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Chapter 392 - Fruit of Embryonic Essence

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 392: Fruit of Embryonic Essence

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    Chen Fan had become the only Immortal Level Overlord acknowledged by the public. Even a Grandmaster had to obey and respect him.

    However, not a lot of people could understand what Yang Qinhu had said in the end.

    For most people, including Qi Dongsheng, the Heaven roll was a remote concept. In the last ten days, Qi Dongsheng witnessed the chaos in the Japanese Martial arts world stirred up by Chen Beixuan. In the end, Chen Beixuan was able to bring the entire Martial arts community to heel. By now, the mere mention of Chen Beixuan’s name would terrify any Kendo Grandmaster.

    “Lord Yang, does he have a title that is more prestigious than being the number one on the Heaven roll?”

    Din Fuhai touted in disbelief.

    Din Fuhai had been convinced that being number one on the Heaven roll should be the limit of one’s power. The person in that position could bring down even grandmasters. Din Fuhai knew better than to mess with such a mighty figure. However, Din Fuhai was still curious as to why Yang Qinhu was as afraid of Chen Beixuan as he was. Yang Qinhu was a Grandmaster on the Heaven roll as well, so in theory, Yang Qinhu and Chen Beixuan’s strength should be somewhat comparable.

    “Humph, the combined might of all Grandmasters on Heaven Roll are a far cry from that of Senior Master Chen.” Yang Qinhu let out a cold smile as he scanned the people around him. Seeing the confused looks on their faces, he decided to shed more light on Chen Fan.

    “Fatty Din, what is the hottest news right now?”

    “Urh… I have been busy chasing after Old Qi and had no time for news.” Din Fuhai scratched his head and said in embarrassment.

    He never paid attention to world affairs. If not because he needed to learn more about his ally, Yang Qinhu, he wouldn’t have even heard of Heaven roll.

    The other tycoons looked at each other in confusion.

    These tycoons were far below the level of social status required to learn about the hidden truth in the world. The Japanese government had spared no expense in hiding what had happened. Therefore, only those leaders of the dark world or major nations had learned of Chen Fan’s battle against the Japanese Government.

    “Are you talking about what had happened to Tokyo Tower?” Qi Dongsheng furrowed his brows and asked.

    “Ah right, I remember it now. Didn’t the tower collapse? There are all kinds of rumors about it now. Some say it was because of an alien invasion and some blamed the tower’s construction quality.” Din Fuhai slapped his head lightly as if he just had a moment of epiphany.

    That news was broadcasted all over the world and was on most newspapers headlines.

    Touted as the tallest structure in Japan, The Tokyo Tower was a famous tourist attraction in Japan. It was often the first stop for most Chinese tourists. However, the current condition of the Tokyo Tower would have shocked anyone who laid their eyes upon it. It stood half of its original length, broken beams jarringly jutted out from the top.

    “Humph. Alien my ass. I was there and saw it with my own eyes. It was a duel between Master Chen and the Japanese Sword Sage, Takemiya Hiro. Their fight had caused damage to the Tokyo Tower, not aliens.” Qi Dongsheng put in.


    The listeners were shocked.

    The Tokyo Tower was in ruins because of a fight between Chen Fan and the Japanese sword sage?

    Kon Jen’yu covered her mouth to stifle a cry. The Yu siblings gaped at each other stupidly, the shock had made the young man forget about his wound. The revelation also dumbfounded all the other tycoons in the room who hoped that what they heard was fiction and they could simply disregard it. But they couldn’t.

    “It… It’s impossible!” Din Fuhai stammered disbelief and shock was written all over his face. “Lord Yang, is he telling the truth?”

    “Yes.” Yang Qinhu confirmed.

    “Senior Master Chen’s battle against Takemiya Hiro was touted as the most momentous fight in fifty years. It was not only a personal duel but also a showdown between two Martial Arts Communities. Takemiya Hiro was Japan’s last Sword Sage, a title decreed by the Emperor himself. Even a mighty figure such as Takemiya Hiro was killed by Chen Fan with ease. Worse, the symbol of Japan, the Tokyo Tower, had also become collateral damage.”

    Everyone listened on with strong emotions roiling inside of them.

    It was a fight between the most powerful Grandmaster in Chinese and the Sword Sage of Japan. The stakes were high since national pride was also at stake. The fight had been highly anticipated by everyone from both countries, and many martial artists had traveled to Japan to watch the battle in person.

    “No wonder he called Chen Fan a legend. He had brought the entire Japanese Martial arts community to its knees.” Many people nodded as they were impressed by Chen Fan’s prowess.

    Kon Jen’yu’s mind raced as she realized that the boy who she considered ordinary turned out to be a powerful and legendary man.

    Cold Sweat streaked Din Fuhai’s face as realization set in. Chen Fan had turned a steel behemoth into a pile of scrap metal, what kind of damage could he do to Din Fuhai?

    “Senior Master Chen’s power is far more than that. He is now recognized as an Immortal state warrior, you simply couldn’t comprehend how powerful that is.” Yang Qinhu shook his head and said: “Just to give you one example: Master Chen killed the family lord of the Mitsui Family, Mitsui Kazuo before he left Japan. Fatty Din, do you think your influence is on par with Mitsui Kazuo?”

