Five days later, just as the Chen family were all on the right track, Chen Fan received a phone call from Yang Qinhu.

    “It’s time to seek the Fruit of Embryonic Essence.”

    Chen Fan thought to himself as his eyes glinted.