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Chapter 402 - Chen Family’s Questions

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 402: Chen Family’s Questions

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    What happened in the Red Stone Club had quickly spread across the entire province.

    The matter related to one of the most powerful families in China, the Han Family as well as the new rising star, the Chen family. Everyone had expected the Chen’s family to be crushed by the mighty Han Family since the leader of the Han Family’s third generation, Han Juntu had arrived personally to the scene. That should be too much for the newly risen Chen family to handle.

    However, everyone was surprised by the outcome.

    Han Hongkun was forced to his knees while Han Juntu personally apologized to Chen’s family. The Song Family got the worst of it and was driven out of the city. The shocking news had stunned everyone in the province.

    Song Family had deep roots in the Jinlin City and had been a force to be reckoned with for decades. Even though the Qiao Family were unable to pin the Song Family under its thumb because of the Song Family’s connection with the mighty Han Family. However, Chen Fan had kicked the Song Family out of the city without even lifting a finger.

    In the end, the Song Family eventually moved out of the city as they were told. Based on the insider’s information, Old Man Song was on the phone with Lord Han for over an hour. Afterward, he walked out of his study almost in a kind of relief. He shook his head and lamented: “What a close call! ”

    The relocation of the Song Family had stunned everyone in the Province.

    The event also cast the Chen Family under a much more respectful light. People’s understanding of Chen Fan’s power also changed.

    They had known Chen Fan as the Master Chen of Jiang Bei, the Head Sergeant of Cang Dragon. However, they have never expected him to be able to dominate the entire Jinlin City. A family needs to go through trials and tribulations before they would earn their seats among the elite families. That was the case for the Qiao Family, Song Family, Hua Family, and the Ren Family and so it should be for the Chen family.

    However, people’s expectations were far from reality. Chen Fan had forced the Han Family to bow to him and drove the Song Family out of Jinlin City.

    Chen Fan’s capability had far exceeded everyone’s imagination. Old Man Song called the incident a close call, what did he mean by that? Was it a close call for the Han Family as well?

    Who was Chen Fan? What was he really capable of?

    Why could he bring so many great families to their knees?

    The tycoons of Jinlin City racked their minds to find an answer but failed. Their vision was limited to their small sphere of influence. On the other hand, The Han Family was a national power and therefore was much better connected to the world than these local families. While the Han Family learned about Chen Fan’s incredible deeds in Japan, the local tycoons’ understanding of Chen Fan remained unchanged. They would never have thought that Chen Fan could defeat an entire army and that his name was feared even by the Japanese Prime Minister.

    However, the event at the Red Stone was a wake-up call to the local powers.

    “No one is going to stop the rise of the Chen family now.”

    Many people lamented in their minds as they becoming increasingly fixated on the seemingly ordinary young man.

    He was the one who had pulled the rug from under them and his name was Chen Fan.

    The shocking sentiment of the tycoons was shared among the Chen family members. Chen Ning and Chen Xu rushed back and told their family members of what had happened at Red Stone in vivid detail. The next morning, when the Chen family members realized that the Song Family had moved out of Jinlin City, they were all shocked.

    In the evening, the Chen family held a family banquet.

    The old man Chen Huaian sat at the head of the table and he was flanked by his first and second sons as well as Wang Xiaoyun. The younger generations sat around separate tables. Even Chen Fan’s father, Chen Gexin had made it home for the banquet.

    The Chen family residence rarely saw so many family members in the same room, but there was a silent suspense in the air. Even Chen Guoguo registered the strange mood, so she looked toward Chen Fan and batted her lashes.

    She felt like a princess yesterday, and she almost let out an “aww” when she heard Chen Fan said that he spared Han Hongkun because of his little cousin.

    “He is the best! If Grandpa ever raises his voice to him, I will speak up for him.”

    The little girl made up her mind.

    She was only ten so she couldn’t comprehend the complexity of emotions hanging in the air: pride, joy, inquisitiveness and everything in between except for anger. Chen Fan had somehow made the Chen family the most powerful clan in Jinlin City.

    After they have finished eating, Grandpa put down his chopsticks on the porcelain rest.

    “clink, clink, clink.”

    Everyone followed suit as they looked to Chen Huaian expectantly. Chen Huaian pointed to his oldest son, Chen Fan’s parents and An Ya and with a slight hesitation, to Chen Ning and then he said: “Follow me to my study, the rest can go home now.”

    Then he turned to Chen Fan with a cordial smile. “Xiao Fan, you come with us as well.”

    Chen Fan nodded and then patted the head of a disappointed Chen Guoguo. He promised to take her out again, and at that promise, Chen Guoguo finally smiled.

