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Chapter 400 - Pin The World Under His Boots

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 400: Pin The World Under His Boots

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    Han Juntu’s strange reaction had taken everyone by surprise. Why would he be so terrified by the name of Chen Beixuan? Was there a special meaning hidden in the words? Everyone knew who Chen Fan was and what he did, what other secrets could he have hidden?

    He was the Master Chen of Jiang Bei, Head Sergeant of the Cang Dragon and that’s it. What could have made the Han Family of Yan Jin to be scared of him?

    Qiao Luoyin was the only one who thought otherwise.

    She wagered that Han Juntu was deterred by Chen Fan’s title in the dark word: the number one Grandmaster in China.

    However, she couldn’t even convince herself the idea that the Han Family would be afraid of a Grandmaster, however powerful he was. The Old Man Han still had a say in the military and it wouldn’t be too difficult for him to mobilize the army to deal with Chen Fan.

    As the shocking development carried on, everyone was stupefied by what they saw.

    They watched as Han Juntu hurried to Chen Fan and bowed with cupped fists. “I had no idea that it was you, Mr. Chen. Please forgive my manners.”

    Fear and reverence were written all over his face as he apologized to Chen Fan for nothing.

    However unflappable Han Juntu was, he couldn’t hold back the raw roiling emotions of shock and fear inside of him. No one else knew what’s on his mind, not even his younger brother.

    The Han Family was deep-rooted in the Chinese military, they were notified by the military about Chen Fan’s actions in Japan. When Han Juntu heard of Chen Fan’s heroic achievements, he simply couldn’t believe his ears. Who could destroy an entire modern army with state of the art air support? Even a few days after the briefing, Han Juntu still couldn’t shake off the fear toward Chen Fan.

    “Who would have thought that Chen Beixuan was a member of the newly risen Chen family? Grandpa had told me to tread carefully while I’m in Jinlin City, and he was right. The True Dragon is here!”

    Han Juntu exclaimed in his mind, as the expression on his face became even more fearful.

    He knew of Chen Fan’s name but had no idea that he was from the Chen family in Jinlin. He lived in the capital city of China, close to the center of real power, the name of a minor family miles away from Yan Jin would never fall into his ears.

    The sudden turn of events had pulled the rug from under people. Song Shunhua froze in action, finger still pointing at Chen Fan. He asked as his left upper eyelid twitched: “Juntu… what… what is going on?”

    Han Juntu didn’t even spare him a glance, much less reply to him. He continued to focus his fearful eyes on Chen Fan.

    Finally, Chen Fan looked up and looked at Han Juntu. He said lightly: “Do you know me?”

    The onlookers might find Chen Fan’s question amusing without seeing Han Juntu’s 180-turn of attitude.

    It could have been a stupid question. Everyone in Jinlin City knew of Chen Fan and knew that he had destroyed many powerful families. However, they also knew that Chen Fan could not pin everyone in Jinlin City under his thumbs.

    But now it seemed they were wrong.

    If Chen Fan was just a Head Sergeant at the Cang Dragon unit, Han Juntu would not be so afraid of him. The Han Family of Yan Jin was loaded with generals and captains in the military. Being the Head Sergeant in the Cang Dragon might be a big deal in Jinlin City, it was a frivolous position compared to the real political heavyweights that resided in Yan Jin.

    “Does he have any secrets that we don’t know yet?”

    Everyone thought fearfully in their minds.

    Qiao Luoyin, Chen Ning and Zhou Qinya looked at Chen Fan with shock and disbelief.

    “What kind of secret could have made Han Juntu treat him with so much respect? Han Juntu might not even bow so deeply while meeting with other powerful family lords in Yan Jin.”

    Everyone was dumbfounded and confused. Song Shunhua was suddenly at a loss.

    Why did Han Juntu greet Chen Fan as if greeting a superior?

    Han Juntu didn’t pay much attention to the curious and stunned gazes around him. He answered Chen Fan’s question in an admiring voice: “Mr. Chen, you have shaken entire East Asia, so of course I have heard of your name. Your name also instilled fear into the hearts of the Japanese. I have heard of your heroic deeds and just the thought of your admirable acts inspire me to follow your footsteps and fight alongside you.”

    Everyone heard Han Juntu’s words loud and clear, but none had any clue what he really meant.

    “Chen Fan is very famous, we get it. But is he really that famous to be heard over the entire East Asia? What does he mean when he said that his name will instill fear into the hearts of the Japanese?”

    Many people felt that Han Juntu was reciting lines from an anti-Japanese nationalist film.

    Qiao Luoyin was also confused by the development. She examined Chen Fan carefully, but all she saw was an ordinary-looking young man.

    What did he do to shake the entire East Asia, to instill fear into the hearts of the Japanese, to make Han Juntu respect him so much?

    “But I don’t think your younger brother gets it as much as you do.”

    Chen Fan curled his lips into a knowing smile and then pointed a finger at Han Hongkun who was still kneeling on the ground.

    Han Hongkun face was still bleeding and he shouted, spitting blood out from his mouth.

    “Brother, brother, you have to avenge me! Kill this asshole! Crush his family and make him suffer!”

    Before Han Hongkun had finished venting, Han Juntu’s face turned pale.

    The refined looking young man was suddenly seized by a fit of anger. He took a large step forward to Han Hongkun and kicked him in the side, sending Han Hongkun reeling. He shouted at the top of his lungs: “Watch your mouth, you fool! Shut up already!”

    Han Hongkun slumped on the ground in disbelief. He had no idea why his elder brother would kick him.

    His shock and confusion were shared by everyone in the room.

