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Chapter 399 - May Be in Another Thirty Years

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 399: May Be in Another Thirty Years

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    The news had stirred the crowd.

    As the leader of the younger generation of the Han Family, Han Juntu’s name was well known among the elite circle of Jinlin City. Even many older generation elites praised Han Juntu for his extraordinary talent and ability.

    Unlike his younger brother, Han Juntu was born to be a leader.

    He grew up in a compound style house with many other families and even when he was a child, Han Juntu had displayed exceptional leadership skills among his childhood playmates. Once he grew older, he took over the family business and ran it with ease. Han Juntu was a social butterfly and had the super-star-like swagger which gave him the ability to play his audience with ease. He quickly became the de facto leader among the younger generation elites, including those whose family power was on par with Han Family. Although he had never served in the military and neither did he worked in the government, most people saw him as the next leader of the Han Family of Yan Jin. Even Li Wuchen was impressed by the young man and watched his growth carefully.

    If Han Juntu showed up in the ballroom, that mean the Han Family had fully committed to their cause. It would also mean the further escalation of the situation. It would no longer be a squabble between two heirs, it would be a showdown between two mighty family clans.

    It was obvious that the Han Family of Yan Jin had a decisive advantage over the Chen family.

    “Tsk tsk… the Chen family is in deep trouble.”

    “I have heard many things about Han Juntu, none of them bode well for Chen Fan. I have heard that a girl who was betrothed to him wanted to back out of the engagement. To punish the girl and her family, Han Juntu had led a group of thugs and kicked the family out of Yan Jin.”

    “If Han Juntu is here, we are in for a good show.”

    Some people gloated over Chen Fan’s impending trouble, some watched on with furrowed brows, and some were simply there to find out what will happen next.

    However, deep down in most onlookers’ hearts, they were on the side of the Song Family and the Han Family. The Chen family’s sudden rise to power had made it an obvious target. The hunter will shoot the bird that sticks out, and the winds howled around the highest peaks.

    Any newly risen power would invite hostility and resentment from the establishment.

    There were often only two options for the new power: either join them or become stronger and subjugate them by force.

    Those were the two choices the Chen family had to face.

    Despite Song Shunhua’s sneering remark, Chen Fan simply replied: “Do you think those family clans are my worthy opponent?”

    Even without the memory of the invincible North Mystic Celestial Lord, Chen Fan in this lifetime had already killed many Grandmasters and brought many powerful families to heel. Just recently, he had proven his power by defeating an entire brigade of the Japan Self-Defense Forces and killed the leader of the Mitsui Group, Mitsui Kazuo.

    The few families in Zhong Hai and Jinlin City would pale in comparison with the might of Mitsui Kazuo and the Japanese government. Even the family lord of the Han Family would not deserve more than one glance from Chen Fan.

    At Chen Fan’s level, only those super-power nations on this planet could have deterred him, and no one else could.

    He was a living legend, the most powerful man in the Dark World.

    However, no one in the ballroom knew of Chen Fan’s achievements. The crowd sizzled with anger and indignation after they heard Chen Fan’s outrageous remark. Chen Fan’s words didn’t only target the Song Family, but also members of all other families, many of them were in the ballroom.

    Song Shunhua’s face contorted with anger.

    “Very well, Master Chen. Let’s just wait for Young Lord Han to arrive. I want to know who will be the last one laughing.”

    Even as he said that his cell phone rang. Song Shunhua answered the phone and then a smile broke over his face.

    “Young Lord Han has arrived.”

    Han Juntu has arrived?

    The news brought hopes and broad smiles to the faces of the guests in the ballroom, many of them were from the Song Family, Ren Family, and the Hua Family. Song Shunhua led the way to the entrance, trailing a large group of men and women who wanted to see the legendary heir of the Han Family of Yan Jin.

    Suddenly, the entire ballroom was empty, leaving only the Chen family members such as Chen Ning and Chen An as well a few other close allies of the Chen family. However, the morale of the group was low and everyone pulled a long face, blaming Chen Fan for his reckless actions.

    Qiao Luoyin had remained with them, and she also looked troubled.

    “Chen Fan, you are too reckless.” Chen An heaved a sigh and preached Chen Fan. “Song Duanmin is just a clown, he is not worth it for us to wage a war with the Song Family. Worse, You have forced Han Hongkun to his knees and made us an enemy of the mighty Han Family of Yan Jin. I don’t think we will stand a chance.”

    “You have also fallen right into the rhetorical trap of Song Shunhua and made yourself a public enemy. However capable you are, you can’t shield the Chen family from the combined ire of all families in Jinlin City.”

    Chen An said heavily. He sounded like an elder brother trying to talk some sense into a reckless younger brother.

    The rest of the Chen family members nodded in agreement.

    Although Chen Fan had brought his family members fame and wealth, that didn’t amount to them being blind to Chen Fan’s obvious faults. Chen An confronted Chen Fan directly because he cared for him as a brother and hoped Chen Fan would improve.

