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Chapter 390 - Who Is He?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 390: Who Is He?

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    No one had ever thought that Yang Qinhu could be so powerful.

    Qi Dongsheng was among one of those who was most astonished by the display of power. He knew very little about Grandmasters. All he heard about them in passing was that they were much more powerful than normal Martial Artists, but exactly by how much, he had no clue.

    The young man and the girl with a ponytail were brothers and sisters. The man’s name was Yu Feng and the girl’s name is Yu Lin.

    This brother and sister pair were the children of Qi Dongsheng’s bosom buddy. His best friend died at an early age and he had given the custody of his children to Qi Dongsheng. Qi Dongsheng had treated the two just like his own children and they didn’t disappoint him either, as both of them turned out to be his capable assistants.

    Yu Feng had proven to be particularly useful to Qi Dongsheng. He learned all kinds of martial arts from a great teacher. He had not only learned the internal force cultivation that was popular in China, but he had also mixed many elements from other Martial arts techniques, such as Judo, Karate, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu to compliment his Chinese martial arts with great effect. Not even Qi Dongsheng’s personal bodyguard, Meng Zhong could defeat him.

    Qi Dongsheng had the urge to let his godson, Yu Feng take over the company instead of giving it to his disappointing son. He had brought the brother and sister pair with him on this trip to Japan, just in case he would run into Din Fuhai. It had proven that his circumspection was not uncalled for, perhaps it was even inadequate since Yang Qinhu had also showed up.

    “Brother, are you alright?”

    Yu Lin screamed and ran to Yu Feng to help him to his feet. Sorrow and anger were written all over her face.

    They had grown up together and were much closer to each other than normal brothers and sisters.

    “I am fine. Urghh.” Yu Feng managed a smile on her face to comfort his sister, but that smile lasted only a fraction of second as blood spilled out from his mouth.

    Yang Qinhu’s punch packed immeasurable force that might not be apparent at first glance. However, the energy had pierced into the young man’s body and burrowed into his internal organs. From there, it would slowly wreak havoc inside the young man. If not because Yu Feng had a solid Physique Refinement foundation, he wouldn’t have survived the initial impact.

    “Brother, stop talking now. I will ask dad to take you to the hospital.” Tears streaked across Yu Lin’s face.

    She had never thought that her brother who she believed was invincible couldn’t even take one punch from Yang Qinhu.

    The development also shocked everyone in the room.

    “No wonder they said Lord Yang dominated the entire Eastern Guan region. I know of that young man who just got sent flying. He is Lord Qi’s godson and is one of the most powerful men working in Dong Sheng Group. He had run down a hundred or so thugs with only a metal rebar in his hand. However, he couldn’t even withstand a single punch from Lord Yang.”

    An old man shook his head and lamented.

    “This youngster is too arrogant. Lord Yang’s fame and reputation weren’t just bluffs, it was the result of countless bloodshed. There are only a few in China who could rival Lord Yang. That young man and his pathetic martial arts move was a far cry from Lord Yang’s prowess.”

    A middle-aged man said coldly.

    The rest of the audiences either shook their heads or regarded the young man and his sister gloatingly.

    Everyone was convinced that Qi Dongsheng was going to succumb to his opponent. Din Fuhai’s face beamed from side to side. His small triangular eyes on his pudgy face turned into two narrow slits. Even the bodyguards standing behind Qi Dongsheng murmured to their boss: “Lord Qi, perhaps we should concede defeat for now. Where’s there’s life there’s hope.”

    “Touche Lord Qi. We don’t have any other options as long as Lord Yang is still on their side.”

    Qi Dongsheng’s face changed colors and strong yet conflicting emotions roiled inside of him. After all, there was only one emotion left: despair. He heaved a sigh of resignation and let out a wry smile. Suddenly, he looked twenty years older than he had a minute ago.

    Even as he was going to concede defeat, a girl’s voice came up.

    “Young Lord, you can do so much better than him.”

    The hall had been pin-drop quiet and therefore everyone had heard the girl’s words despite her effort to keep it under her breath.

    Everyone looked around, searching for the speaker. They found two girls and one man in the corner. One of the girls was a drop-dead gorgeous with a face that was chiseled out of a marble, the other was the singer who had been performing on stage, looking cute as a button. Sitting in between the two was a young man who was swilling down the wine in his glasses. He was rather ordinary looking.

    “Who spoke?”

    Din Duhai narrowed his eyes into two slits and shot a cold glare at the trio.

    The hundred or so men in black also looked toward them with an intimidating gazes. Yukishiro Sa shriveled a little and then murmured: “I am only speaking the truth. That old man looks scary, but he couldn’t even kill that young man after landing a solid blow. I wonder how did he manage to get onto the Heaven roll?”

    No one knew what to make out the girl’s jarring statement.

    Yang Qinhu didn’t kill the young man and somehow the girl had taken it as a sign of weakness?

    And by the way, who was that Young Lord you were talking about?

    Did she know that her words could make powerful enemies?

    Chen Fan gave Yukishiro Sa a glance. He knew Yukishiro Sa was smarter than that. He might not feel so surprised if he had heard it from Zhong Yaoyao, but it was from the mouth of the queen of Kyushu’s underground world. Since when did Yukishiro Sa become so impulsive?

    Yukishiro Sa registered Chen Fan’s glance, so she came closer to Chen Fan and whispered.

    “Young Lord, I know you are not too crazy about Qi Dongsheng, but Qi Wangsun is your friend, you need to help him. If you let Qi Wangsun’s father die in the hands of his enemy and did nothing, Qi Wangsun might not forgive you for your inactivity.”

