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Chapter 380 - Sword That Soars

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 380: Sword That Soars

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    “What was that?”

    Pilots of the F-15 asked themselves in their minds. They were too far away to make out anything clearly. All they could see was Chen Fan’s body.

    Suddenly, a flying sword came out of Chen Fan’s gourd.

    This incandescent golden flying sword was the only flying sword remained in the Blade Strengthening Gourd. Legend had it that the Sword Secret the Exalted Cultivator had nine of such swords and when the used the nine of them at once, he was nearly unstoppable. However, all but one of those nine swords survived Sword Secret the Exalted Cultivator. Technically, this sword was only a Nascent Form of a flying sword and had not yet been fully refined.

    However, without any other means to reach the enemy ten kilometers away, this flying sword would have to do for now.


    The flying sword shot into the starry sky.

    Due to the nascent nature of the flying sword, Chen Fan had to spray a portion of his Vitality Essence out of his mouth onto the body of the sword in order for it to be of any use. After he had done so, his face paled as his own vitality force waned a little.

    Vitality Essence Force was one of the cornerstones of cultivation which shouldn’t be wasted on just any situation. Consumption of the Vitality Essence Force would greatly hamper the potential for cultivation advancement. Chen Fan had not only committed part of his Vitality Essence Force, but he had also overspent his Divine Will so that he could extend the range of Divine Will to where the fighter jets and helicopters were.

    He could guide the flying sword through his Divine Will to unleash destruction onto his enemies, just as those legendary ancient Sword Immortals would.


    Chen Fan shouted out an ordered. The golden glow lanced up into the sky.

    It rammed through three hypersonic missiles in a blink and traced a golden circular circle in the air that surrounded the mountain peak where Chen Fan was. Looking from afar, it was as if a golden rainbow had appeared at the top of the hill.

    “Bang, bang, bang!”

    Those three hypersonic missiles exploded when they were five hundred meters away from Chen Fan and turned into three giant balls of flames. Heat and smoke roiled inside the flame, spilling its energy out in all directions. However, they were not close enough to even sire up the loose fold on Chen Fan’s shirt.


    The pilots of the Japan Self-Defense Forces were stunned by the development.

    The hypersonic missiles were hit by something in the air and exploded, how did that happen? Are they in a fantasy movie? Even the American missile defense system couldn’t be able to intercept the hypersonic missiles. However, Chen Fan had been standing where motionless all the while. The pilots didn’t even see how he shot down those missiles.

    After once the missiles were dealt with, the flying sword turned around and charged toward the three F-15 fighter jets. The brilliant golden light emanated from its body pierced through the night sky, making its arced path a golden rainbow

    The brilliance of the flying sword was witnessed not only by the pilots in the fighter jets, but also the soldiers in the approaching helicopters.

    “Shit, it’s coming at us!”

    A few pilots shouted in panic.

    They pulled up the center-stick, tiring to get to a higher elevation. F-15 was a double-seat heavy fighter jet. The pilot in the front seat was in charge of maneuvering while the one in the rear seat was in charge of firepower.

    “Evade, evade! No! It’s too fast.”

    The pilot in the rear seat shouted out a warning, but it was already too late. The flying sword was much faster than most ordinary hypersonic missiles and had covered the ten-kilometer distance in a blink.

    Under both the pilot’s desperate eyes, the golden light pierced through a fighter jet to its left. Trailing Blade Qi behind it, the golden light sliced through the Titanium armor of the F-15 with ease. It plummeted into the cockpit through the flesh of both pilots and went out from the engine exhaust.


    A flower of fire bloomed in the night sky.

    No one believed their eyes.

    Only in fictional stories, an F-15 could have been destroyed by one single man.

    Ever since the conception of the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle in 2009, it had been lauded as one of the most successful fighter jets ever created. It had never once been strike down in all of its missions, therefore, it was called the “Fighter Jet that may never fall.”

    However, Chen Fan had just taken that title away from it.

    “Oh my god! Who are we fighting exactly?”

    Many pilots prayed to whichever god they believed in for their safety. Chen Fan’s power had been getting stronger by the second. By now, they felt that they were fighting against some legendary warrior in high tales.

    The other two F-15 pulled up higher immediately to get out of harm’s way, but the flying sword didn’t give them the chance. As soon as it strikes down the first fighter jet, it circled around and plummeted into the second jet.


    Another ball of fire erupted in the sky.

    A second later, a third one came up.

    Chen Fan and struck down three F-15 in less than ten seconds.

    The power in Chen Fan’s attack was truly terrifying.

    “I am not finished yet. ”

    Chen Fan shouted and despite his pale face, he started the Flying sword art again. The golden flying sword let out a droning as it whizzed across the sky, somersaulted to turn its head around and then charged toward the helicopter squad.