    Did Han Juntu hit Han Hongkun? That had never happened before. What had happened to them?

    Qiao Luoyin and a few other more observant guests quickly registered something was amiss. Han Juntu’s outburst came so sudden that it was evident that he was actually trying to save his younger brother’s life by making him stop his folly.

    Despite the telltale signs, many people couldn’t believe that Chen Fan would kill a young lord from the Han Family of Yan Jin in broad daylight.

    This was ridiculous!

    Qiao Luoyin and the others exclaimed in their minds.

    Han Juntu hurried to face Chen Fan and bowed deeply, face taut with stress.

    “Mr. Chen, my brother lacked manners because he is spoiled by my parents. We don’t tell him everything so he is not aware of who you are. The fault is entirely mine and my family’s. The Han Family surely will redeem our mistakes and make it up to you.”

    People couldn’t believe their ears. An heir of the Han Family of Yan Jin had apologized to Chen Fan with such sincerity.

    The Han Family was capable of making a poor man rich or make a footsoldier a general. Many people dreamed of having the Han family offering them a helping hand.

    However, Chen Fan snorted and said: “I, Chen Beixuan have traveled the world all by myself and never once did I ask anyone for anything. If I want to have anything, I will just take it. Plus, what can you offer me anyways?”

    He snorted and said quietly. However, Chen Fan’s soft-spoken words sounded like a booming thunder and forced Han Juntu to bow even deeper.

    “You must know the price of offending me, don’t you?” Chen Fan said in an even tone.


    Han Juntu swallowed down the sorrow in his mouth and replied.

    Although Han Juntu was not familiar with Chen Fan’s personality, he judged based on his actions in Japan and concluded that Chen Fan would never let those who offended him off the hook. The punishment would be severe, if not fatal.

    Lord Susano and Violet had both tested Chen Fan’s tolerance and Chen Fan reciprocated by destroying the Susano Shrine and killing everyone in the Fuji Ninja Clan. When the four demon gods ganged up on him, Chen Fan had killed all four of them. When the Japan Self-Defense Forces tried to do away with Chen Fan, he had annihilated the army, struck down their expensive war machines and killed the main instigator, Mitsui Kazuo deep inside his base.

    Han Juntu would never even dream of pissing off such a terrifying man. He cursed at his younger brother under his breath and hoped that his mother had never given birth to this idiot.

    The thought of his mother made Han Juntu heave a sigh. He looked up and said: “Mr. Chen, it’s all my younger brother’s fault. I hope that you will hear my penance and let me and my family make it up to you.”

    “Nothing can make it up to me other than killing Han Hongkun. Are you going to stop me?”

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and gave him a half-smile.


    Han Juntu’s body froze as he felt his body temperature suddenly dropped.

    He wanted to say yes, but the word stuck in his throat and couldn’t form in his mouth.

    Based on Han Juntu’s judgment of Chen Fan’s character, he doubted that Chen Fan would show mercy should the Han Family decide to stop him from killing Han Hongkun. The government desperately needed Chen Fan to be on its side and therefore, they would turn a blind eye to Chen Fan’s actions. In between a family clan and a man that was as powerful as either military division, the leaders of the nation would choose the latter in a heartbeat.

    By now, most people have registered Han Juntu’s hesitation and what lay behind that hesitation had unnerved them.

    “Is Chen Fan really going to kill Han Hongkun?”

    “It seemed that the Han Family doesn’t even have the courage to stop him.”

    People grew silent and gloomy as reality set in. They all gave Chen Fan shocked glares.

    “Who exactly is he?”

    Even members of the Chen Family felt that they had never really known Chen Fan, much less the members of the other families such as Song Shunhua and Qiao Luoyin. They examined Chen Fan carefully from head to toe as if they have only started to see him clearly now.

    “Never mind, my little cousin is here, I don’t want to spill any blood.”

    Chen Fan finally rose to his feet and walked toward the exit while holding Chen Guoguo’s hand, leaving a distraught Han Juntu standing there by himself.

    Han Juntu heaved a sigh of relief for the near escape with death. His forehead was covered with cold sweat.

    Suddenly, Chen Fan’s voice drifted into his ear.

    “I don’t want to see Han Hongkun ever again.”


    Han Juntu was first startled by the sound and then he nodded vigorously. He made up his mind to ground Han Hongkun for the rest of his life. Grounding badly behaved members was a common practice among great families, such as the Lee Family of the Samsung Group. It was the worst kind of punishment for a spoiled brats such as Han Hongkun, but Han Juntu was confident that the elders of the family would agree with his decision. After all, he nearly dragged the entire family into his foolish feud with the most powerful enemy the family had ever seen.

    “I don’t want to see the Song Family ever again either.”

    Chen Fan said casually as he walked out.

    “Understood.” Han Juntu nodded without any hesitation, despite Song Shunhua’s disbelieving gaze that was fixed on his face. He would throw the Song family off the bus in a heartbeat if the safety of the Han Family was at stake. If Chen Fan wanted to get rid of the entire Song Family, he would gladly do it for him.

    It wasn’t until Chen Fan was through the threshold, did he heard Chen Fan’s last words.

    “And the Han Family owes me a favor for this.”

    “Yes, indeed, indeed.” Han Juntu nodded.

    Han Juntu didn’t straighten his back until Chen Fan was gone and only to find out that his back was drenched in sweat. A deadly silence fell over the room as everyone looked at him in horror. The faces of the Song Family members were as pale as paper.

    Qiao Luoyin’s mind was suddenly distracted by a shocking thought.

    Did Chen Fan really defeat the combined might of all great families in Jinlin City?