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Chapter 393 - Return to China

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 393: Return to China

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    The picture was grainy, due to the harsh environment under which the Camera was operated. The focus of the image was on the pool of clear glistering spring, so the small tree a few paces behind the scenes seemed blurry.

    The small three was three meters and thirty centimeters tall. Its branches were covered with black bark and no leaves on it, save for a red fruit. Under close inspection, the shape of the fruit resembled a newborn baby.

    The Chinese novel “Journey to the West,” had recorded a Divine Fruit called the Mortal Fruit. It grew on a tree that bloomed every three thousand years and bore fruit every six thousand years, it wouldn’t be for another three thousand years until the fruit ripened and were ready to be used. The smell of such fruit could prolong a mortal’s life three hundred and sixty-six years, and one bit of its flesh could grant the cultivator forty-seven thousand years of life.

    Chen Fan was not sure if the author of the Journey to the West had ever heard of the Fruit of Embryonic Essence, since its effect was similar, to some degree, to that of the Mortal Fruit.

    “Fruit of Embryonic Essence was a superior-grade Spirit Fruit. It only grew in extreme cold environments. It will flower and bore fruit every fifty years. Its fruit was filled with Raw Arcane Energy. It would help a cultivator to reach the Divine Sea level once consumed. Its effect was so great that they could even be felt by a Connate Cultivator. If it was used by a mortal, it would grant a hundred fifty years of life to the user.”

    This fruit was definitely the most powerful Spirit Fruit Chen Fan had ever found on earth. Those herbs in the vault of the Medicine Valley simply couldn’t compare. This seemingly insignificant fruit could elevate an Ethereal Enlightenment level cultivator straight to the Divine Sea level.

    What appealed to Chen Fan the most was the Raw Arcane Energy inside of the Fruit of Embryonic Essence.

    Such energy was the hardest to come by. It could not only strengthen one’s body but also improve cultivation by boosting Divine Will.

    “I have wasted some of my Raw Arcane Energy in order to control the Flying Sword. That did great harm to my cultivation and It would take me months to recuperate. If I could have the Fruit of Embryonic Essence, the recuperation could be greatly shortened. I could even further improve my Azure Thearch Longevity Body to the level of Initial success.”

    Chen Fan’s eyes lit up with glee.

    The thought of wasting a few months on recuperating his Essence Qi while halting his cultivation progress didn’t sit well with Chen Fan. He could have reached late-stage of the Ethereal Enlightenment Level should he spend that much time focusing on improving instead of recuperation.

    However, if he could get his hands on the Fruit of Embryonic Essence, he could shoot two birds with one stone. The fruit could not only heal him but also boost his level of attainment.

    “The Tree of Embryonic Essence survived because of its secluded location and the pristine environment filled with Spirit Qi.” Chen Fan rubbed his chin and thought to himself.

    Without careful examination, Chen Fan knew that the spring was not any ordinary spring, it was situated at the Spirit Land, where Spirit Qi converged.

    The water was not ordinary water either, it was formed by highly condensed Spirit Qi, much like the mist inside Green Dragon Grand Array. Without these highly concentrated forms of Spirit Qi, the Fruit of Embryonic Essence would never grow.

    “Senior Master, What do you think of this?” Yang Qinhu asked cautiously.

    “This is indeed Heavenly Water of Life and is very useful for cultivation. It could help users reach Immortal State for sure.” Chen Fan said readily.”I guess you want me to get involved in this project, that’s why you are showing me these pictures?”

    “Absolutely right, Senior Master.”

    Yang Qinhu cupped fists as his face lit up with glee.

    He had been suspicious of the nature of the spring, thinking that it might be some underground hot spring. He was half convinced after many testimonies from Din Fuhai and his employees. However, Chen Fan’s words had sealed the deal for him and the promise of reaching Immortal State made his heart race and blood boil.

    “Senior Master Chen, these pictures were taken by Din Fuhai’s employees. They had to risk their lives to snap these shots.” Yang Qinhu continued.

    “They said that the well was guarded by a pack of wolves, and these wild beasts started chasing down the reconnaissance team as soon as they get near the spring. All members of the team, except for the team captain were mauled to death by the beasts. I had since sent in two more expedition teams, but none had reported back to me. If Senior Master would accompany me to investigate, I am sure no danger would stop us.”

    “These are numinous treasures, it’s quite normal to be guarded by beasts.” Chen Fan replied. He narrowed his eyes and locked his gaze onto Yang Qinhu. “Here is my price: I need at least half of the spring and also the tree beside it.”


    Yang Qinhu agreed readily.

    The journey to the spring was so perilous that not even Yang Qinhu was confident that he could make it there and back alive. However, Chen Fan was powerful enough to defeat an entire army, and strike down fighter jets. Yang Qinhu was confident that no beasts could stand in Chen Beixuan’s way.

    Yang Qinhu didn’t think much of Chen Fan’s request for that tree and the fruit. He had no idea what that tree was and never would he even dreamed of eating its fruit.

    “Very well then. I shall not disturb you, Senior Master. The snow blocked off the path to the mountain, giving us just enough time to prepare for the journey. We shall be able to leave in ten days.” Yang Qinhu cupped fists and started off.

