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Chapter 401 - You Are No Match Against Him

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 401: You Are No Match Against Him

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    Chen Ning had a recurring dream.

    In the dream, the Chen family had claimed the seat of power in Jinlin City and commanded all the rest of the elite families such as the Song Family, Hua Family, and the Ren Family. Even their family lords had to bow to the might of the Chen family. The Chen family members were so proud of their family heritage in her dream that they would call out to everyone in the street to announce that they were one of the Chen family.

    Chen Ning always thought it was a silly dream, but now she felt that the dream was becoming true.

    The person who was making her dream come true was the cousin that she never liked.

    “That’s so stupid.”

    Chen Ning thought to herself.

    Suddenly, she heard someone shout: “Brother, why did you kick me? You should go after that asshole! We are the greatest family in Yan Jin, why are we afraid of a country hillbilly from Jiang Bei?”

    The person shouting at the top of his lungs was Han Hongkun.

    Second Lord Han was still oblivious of the knee-deep trouble he was in. Despite the blood and bruises on his face, he yelled indignantly at his brother.

    No one spoke a word as they looked at Han Juntu expectantly. They asked the same question in their minds.

    “Yes, why?”

    The Han Family of Yan Jin was one of the most powerful families in China. Being so close to the center of the power, they were at the very top of the totem pole. Only the Wang Family and Xiao Family could have brought them to heel. However, Han Juntu talked to Chen Fan as if a criminal would to a police officer, devoid of any confidence or his usual charm. The Song Family members racked their brains to find a reason that would explain Han Juntu’s strange actions, but they found none.

    “Master Chen of Jiang Bei?”

    That must be a disguise then since the Han Family could have pinned any tycoon in Jiang Bei under their thumb with ease.

    “General Major at the Cang Dragon?”

    Han Family had produced countless generals, among its family members, the rank of General-Major was barely anything worthy of mentioning.

    “The praise of the military chief?”

    That wouldn’t mean anything to the Han family either. Old man Han commanded so much authority that he could challenge the military chief directly, he wouldn’t care less about the chief’s comment. Even Han Juntu had often brushed shoulders with many military chiefs.

    Song Shunhua couldn’t figure it out, so he turned to Han Juntu, hoping he would offer an answer.

    Qiao Luoyin suddenly realized something was amiss.

    “Could the key in solving the mystery lie in Chen Fan’s top position on the Heaven roll? I knew most great families were afraid of Grandmasters, but would Han Family fear them too? I don’t think so. Even if the Grandmaster was powerful enough to handle an army, they would still capitulate to the deadly force of modern weapons. Chen Fan is a Martial Artist, not superman.”

    The thought of Chen Fan in a superhero suit amused her. She allowed the image to stay in her mind for a second and then quickly shook it off.

    Han Juntu sneered at his brother and said: “If I didn’t stop you, you would already be dead. You are lucky that you are still alive.”

    Han Juntu’s words seemed to sweep across the room like an icy wind. At first, people thought he was joking, but his dead-serious face and the glinting eyes suggested that he was not.

    “I am a member of the Han Family, he… he wouldn’t kill me, would he?”

    Han Hongkun also registered that his brother didn’t seem to be joking, so his voice started to waver as disbelief flickered in his eye in fits and starts.

    “Haha, why not?” Han Juntu cracked up after hearing his younger brother’s question. He let out a peal of laughter and then asked: “Do you really know who he is?”

    Everyone was confused by his reaction.

    Han Hongkun pulled a taut face and answered: “Isn’t he the Head sergeant of the Cang Dragon? Isn’t he Chen Fan?”

    People around him perked up their ears and came closer to listen. Their biggest confusion right now was the identity of Chen Fan. What would make Young Lord Han treat Chen Fan with such respect and obedience? Han Juntu would not even act like that if he were to talk to Li Wuchen.

    “Indeed. Juntu, please shed some light on this. Isn’t he Chen Fan, a member of the Chen family?” Song Shunhua put in.

    “Chen Fan? Hahaha!”

    Han Juntu cracked up again. When he finally gathered himself, he fixed his gaze on Han Hongkun and castigated him: “You have no clue who you are messing with. You nearly brought doom to our entire family, did you know that?”

    “He is Chen Beixuan, the living legend!” Han Juntu announced.

    Chen Beixuan?

    Everyone was dumbfounded by the revelation.

    It was not the first time they heard the name but they had always thought that it was just Chen Fan’s alias or nickname, so they didn’t think too much about it. However, the serious and heavy tone of Han Juntu’s voice seemed to suggest that the name carried much more weight than anyone had expected.

    The name piqued Qiao Luoyin’s attention.

    Was I right? Did Han Juntu treat Chen Fan like that because he was a Grandmaster? But why would the Han Family be afraid of a Grandmaster?

    “Guess what will happen to him if he killed both of us?” Han Juntu asked his brother.

    Even as Han Hongkun was going to answer the question without a second thought, he noticed an expression on Han Juntu’s face that read “Think again.”

    He was taken aback by Han Juntu’s reaction and then asked incredulously: “Nothing will happen to him?”

    “Of course nothing will happen to him.” Han Juntu sneered.

