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Chapter 382 - The Battle That Made a God

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 382: The Battle That Made a God

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    The battle between Chen Fan and the Japan Self-Defense Forces just closed its curtain and the implication of this momentous battle had just started to ripple out, affecting more and more people.

    Even though the leaders of Japan and the Japan Self-Defense Forces wanted to conceal their defeat, this battle was too big to go unnoticed. It was particularly easy for the Americans to get their hands on the information since they were, in reality, the puppet masters that had a string attached to every aspect of Japanese politics.

    After learning the truth, most leaders had kept their silence.

    Chen Fan had displayed unimaginable power during this battle. Rifles and machines guns were ineffectual against him, and neither the tanks nor the missiles could land a direct hit on him. He had shot down the helicopters as if they were practice-targets. Worse, he had intercepted three hypersonic missiles, grounded three F-15s, and fourteen AH-1 Cobras.

    The final sword attack had let out such destruction that no one had ever seen before.

    Those who had got their hands on the footage of the battle had already buried their noses into it, trying to decipher Chen Beixuan’s power. All of them were stunned by the deadliness of the golden light—whatever it was, and they were convinced that Chen Beixuan’s attack range was ten kilometers. However, how could any weapon land a precise strike on a fast moving target such as Chen Beixuan?

    “We would suggest using multiple land missiles, shooting at him from a distance. Use Fuel Air Explosive or even an atom bomb if necessary, to cover as large of an area as possible.”

    A Lieutenant General proposed during a meeting of leaders from the Northern Division of the Rusian military.

    One missile that carried fuel-air explosives could cover an effective area of a few hundred thousand square meters. The neutron bomb was even more terrifying. It was a miniature nuclear bomb and was able to annihilate anything within a few thousand square kilometers.

    Although these weapons of mass destruction could pose a threat to Chen Fan, only a few countries such as China, Russia, and America have those weapons.

    “We would have to bring out our Railguns or laser cannons in order to land a precise hit on him. He might be fast, but can’t be faster than a laser. Failing that, we would have to resort to weapons of mass destruction.”

    During a conference call of high-level officials and strategists in the American Military, a General proposed the use of laser weapons.

    Many officers nodded in agreement.

    Unlike many other nations, America had always had an edge in terms of military technology and were the pioneers in laser weapons and railguns. These weapons were still under development, but using them against a powerful single target would be a good opportunity to test their effectiveness.

    Laser weapons shot out laser beams that traveled at the speed of light, therefore, speed would not be an issue. However, if the current laser weapon could cause any damage to Chen Beixuan still remained a question.

    Meanwhile, the Chinese military-focused their attention on the nature of that glowing flying sword.

    “This is a flying sword, so I have heard. Never seen anything like it.”

    “It acts as a hypersonic missile with great maneuverability. No fighter jets, not even the F22 could have escaped its strike because it’s not guided by radar.”

    “Based on the footage from Japan, we wager that Chen Beixuan would not be able to unleash a second attack. That perhaps was the only saving grace. The flying sword was definitely his gambit that he reserved for the last moment.”

    A few young strategists deliberated about the recording at a meeting.

    The high ranking generals who sat at the head of the table were quiet and gloomy. Chen Fan’s power had far exceeded their expectations and worried them deeply.

    Worse, Chen Fan was a Chinese citizen who lived in China.

    Despite the amicable ties between Chen Beixuan and the Chinese military, if left unchecked, Chen Beixuan’s unbridled power would embolden him to flout the government. That being said, the addition of Super Overlord was good news nonetheless.

    Over recent years, the United States of America had been pinning China under its boots on the world stage of power. Their newly elected president had ushered out a series of policies that he called “Pivot to Asia.” He planned to mobilize sixty percent of the US’s aircraft carriers to the station at east pacific. The offensive move would put China under unprecedented stress. Having a godly warrior such as Chen Beixuan would help to alleviate some of that pressure. That being said, Chen Beixuan was a double-edged sword and should be handled with extreme care.

    “Chen Beixuan packs more punch than a fully-fledged veteran brigade.”

    A general announced with a great measure of conviction.

    Many attendees of the meeting shot a glance of jealousy at Li Wuchen. Li Wuchen sat in his chair with a stoic expression on his face, but his heart had already bloomed like a flower.

    He had insisted assigning Chen Fan the position of Head Sergeant at Cang Dragon. The Special Case Department had directly confronted his decision on multiple occasions but he was able to remain unwavering. That being said, he had started to feel that he was losing credibility among his peers and was on the verge of giving in.

    However, Chen Fan’s battle against the Japanese military had instilled confidence in him.

    He no longer heard people call his decision a disaster and Chen Beixuan a butcher. Their castigation was replaced with praise for his perspicacity and wisdom. He had discovered a hidden gem of great value to the nation. With Chen Beixuan on China’s side, the other nations would think twice before making a move on China.

