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Chapter 391 - He Is a Legend!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 391: He Is a Legend!

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    Yang Qinhu was a legend.

    The tycoon here in this ballroom could go on and on about the Yang Qinhu for days. He presided over Eastern Guan Region using a mix of violence, shrewdness and a little bit of personal charm. Only a very few people could have measured up to his standards.

    Let it be Din Fuhai or Qi Dongsheng, neither of them could compare with Yang Qinhu. Not to mention Yang Qinhu’s second identity that was known by only a few people in the room: a martial arts grandmaster who was listed on the Heaven roll. Being under so many haloes, one brighter than the other, not a lot of people could have forced him into a bow.

    However, there and then, Yang Qinhu bowed deeply to Chen Fan as a pupil would to his teacher. He also called himself junior martial artist awhile called Chen Fan the senior martial artist.

    This was truly astonishing.

    “Who was he? Even the heirs of the top families around Yang Qinhu would at the best be Yang Qinhu’s equal. No one should have been able to stir up so much respect in Yang Qinhu. Worse, he was so young.”

    Many tycoons looked to Chen Fan, eyes were filled with questions.

    “Chen Fan? Why have I never heard of this name? Could he be the heir of some powerful family who lived in seclusion?” Din Fuhai rounded his eyes in disbelief; he didn’t even notice that his face was twitching.

    Qi Dongsheng was taken aback as countless questions rose in him. His son’s conversation with him reverberated in his mind: “Dad, there is no need to go to Japan. I have found a powerful benefactor. Yang Qinhu would not dare to mess with us once we have his protection, you can come back home now.”

    Although Qi Dongsheng didn’t believe his son, The sight of Yang Qinhu bowing respectfully before Chen Fan finally convinced him. Chen Fan truly was a powerful benefactor.

    Yang Qinhu became apprehensive as soon as he heard Chen Fan’s name, it was a telltale sign of Chen Fan’s unmatched power. Yang Qinhu doubted that there were many more people who could have pulled it off other than Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan didn’t much mind the shock and disbelief in the people around him. He picked another vegetable from the place as he replied distractedly. “Rise now. I happened to pass by here and so I wager you might not have known that I would be here. It’s not your fault.”

    Yang Qinhu heaved a sign and finally start to straighten his back, but he didn’t straighten it too much. Afterward, he stood beside Chen Fan servilely.

    Qi Dongsheng might not be familiar with the name “Chen Fan,” however, as the Grandmaster in China, Yang Qinhu knew this name very well. He had even gone to Lin Zhou, hoping to catch Chen Fan for a spar. However, after he was stunned by Chen Fan’s vast Divine Sense, he relished in the fact that the fight didn’t happen. He left Lin City after he sparred with another person: Du San of Yun Gui Province.

    Even then, Yang Qinhu respected Chen Fan only for what he had seen in Lin City. They were both Grandmasters on the Heaven roll and were both Grandmasters, therefore, Yang Qinhu wagered that despite Chen Fan’s mighty divine sense, overall, their strength should be of the same level.

    However, a few days ago, he learned that Chen Fan had not only killed the most powerful Kento Master Takemiya Hiro, but he had also annihilated an entire army. He was sanctified in the underground world for his achievements. That was what made Yang Qinhu so apprehensive and respectful as soon as he recognized Chen Fan.

    Such was the way of martial arts: age did not define power, the more powerful one would always be the master.

    Chen Fan was clearly away ahead of Yang Qinhu in terms of the level of attainment. Yang Qinhu couldn’t help but look up to him with great respect and reverence.

    “Senior Master Chen, are you returning to China from Japan?” Yang Qinhu asked carefully.

    For him, Chen Fan was an immortal state martial artist, a living legend. Although Yang Qinhu was also a Grandmaster, he had never seen an immortal state cultivator in person. His heart was filled with fear and elation after Chen Fan graced him with his presence.

    “Indeed. The matters in Japan are settling down now. So I thought that I might as well return home.” Chen Fan started to work on the piece of steak on his plate. “Qi Dongsheng’s son is my roommate, I have promised to protect the Qi family, so why don’t you just call it a day now?”

    “Yes, we will.”

    Yang Qinhu answered readily, without any rancor.

    If Yang Qinhu had heard it from anyone else, he would have already smashed the speakers head in. However, Chen Fan’s words were a bible to him, and it was his honor to do Chen Fan’s bidding.

    In the eyes of an Immortal State cultivator, even the lives of a Grandmaster were as insignificant as that of an insect. No one in their right mind would defy the order or refuse the offer of an Immortal State cultivator.

    “Hey, Lord Yang, we have a deal!” Din Fuhai hurried to put in. He seemed to care less about Chen Fan’s power than Yang Qinhu did.


    Before Chen Fan said anything, Yang Qinhu furrowed his brows and slashed the air with his hand.


    A powerful gust of wind came up in the air, roaring as the hit swept across the room. Then a sharp yellow brightness appeared out of thin air at the tip of the Grandmaster’s hand. The yellow brightness flew out and landed on the table only a few inches away from Din Fuhai.