    Chen Fan remained calm as he swirled the wine around the bottom of his glass.

    He had to agree that Yukishiro Sa was an extremely smart girl. She knew that Qi Dongsheng’s ignorance of his power had rubbed Chen Fan the wrong way, so Chen Fan was not going to offer a helping hand. Immortal cultivators such as Chen Fan were extremely sensitive and without being treated properly, they would never help out.

    Once Qi Wangsun learned that Chen Fan sat around and watched his father suffer, their friendship might take a toll. Regardless of their difficult relationship, Qi Dongsheng was his father and they both cared about each other deeply.

    Chen Fan didn’t much mind losing a friend, he never had many friends anyways.

    Both Chen Fan and Yukishiro had kept their thoughts between the two of them. The quietness unnerved Kon Jen’yu. She was just a starlet, a green babe in her early twenties and she had never experienced any dangerous situations such as this.

    Finally, Qi Dongsheng broke the silence.

    “Din Fuhai, Mis Yukishiro Sa is my guest and she has nothing to do with what’s between you and me. I concede defeat. But I want you to know that you didn’t defeat me, it was Master Yang Qinhu.”

    Even when he was conceding his defeat, Qi Dongsheng had uttered his words with a great measure of gusto and bravado.

    He then turned around to face Yang Qinhu and said: “Lord Yang, you got me this time. From now on, the Dong Sheng Group would pull out from the Eastern Guan region, and we will stay away from Eastern Guan as long as that’s still your turf. Ten billion is not a small number, so please allow me a few days to prepare. I will wire the money to your bank in no more than a month.”

    A hint of disappointment flashed across Din Fuhai’s eyes after his opponent had conceded defeat so quickly. He had hopped the situation to further escalate and Yang Qinhu would do away with Qi Dongsheng once for all.


    The Yu brother and sister pair called out to their godfather disheartened.

    They were both aware of the shambolic conditions Dong Sheng Group was in. An extreme ten billion would be the final weight that breaks the camel’s back.

    However, Qi Dongsheng realized that he had no other options.

    To his surprise, Yang Qinhu didn’t reply to him. Instead, he had fixed his eyes on Chen Fan as shock and disbelief surfaced on his face.

    “Lord Hu?”

    Having waited for a reply for a while, Qi Dongsheng looked to Yang Qinhu and reminded him that he was still waiting for his decision.

    Yang Qinhu ignored him and walked past him to Chen Fan. He cupped his fists and said: “I am Yang Qinhu of Outer Guan Region, may I have the honor of knowing your name?”

    Although Yang Qinhu didn’t realize it himself, his respect toward the young man had taken everyone by surprise. He was a mighty figure and a household name in North-Eastern China, and just a moment ago, he had proven his power by delivering a blow at Yu Feng. His attack was so powerful that it looked like it could have crushed a car.

    He had even brought the boss of the Dong Sheng Group to its knees. No one in this room would dare to challenge him.

    However, Lord Yang had greeted the young man so humbly and even saluted him with cupped fists.

    Everyone looked at Chen Fan with surprise and questions. Could this ordinary-looking young man be a powerful figure in disguise? Or was he the heir of an elite family in Yan Jin? What had made Yang Qinhu talk to him so humbly?

    Kon Jen’yu’s heart had raced after getting so much unwanted attention. However, she, too, was stunned when she saw the respect if not fear inside the deadly warrior.

    Qi Dongsheng gave Chen Fan a suspicious look. He not only knew Yukishiro Sa but also recognized the young man as his son’s dorm mate. Did the young man also have a secret identity?

    Suddenly, he remembered the phone call he received from Qi Wangsun.

    Qi Wangsun had told him that he had found a powerful benefactor for the family. Qi Wangsun was convinced that with this individual’s protection, the Qi family would be impervious to Yang Qinhu’s threat. Qi Dongsheng thought his son was pulling his leg at first, but he asked for the name of the individual nonetheless. When he heard that it was one of Qi Wangsun’s roommates, Qi Dongsheng was seized by a fit of anger and hung up on his son before he could give him the name.

    But in light of what had just happened, It seemed that Qi Wangsun was not joking at all.

    Everyone watched as Chen Fan picked and chose the vegetables on his plate with a great measure of levity. He realized that now he had to get involved in this mess even though he really didn’t want to. Old Qi was his best friend, he couldn’t just sit around and watch his father being pushed around.

    With that thought in mind, Chen Fan replied the question with an almost casual tone:

    “Chen Fan.”

    Everyone looked at each other in shock. Chen Fan’s answer was so simple and so lacking of information that it was as if he had expected people to know who he was just by his name. He didn’t say which city he was from, where did he work, which martial arts sect he was from; just two simple words: “Chen Fan” and that’s it. Even Yang Qinhu had added Outer Guan Region after his name when he introduced himself, why couldn’t this youth do any better?

    However, Yang Qinhu was stupefied by after hearing the boy’s name. He suddenly froze into a statue.

    After he finally gathered himself, he rushed to the young man and under everyone’s shocking eyes, he bowed to Chen Fan as a student would to his teacher.

    “I am a Junior Martial artist, Qinhu, It is my honor to meet you, Master Chen. I apologize for not rolling out the red carpet for you. Please forgive me.”

    Everyone was shocked by his words.

    The people in the ballroom gaped at the young man in disbelief. Both Din Fuhai and Qi Dongsheng were both at a loss for words. The Yu siblings’ faces paled while Kon Jen’yu stood with her mouth wide open, unable to form a word.

    Everyone had only one question on their mind: “Who was he?”