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Chapter 385 - Massacre of The Fuji Clan

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 385: Massacre of The Fuji Clan

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    Meanwhile, Violet was running away from Chen Fan as fast as she could.

    She swam in the darkness of the night effortlessly, turning herself into a blurry moving shadow in the darkness. Her long legs were surprisingly muscular, and she could easily jump from one rooftop to the other effortlessly.

    However, Violet couldn’t shake off the fear that was rooted so deeply in her heart.

    The sound of battle seemed to have subsided, and the quietness unnerved her. She knew that Chen Fan had done with the Ninjas and was on her heels.

    Violet knew from the outset that Chen Fan meant to kill her. Although she had followed Chen Fan for only a few days, she had registered the ruthlessness in Chen Fan. Unlike most other men, Chen Fan was impervious to her sexually charged appearance. Making him even harder to manipulate than Genkaza Takeda. One look at Chen Fan’s indifferent eyes, Violet already knew that she couldn’t let her guard down.

    That was the moment she made up her mind to leave her ninja warriors to their own devices and spun her tail.

    “How was that possible? How could he even defeat the military?”

    Even now, Violet still had difficulty grappling with reality.

    The phone call was from one of her sources in the Japanese government who she trusted greatly. Violet knew running away from Chen Fan was her only option. By now, she had lost anyone whom she could count on.

    “I need to head back to the base. The defense there could be able to slow Chen Beixuan down. Plus, Sensei is still guarding the fort. That was if Chen Beixuan was fast enough to follow me. I am an elite Ninja and an expert at the Art of Concealment.”

    The Fuji Ninja Clan had existed over a few hundred years and therefore Violet would feel much safer once she regrouped with her clan.

    Violet’s mind raced. She reflected on the latest development and also tried to hide her tracks, she did everything with great economy of movement and extraordinary speed.

    Chen Fan was a dozen kilometers away from her, and he took his time and sauntered forward with a great measure of levity.

    Chen Fan had branded Violet as soon as he had dealt with the four demon gods. The mark guided Chen Fan to Violet once he had defeated the Fourteenth Brigade.

    “After I am done with the Fuji Ninja Clan, I will go to Tokyo and get rid of the ones that were responsible for the attack on me. After that, I think it’s about time for me to leave Japan and return to China for a long period of hard cultivation in seclusion.”

    Chen Fan’s body suddenly flickered out of view and reappeared thirty meters further down the path.

    Despite the injury he had sustained, he felt that it was worth the trip. Not only had he gained five Immortal guardians in his Summoning Flute of Demon God, but he had also learned a lot from the battle against the Fourteenth Brigade.

    The take away for Chen Fan was a clear picture of the exact power of the modern military.

    The victory had also given him a bargaining chip while he negotiated with other nations. That being said, he wagered that since he had caught the nations’ attention, they would also start to analyze his ability, trying to come up with methods to counter his power.

    “That would be useless. My speed of improvement is much faster than the rate at which the governments rolling out new weapons.” Chen Fan’s lips curled into a cold smile.

    When America or Russia finally invented a special weapon to counter Chen Fan, he might have already reached Immortal Sea level, if not Connate Spirit Level. By then, the weapon they had just invented would need to be upgraded without even being used once.

    Chen Fan contemplated what would happen in the future as he slowly followed Violet for a few dozen kilometers and reached a quiet mountain valley.

    This was the base of operation for the Fuji Ninja Clan, and it was in a mountain valley just outside of Fukuoka.


    Violet heaved a sigh as soon as she was through the threshold between the valley and the flat floodplain. She carefully avoided a dozen lethal booby traps and reached the other end of the valley where the land opened up a little. Hidden deep inside of the valley was a small village nestled against the mountains on both sides.

    This was the village where the Fuji Ninja Clan had lived for generations.

    “Sect leader is back”

    Violet’s appearance had stirred up the villagers.

    Many ninjas rushed out of their simple house to receive Violet. Almost everyone living in the village was a Ninja. They could easily defeat any Taekwondo or Karate black belt. The combined might of all the Ninjas in the village would easily drive a Grandmaster away. Their unwavering solidarity had earned them the right to survive in Kyushu island for hundreds of years.

    “Violet, why are you all by yourself? Where is Inu Ni?”

    A village elder waddled toward Violet like a king. He asked in confusion.

    Inu Ni was one of the few high ranking Ninjas in the village. He was also the first one who threw himself at Chen Fan. He had always been Violet’s right-hand man. The elder knew everyone in the village and he was aware that Inu Ni had left with Violet to the Yukishiro family’s residence.

    Betraying Chen Fan wasn’t Violet’s personal decision, it was a unanimous opinion of all clan members. The national leaders in Tokyo had agreed to hand help the Fuji Ninja Clan to claim supremacy in Kyushu’s underground world in exchange for their loyalty.

    It was an opportunity that the Fuji Ninja Clan could not pass up.

    Chen Beixuan had helped the Fuji Ninja Clan by getting rid of their biggest rivals: Lord Susano, Genkaza Takeda, and the Yukishiro family. Therefore, the government’s promise was not simply empty talk, Violet could actually see that happening once Chen Beixuan was dealt with.

    “I need to see Sensei now. Please lead me to him.”

    Violet’s face was hard and gloomy. She announced in a cold voice.

    The elder’s heart sank to the bottom; he knew something terrible had happened. He quickly turned around and led Violet deep into the village until they reached the area that was off-limits to most villagers.

