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Chapter 379 - Flying Sword Arise

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
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    A blaring explosion erupted from where Chen Fan was standing, sending out a mushroom cloud that covered a large swath of land. A shock wave followed suit and rippled out into the distance

    Chen Fan’s body let out an incandescent azure glow. He dashed out of the explosion and gave the three F-15 in the sky a long glance.

    Those jets attacked while they were a dozen kilometers away, and was outside the range of his Divine Will. When he finally registered the incoming hypersonic missile attack, it was already too late. He was forced to break the hypersonic barrier in order to get out of the blast radius of the missile.

    If he hesitated a second, he would have been hit by the missile.

    Even with Azure Thearch Longevity Body, Chen Fan had to be very careful with these powerful modern weapons. One small mistake would cost him dearly.

    These Hypersonic missiles can reach a speed a couple of times faster than the speed of sound. It can cover a thousand meters within a second. The range of Chen Fan’s Divine Sense was five-kilometer, which means he had only five seconds to react. That being said, once he opened his eyes, he was able to detect any objects ten kilometers away using his Li Fire Golden Eyes. So the situation was not as bad once Chen Fan got to open his eyes.

    “They are too far away. My spells wouldn’t be able to reach them.”

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows as he studied the three F-15 circling in the sky about eight kilometers away. Further away were the remaining AH-1 Cobras hovering in the air.

    It was evident that these three helicopter pilots had seen him striking down four of their peers using a javelin, so they scarcely dared to get near Chen Fan. That being said, one of the main advantages of the modern military was their ability to see and strike beyond-visual-range.

    What did he mean “Beyond-visual-range?”

    It was the ability to lock onto foes from as far as ten kilometer away using radar and strike using long missiles. Victims of such attacks were usually caught unwittingly and had little to no time to defend themselves.

    Chen Fan was having the same problem to some degree.

    Let it be Dharma Spells, Wind blades, FireBall, Thunder Art or any other kind of Dharma Spells, they wouldn’t be able to land a blow on a target that was so far away. A Transcendent Grandmaster could project his internal force outward for thirty meters at the most. Even someone as powerful as Takemiya Hiro was only able to extend that range to a hundred meter, a far cry from the ten-kilometer range. Not even an Immortal State cultivator’s attack could have reached that range.

    It was obvious that those fighter jets knew Chen Fan’s conundrum. They didn’t rush for another attack, instead, they circled in the air, taking their time to lock on to Chen Fan using their radar.


    Another hypersonic missile shot at Chen Fan. It covered ten-kilometer distance within ten seconds and plummeted toward Chen Fan. This time Chen Fan had more time to react, so he was able to quickly maneuver to a safe distance, away from the missiles’ blast.

    That being said, it irked Chen Beixuan that the battle had turned out to be so one-sided. He was the North Mystic Celestial Lord, and never had he felt so helpless.

    “It’s a pity that the javelins I recently created can only reach targets three-kilometers away. Even if I can hurl it as far as ten-kilometer, it would have lost all of its momentum and kinetic energy to be of any use.”

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows as his mind raced.

    He thought he had prepared well by creating those javelins just in case he had to deal with the Japan Self-Defense Forces. However, he had never expected that the Japanese Government would have dispatched Hypersonic fighter jets. These flying monsters were the epitome of advancement in modern military technology. Even an Immortal State cultivator would succumb to its devastating strike.

    Zeus the Thunder Lord was forced to run away from Thailand by the same tactics deployed by the American military.

    Chen Fan was different than Zeus, in a way that he had many more tricks up his sleeve should he wanted to escape. He had mastered many Arts of Concealment and could easily avoid the detection of the radar. That being said, Chen Fan would not back down from a challenge so easily.

    “This was only the reconnaissance team of the air force. Japan Self-Defense Forces had hundreds of fighter jets. If I can’t bring the air force to their heels today, they might take it as a sign of weakness and double down on their aggression. Even the American military might intervene by then. So I have to deal with the Japan Self-Defense Forces today and hit it where it hurts.”

    A light came up in Chen Fan’s eyes and he made up his mind to carry on the battle.

    He zig-zagged swiftly across the battlefield, avoiding the detection of the fighter jet’s radar. Meanwhile, he surveyed the area and quickly found what he was looking for: a small hill in the distance. He used his divine will and send a message to Red Sparrow.

    “Leave here with those tourists and head back to China. I am going to lure away these fighter jets.”

    Chen Fan’s voice came up in Red Sparrow’s mind.

    Chen Beixuan could have taken these tourists hostage, using the Japanese solider’s conscience against them. However, he was the North Mystic Celestial Lord, not some pathetic weakling. If he wanted to do away with these fighter jets, he was going to do it by himself.

    Red Sparrow paused a second and then gave Chen Fan a long glance.

    After quite a bit of convincing, the tourists finally reluctantly agreed to leave the battlefield with Red Sparrow. Even as they started off, Ai Jinqi looked back and cheered for Chen Fan one last time. The Japanese government wouldn’t stop these tourists since by doing so, they would anger the Chinese and Korean government unnecessary.

    After all the tourists were out of his sight, Chen Fan about turned and ran toward the hill he had seen earlier.