    The helicopter squad consisted of a dozen AH-1 Cobras including three that had survived Chen Fan’s initial attack. The Brigadier General of Fourteenth Brigade, Tanaka Masakazu had thought that seven AH-1 Cobras would be more than enough to deal with one man, but after losing half of his air support, he immediately ordered the rest of the helicopters to join the battle.

    “Fire at that golden light, NOW!”

    Seeing the incoming light, all the helicopter pilots panicked and shouted at the top of their lungs.

    The Gatling-type cannons on the helicopter spit out long fiery tongues, trying to stop the flying sword. However, the flying sword came at them with such speed that defied physics and common sense. As soon as the AH-1 Cobras started firing, the sword had already landed a blow on one of the helicopters.


    The AH-1 Cobra was severed in half in the air.

    The second, third, fourth… These helicopters were in a tight formation, so the flying sword was able to land hits on multiple targets in a straight column.

    “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

    The golden light connected a series of fireballs, the bright light of explosions lit up the night sky.

    In one fell swoop, the blade had gone through fourteen AH-1 Cobras and killed all the soldiers and pilots in them. Kobayashi Sawano was on one of the fourteen AH-1 Cobras and even before he was devoured by fire, he still couldn’t believe what had just happened.

    He had never thought that Chen Fan’s attack could reach so far away.

    “Run, now!”

    The rest of the helicopters scrambled to spin their tails and scrambled out of the battlefield without looking back once.

    “Come back.”

    Chen Fan finally called backed the flying sword.

    By now, the bright light of the blade had faded, leaving only a hint of a golden glow from its body. Chen Fan could make out the outline of the sword easily now without the blinding light surrounding it. It stumbled a few times in the air as it made its way back to Chen Fan. Should one of the helicopters decided to shoot at the flying sword now, it might be able to strike it down. However, all the rest of the helicopters had had ready scurried away from the battlefield.

    Chen Fan had struck down three F-15 and eighteen AH-1 Cobra Helicopters.

    Chen fan had struck down more than half of the air support units of the Fourteenth Brigade, it scared away the rest of the forces, making them think twice before coming after Chen Fan.


    Life and color had ebbed away from Chen Fan’s face, robbed it of its brilliant azure glow. He had nearly spent his energy even before using the flying sword. In order to ward off the final wave of attack, he had forced to burn away some of his core energy and spit out a portion of his Vitality Essence Force.

    He could recuperate the loss of energy over time, but the lost Essence Qi was gone forever.

    Despite the weakened state he was in, he kept his back straight, letting the loose fold of his shirt flap against the wind. A fire burned in his eye with such intensity that spoke loudly of his determination. Even if the Japanese forces came back again, Chen Fan was ready to drive them back again.

    As the North Mystic Celestial Lord had put his body under great stress constantly while traversing the beleaguered path of cultivation. Today’s small injury simply couldn’t compare.

    After today’s lesson, the Japanese force would think twice before making a move on him.

    Many helicopter pilots braved a glance behind them after they were out of harm’s way. They saw a figure standing at the top of the hill, linking his hands behind his back. The sight inspired strong reverence inside of them.

    “This man is going to be a legend.”

    Like the ancient hero who had shot down nine suns from the sky, he had struck down twenty-one planes.

    Chen Fan had achieved something unthinkable to most ordinary mortals. The Japanese government was going to moan the losses of the soldiers and their expensive machines of war.

    Meanwhile, details about the calamity reached the central command office, causing great distress, and chaos.

    “Fourteenth Brigade had surrounded the target.”

    “Target had struck down four AH-1 Cobra. Method unknown.”

    “Target is charging at the Fourteenth Brigade, Brigadier General ordered open fire.”

    “Target broke the formation, Brigadier General request help from central command.”

    “Fourteenth Brigade routed.”

    The Minister of National Defence grew gloomy after hearing the series of news. A tense mood clung to the air as the rest of the commanding officers stood beside the minister with a long face. None of them dared to speak up.

    The Minister of National Defence was the supreme commander during wartime; his authority was only overshadowed by the power of the Prime Minister. All the rest of the commanding officers had to obey his order.

    A smile finally broke over Minister of National Defence’s face after he heard that the three F-15 had joined the battle and had already gained an upper hand. The mood in the office finally brightened a little.

    “Chen Beixuan is a mortal, he is no match against the Air force.”

    “We have just sent in three F-15, we have over three hundred of them in total. Chen Beixuan’s fate is sealed.”

    “I told you that the army had overestimated his power, didn’t I? Whenever they screwed things up, it always fell upon the air force to clean up their mess.”

    Minister of National Defence cracked a smile as his mood was lightened by the bickering between the officers.

    Suddenly, a messenger’s voice came up: “Minister, we have received an update. Target struck down all the F-15s as well as fourteen more AH-1 Cobras.”

    Suddenly, a deadly silence fell over the office as everyone was rendered speechless by the news.

    Minister of National Defence’s face turned as dark as the bottom of a scorched pot.