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Chapter 377 - One Vs. Four Thousand.

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 377: One Vs. Four Thousand.

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    “Fire, fire! Don’t let him get near!”

    Seeing Chen Fan descending upon the Japan Self-Defense Forces, many army officers panicked and shouted. Many of these men were seasoned soldiers and they had already realized that once Chen Fan breached their defense, he would rip their firing line into shreds.

    Chen Fan’s charge was very similar to a cavalry charge, it was meant to break their formation and render their weapons ineffective.

    The same tactics also applied to modern warfare. As soon as Chen Fan get close enough with the army, the bombers would hesitate to drop bombs on him, fearing injuring any Japanese soldiers. Neither could the tanks nor the field cannons fire at Chen Fan without careful aiming to avoid friendly fire.

    A message was sent through the radio to all the Japanese soldiers.

    Suddenly, hundreds of soldiers at the front line fired their rifles without even aiming.

    The modern rifles had a range of a few kilometers, but the effective range was only a few hundred meters. That being said, a few hundred rifles firing at the same time had created a metal storm and rained death on Chen Fan.

    If a Grandmaster such as Lu Tianfen was caught in this violent storm of bullets, he would be killed instantly.

    Even someone as powerful as Lei Qianjue or Takemiya Hiro would spin their tails and get out of harm’s way. Lord Kurome and his Demon God peers might be able to survive the bullets by regenerating their body, however, even their regeneration abilities had limits. Otherwise, Chen Fan would not be able to destroy their physical form using Hypersonic Punch.

    Although bullets were unable to damage the Divine Soul, the Divine Soul itself was also harmless. If Lord Susano decided to solely rely on his soul energy during a battle against the army, he would be exhausted after killing a few hundred soldiers.

    However, all it took for Chen Fan’s do away with these few thousand soldiers was an aerial attack using Divine Will. That being said Chen Fan hadn’t reached the required level of attainment to pull that off. In order to do that, he would have at least reached Immortal Sea State.

    “Bang, bang, bang!”

    Countless bullets struck the azure light emanated from Chen Fan’s body.

    The Azure light flickered but didn’t shatter. The Azure Thearch Longevity Body was the Secret Art of the Five Elements Immortal Sect. It did much more than just offering the user a powerful body. The Azure Thearch Longevity Body that surrounded Chen Fan was much more durable than human flesh and normal rifle bullets would never penetrate through.

    Three kilometers, two kilometers, one…

    Chen Fan was fast approaching, trailing a smear of bright light behind him. The light was almost iridescent, like that of a rainbow.

    The soldiers pulled their triggers and reloaded industriously, but their weapons ineffectiveness finally took the wind out of them. Once Chen Fan reached their formation, their entire squad would be slaughtered.


    Suddenly, the heavy machine guns on the top of the armored vehicles finally started firing.

    These heavy machine guns were much more powerful than their rifle counterparts. It was similar to those Gatling-type cannons on the helicopter in terms of deadliness. The rounds they used had excellent armor-piercing capabilities and could have sheer a man into two halves with ease. Even Grandmasters would be injured gravely should he was shot by these heavy machine guns.

    A dozen machine guns fired at once and a dozen or so slithering fiery tongues came out from their barrels.

    These M2 Browning .50 Machine Guns attacked Chen Fan from all directions. Although the gunners might not be able to train their guns directly at Chen Fan, they had formed a deadly barrier before Chen Fan, attempting to stop his advance.


    Chen Fan didn’t slow down the slightest as he charged right into the web of bullets.

    Even the Arcane Energy Bulwark shattered after being struck by a few rounds of bullets. So deadly were these .50 rounds that not even the Arcane Energy Bulwark could sustain too many hits. However, these machine guns bullets were unable to penetrate Chen Fan’s second line of defense: the Azure Thearch Longevity Body. The bullets simply bounced off of Chen Fan’s skin, making a loud and crisp clinks. A few hundred bullets landed on Chen Fan’s body at once, making a cacophony of metal against metal.

    Not even machine gun bullets were able to penetrate through Chen Fan’s body?

    Everyone was shocked after seeing the development. They gaped at Chen Fan as if he was a ghost.

    “Oh my god. Is this freak’s body makes out of tank’s armor?” One Japanese soldier put down his gun and exclaimed.

    The other soldiers around him nodded in agreement fearfully.

    Those were M2 Browning .50 Machine Guns, their bullets were able to tear through metal sheets, yet, it did nothing to Chen Fan’s body.

