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Chapter 389 - Power of One Punch

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 389: Power of One Punch

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    Qi Dongsheng had never thought that he would be caught by his nemesis even on the cruise.

    He had been cautious and even avoided taking planes for this trip to Japan fearing any public records on his passport. Therefore, he had chosen to take the cruise. The tourism company operated the cruise offered a much more streamlined process that didn’t require stringent record keeping at the border. However, Din Duhai somehow was still able to catch a whiff of him and came after him. Worse, Yang Qinhu had accompanied him as well.

    “We must have a mole inside of Dong Sheng.”

    Qi Dongsheng cursed in his mind.

    Without a source inside of his company, Din Duhai would never discover his itinerary. The mole must be hidden very deep among the high-level management of the Dong Sheng Group. Qi Dongsheng had kept his trip a secret to most people in the company, including his son.

    However, that would be a problem he had to deal with later, his priority right now was to get out of the current mess he is in.

    “Lord Yang, I apologize for our misunderstanding. You don’t have to come all the way from the northern border of China just to get involved with a trivial rivalry between me and Fu Hai.” Qi Dongsheng saluted to Yang Qinhu and said with a great measure of dignity.

    “You think I have no idea what you are after? You had opened a branch in Sheng City right under my nose. Do you think I am blind?” The middle-aged man in plain clothes grinned.

    Everyone in the room was shocked after they heard the middle-aged man’s name

    “He is Yang Qinhu of Northeast China! He is Lord Yang, the Tiger!”

    “He presided over the northern border of China with Russia, what is he doing here?”

    Qi Dongsheng is in trouble. Lord Yang is not easy to deal with. He pretty much runs the entire Outer Guan Region in North-East China.”

    Many tycoons who were from Outer Guan Region were stunned by the development. They looked to Qi Dongsheng and shook their heads in dismay. Those who had met Yang Qinhu for the first time hurried to ask people around them for more information.

    Qi Dongsheng, Din Duhai and Yang Qinhu.

    All of them were mighty figures in Northern China. Their status in Northern China was no less than Tang Yuanqin in Jiang Nan Province, if not even higher. That was particularly the case for Yang Qinhu.

    Everyone couldn’t help but feel shocked by the appearance of such a legendary figure.

    The cruise manager had already snuck out of the room to inform his boss about the development. The security guards on the ship kept a wary eye on the cohort of brawny men in black suits, reluctant to confront them. Kon Jen’yu lingered on the stage for a short while and then hurried off the stage. She chose to sit right beside Chen Fan and Yukishiro Sa, the only two younger-looking people among her audience.

    “Hey, what do you think is going to happen?”

    Kon Jen’yu came closer to Chen Fan, nudged him with her shoulder and asked.

    “Are you talking to me? Do I know you?” Chen Fan was suddenly at a loss.

    The girl threw the question at him with such levity and casualness that it was as if they were BFFs.

    “You are sitting in the front row and are accompanied by such drop-dead gorgeous, of course, I noticed you!” Kon Jen’yu rolled her eyes at Chen Fan and said with a slight hint of annoyance.

    Chen Fan was light-hearted by the girl’s reaction. However, the girl’s remark didn’t sit well with Yukishiro Sa. She rounded her eyes and flung back at Kon Jen’yu.

    “One more word of disrespect toward Young Lord, I will throw you off the ship!”

    “Tsk… He is a Young Lord? Are you some kind of rich heir?”

    Kon Jen’yu batted her curious lashes at Chen Fan. This young starlet had just risen to fame and seemed much less constrained and cautious when compared to Yun Qianqian or Li Xinru. She sounded more like a college girl rather than a professional entertainer.

    “If you ask me, I say Yang Qinhu is going to win this round. I was born in Sheng City, you know, and I have heard of Lord Yang, the Tiger’s name. Everyone in the Outer Guan Region knew that he had enough power to do just about anything in Outer Guan Region.” Kon Jen’yu couldn’t stand Chen Fan’s silence, so she filled it in with her own words.

    “Humph! Then he is lucky that the Young Lord is not from that region. Otherwise, he would know to come to our table and pay tribute to the Young Lord.” Yang Qinhu gave the girl a sidelong glance and rebutted her with much rancor.

    It was the first time Chen Fan realized that underneath Yukishiro Sa’s mask as the Queen of Kyushu’s underground world, she was just a little girl just like anyone of her age.

    “Humph! Yea, yea, I have seen too many rich brats who were on their high horses. I knew one of them from Yan Jin who came to Sheng City and had messed with Lord Yang thinking he could get away with it. In the end, he left Sheng City with two broken legs. The supposedly ‘Powerful family’ of his didn’t even dare to speak out about it. That had served a lesson for many people in Sheng City and taught them to respect Lord Yang.” Kon Jen’yu said with a smirk. Seeing Yukishiro Sa was still not convinced, she continued.

    “I have also heard from many of my clients that Lord Yang is a Kung Fu Master, and he killed a polar bear with his bare hands. He could easily wipe out a group of thugs armed with knives. Can you imagine those fat mom’s boys from the big city coming to face against a grizzled warrior of the North?”

    “You are right, Yang Qinhu is a Martial Artist, and was ranked number twelve on the Heaven roll. No ordinary tycoon would want to mess with him.” Chen Fan nodded in agreement.