    “That’s impossible! I know that I am an insignificant trouble maker, but you… you are the heir of our family, the future of our family. The elders wouldn’t let your death go unavenged.” Han Hongkun shook his head in disbelief.

    “That is because we are no match against him. Avenging me means the end of our family. If you are the family lord, what would you do?”

    Han Juntu explained. He looked exhausted and helpless.

    He knew that Chen Fan could quash the Han Family so he couldn’t form the words in his mouth while Chen Fan asked him if the Han Family would intervene. Han Juntu was certain that even if Chen Fan did end up killing Han Hongkun, they would do nothing but watch it happen.

    The prominent families had too much to lose, and sometimes they had to sacrifice one or two of their own to ensure the safety of the entire clan.

    “I am still confused, brother. Why are we afraid of him?” Han Hongkun asked indignantly.

    “There are things that it’s better for you to not know.” Han Juntu shook his head. Chen Fan’s victory over the Japanese military was top-secret. Only the core members of powerful families and Overlords in the Dark World had heard bits and pieces of it. If the news got out to the public, it would have grave and long-lasting consequences.

    Modern human’s perception of the world was built upon their understanding of science.

    If the public learned that a single person was able to defeat an entire army, they would start to question their reality, threatening the foundation of order and stability in society.

    However, when Han Juntu saw his little brother’s indignant face, he heaved a sigh and gave in. He spoke under his breath: “A few days ago, he had killed the leader of the Mitsui Group, Mitsui Kazuo.”

    His quiet words sounded as loud as thunder in the room.

    Everyone was stunned by this revelation.

    The guests in the ballroom had been confused by the Han brother’s conversation. Han Juntu had made it clear that Chen Fan was too powerful for the Han Family, but didn’t explain why.

    After hearing Han Juntu’s revelation, the listeners finally understood why.

    Who was Mitsui Kazuo, one might ask?

    He was the leader of one of the six greatest Zaibatsu in Japan, the family lord and spiritual leader of the Mitsui clan. In the 80s, he was the richest man in Japan and the top ten richest men on the Forbes Rich List. He was featured in the TIMES magazine four times and a former US state secretary said that Mitsui Kazuo was one of the most influential men of our time.

    Meanwhile, he was a role model of many successful businessmen, such as the family lord of the Lee Family of the Samsung Group, and the richest men in China. Mitsui Kazuo was the maker of modern Japan, and his life was the success story of the Japanese post-war economy.

    Yet, such a mighty influencer was killed by Chen Fan?

    How was that possible?

    People’s first reaction was disbelief, and then a question arose in their minds: “If he killed Mitsui Kazuo, how come he could get away with it? Why isn’t he serving a jail sentence in Japan?”

    Han Juntu seemed to have registered the doubt and question in Han Hongkun, so he patted his brother’s shoulder and said: “There are things that you are not supposed to know. All I can say is that the Japanese Government wants to bring him to justice, but they are unable to.”

    Han Hongkun was shaken to the core by the answer. His body froze in disbelief.

    Han Juntu turned around and shot the family lord of the Song Family a cold glance.

    Song Shunhua heaped smile on his face and said in a placating tone: “Young Lord Han, please. Our families go way back. My father and your grandfather worked—”

    “Shut up.” Han Juntu waved a dismissal. “Mr. Chen has shown mercy to the Han Family and spared Han Hongkun’s life. We need to honor and reciprocate his goodwill. From this day on, I don’t want to see any members of the Song Family in Jinlin City. Move your entire family out of Jinlin City, otherwise, I will move it for you.”

    Han Juntu let out a mocking smirk and said: “Of course you can plead to my grandfather, maybe he will forgive you and your family.”

    So saying, Han Juntu patted on Song Shunhua’s shoulder heavily. “Uncle Song, please forgive me for my coldheartedness. Song Duanmin shouldn’t have thought to lure my brother here to mess with Chen Beixuan. He is not someone you want to mess with. Even the Han family can’t handle him, much less you.”

    Song Shunhua grew quiet as his face turned pale; his legs shook uncontrollably.

    Han Juntu shook his head and ordered Uncle Hu to help Han Hongkun to his feet while he walked out of the room.

    The guests backed away to make way for the Young Lord Han to pass. Exhaustion and despondency were written all over his face, forming a stark contrast to his confident and resolute demeanor when he walked in. Meanwhile, the Chen family members held their chins high as pride lit up their faces.

    Many people came to the same conclusion: “Chen family is going to dominate the Jinlin City. ”

    Qiao Luoyin swilled out the remaining wine in her cup as she lamented: “Yifei was right. This ordinary young man was a godly existence. I was wrong about him. Not even the Han Family of Yan Jin or Mitsui Kazuo is his equal, much less these local tycoons in Jinlin City.”

    Meanwhile, Zhou Qinya’s heart was filled with regret.

    If she acted soon enough, she would be the woman of a man with so many glorious titles. Fame, wealth, respect, she could have them all. But it was too late now, the ship had sailed with Fang Qiong aboard instead of her.

    With that thought in mind, Zhou Qinya was seized by a pang of remorse.