    The banquet table was shattered by the blow into four pieces, spilling food and drinks all over the place. The edge of the broken pieces was smooth and even, it was as if the table was sliced through with an extremely sharp blade. If this blow had landed a couple of inches to the left, it would have torn Din Fuhai’s body apart into pieces.

    This attack had put the might of a Grandmaster on full display.

    Din Fuhai’s body trembled with fear, so much so that he nearly pissed himself. He no longer protested and learned to keep quiet.

    The people around Din Fuhai also lowered their heads, fearing to connect gazes with Yang Qinhu and Chen Fan. Fear and shock clashed into each other inside of their hearts.

    If Yang Qinhu was so already powerful, what was Chen Fan capable of?

    A nagging thought came up in everyone’s mind: they had run into one of the most powerful men in China.

    No one spoke a word, dragging out the silence. Yang Qinhu stood beside Chen Fan with great trepidation and excitement scarcely daring to move. Everyone watched as Chen Fan kept on working on the food piled before him, but none of them had thought of enjoying their own meal. In about ten minutes, Chen Fan rubbed his belly, wiped his lips with a piece of Kleenex, and then rose to his feet.

    “Yukishiro Sa, I am full now, let’s head back to our room.”

    “Please watch your step, Senior Master. I hope you have a good rest of your day.”

    Yang Qinhu stood behind the two and bowed deeply. He didn’t rise until Chen Fan was gone. Some people in the room had noticed in surprise that the powerful man who lorded over the Outer Guan Region was sweating.

    Those few streaks of sweat seeped out of Yang Qinhu’s shirt had stunned everyone.

    They realized that all the while, Yang Qinhu was under tremendous stress.

    Before Chen Fan rose to power, one rarely heard about the undoing of any Grandmaster. However, after Chen Fan had made a name after killing a slew of Grandmasters, they kept on dying. Despite his calm appearance, Yang Qinhu had turned into a bundle of nerves, fearing Chen Fan was going to kill him with a flick of a finger.

    Seeing the crisis was averted, Din Fuhai came over to Yang Qinhu and asked cautiously.

    “Lord Yang, are we going to let Qi Dongsheng get away with it just like that? If we don’t act now, we will never get another chance. ”

    “Humph. Didn’t you hear what Senior Master Chen said? Fatty Din, if you want to court death, please do it without me. I don’t want my entire family to get killed.” Yang Qinhu said coldly.

    Din Fuhai was terrified by what he said.

    Din Fuhai’s years of bravado and gusto had long since passed him. He had been in the seat of power for too long and had grown content. However, he still couldn’t simply pass up the seemingly golden opportunity without a convincing explanation.

    “Lord Yang, can you please be more specific so I know what is going on? Who the hell is that young man? Why are you so afraid of him?” Din Fuhai gritted his teeth and said unapologetically.

    Yang Qinhu narrowed his glinting eyes and said: “Fatty Din, are you sure you want to know? You can never unhear what I am going to say, and you might regret it.”

    “Yes, just spit it out already.” Din Fuhai said vehemently. “I need to know.”

    “Very well, then listen up.” Yang Qinhu let out a grin.

    The conversation attracted everyone’s attention, including Qi Dongsheng, The Yu siblings, and Kon Jen’yu. They all perked up their ears, eyes filled with curiosity.

    Who could have made Yang Qinhu so afraid?

    Worse, he was so young and was unknown to anyone.

    Yang Qinhu scanned around, soaking in the listener’s attention. He then said: “Senior Master Chen has many names. You might not be familiar with the name Chen Fan, but what about Chen Beixuan?”

    “What? Chen Beixuan?”

    Qi Dongsheng blanched even as most other listeners were still clueless as to what that name meant.

    Qi Dongsheng rounded his eyes in disbelief and felt a sense of irony. While he was in Japan, he even troubled Lin Tai to request an audience with Chen Beixuan and got turned down, yet little did he know that the mighty master was his son’s roommate!

    With that thought in mind, Qi Dongsheng let out a wry grin.

    If he knew that was the case, he would never come all the way to Japan and beg for help. He had seen the graveling smile on Yang Qinhu’s face when he talked to Chen Fan, and he was convinced that as long as he was under Chen Fan’s protection, Yang Qinhu would stay away from him.

    “Is he the number one on the Heaven roll, Mr. Chen Beixuan?”

    Realization finally dawned upon Din Fuhai. He shook his head in disbelief, jiggling his pudgy cheeks.

    He was a tycoon in northern China, although he was not a martial artist, he had heard of the Heaven roll in passing. He also knew that Yang Qinhu was ranked number twelve on that list. Last time he heard people bringing it up, He purposely asked for the name of the person on the number one spot, and made a mental note to himself to never cross paths with this individual. The thought that he had just had a run-in with the last person he should mess with gave Din Fuhai a chill down his spine.

    “Number one on Heaven roll? What is Heaven roll?” Some people were still dumbfounded.

    Yang Qinhu nodded and said.

    “Indeed. That’s him.”

    “After what he has done in Japan, even the number one spot on Heaven roll couldn’t do his might justice. He is a legend, a living legend.”

    Yang Qinhu linked his hands behind his back and said; his eyes were filled with admiration and respect.