    Qiao Luoyin also furrowed her brows and said: “Mr. Chen, Han Juntu is a very resourceful young man. I have heard many retired big wigs praise him as if he was a genius. The Old Man at the Wang Family and the Xiao family were also very impressed by his talent. You know who those two old men are, right? They are more powerful than the leaders of our nation. Do you think you should—”

    Qiao Luoyin left the rest of her sentence unspoken. However, everyone knew what she was going to say.

    Han Juntu was nothing like his younger brother Han Hongkun. He was the real heir of the family and even now, his words carried much further than those of his uncles. Pitting Chen Fan against the elite heir of Yan Jin in her mind’s eye, Qiao Luoyin couldn’t see how Chen Fan was going to win.

    The development has restored Han Hongkun’s confidence. He shouted as blood was dripping out from his mouth: “Hey asshole, my bro is here, you are dead meat, man!”

    Under everyone’s concerned eyes, Chen Fan was not at all worried about the gathering storm. He scooped out a spoonful of soup and fed it to Chen Guoguo. He then said unhurriedly: “He is just a youngster from Yan Jin, no big deal. I might be interested in talking to his Grandfather, but not him. He needs another thirty years.”

    Chen Fan’s words stunned everyone.

    Chen An shook his head as a hint of contempt flashed in his eyes. He reckoned that his cousin’s smooth sailing life was about to end today.

    Meanwhile, Chen Ning rounded her eyes and anxiously wanted to install some senses into Chen Fan’s thick skull.

    Qiao Luoyin knotted her brows and was unimpressed by Chen Fan’s pomposity.

    Old man Han was a mighty figure in China. He was on the same level as the family lord of the Samsung group in Korea or the leader of the Mitsui Family. He wielded enough authority and prestige to quell any man who dared to oppose him. A General Major at the Cang Dragon unit simply couldn’t compare. In addition, Qiao Luoyin knew that even a Grandmaster could pose very little threat to someone as powerful as Old Man Han. After all, the old man still has the prerogative to command the Chinese army to easily quash any Grandmaster including the most powerful Grandmaster in China.

    Qiao Luoyin wanted to say something, but she thought better of it.

    She and Chen Fan were merely acquaintances, so she doubted that Chen Fan would listen to her. However, a pang of disappointment rose inside of Qiao Luoyin.

    “I think Tang Yifei has exaggerated Chen Beixuan’s talents.”

    “The real talented and capable warriors know the importance of being flexible and act according to the situation.”

    With that thought in mind, Qiao Luoyin shook her head disappointedly.

    Suddenly, a wave of commotion drifted in from the entrance. Han Juntu had walked into the ballroom.

    “Pda, pda…”

    A young man with a refined appearance walked into the room while surrounded by a throng of admirers. Right beside him was a middle-aged man with a snappy buzz cut and a pair of glinting eyes. The middle-aged man’s hands were enormous: a sign that he was a martial artist.

    The refined young man paused for a second silently, while the rest of the crowd stood with him.

    Everyone attended to the young man with their unctuous gazes, even Song Shunhua’s entrance didn’t get as much attention as the young man did.

    The young man slowly made his way toward the center of the ballroom. He saw Song Duanmin collapsed on the ground and his miserable brother Han Hongkun kneeling. Chen Fan was impressed to find out that there was no sense of pity in Han Hongkun’s eyes.

    Only those who have relented their personal feelings could achieve the greatest deeds.

    Han Juntu’s demeanor was much more grandiose and commanding that of Song Shunhua, while he was at least twenty years younger than the latter.

    “My name is Han Juntu, may I know who I am speaking with?”

    Han Juntu noticed Chen Fan right away. He was the only person who was unfazed by his presence, a stark contrast to the people around him.

    “Interesting. I had never thought that a small family in Jinlin City could sire an heir with so much character. He was either extremely powerful or extremely arrogant.”

    Han Juntu thought to himself.

    Most of the time, Han Juntu had to deal with the latter.

    Meanwhile, Song Shunhua cracked a gloating smirk and announced:

    “This is the famous Master Chen from the Chen family. You might not be aware that he had wreaked havoc in Jiang Nan province and wracked many great families. I think he is getting carried away by his successes and thought he could mess with the Han Family now.”

    Han Juntu simply nodded but didn’t fall for Song Shunhua’s trap.

    The Sheng family, Tang Family and the Nin Family, all destroyed by Chen Fan were nothing in the eyes of Han Juntu. As the heir of the Han Family of Yan Jin, he only rubbed shoulders with the real top dogs in China. They were either the sons and daughters of the nation’s leader or that of the chief provincial ministers. Of all those destroyed families, he had only heard of the Ji Family.

    However, what Song Shunhua said next had shattered the calm cast of countenance on Han Juntu’s face.

    “Ah right, Juntu, he has another name, Chen Beixuan. He is the General Major of the Cang Dragon Unit. I think he had overestimated the weight of his titles, thinking he could challenge the Han Family.” Song Shunhua guffawed as he shot a gloating glare at Chen Fan.

    Han Juntu’s face suddenly paled as if he had heard something terrifying. He hurried to ask: “You are Chen Beixuan?”