    The forbidden area was empty and had only one wooden shack in the middle.

    Violet came up to the wooden shack until she was only ten paces away. She knelt down and then lowered her body until it was flat against the ground. “Sensei, we are in trouble now. We need your help.”

    “Haven’t I told you to not disturb me unless the survival of the Fuji Ninja Clan is at stake?” A wizened voice drifted out from within. It was dry and husky as if two pieces of sandpaper rubbing against each other.

    “Our Ninja Clan is going to face the biggest challenge it has ever faced: Chen Beixuan,” Violet said.

    “Who is this Chen Beixuan? The name sounds Chinese.” The wizened voice paused a second and asked in confusion.

    Violet had to start from the beginning and told the old man everything she knew about Chen Fan. The elder inside the wooden shack was the last clan leader who had been living in seclusion in the wooden shack for decades. Even Lord Susano was convinced that he was dead. Therefore, he was not aware of the going-on outside the village.

    The elder made a barely audible sound when he heard that Chen Fan had destroyed the Susano Shrine.

    Later, when he heard that Chen Fan had killed four Demon Gods and Takemiya Hiro, the elder blanched.

    When Violet finally mentioned that Chen Fan had destroyed the Fourteenth Brigade and struck down seventeen jets, the wooden shack exploded and a dark shadow emerged from the explosion. When the dust settled, an old man with shriveled body that was wrapped with bandages appeared before Violet.

    He was the last generation clan leader, Fuji Taki

    He used to be as famous as Chizuru Masahiro and Genkaza Takeda and was the only Elite Ninja in the Fuji Ninja Clan. Although his overall strength was not as great as that of a Transcendent Grandmaster, he could inflict so much damage that made him feared by many peak level Grandmasters.

    Before Violet was able to say anything, Fuji Taki asked with shock and surprise written all over his face.

    “Who is Chen Beixuan? He even defeated the Japan Self-Defense Forces? Is he one of the Immortal State Overlords from China?”

    A voice came up somewhere in the distance before Violet was able to say anything. “Is he your final trump card?”

    Violet looked around for the speaker and was startled to see Chen Fan standing not far from her with his hands linked behind his back. To enter the Fuji Clan’s village, Chen Fan would have to pass countless lethal booby traps, yet clearly they were unable to slow Chen Fan down.

    “Who are you? How dare you trespass the land of the Fuji Ninja Clan? You are courting death!” Fuji Taki narrowed his eyes as a powerful gush of energy swept across the open space. He had opened the flood gate, pouring out all the energy he had stored inside of him over the decade.

    “Sensei, he is—”Violet rounded her eyes in surprise. She shouted at her teacher but was cut short by Chen Fan.


    Chen Fan waved a hand in the air, his movement was almost lazy. A blade suddenly appeared in between his fingers and then he slashed at the air, sending out a scintillating azure Blade Aura.

    Fuji Taki’s face darkened as soon as he saw the blade auras. Suddenly, he turned into a puff of dark smoke and disappeared into thin air. The Blade Auras went past the few wisps of smoke lingered about where the old man was standing. If Chen Fan had never fought against Theseus the Phantom, he might be shocked by the old man’s trick.

    However, Chen Fan had already known exactly what the old man was trying to do. He took a step forward, flashed out of view and reappeared a few dozen meters away. He then stomped the ground with one foot.

    The stomping shook the earth as if a Heavenly Guard had just landed on earth with a superhero landing.

    A powerful shockwave came up and ripped open the ground as it rippled outward, creating a cacophony of cracking, crumbling and snapping sounds.

    A black shadow suddenly appeared right under Chen Fan’s foot.

    He was no other than Fuji Taki.

    He was pinned under Chen Fan’s boot, wedged in between the caved-in ground. Chen Fan’s foot had gone through his chest, and he was dead on the spot. Fuji Taki was killed by Chen Fan. He didn’t even get the chance to show Chen Fan the secret art he had invented after decades of secluded cultivation.

    Disbelief was permanently etched onto his face even after his death.

    He couldn’t believe that he would be killed by Chen Fan with such ease. He had so many powerful moves up his sleeve. However, little did he know that he was dealing with someone way out of his league. Chen Fan could have killed any mid-stage Transcendent State cultivator with no more than three moves.

    Then and only then, Violet finally finished her warning.

    “He is Chen Beixuan!”

    When she registered that her warning had come too late, she gave Chen Fan a desperate and fearful look.

    Her body trembled as she mustered as much courage as she could and then bowed slightly: “Master… I.. I am so sorry. Please forgive me. I will—”

    Chen Fan cut her short with a sharp glinting azure-colored blade auras.


    Violet’s head was severed from her shoulder. Not even Fuji Taki could have survived Chen Fan’s attack, much less Violet.

    Such as it is, Chen Fan had dealt with the traitor with one decisive blow. Even before the moment of her death, Violet couldn’t believe that Chen Fan would have killed her without even the slightest hesitation

    “Did you kill our clan leader and elder?”

    Some clan members who had witnessed the bloodshed pointed their fingers at Chen Fan angrily.

    The development had riled up all the Ninjas in the village. They rushed toward the scene with weapons. Some had already hurled their throwing weapons at Chen Fan. They couldn’t allow the murderer of their clan leader to get away with his crime.

    Chen Fan was unfazed by incoming attacks. He folded his finger and summoned two sharp Blade Auras that glowed a blinding light.

    He had made up his mind to slaughter everyone in the Fuji Ninja Clan.