    Those who were chosen filed into the Grandpa’s study in silence.

    The rest of the family members went away in disappointment. Chen An was disheartened by his Grandpa’s decision of not choosing him. He knew it was because of the bad terms between him and Chen Fan but he was more upset by what it meant: Chen Fan’s branch had replaced Chen An and his parents as the dominant force in the family.

    Chen Fan’s Second Auntie and Third Uncle had also registered the old man’s tilt toward Chen Fan’s family. They both gave Chen Fan an envious stare.

    After everyone was in the study, the old man gestured them to grab a seat and ordered Chen Ning to make tea. Then he turned to Chen Fan and asked with all the seriousness he could muster.

    “Xiao Fan, can you tell us what happened last night?”

    The question piqued everyone’s attention and they looked to Chen Fan with fear and expectation.

    What they heard about last night was so shocking that even Wang Xiaoyun found it hard to believe.

    She was from the mighty Wang Family, the most powerful family in China. Even the Han Family dare not to challenge them openly. Chen Fan’s grandfather on his mother’s side was called Wang Zhongguo. He was equally as influential as OId Man Han.

    Wang Xiaoyun had heard of Han Juntu before and knew that he was the most outstanding member of the Han Family’s third generation. Even Chen Fan’s cousin, her nephew, Wang Chen would pale in comparison with Han Juntu. Chen Ning’s description of such a powerful heir shriveling up before Chen Fan had astonished everyone who had been listening.

    “Just so, Xiao Fan. You have changed so much this year that I don’t even know If you are still my son.”

    Wang Xiaoyun shook her head and let out a wry smile.

    “At first you said you are a Grandmaster in martial arts, I was shocked but was able to come to terms with it. Then you turned out to be the Head sergeant of Cang Dragon and was praised by Li Wuchen. It took me longer to internalize that, but I eventually did it. However, I still couldn’t make sense of what you did at the Su Family. You have a lot of questions to answer.”

    Those questions had been building up and festering inside of Wang Xiaoyun for a long time.

    She could accept her son being a Grandmaster and the Head Sergeant of the Cang Dragon, but not what he had done later this year.

    During the fight against the Sheng family, Chen Fan had the full support of the Chen family so Wang Xiaoyun eventually comes to terms with Chen Fan’s victory. However, when Chen Fan was at Wu Zhou, he had single-handedly defeated the Ji Family of Zhong Hai, Nin Family, Tang Family and the Su Family of Wu Zhou City. Even Boss Lou was pinned under his thumb.

    Anyone of those families was more powerful than the Chen family, particularly the Ji Family who had the backing of a provincial minister.

    That achievement already seemed wild and implausible to the Chen family. However, they eventually rationalized the impossible feat by the suspicion that the Chinese Military might have helped Chen Fan.

    However, even those far-stretched rationals fell short to explain what happened yesterday.

    Chen Fan forced Han Hongkun to his knees and cast the Song Family out of the city. Rumor had it that he had even killed Mitsui Kazuo.

    It was so outrageous that not even the usually unflappable Chen Huaian could have a good night’s sleep without getting to the bottom of it. He must know what had happened from the mouth of his grandson.

    Without a clear answer, he was going to have a heart attack at any time.

    Even Chen Ning gave Chen Fan a long glance as she made teas for everyone.

    She couldn’t believe that the little dip shit she used to loath could have turned out to be such a formidable force. She knew there was no chance that she could ever catch up with him.

    “One should never judge a book by its cover.”

    The old saying rang true to Chen Ning.

    An Ya sat beside Chen Fan with a smile. She gave Chen Fan a soft gaze and felt a mix of pride and contentment. She knew she would always be with Chen Fan regardless of what he had become. If she had to set a time to limit her companionship, she hoped that it was forever.

    Chen Fan retold that happened last night calmly.

    Although this was not the first time they have heard it, hearing the same thing directly from Chen Fan’s mouth had such a shocking effect that as if they were hearing it for the first time. Chen Fan told them everything: that Han Hongkun had provoked him brazenly, that Song Shunhua had verbally insulted him and the Chen family, that Han Juntu was finally involved.

    Chen Fan filled everyone in about all the twists and turns of the event.

    The details renewed everyone’s resentment toward the spinster Song Family as well as their admiration for Chen Fan.

    He had forced the Han Family to apologize, a feat that only he could pull off.

    Seeing the confusion on everyone’s face, Chen Fan said lightly: “You must be curious as to why Han Juntu treated me with such respect.”

    “The answer is simple: they are no match against me.” Chen Fan’s voice was calm, but a hint of pride lit up in his eyes.

    “Because I am Chen Beixuan.”