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Chapter 386 - You Dictate Politics, I Dictate Life And Death

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 386: You Dictate Politics, I Dictate Life And Death

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    A dozen throwing weapons were hurled at Chen Fan, each with an ear-piercing whistle. These ninjas were not only masters of Ninjitsu, but also of Martial Arts. Many of them had similar Internal Force as their Martial Arts counterparts. The Internal Force that they infused on their weapon was able to pierce through huge tree trunks or metal plates with ease.

    “Peng! Peng!”

    These deadly weapons hit Chen Fan’s Arcane Energy Bulwark a meter away from Chen Fan and bounced off. Before the Ninjas realized that their attacks were ineffectual, Chen Fan charged into the crowd.

    So deadly was his martial arts prowess, that each and every one of his movements carried a force that could move a planet. Each hack and slash sent out a glinting Blade Aura that surged up a few dozen meters, killing more Ninjas in its way.


    In less than half a minute, Chen Fan had killed over two hundred men.


    The massacre angered an elder of the village. He rushed forward and pulled a thin blade out of his cane. The blade’s body was dark as coal: a sign that it was treated by a special coating. As the village elder brandished it in the air, it reflected no light; a perfect weapon for assassins. It would be particularly useful when used in the darkness of the night.

    The elder looked old and fragile but as soon as he pulled out the blade, his shriveled up muscles burgeoned as he charged up his energy to the maximum. He hacked his blade at Chen Fan with enough force to sever the flow of water.

    As one of the few high ranking Ninjas in the clan, the elder’s attack packed no less force than that of Violet.

    However, the elder’s attack with abandon was countered by Chen Fan with a wave of the hand. An azure light struck the elder when he was still in the air and pulverized his mortal coil into a cloud of bloody mist.

    Seeing the death of their elder, the ninjas finally wavered. They moaned the death of their elders as they turned on their heels. Their minds had been seized by a fit of anger after seeing Chen Fan murdering their clan leader. However, after the reality set in, they finally gave up and ran for their lives.

    “Humph, where do you think you can go?”

    Chen Fan snorted and flashed out. He reappeared in fits and starts, and quickly caught up with a deserter. He kicked the deserter from behind, knocking him off balance. After the ninja had fallen onto the ground, Chen Fan stomped on his body with a foot, ending the ninja’s life outright. Then Chen Fan flickered out of view once again and appeared behind a middle-aged ninja. He pressed his palm hard on the back of the ninja, forcing him to the ground and squashed the ninja in between his palm and the earth.

    These ninjas used all kinds of Arts of Concealment or secret arts that they knew of, but none of them could escape Chen Fan.

    After Chen Fan had killed everyone in the Ninja Clan, he set the village on fire and burnt it to the ground. Then and only then, he left the burnt-down village and hundreds of corpses behind and left the valley

    The Fuji Ninja Clan was wiped out from the world.

    Chen Fan went straight to Yukishiro Sa after he was done with the Fuji Ninja Clan. Yukishiro Sa was hiding in a small mansion just outside of Fukuoka. She was wanted by the Japanese government because of her connection with Chen Fan.

    Yukishiro Sa came up to Chen Fan as soon as she saw him.

    “Master, the police came to the Yukishiro family’s residence as soon as I left. I left in a hurry, and only brought a little cash and a few credit cards with me. I wager that most of the Yukishiro family’s assets must be seized by the government as well. I no longer have the resources to call upon my family employees.”

    Yukishiro Sa’s voice was filled with sorrow and distress.

    The Yukishiro family had just acquired all the assets of the Susano Shrine, so its wealth was in the billions. Their shares in the major investment groups were also priceless. After Chen Fan defeating the military, he became the most wanted man in Japan. The Japanese Government had frozen any bank account that was related to him. By now, Yukishiro Sa couldn’t even get in touch with her family employees, and she was worried that some of them might turn on her.

    “It doesn’t matter. Money is just a burden anyways. We will get it back as long as we still hold the power.” Chen Fan sitting on a sofa said calmly.

    Chen Fan had never cared about the wealth of Susano Shrine nor that of the Yukishiro family.

    Chen Fan had made a name for himself among the leaders around the world after he had defeated the Japanese Military. Everyone wanted to have him on their side. Sure, the Japanese hated him, but as soon as he extended an olive branch to any wealthy nation in the world, he would be showered with cash and assets as a reward.

    However, at Chen Fan’s level, money meant very little to him.

    “Master, I want to follow you to China. I can’t stay here in Japan any longer.” Yukishiro Sa gritted her teeth and said. “I want to learn Martial arts from you and I don’t want to be such a burden anymore. Keeping an eye on Violet was the only task you gave me, but I have failed. It’s shameful.”

    Chen Fan was taken aback by the girl’s words. He looked at the girl’s face and noticed the sincerity and conviction in her eyes. He nodded and said: “Very well, I will bring you with me and teach you Martial arts. I promise you that you will surpass Violet in just a few years.”

    “But before I leave for China, I need to head down to Tokyo to collect some debt.”

    Chen Fan narrowed his glinting eyes as he said.

    Chen Fan had gotten a dossier at the Ninja Clan’s related to the military operation against him and he didn’t like any bit of what he had learned.

    Meanwhile, in the Mitsui family’s manor just outside of Tokyo.

    Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at first glance, but the manor was packed with armed bodyguards in black suits. With their faces as hard as stones, they carried a soldier-like discipline with them.

    In fact, these bodyguards were elite members of the Japan Self-Defense Forces. The family lord of the Mitsui Family was an extremely influential man in Japan and it wasn’t difficult for him to call upon the Japan Self-Defense Forces for protection.