    Chen Fan nodded his agreement.

    He would use that time to visit his family for the Spring Festival as well.

    Once Yang Qinhu was gone, Yukishiro Sa asked worriedly: “Young Lord, are you really going to Siberia? That place is frigid cold and has many wild hungry animals. I even heard people got eaten by Malicious Beasts that lurked there.”

    “Don’t worry. I can even handle an Immortal State Warrior with ease, much less some beasts.” Chen Fan waved a dismiss and said.

    The next morning when they wake up, the ship has already arrived Zhong Hai.

    Chen Fan and Yukishiro Sa got off the ship and went straight to Jinlin City. While they were on their way to Jinlin City, Qi Wangsun called to say he appreciated his help. Chen Fan didn’t talk much on the phone with Qi Wangsun and hung up the phone after a few minutes of conversation.

    Although Chen Fan had done nothing but issue a warning, for Qi Wangsun, that was the difference between life and death.

    Chen Fan was finally back home.

    Chen Fan’s return meant nothing to Chen Fan’s family members. but it had caught the attention of the Chinese Martial arts community as well as government institutions such as the Special Case Departments and the Military.

    During Chen Beixuan’s trip to Japan, he had killed powerful Japanese Martial Arts Grandmasters such as Takemiya Hiro, Kitaniwakawa, Takemiya, Fuji Taki, Kurokawa Sho, and Genkaza Takeda. He had also subjugated five Demon Gods that were only half-step away from Immortal State. In addition, he had crushed the entire Fourteenth Brigade of Japan’s Defense Force, struck down three F-15 and eighteen AH-1 Cobra helicopters.

    His achievements were unprecedented.

    He had dealt a devastating blow to the Japanese Martial arts community and it would take the latter decades to recuperate. The damage he did to the Japan Self-Defense Forces was even greater. He had turned the Japan Self-Defense Forces into a laughing stock. The death of Mitsui Kazuo also sent a stern warning to the high-level bureaucrats in Japan.

    Chen Fan’s achievements painted a very different image of himself in people’s minds than the one before he went to Japan.

    Before he went to Japan, even Li Wuchen considered him a Martial Artists who was full of potential. Red Sparrow even had the audacity to challenge Chen Fan in public.

    However, there and then, Chen Beixuan had become a household name. Even the president of America and Russia heard of his name, much less the members of the ground world.

    People started to believe that he was the most powerful man in the Dark World and they waited expectantly for the CIA to bump up his rating on the Dark roll.

    “Where did Chen Beixuan’s power came from?”

    This question rose inside of many cultivator’s minds. Try as they might, they simply couldn’t find the answer.

    On the surface, Chen Fan was just a young man less than twenty years old. However, he had shaken the world and became a legend. He wielded more power and bargaining chips than most small nations while dealing with superpowers of the world. Members of the dark world conceded that Chen Fan was a genius and his achievements unmatched.

    As soon as Chen Fan arrived in Jinlin City, he had ordered Yukishiro Sa to stay put in the Green Dragon Grand Array.

    On their way to the array, he had taught Yukishiro Sa a few Sanshou techniques. But, Yukishiro Sa was not interested in Sanshou, instead, she wanted to learn Sword techniques. Chen Fan obliged her and taught her some rudimentary moves based on the sword techniques of the Sword Immortals. He called the simplified version of the Sword Technique of the Azure Flower.

    The Sword Technique of the Azure Flower could help any cultivator reach as far as Immortal State, if not Connate Spirit Level.

    As soon as he settled Yukishiro Sa in, Red Sparrow came to knock on the door.

    “Are you alright?”

    They met in Tang Yuanqin’s garden. Red Sparrow was wearing her hair short and her body was wrapped tightly in a leather overall. Her face was hard and cold, and lacked any warmth. However, a hint of concern claimed the tip of her brows as she asked: “I was very far away when you delivered your final attack, but I saw what happened. I spoke to the old men in our department and told them what I saw. They said not even an Immortal State warrior could have survived your attack. They also said that the final blow must have some side effects on you.”

    “It’s not a big deal. I am fine.” Chen Fan waved a hand changed the topic. “How did you leave Japan? Did the Japanese just let you off the hook so easily without tidying up the loose ends?”

    “Humph! They can try to harm us, but are they ready for the combined wrath of China and Korea?” Red Sparrow snorted. “Be rest assured, those tourists have all signed confidentiality agreements. Your secrets are safe.”

    After she said that, a smirk appeared on Red Sparrow’s face.

    “That girl called Ai Jinqi just wouldn’t get over you. She kept on pressing me for your address and phone number. Do you think I should give them to her?”

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and didn’t reply.

    Tang Yifei and Tang Yuanqin stood at a distance and looked at Chen Fan with admiration after seeing that even the super-soldier of the Special Case Departments seemed to treat Chen Fan with great respect.

    Even as the two talked to each other, another visitor arrived.

    It was the Chief of the Jinlin Division, Li Wuchen, and his Staff Officer Yu Qin.

    As soon as Yu Qin saw Red Sparrow, she called out to her in surprise.

    “Sister, what are you doing here?”