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Chapter 384 - To Violet’s Surprise

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 384: To Violet’s Surprise

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    As the current family lord of the Yukishiro family, Yukishiro Sa was well aware of the combat effectiveness of the Fourteenth Brigade. The fourteenth brigade was stationed on the Shikoku island next to Kyushu, and ever since Yukishiro Sa was just a little girl, her grandfather had introduced her to the leaders of the Fourteenth Brigade during banquets and other social occasions.

    She was convinced that the military with their modern weapons would have forced Chen Fan to run away if not outright kill him.

    A martial artist would never stand a chance against the military.

    That was the unwritten rule of the Dark World.

    “Silly girl, I will not harm you. You will fetch a great price for me. Those big bosses love princesses like you. So young and tender.” Violet reached out a hand and touched Yukishiro Sa’s cheek as a hint of jealousy flickered in her eyes.

    Violet was over forty years old and her skin was getting loose and dull. Yukishiro Sa was not only much younger, but she had also stayed in the Green Dragon Grand Array for a few days, and even consumed some Spirit herbs. Her skin was as smooth as porcelain and radiated a charming glow from within.

    Yukishiro Sa shivered a little at Violet’s touch. However, she was able to pull herself together and said: “Master will not let you off the hook.”

    “Humph! Chen Beixuan is an arrogant fool. Does he really believe that he could trample over Japan because he had defeated Takemiya Hiro? The military would be a handful for him to deal with, not to mention the Lord at the Ise Grand Shrine. Chen Beixuan is surrounded by enemies now, if he could get out of the battle alive still remains to be seen.” Violet let out a snort and then said with a derisive smile.

    She was a typical Japanese girl and worshiped absolute strength, nothing else.

    The Fuji Ninja Clan had served Lord Susano for hundred of years, but as soon as she saw the tide was turning, she switched sides and joined Chen Fan. She switched back to the Japanese side again after sensing the government official’s commitment to doing away with Chen Fan.

    The Fuji Ninja Clan had survived this long exactly because they were always on the fence, ready to switch sides. The Ninja Clan was but a meager force in Japan, and couldn’t compare to the Japanese government nor the Mega-corporations.

    Even as Yukishiro Sa’s heart sank to the bottom, a calm voice drifted into the room from outside.

    “Are you guys talking about me?”

    The familiar voice startled Violet. She wrenched her head over her shoulder and saw the speaker, letting shock and disbelief crawl all over her face

    “Chen Beixuan, why are you here?”

    “Master!” Yukishiro Sa shouted cheerfully.

    The Ninjas in the room suddenly tensed up their bodies as they locked their gazes on the young man who suddenly appeared.

    The entire Yukishiro family residence was filled to the brim with Ninjas of the Fuji clan, yet Chen Fan was able to appear without anyone’s detection right outside of the meeting room. His sudden appearance had caught the ninjas off guard.

    “Clank Clank”

    The Ninja’s unsheathed their blades and glared hotly at Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan didn’t much mind the threat. He slowly and leisurely made his way into the room and asked: “Why can’t I be here?”

    “Oh, you mean what happened to the Fourteenth Brigade? You must think that I am struggling to escape the military’s attack.” Chen Fan seemed to realize something and then he gave Violet a half-smile. “What if I tell you that I have defeated the Fourteenth Brigade?”

    “That’s impossible!” Violet shouted. Even Yukishiro Sa gave Chen Fan an incredulous look.

    The Ninjas were taken aback by the news. They looked to Chen Fan with disbelief and doubt.

    The fourteenth brigade was over four thousand strong, and they could overrun the entire Fuji Ninja Clan with ease. No Martial Artist could have survived their terrifying firepower.

    However, if Chen Fan was lying, then how on earth did he suddenly appear right here right now?

    Even as Violet struggled to grapple with reality, her phone rang.

    “Stop staring at me, your phone rang, answer it.” Chen Fan crooked his head to one side and gave Violet a mischievous look.

    He watched as Violet fumbled to produce a cell phone in her hand and connected the line. An anxious voice came out from the other end.

    “Violet, the situation is out of our control. Chen Beixuan is much stronger than we thought and he defeated the entire Fourteenth Brigade. He also destroyed our F-15s. We lost track of him, but he is likely heading toward Kyushu. You need to leave Yukishiro’s residence now.”

    The speaker at the other end was shouting at the top of his lungs, and the conversation was heard by everyone in the room.

    However, none of the listeners believed what they heard and wished that they had never heard the voice.

    The phone call had proven that Chen Fan was telling the truth. Violet’s face turned into a pale ball in the murky water. The defeat of the Fourteenth Brigade meant that she had lost the bet. It also meant that Chen Fan could do pretty much whatever he wants in Japan as long as the American military was not involved.

    “How could anyone be so powerful? How could any individual defeat a modern army?”

    The ninjas looked at Chen Fan, their eyes were filled with surprise, respect, reverence, and fear. Japanese people worshipped absolute strength and in their eyes, Chen Fan was the paragon of mighty and powerful.