    “Do you think the family lord is overreacting a little bit? I doubt Chen Beixuan knows that it’s us behind the military operation.” One of the leaders of the Mitsui Family shook his head and said.

    “Our family lord is getting old and that’s what old people do, they grow suspicious.” Another leader cracked a smile. “I have heard that the prime minister had already met with the American general. I think it wouldn’t take long before the Americans start to act. After they are done dealing with Chen Beixuan, we wouldn’t need these bodyguards any more.”

    They were so engrossed in their conversation that they didn’t notice a barely visible shadow had passed them.

    Chen Fan had used the Invisibility Spell and walked right into the manor of the Mitsui Family. The Invisibility Spell was a minor Dharmatic Art that Chen Fan had learned as soon as he entered the Ethereal Enlightenment. However, at this stage, the Invisibility Spell couldn’t only avoid detection of naked eyes, but couldn’t pass infrared and metal detectors.

    Once Chen Fan reached Divine Sea or Connate Spirit level, Chen Fan would be able to use Divine Concealment Spell and turn his physical body into a little more than an apparition.

    However, the Invisibility Spell would do for now.

    The spell had allowed Chen Fan to enter the Mitsui Family’s manor despite the presence of guards.

    “So the American military is going to take action?” Chen Fan overheard the two’s conversation and furrowed his brows. “Looks like I need to hurry. Although I am not afraid of the Americans, my body might not be able to last another battle.”

    Unlike the Japan Self-Defense Forces, The American forces consisted of well trained professional soldiers. It was the most powerful military force in the world. Currently, only the military in a few countries such as China and Russia could rival the American forces. Worse, the Americans also had a huge nuclear capability that could devastate the entire planet.

    If the Americans really got pissed off, they might as well use nuclear bombs again as they did during WW2.

    It wouldn’t be the first time the Americans used a nuclear weapon in Japan.

    Chen Fan would rather stay as far away from nuclear weapons as possible before he reached the Connate Spirit.

    The new information didn’t deter Chen Fan in the slightest. He followed the lead of his Divine Sense and walked deeper into the Mitsui Family’s compound until he reached a small house. Inside the house, Mitsui Kazuo was alone all by himself.

    Chen Fan revealed himself and walked into the room.

    “Mitsui Yuto, is that you? Didn’t I tell you to leave?” Hearing the creaking of the door and footsteps, Mitsui Kazuo furrowed his brows and asked coldly.

    Chen Fan didn’t say a word. He entered the living room, walked over to the large hearth and picked up a cup of tea on the mantle.

    Mitsui Kazuo was startled by the silence, so he turned and noticed the man walking into his house was not Mitsui Yuto at all. He scowled at Chen Fan and asked hotly: “Who are you? Where is Mitsui Yuto?”

    Mitsui Kazuo had no idea that the young man was his nightmare that he tried to keep at bay all the while.

    Chen Fan swilled the tea around the bottom of the cup and said with a smile

    “You incited the Japanese government to use its military against me, and now you are rallying the Americans. But you don’t even know who I am?”

    Mitsui Kazuo’s face turned dark and his hands started shaking uncontrollably. His face twitched, preventing him from forming a sentence in his mouth. In the end, he managed to squeeze out the visitor’s name in between his tightly clenched jaws.

    “Chen Beixuan!”

    “Yes, that’s me. Relax Mr. Mitsui. I like your tea, are you going to have one as well?”

    Chen Fan waved a hand and suddenly, Mitsui Kazuo was seized by an unseen force that placed in a chair right before Chen Fan. His hands and arms moved without his order and picked up the cup of tea and poured its contents into his mouth.

    He felt the burn in his throat right away, but the hot liquid kept on coming until the cup was dry.

    “Chen Beixuan, what do you want? I can tell the Prime Minister to rescind the wanted order and ask the Americans to reconsider their operation. Just name your price!”

    Despite the pin pricking sensation in his throat, Mitsui Kazuo pleaded for his life.

    He was one of the most powerful men in Japan and with his perspicacity and experience, he knew that Chen Fan was here to kill him.

    “Killing me will give you nothing. It would only egg the prime minister on and double down their determination to bring you to justice. My death would also spur the Americans into action and they might even exert pressure on the Chinese government in order to get you.”

    There was a hint of pride flickering in Mitsui Kazuo’s eyes in fits and starts as he spoke. “Mr. Chen Beixuan, you are a smart man, so I believe you know what is best for you. Let me go and we can work together. With your personal strength and the Mitsui Family’s political clout, we can achieve anything!”

    So saying, Mitsui Kazuo’s eyes lit up with a fervent light.

    It was as if the power-mongering old man believed that he could sway Chen Fan to join him.

    If Chen Fan was a Grandmaster or an ordinary Immortal State cultivator, he might have spared Mitsui Kazuo’s life.

    However, Chen Beixuan gave the old man a mocking smile and said: “What makes you think that I need an assistant? If I want anything, I will just take it myself.”

    Under Mitsui Kazuo’s shocked eyes, Chen Fan walked out of the room after leaving a resounding remark: “Remember, you might have been able to dictate the politics in this country, I dictate your life and death.”

    To Mitsui Kazuo’s horror, he watched as both of his hands grabbed onto his throat and squeezed it until the world turned dark.

    2009 January 21st, Chen Beixuan had killed the family leader of the Mitsui Family, Mitsui Kazuo.

    The news terrified all the Japanese political top dogs.