    His steps carried so much force that they shook the ground and left a trail of deep footprints. It was difficult to make out his movement as he appeared to be flickering in and out of view. Each flicker would appear a dozen meters or so ahead to the last one. Looking from above, the pilots watched as a wash of azure-colored glow streaked across the land, moving as fast as a few hundred kilometers per hour. Even the fastest car, Bugatti Veyron’s speed would pale in comparison.

    Nothing could slow Chen Fan down since he could simply hop over any obstructions in his path.

    In less than a minute, Chen Fan had covered a distance of a few dozen kilometers.

    “He is incredibly fast.”

    The fighter jet pilots exclaimed. However, there was an anticipation in their voices that made them sound like a cat meowing at a little mouse from a distance.

    However fast Chen Fan was, he could not outrun a hypersonic jet. The F-15 could reach a speed of a few kilometers per hour.


    The jets shot out two hypersonic missiles at Chen Fan. The missiles whizzed through the sky, trailing two long white exhausts behind them. They came at Chen Fan from behind him a few kilometers away. Chen Fan heard the incoming missile while he was running. So he launched himself up in the air, a few hundred meters above the ground and evaded the missile’s attack. As soon as he landed on the ground, he broke the hypersonic barrier again and darted forward, covering another few hundred meters and dodged the second missile.

    “Peng! Peng!”

    Two powerful explosions erupted on the ground, creating two balls of fire.

    The shock waves and the flame devoured anything and everything within a few dozen meters from where the missiles landed, leaving two large craters on the ground as if two meteoroids had just stuck the land.

    The land was barren and no one seemed to be living anywhere near the battlefield. If the area was populated, the Japan Self-Defense Forces would never throw so much firepower at will. The limited condition of which weapons of mass destruction could be deployed had given the Grandmasters an edge in their power struggle with the government. As long as the Grandmasters remain in populated cities, they would be safe from these devastating attacks.

    “Huu! Huu!”

    After Chen Fan forced his body to break the hypersonic barrier again, he had to slow down a little to catch a breath. The battle against the fourteenth brigade had consumed much of his energy. Then he was forced to deal with these fighter jets without a proper respite, over-spending his energy to move fast across the land and forcing himself to break the hypersonic barrier when necessary. The continuous heavy load on his system started to take a toll on him.

    Fortunately, his destination was close.

    Chen Fan looked to the hundred-meter all hill before him as a cold light grew brighter in his eyes.

    He stomped the ground with one foot and darted forward a few dozen meters, then he launched himself up. In less than ten seconds, Chen Fan had reached the top of the hill.

    Chen Fan stood at the peak and looked down at the sprawling flat land beneath him. From here, Chen Fan had a much better view of any movement in the sky.

    He could even further extend his vision to a few hundred kilometers away and he found a large group of helicopters were coming toward him. Those must be the main formation of the Fourteenth Brigade’s helicopter squad. The one he dealt with before was the vanguard.

    Chen Fan wagered that more fighter jets must be on their way as well. The threat of a dozen hypersonic jets, would even drove Chen Fan to give up the battle.

    “It’s about time to teach them a lesson”

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and then brought out the yellow-skinned gourd hitched by his waist.

    It was the Sword Secret the Exalted Cultivator’s Blade Strengthening Gourd that Chen Fan had obtained while he was in Hong Kong. The little gourd floated in the air as if it was as light as a feather.

    Chen Fan closed his eyes and reached out both hands, letting the Blade Strengthening Gourd float a few inches directly in front of his face.

    “What is he doing?”

    A pilot noticed Chen Fan’s strange behavior.

    Chen Fan had been running away until he reached the top of the hill. Why did he stop there? Isn’t he afraid of the missile attacks anymore? The pilots could have trained their missile on Chen Fan even without the help of radar.

    “Who cares, fire now and be done with it.”

    A captain of the team snorted and ordered the other pilots to fire at the same time. Three hypersonic missiles, each with a long white tail, pierced through the clouds and plummeted toward Chen Fan.

    It would only take a few seconds for these hypersonic missiles to cover the ten-kilometer distance.

    Nine kilometers, eight, seven… the missile was getting close with each passing moment.

    The pilots watched the missiles expectantly. Chen Fan remained still, it was as if he had zoned out. If the three missiles were able to hit Chen Fan head-on, there was no chance that Chen Fan could have survived.

    “We are going to be promoted, men. We are going to avenge our brothers of the Fourteenth Brigade.”

    faces were lit up with glee, they cheer for themselves in their mind.

    Even as the pilots thought that victory was already within their grasp, Chen Fan suddenly opened his eyes.


    An Azure light surged in his eyes as he shot out his divine will, which, at first had reached five kilometers, but quickly spread like a wildfire to ten kilometers and reached those three fighter jets.


    Chen Fan shouted and a golden light beamed out from the Blade Strengthening Gourd. A flying sword shimmered inside the beam of light as it flew out of the gourd.

    Even the wind stopped the moment the sword emerged out of the gourd.


    Chen Fan started an art and infused his Essence Qi with the flying sword.

    The golden flying sword trembled a little as if charging up energy. It pierced through the sky, turning into a blinding golden light. Under everyone’s disbelieving eyes, the sword hacked at the incoming missiles and then the fighter jets.

    “During the five hundred years of cultivation, only taking my enemies head with a flying sword had offered me conciliation.”