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Chapter 403 - Legend of Chen Beixuan

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     “Chen Beixuan!”

    Everyone looked at each other in confusion.

    They had heard this name many times, and it was evident by now that there was a shocking secret behind this name. Even the Han Family was afraid of the power behind this name. It had scared off Han Juntu and forced Secretary Qu to plaster on a toady smile.

    “Grandpa, Mom, and Pa, It is going to be a long story and things might not be what you think. So please let me finish before you ask any questions.” Chen Fan said calmly

    Wang Xiaoyun and the others nodded.

    An Ya batted her lashes at Chen Fan expectantly. It had been a year since they last saw each other and it would be the first time she could learn what he had been up to within that one year. Even Chen Gexin fixed a heavy gaze on his son. Chen Gexin always had a pretty good idea of what his son was like until Chen Fan returned from Chu Zhou City.

    Chen Fan took the tea from Chen Ning’s hand and took a small sip and start filling in the details.

    He omitted the fact that he was reborn to the earth thinking it would be too much for his audience so he only focused on what he had done after he was reborn.

    Chen Fan first talked about what it meant to be an Internal Force User and a Grandmaster. He then started his tell story from when he first met Old Man Wei at the park.

    “So Old Man Wei is also a Martial Artist!”

    Chen Gexin and the other slapped their thighs as realization suddenly dawned upon them. They finally understood why Old Man Wei would suddenly take a liking to Chen Fan, so much so that he had come to visit him personally during last year’s family gathering.

    “Indeed I have heard something about it. People told me that when Old Man Wei was young, he was a powerful fighter and most ordinary Joes were no match against him. I never thought those rumors would turn out to be real.” Old Man Wei nodded and said.

    Everyone already knew of Chen Fan’s status as a Grandmaster, so they were not too surprised by the revelation.

    Then Chen Fan told them about the underground Martial Arts Tournament where he killed Linhu with three punches and stunned the entire Jiang Bei.

    “So that is how you got the name of the Master Chen of Jiang Bei!”

    Chen Huaian exclaimed under his breath while Wang Xiaoyun gave her son a glance. Her son had claimed supremacy in Jiang Bei and brought powerful tycoons such as Xu Ao to heel using force. The thought scared her. Fortunately, her son was safe after so much violence.

    “Linhu was called the Alaskan Tiger and was a force to be reckoned within Canada. No wonder Xu Ao and the other tycoons would treat you with so much respect after seeing you killing him with three punches.” Chen Gexin nodded, but a hint of concern surfaced on his face.

    What Chen Fan said next had unnerved his listeners. He told everyone how he had become the Head Sergeant of Cang Dragon and that he went to the Martial arts conference and had to fight against Linhu’s teacher Lei Qianjue.

    Everyone was stunned by what they heard.

    That battle was the first time that the name “Chen Beixuan” came into the public’s ears.

    Chen Fan and Lei Qianjue’s battle at the shore of the West Lake was called the Battle of The Decade. Lei Qianjue had used all the tricks up his sleeves to force Chen Fan to do the same. After this battle, Chen Fan became listed on the Heaven roll and officially rose to power.

    Then he went on to tell them what happened in detail: that he had killed the underbosses of the Hong Sect, that he had carried a Tripod Cauldron into the Lu family, that he had done away with the disciple of Lei Qianjue called Romon that he had defeated Lei Qianjue with one hypersonic punch and became the most powerful Grandmaster in China.

    This, and that; Chen Fan told them everything.

    Despite the calm timbre in Chen Fan’s voice and his down-to-earth choice of words, Wang Xiaoyun was terrified by the details. An Ya squeezed his arm and looked to him with a great measure of concern. Even Chen Ning gave Chen Fan a shocked and fearful glance.

    Chen Huaian was the only one who seemed to be lighthearted by what he heard. He slammed the table and let out a peal of laughter.

    “Bravo! Atta boy!”

    “You have risen to power after the fight at the West Lake Shore.”

    “Grandmasters are indeed power. I finally understand why the Grandmasters could have so much power.”

    Even as Chen Huaian said so, Chen Zhenxin looked to Chen Fan fearfully as the terrifying fight scene played out in his mind. Two warriors turning the West Lake upside down as they exchanged blows. Such divine powers should not have belonged to the mortal world. No wonder these Grandmasters were feared by even powerful nations.

    “I wager that Li Wuchen had invited you to become the Head Sergeant of the Cang Dragon after your display of might at the West Lake.” Chen Gexin nodded and said.

    Chen Fan’s father had a matter-of-fact mannerism and very rarely did he offer his approval to anyone, much less his own son. Therefore, Chen Gexin’s approving nod had caught Wang Xiaoyun’s attention and made her feel proud of her son.

    She was confident that with her son on her side, she would once again walk into the Wang Family of Yan Jin with her chin up and chest out.

    “I, Wang Xiaoyun am able to raise such a successful son, while none of you can.”

    “However, I wager that your number one spot on the Heaven roll is not what deterred Han Family, is it? You must have done something else to have scared Han Juntu away.” Chen Huaian locked in his eyes onto Chen Fan and asked with all the seriousness he could muster.

    Other people around the table also saw the sense in the old man’s words. The Han Family was the top family in China and it would not be deterred by a Grandmaster.

