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Chapter 404 - What Does It Take To Be A Legend?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 404: What Does It Take To Be A Legend?

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    When Chen Fan talked about the Grandmaster, Lei Qianjue and the Dark Roll, people such as Chen Zhenxin only have a very vague idea of what they were but couldn’t gauge exactly how powerful they were since they sounded too far removed from reality. Some people even doubted Chen Fan was telling them the truth.

    However, when Chen Fan told them that he had defeated the entire fourteenth brigade and struck down seventeen airplanes, they simply couldn’t wrap their minds around it.

    Unlike a Grandmaster, they knew what the army was and knew that they were extremely deadly. No individual could have survived a fight against modern killing machines.

    Therefore, Even Chen Huaian and Wang Xiaoyun found Chen Fan’s story inconceivable.

    However weak the fourteen brigade was, it was fully armed with modern weapons of a few thousand strong. Not to mention the F-15 hypersonic jets and the AH-1 Cobra helicopters. They were renowned for their deadliness and advanced technologies used.

    Yet, Chen Fan had to defeat such an army all by himself. If that was not a legend, nothing was.

    “How is that possible? How can you counter modern military?”

    “How many people are there in the fourteenth brigade? Are they armed with modern weapons? Do they have any heavy machine guns? And you said there were F-15s, are you sure about that?”

    Chen Gexin rounded his eyes and asked many questions in utter disbelief.

    Chen Zhenxin also had many questions but since Chen Fan’s father was here, he let Chen Gexin take the lead. Even An Ya was shocked by the revelation. She rounded and gaped at Chen Fan speechlessly. Meanwhile, Chen Ning was adding some water into a teacup; she was so stunned by what she heard that she didn’t even notice the water reached the rim of the teacup.

    Grandpa was the only person who had kept calm. But he also fixed his gaze on Chen Fan.

    “The Fourteenth Brigade was a fully-fledged unit in the Japan Self-Defense Forces. It has four thousand soldiers and has Type 96 Armored Personnel Carrier, AH-1 Cobra helicopters, field cannons and what have you. It’s a motorized modern brigade. As for the F-15s, it was equipped with hypersonic missiles…”

    Chen Fan told them everything that he knew of the Fourteenth Brigade.

    The more he talked about it, the more shocked the Chen family became.

    They realized that the Fourteenth Brigade was a deadly modern army that was armed to the teeth. Its overall strength was superior to most armies of similar sizes in most countries in the world. Most smaller nations didn’t even have a single fighter jet and were still fighting with outdated and improvised equipment such as AK-47s and pick-up trucks.

    Chen Fan had crushed the modern military unit, but what did that mean about his power? Did that mean he could do whatever he wants in the world as long as he stayed away from the superpowers such as China, Russia, and America?

    With that thought in mind, a silence fell over the office.

    Even Wang Xiaoyun had to take a few deep breaths to calm herself.

    She thought she had been generous while estimating her son’s strength, but little did she know that Chen Fan’s abilities and power had already far exceeded the capacity of a normal human being. At Chen Fan’s current level, only the leaders of powerful nations were worthy of sitting around the same table with him. The power of any family clan or business group was a far cry from what’s at Chen Fan’s disposal.

    “That makes so much sense now. No wonder Xiao Fan could have scared away the Han Family.”

    After a long silent moment, Chen Huaian heaved a sigh and said.

    The grizzled old man no longer regarded Chen Fan as a youngster in the family, instead, he regarded him as one of his peers.

    Chen Fan was so powerful that his strength had far exceeded Chen Huaian’s comprehension. The old man simply couldn’t bring himself to treat a mighty figure who had defeated an army of a few thousand strong as his grandson. Instead, he should put Chen Fan in a glass case and on a pedestal so that he could be worshipped and admired by everyone in the family.

    Chen Zhenxin gaped at Chen Fan in utter disbelief.

    If Chen Fan was telling the truth, Han Family’s might and influence were peanuts compared to that of Chen Fan. The Han Family was just a family clan but Chen Fan was a force that rivaled a nation. Of course Han Family had to stay away from Chen Fan.

    The thought of Han Juntu’s submissive and servile behavior before Chen Fan gave Chen Ning a chill.

    So absolute was Chen Fan’s power that even elite heirs from Yan Jin such as Han Juntu had to bow down to him. Chen Fan’s power would easily make him the equal of the mighty Old Man Han.

    “But how is it possible that a human can defeat tanks and airplanes?” Chen Gexin asked incredulously. “Are these Grandmasters so powerful that not even the military can bring them to heel?”

    “Not every Grandmaster can be as powerful as me. Lei Qianjue, for example, would never stand a chance against a modern army. He wouldn’t survive the initial bombardment of the bombs, missiles and what have you.” Chen Fan shook his head .”I am not an ordinary Grandmaster, they call me an Immortal Level Overlord.”

    “Immortal Level Overlord?”

    Everyone looked at each other as they murmured the words.

    Chen Fan had become so powerful that he had rightfully earned the title “Immortal.” What other words could people use to describe someone who defeated a powerful army all by himself?

    “A legend, so my nephew is a legend!”