    Yukishiro Sa covered her mouth to stifle a cry of disbelief.

    She had never thought that Chen Fan could be so powerful that not even the military could handle him.

    “What are you going to do now?” Chen Fan cracked a smile, but his gaze on Violet was indifferent and emotionless.

    Of all the sins in the world, he hated betrayal the most. He had presided over the universe for five hundred years as the North Mystic Celestial Lord and had been double-crossed many times. By now, he had already gotten used to killing traitors without feeling overly sentimental about it.

    “Master, I am sorry.”

    Violet lowered her head and was bent her knees. However, as soon as the tip of her knee touched the floor, she lurched forward and darted out like a panther. She rammed straight through a wall and threw a black object at Chen Fan as she shouted: “Kill him. NOW!”


    The black object exploded in the air, spilling out a flood a dark smoke that quickly filled up the entire room. The dark smoke was created using whale’s blubber and over a hundred different kinds of ingredients. Therefore, they were extremely rare and Violet used them only during the moment of life and death. This smoke was so thick that not even a Grandmaster could see anything while in it.

    The Ninja’s instinctual reaction to Violet’s order somehow overrode their fear. They threw themselves at Chen Fan while brandishing blades in their hands.


    A dozen or so Blades glinted in the air.

    These Ninjas were masters of Ninjitsu and Sword techniques. They were more powerful than most Martial Artists. One of the high ranking Ninjas even displayed as much power as Kawakami Gensai. What made these clandestine warriors, even deadlier was their ability to maneuver and attack in complete darkness. Being besieged by multiple Ninjas in total darkness could throw off most Grandmasters.


    Chen Fan snorted and then flicked one of his fingers.

    A white Qi Energy shot out from the tip of his finger like a bolt. It swam in the dark cloud like a bright shining fish. In a blink, it had gone through the bodies of thirty or so Ninjas, stopping them cold in their tracks. Even as these Ninjas fell to the ground, they simply couldn’t believe that they were defeated so effortlessly.

    “So powerful were the Sword Immortals, they could kill the entire population in the world with one fell swoop.”

    That was a quote from a wise man who lived nearly six hundred years ago, and if he saw Chen Fan in action, he would be convinced that Chen Fan was the reincarnation of a Sword Immortal. Chen Fan’s move was inspired by Lin Tatian’s The Art of Qi Blade. Instead of using Internal energy to control the blade, he had used Divine Sense and multiplied the art’s damage many times.

    “It’s not even close to the real Art of Flying Sword.”

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh and then waved a hand, summoning a gust of wind that dispersed the dark smoke.

    His condition had already improved significantly since the battle. No one could tell that he had just finished a tense battle with powerful foes. However, Chen Fan knew that the battle against the military had harmed his cultivation foundation and he would need to recuperate a while before he was fully recovered.

    The final blow he delivered to the Japanese military was the most powerful strike he had ever executed ever since he was reborn.

    He had consumed all of his True Essence in order to expand the range of his Dharmic Blade. He even sacrificed some of his Vitality Essence Force in order to charge up the golden sword’s attack. The end result was beyond effective and had completely devastated the Japanese military.

    The consumption of Divine Sense and True Essence was easy to recuperate, but it was not the case for the Raw Arcane Energy infused in his Vitality force. The Raw Arcane Energy would require a long time to recover if it recovered at all. However, Chen Fan wasn’t too stressed about it. Even with the injury, he had sustained, he could easily deal with any threat in Japan.


    Yukishiro Sa came over to Chen Fan. Her face was lit up with flee and surprise. Suddenly, she recognized something at the corner of her eyes and then she shouted: “Master, the traitor has escaped.”

    “Don’t worry, she would never run away from me. I have planted a seed of Divine Sense inside of her body. All she will do is lead us to her base of operation.” Chen Fan cracked a smile as a cold light glinted in his eyes.

    His body flickered a little, disappeared and reappeared next to the hole in the wall. He shouted an order at the girl even as he darted across the threshold.

    “The Japanese Government is looking for me. Leave here now and stay low for a while. I will come to find you.”

    Chen Fan disappeared before his voice faded. Shouting and screaming come up from the outer compound of the manor. Those Ninjas guarding the entrance to the manor must have discovered Chen Fan. However, the din quieted down very quickly.

    Yukishiro Sa sat in the room all by herself, surrounded by a dozen dead ninjas collapsed on the floor. All al them had a hole on their foreheads; that was the wound that killed them.

    “Master, I will wait for you..”

    Yukishiro Sa stood still as conviction gleamed in her eyes.

    Chen Fan had proven his strength many times, and Yukishiro Sa was not as stupid as Violet to betray him. Instead, she would stand up for Chen Fan even if it meant making herself the enemy of Japan.

    Yukishiro Sa’s faith in Chen Fan was unswerving and she believed that Chen Fan would always be the victor.