    “You are right.” Chen Fan nodded and said: “From then on, I killed the Assassin King Blacksnake and Zhou Daoji of Hong Kong. But those are not what scared off Han Family, the real reason that they are afraid of me was that I am ranked number three on the Dark Roll.”

    ‘Dark Roll?”

    Everyone looked at each other in confusion.

    “The Dark Roll is a list published by the CIA’s Special Case Department. It’s a wanted list, to put it simply. When I was studying at the Jinlin University, I was ambushed by five Grandmasters and I killed four of them, one of those four was from the Dark World. That was how I became number three on that list.” Chen Fan said lightly.

    The five Grandmasters were: Diamond Buck, Zoro the Thunder King, Theseus the Phantom, Olga the Crimson Lady and Park Kyung-hwan.

    Each one of them was an incredible Super Overlord in the dark world. Chen Huaian had heard only one of their names: Park Kyung-hwan. He knew him as the Head Sergeant of the Special forces in the Korean Military. The might of one of the five Grandmasters was enough to let Chen Huaian exclaim at the unimaginable power when their forces were combined.

    “It happened at school? When?”

    Chen Ning covered her mouth to stifle a gasp.

    The details also caught Chen Huaian’s attention.

    He had never thought that his grandson could have been attacked by five of the most powerful Overlords in the Dark World. It should have been a piece of explosive news, yet Chen Huaian had heard nothing about it.

    “It seemed that we are too far removed from the center of the power that makes the world go around. If Xiao Fan didn’t inform us about what had happened, we will still be oblivious to the death of so many mighty figures around the world.” Chen Huaian lamented.

    The revelation also perturbed Chen Gexin’s mind.

    He was always proud of himself for the rich experience his rough and tumble life had offered him, but it seemed that his son had gone through more trials and tribulations then he had in his entire life.

    “Legend! Xiao Fan is indeed a legend!”

    Chen Zhenxin looked to Chen Fan as if Chen Fan was a completely different person than he was a few moments ago.

    After the shocking revelation of the Dark Roll, the incident at the Su Family of Wu Zhou City started to make sense to everyone. Chen Fan was ranked number three on the list and was feared around the globe. Even powerful nations buttered him up to gain his favor. The Ji Family of Zhong Hai, the Tang Family, and the Nin Family simply couldn’t compare.

    “But… why did they call you the ‘Greatest pride of our nation’?” Chen Huaian furrowed his brows and asked.

    In Chinese history, only those who had helped the founding a dynasty by leading armies into great victories were worthy of the title “Pride of the Nation.” Chen Fan was only a martial artist and a fearsome warrior at the most, he shouldn’t have been granted such an honorable title.

    “That might have something to do with the Vitality Serum.” Chen Beixuan pondered a moment and told everyone his academic endeavor at the Jinlin University. He had established a lab, invented the Vitality Serum and created the Azure Talisman Pharmaceutical with the funding from the government.

    “So you are that Professor Chen?” Chen Ning rounded her eyes in disbelief.

    “You are the owner of Azure Talisman Pharmaceutical and the Vitality Serum?” Chen Zhenxin slapped his head and exclaimed. Chen Zhenxin was directly involved in helping the Azure Talisman Pharmaceutical get going and he knew the significance of the product.

    “Vitality Serum!”

    Chen Huaian’s gaze grew heavier by the second. “This product would benefit billions of people around the world, and contribute to the development of mankind. Xiao Fan, you are really worthy of the title ‘Pride of the nation!’”

    Chen Gexin and Wang Xiaoyun both nodded in agreement.

    Those who knew of the Vitality Serum would quickly understand its importance to the world. Although it was not nearly as effective as the Yun Wu Spirit Water, it can be mass-produced.

    Ferrari was a top luxury car, but it contributed very little to the automobile industry. The Backbones of the industry were companies such as GM or Toyota that mass-produced cheap vehicles for everyone.

    “As long as you still hold onto the Vitality Serum, the Han Family would not dare to touch even a hair on your head.” Chen Huaian said conclusively.

    “Vitality Serum might be able to make the Han Family respect you, but they won’t be afraid of you. What else did you do?” Chen Huaian cracked a shrewd smile and asked.

    Chen Fan let out a wry smile and was impressed by the old man’s sharp mind and perspicacity.

    He nodded and said: “Just recently, I went to Japan. I am sure most of you already know that.”

    Everyone looked to Chen Fan expectantly. Even An Ya realized that what Chen Fan was about to reveal next would answer all of their questions. Something must have happened during Chen Fan’s stay in Japan that had scared Han Juntu.

    “When I was there, I got into some trouble because I destroyed a Shrine. The Japanese Sword Sage Takemiya Hiro challenged me into a duel at the top of the Tokyo Tower and our fight had reduced the tower to half of its original height. But, that’s not the real reason people are afraid of me.”

    Chen Fan paused a second, letting the suspense hang in the air.

    “I had a run-in with the Fourteenth Brigade of the Japan Self-Defense Forces. I defeated the army and took down five F-15 fighter jets plus fourteen AH-1 Cobra helicopters.”


    A deadly silence fell over the entire office.

    Chen Huaian gaped at Chen Fan in utter disbelief. Chen Fan’s story was so wild that it should have belonged to a mythical tale.