    Yang Qinhu gave Din Fuhai a grin.

    His words sent a chill down Din Fuhai’s back and many other tycoons gasped.

    Mitsui Kazuo!

    He was a legend in Japan and most tycoons in China knew his name. He was the role model of nearly all businessmen in East Asia, who treated his autobiography as the bible. Yet, such an influential heavyweight in both the business world and the political realm was killed by Chen Fan seemingly without any repercussions.

    Che Fan’s might was truly awe-inspiring.

    Din Fuhai was terrified by the revelation. His wealth and power was a far cry from the might of Mitsui Kazuo. It’s true that the Fu Hai Group owns assets that were worth over a dozen billion yuan, but compared to Mitsui Group, the Fu Hai Group was as insignificant as a drop of water in the vast sea of wealth. The Mitsui Group owned a hundred if not thousand times more wealth than Fu Hai Group and was the backbone of a powerful nation.

    “I can’t believe it! I just can’t!” Din Fuhai swept the sweat off his forehead and said apprehensively: “Thank god that Lord Yang had held me back, otherwise, I might as well be dead.”

    “You are welcome.”

    Yang Qinhu snorted and left with his hands linked behind his back. He didn’t even spare Qi Dongsheng a glance.

    Yang Qinhu had spared Qi Dongsheng’s life only because of Chen Fan, otherwise, he would have already done away with him. However, everyone rushed to Qi Dongsheng and tried to befriend him. Chen Fan was way out of these ordinary people’s league and they figured that Qi Dongsheng could be their only connection with Chen Fan. Din Fuhai heaved a sigh and then left the room.

    Kon Jen’yu stood quietly as a light came up in her eyes.

    Chen Fan lay in his bed after he arrived in his room.

    He had already forgotten about what happened out there with Qi Dongsheng. His mind started to focus on the issue of his cultivation. His journey to Japan was successful. He had not only obtained the five Demon Gods for the Summoning Flute of Demon God, but he had also shattered the Japan Self-Defense Forces. However, the side effect of his success was not negligible either.

    He should be able to repair his True Essence and body easily, but the Raw Arcane Energy he had consumed would take at least a few months if not more to recuperate.

    “I think I will have to go to seclusion again.”

    Even as Chen Fan thought so, he furrowed his brows and ordered Yukishiro Sa to answer the door.

    Lo and behold, Yang Qinhu stood respectfully outside of the room with a cupped fist: “Senior Master Chen, I apologize for visiting you at such an hour.”

    “Oh, what do you want?” Chen Beixuan answered lazily. “You might as well save your breath if it’s about the Qi family. I never walk back on my promises. I caution you not to test my patience either.”

    “I would never even dream of defying you, Senior Master. No one in the entire China could defeat you.” Yang Qinhu let out a wry smile. The Tiger of the Outer Guan Region stood before Chen Fan as a pupil would before his teacher. “As a matter of fact, I am here to ask if you would be interested in the Heavenly Water of Life?”

    “Heavenly Water of Life?”

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows and pondered.

    He had heard of the name form the mouth of the Tree Herder, Jason, when he was teaching at Jinlin City. He had thought that the Yun Wu Spirit Water was the Heavenly Water of Life that could awaken the power within Extraordinary Ones.

    Yun Wu Spirit Water was readily available to Chen Fan, so he would not be interested in his offer at all.

    “Indeed. It’s the Heavenly Water of Life from the western world. Superior-grade, highly concentrated. The source of the water had already formed a spring, and the supply is nearly limitless.” Yang Qinhu said.

    “The Heavenly Water of Life was mainly used to awaken an Extraordinary one’s power in the west. However, to us eastern martial artists, it is quite effective as well. The martial artist who had used it told me that the water would help drastically improve one’s cultivation, breach the bottleneck and reach Transcendent State. It could recuperate whatever damage the body had sustained, and was as effective as thousand years old Ginseng.


    Chen Fan nodded.

    Both Martial Artists and Extraordinary ones were the dumbed down versions of immortal cultivation. Therefore Spirit Qi would be beneficial to their cultivation. If an ordinary Martial Artist lived in the Green Dragon Grand Array, he would become a Transcendent Grandmaster in a few years.

    However, Chen Fan was already so far in his cultivation that this supplement has no effect on him.

    “Here, Senior Master. This is a picture of what we have discovered in Siberia. The temperature was minus thirty, but the Spring was still running. Here is another picture.” Yang Qinhu produced a stack of pictures and showed them to Chen Fan.

    “This is why I have agreed to help Din Fuhai to do away with Qi Dongsheng.”

    The picture showed a wintery scene on an enormous glacier. A pool of running water was in the middle of the picture, the surface of the water rippled, an indication of the movement of current underneath. Surrounded by a lifeless whiteness, the gurgling springs liveliness seemed jarring, like the work of divine intervention on this lifeless tundra.

    Chen Fan scanned the picture and noticed a small tree beside the spring; on it was a red fruit. Chen Fan’s face changed colors as a name resonated in him.

    “Fruit of Embryonic Essence?”