    Chen Zhenxin exclaimed. There was a bitterness in his voice.

    His power and influence simply seemed laughable to that of Chen Fan. The comparison put a wry smile on Chen Zhenxin’s face.

    “The Han Family is very smart. Xiao Fan had dealt a huge blow to Japan by defeating their Fourteenth Brigade, so they wagered that the Chinese government would spare no expense to secure their ties with Chen Fan. Therefore, to be the enemy of Chen Fan is to be the enemy of the Chinese government.” Chen Huaian said knowingly.

    Everyone, including Wang Xiaoyun, nodded in agreement.

    The Chinese government would do whatever was necessary to win over Chen Fan. It would be a crime if they let Chen Fan slip through their fingers to work for other forces such as Russia or England. Chen Fan was as powerful as an entire division of motorized infantry with unbridled mobility. He could strike fear into the hearts of even the most fearsome enemies.

    “Atta boy! As long as we have Xiao Fan in our family, we can easily claim the seat of power at Jiang Nan Province.” Chen Huaian said as he beamed from side to side.

    The old man was suddenly relieved and the mood in the room also lightened up a bit.

    Chen Zhenxin and Chen Ning both stared at Chen Fan in silence.

    They knew that Chen Fan’s branch was going to replace them as the dominating force in the family. Chen Fan alone was more powerful than the entire family. The Chen family relied on him and needed him.

    Meanwhile, Wang Xiaoyun and An Ya looked to Chen Fan in pleasant surprise. Wang Xiaoyun wished she could hug Chen Fan tightly, kiss his cheek and then announce to the world: “This is my son. My son is a legend, and is as powerful as the nation’s leaders!”

    An Ya tugged a loose strand of hair behind her ear as she looked at Chen Fan with a soft gaze. She batted her lashes and curled her lips into a mesmerizing smile.

    Even Chen Gexin who rarely let his emotions show up on face nodded approvingly.

    Chen Zhenxin and Chen Ning left the room quietly. Chen Fan had told them a lot, but he was still silent about the source of his power. Where did he get his power? Could he teach others to be as strong as him?

    However, Chen Zhenxin knew that that information was meant only for the ears of Chen Fan’s close families. He wagered that Chen Fan would not willingly tell him those secrets so he might as well leave the room before he embarrassed himself.

    Once Chen Zhenxin and Chen Ning left the room, Chen Fan was finally alone with his parents, grandpa and Sister An Ya.

    Chen Fan said with as much seriousness as he could muster: “Grandpa, Mom and Dad and Sister An, what I am going to tell you next are top secrets, and you should never ever tell anyone. Otherwise, there will be grave consequences.”

    Chen Huaian and Chen Gexin both nodded with solemn faces.

    They knew that Chen Fan was finally going to get down to the real business.

    Chen Fan had been telling them a lot about his abilities, but he didn’t mention a word about the source of his power. The key questions remained whether Chen Fan could teach the others his incredible powers just as the masters in the Wu Xia drama would.

    Wang Xiaoyun was gripped by a wave of intense anticipation. If she could be as powerful as her son, she wouldn’t have to toil in the business world. Her Jin Xiu Group was worth ten billion yuan, but what did ten billion yuan mean to Chen Fan who was as powerful as a nation?

    “Not only is it complicated to explain the source of my power, but it is also related to another secret that I don’t think you are ready to hear yet. But what I can say is this: if you start to cultivate with me, you can be as powerful as me, if not more so.”

    Chen Fan said with a smile on his face.


    Wang Xiaoyun exclaimed first.

    “Of course.” Chen Fan nodded.

    Everyone’s faces were lit up with glee. An Ya’s eyes were filled with joy and anticipation. Who didn’t want to be a godly existence who could do whatever they wanted? The toiling and struggling in life were all part of the pursuit of power, wasn’t it?

    Chen Huaian furrowed his brows and said: “Hold on a second. If even an old man like me could be as powerful as Xiao Fan then there should be many mighty figures just like Xiao Fan. But in reality, it’s rare to meet Internal Force users, much less Grandmasters. How could you explain that?”

    The smile on Wang Xiaoyun and Chen Gexin’s face dimmed a little after they heard the old man’s question.


    Just so, they were close to forty and Chen Huaian was in his eighties. They were way past their best years for learning. Even in Wu Xia drama, didn’t all the protagonist start training when they were children? If they could master Martial Artists, there must be many Martial Artist Masters out there. If that’s the case, the world would be in chaos having so many powerful men and women with unbridled power.

    With that thought in mind, they looked to Chen Fan for help.

    “Grandpa was right. Of all the grandmasters in entire China, there are only less than twenty Grandmasters. There are a little bit more Internal Force users, but not a lot either. The world hasn’t seen an Immortal Level Overlord such as me for decades.”

    Chen Fan nodded as he murmured to himself.

    “That was because Martial Artist cultivation required very high raw talent. Only one in a million could have possessed such talent and on top of that, he would have to start stringent training when he was a child. That had severely limited the number of Grandmasters and Internal force users.”

    “However, that was the method of training for ordinary martial arts, my method of cultivation is different.”

    So saying, a light suddenly came up in his eyes.