    Lu Tianyun presided over Lin City and dominated the entire Tian Nan Province. Hua Yunfeng had kept things in order in Zhong Hai and projected his influence across entire China. Du San claimed supremacy in Miao’s Land and had a strong following in Yun Gui Province. Yang Qinhu was the same as those powerful Grandmasters, and his territory was to the east of Chinese heartland, the so-called Outer Guan or Eastern Guan Region.

    All these Grandmasters presided over their territory and secured their position with might and personal strength.

    They seemed to have formed a symbiosis relationship with the government. On one hand, these grandmasters required the Government’s acuiacense to exist, meanwhile, they also offered service to the government by protecting the local area from invading elements. China is a big country and the special case departments with their limited resources and manpower was unable to cover the ground.

    Except for a few legendary warriors such as Chen Fan, most people, including most powerful families in China, respected these Grandmasters greatly.

    “Yea, right, I heard of that Heaven roll or whatnot before. But I have no clue what it is, it sounds silly.” Kon Jen’yu stuck her tongue out a little and admitted her lack of knowledge with levity.

    Chen Fan found it hard to make the connection between this cute girl next door with the image of an aspiring starlet who was on the verge of making a break in her career.

    Meanwhile, the mood in the ballroom was growing more intense by the second.

    Yang Qinhu’s patience was wearing thin. He snorted and then said: “Qi Dongsheng, I don’t want to waste time, just give me the money and I will leave you alone. I promise I won’t interfere with whatever is happening between you and Fu Hai. But if you don’t pay up willingly, then we will have to do it the dark way.”

    His words carried an icy intent that was as cold as the arctic wind that invaded Northern China every winter. Everyone had registered the threats in Yang Qinhu’s voice. Qi Dongshen’s face turned even darker, while a broad smile broke over Din Fuhai’s face.

    “Godfather, why are we still wasting breath on him? Just teach him a lesson already. Do they really think that they can scare us with threats?” A voice came up from behind Qi Dongsheng.

    Everyone looked to the speaker and saw a couple had risen to their feet.

    The man was tall and handsome, but not in a muscular way. The girl pulled her hair back in a ponytail, making the lines on her face look severe and hard. There was more bravado in the girl’s demeanor than her male partner.

    The speaker was the girl with a ponytail.

    She gave Yang Qinhu a derisive look.

    The girl’s remark had sent Qi Dongsheng’s mind reeling. They were his godson and goddaughter who lived in the metropolis of Tian Jinwei not far from Yan Jin city. They were spoiled by their parents and blinded by their city lifestyle, thinking they could do anything they wanted. That was particularly the case for the girl. She practiced Taekwondo ever since she was a kid and had already earned her black belt. The fact that most men couldn’t tame her in the rink had lent her, even more, bravado and swagger.

    They were both against him coming to Japan to look for help and been wanting to fight Yang Qinhu directly. They now must think that it was finally their moment to shine.

    “Two brave youngsters. Old Qi, I like your godson and goddaughter. They remind me of myself.” Din Duhai let out a burst of gloating laughter.

    Yang Qinhu didn’t waste any time. He snorted and then attacked the two youngsters.

    One should never mess with a Grandmaster.

    Yang Qinhu was a mighty figure in Eastern Guan region, and would not let these fledglings humiliate him.

    “Have mercy, Lord Yang!” Qi Dongsheng panicked and as he shouted at Yang Qinhu. However, Yang Qinhu didn’t listen, his attack was already on its way.

    He charged at the two youngsters like an unstoppable train. He pierced through the air, making a high pitched whistling noise that reverberated across the room. The sound wave multiplied and turned into a shock wave that shattered everything on the table.

    The young couple’s faces paled as soon as they registered the strength of their opponent.

    The girl was stupefied by Yang Qinhu’s display of power, freezing into a statue. She had never seen anything like it during her Taekwondo practice. Yang Qinhu could have simply rammed into her and turned her into a pulp.

    Meanwhile, the young man managed to gather himself. He gritted his teeth and shriveled his body up like a flexible snake. Then he launched himself out, extending his torso as much as possible. The body was taut with energy, he shot out both arms to block Yang Qinhu’s attack.


    Yang Qinhu laughed out loud and then punched.

    His punch carried so much force that it threatened to collapse the ceiling of the ballroom. It was a simple movement, a straight forward punch, but it was as deadly as ravenous tiger and it roared like one as well.


    Under everyone’s surprised eyes, the two collided into each other.

    Yang Qinhu had only used half of his strength, but his punch had easily gone through the young man’s defense and landed squarely on his chest. The force in the punch passed the young man’s body and came out from his back.


    Blood burst out from the young man’s mouth as the impact sent him flying. He rammed through half a dozen tables and thudded onto the floor twenty meters away.

    A pin-drop silence suddenly fell over the room.

    No one had never thought that Yang Qinhu’s punch could be so deadly. Even Qi Dongsheng was terrified by the development. The young man was one of his strongest subjects, yet he couldn’t even take a single punch from Yang Qinhu. Qi Dongsheng was not sure how he could defend himself now.

    With that thought in mind, Qi Dongsheng let out a wry smile and was ready to concede defeat.

    Suddenly, a girl’s voice drifted into his ear from the distance.

    “Young Lord, you can do so much better than him.”