    Even the chiefs at the military headquarters had called for meetings with Li Wuchen to praise his decision and urged him to deepen the ties with Chen Beixuan and the military. They wanted Chen Beixuan to know that the Chinese military would always have his back.

    Although no one could be certain, it was very likely that the CIA from the USA and KGB from Russia were all vying for Chen Fan’s support. Such was the motto of the secret agents: If you can’t defeat him, assimilate him.

    While the superpowers of the world were contemplating how to defeat or gain Chen Fan’s support, the smaller nations were in full-on panic mode. Conventional weapons such as tanks, airplanes, and cannons were all they had. Some nations’ entire army lacked even the same combat effectiveness as the fourteenth brigade of Japan. They would stand no chance against Chen Fan.

    That being said, the advantage of being smaller was that they could fit under the umbrella of superpowers. America had always played the world police for many years. Its fleets of aircraft carriers could reach and attack any corner of the world. If Chen Fan had the audacity to wreak havoc in the smaller nations, Uncle Sam would stand up for the victim, as was required of him.

    News about the battle reached many countries, but it remained top-secret to the public.

    After all, the Japanese would lose face if word got out that their entire brigade couldn’t even handle a single person. Therefore, life went on as usual for most ordinary people, without any knowledge that a momentous battle had just concluded in Japan.

    The outcome of the battle turned the Dark World into a frenzy.

    “Chen Beixuan had won!”

    “Chen Beixuan defeated Japan’s fourteenth brigade. ”

    “Chen Beixuan had struck down seventeen helicopters in one fell swoop..”

    Explosive and outright unconceivable news got posted onto the forum one after another. Users were so shocked that no one replied to anything for a while.


    It was the military.

    They are the paragon of strength and destruction on this planet.

    Even the Overlord on the Dark Roll struggled to escape the American military’s raid. Yet, Chen Fan was able to kill thousands of soldiers and even struck down hypersonic jets. What a mighty warrior he was!

    It meant that other than a few superpowers in the world, no one could bring Chen Fan to heel. He could do whatever he wants in the world, as long as he stayed away from those nations that had nuclear capability.

    “Maybe we have underestimated Chen Beixuan from the very beginning.”

    A thread suddenly appeared in the discussion section.

    The header of the topic was punctuated with three large exclamation marks.

    The post finally opened the floodgates as comments poured into the forum, nearly crashing the site. Countless topics were posted and all of their subjects contained exclamation marks.

    “OMG, this is one of the most momentous battles in my lifetime. We are all witnesses!”

    “Who could contain Chen Beixuan if even the military had failed to do so?”

    “The dark world is about to rise, I can hear the drum beating.”

    “Chen Beixuan, you are invincible!!!”

    Flurries of topics got posted on the forum as more and more users visited the site. It wasn’t long before the CIA’s server started to lag.

    The IT experts scrambled to upgrade their network to meet the demand.

    Other than people heaping cheerful praises onto Chen Fan, some partook in a heated discussion.

    “Is Chen Beixuan an Immortal Level Overlord? Many people don’t think so, saying that they don’t see the typical signs of an Immortal Level Overlord in Chen Beixuan. What about now? I doubt that even an Immortal Level Overlord could have handled an army of four thousand strong.”

    Someone raised a question.

    “Did you guys see Chen Beixuan’s last strike? Oh my gosh, it was terrifying! He had struck down seventeen helicopters in one go. Even those hypersonic jets couldn’t escape his attack.”

    Another user put in.

    Many more users posted their questions.

    Since no one knew the details of the battle, there were more people who raised questions than those that could give answers

    “based on the analysis of one of my buddies at the intelligence service, Chen Beixuan’s last attack should have required much longer preparation. There ought to be some kind of side effect to him since he had unleashed it so hastily.”

    “Regardless, Chen Beixuan had proven that he deserves his current spot on the Dark Roll.”

    “Observer” finally put in.

    “RE: Observer. How do you think Zeus the Thunder Lord and the other two ahead of him on the Dark Roll would fare during a battle against him? Is he really an Immortal Level Overlord?”

    Someone asked.

    Everyone stopped replying and waited expectantly for Observer’s reply.

    The user “Observer” was well known for his accurate prediction and fine judgment. Many users suspected that he was a leader of an International Underground Group or a chief at an intelligence department of a major nation. His words carried a lot of weight on this forum.

    “It’s hard to say. Comparing A duel between two fighters like this is comparing apples to oranges. For example, during the duel, Chen Beixuan would never have so much time to prepare for his last killing blow.”

    “That being said, I believe the outcome of the battle was conclusive enough to prove that Chen Beixuan is the most powerful man in the Dark World.”

    “As for your second question, I don’t think whether or not he is an Immortal Level Overlord is relevant anymore.”

    “Because he is a legend already.”

    Observer’s conclusion had painted a godly image of Chen Fan inside of all the other user’s minds.

    Chen Fan’s name had become a synonym of Divine Might. The battle had made him a legend if not a god among mortals.