    Some soldiers started to wonder if Chen Fan was the so-called Deity Guardian or the Golden Arhat in legends since no mortal could have been so powerful.

    That being said, although those machine gun bullets weren’t able to harm Chen Fan, their impact did have an effect on Chen Fan as it hemmed him left and right, forcing him to back down. After a few failed attempts to breach the web of bullets, Chen Fan’s patience was wearing thin. He stomped the ground and shouted as his body suddenly broke the hypersonic barrier and rammed through the machine-gun fire, right into the middle of the army’s ranks.

    “Fire at will! Everyone, including armor vehicles, stop him at any cost.”

    Tanaka Masakazu shouted commands into the speaker. His bloodshot eyes were filled with desperation like that of a gambler who was about to lose all his chips.

    If Chen Fan were able to break the defense, he would kill as many soldiers as there were.

    A dozen armored vehicles and tanks swarmed toward Chen Fan from all directions of a campus. Each one of these armored vehicles weighed a dozen tons. They charged toward Chen Fan like unstoppable beasts. Any ordinary mortal would be squashed into a pulp by these steel-clad monsters.


    Chen Fan turned the side of his palm into a blade and hacked at a group of soldiers, killing seven in one fell swoop. He then summoned another gust of wind blades that sliced through a dozen soldiers like slicing through butter. He rained spells and Blade Qi onto the soldiers at will and killed a few hundred of Japanese soldiers in a blink.

    Tanaka Masakazu’s face was contorted by anger, fire shooting out of his eye.

    Finally, the first Armored vehicles had arrived.

    The monster rammed into Chen Fan at a speed of a hundred kilometers per hour. It didn’t use any of its bells and whistles and tried to run down Chen Fan using its momentum alone. This armored vehicle was the Type 96 Armored Personnel Carrier. It had eight wheels and four axles and was able to easily break through a concrete wall at full speed.

    Chen Fan pulled a taut face after he registered the incoming armored vehicle. He stomped the ground and punched.

    Suddenly, the sky seemed to have darkened a little.

    A wave of explosions came up as the tires of the armored vehicle burst.

    Chen Fan’s fist landed squarely at the front fender of the armored vehicle.


    The unstoppable charge came to a jarring halt as if the vehicle had hit an invisible wall. The impact packed a force weighing a few dozen tons, but Chen Fan’s body was as still as a mountain. The force transferred through his body, to his legs and down into the earth. The ground under Chen Fan’s foot caved in under the enormous pressure, making the earth tremble.

    The thick metal plate was pressed in where Chen Fan’s fist had landed and around the point of impact, a spider web of cracks spiraled out. Chen Fan had punched a hole into the front of the vehicle, where armor was the thickest. The impact sent a shock wave into the vehicle and killing the driver and the gunners in an instant. The force even blew open the back gate of the vehicle and ripped the hanging gate off of the robust iron hinge.

    “Oh my god!”

    Everyone was shocked by what they saw.

    Chen Fan’s fist had punched through an armored vehicle.

    Everyone felt they were in a dream or a wild story. Despite their utter disbelief and questions about reality, they felt a strong sense of respect toward Chen Fan rising inside.

    “Who are we fighting against?”

    They wondered in trepidation.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan had moved on to his next target deep inside the ranks of the army. Every punch or kick he threw meant the death of at least a dozen professional soldiers. The worst was when he used Dharma Spells such as the wind blades. They tore through the soldiers, leaving a bloody path of severed limbs and bodies. In the end, Chen Fan stopped bothering using Dharma Spells and attacks altogether and simply rammed through the soldiers using his body.

    Every impact would send a large number of soldiers back to their maker.

    The soldiers never stopped firing back, but their bullets couldn’t even make a dent on Chen Fan. Only those tanks and Armored vehicles could slow Chen Fan but only temporarily since they were quickly squashed by Chen Fan’s punches.


    Chen Fan launched into the air as an azure light surged in his hand, trailing a streak of azure glow in the air. The Blade Qi scintillated so brilliantly that it looked like it could slice open the very fabric of reality.

    An armored vehicle was caught by Chen Fan’s attack. The vehicle didn’t split into two halves after Chen Fan was already a few dozen paces away. The blade and went through the iron-clad vehicle and killed everyone inside.

    Thus it was, Chen Fan’s power was unimaginable to these mortals and his savagery knew no bounds.

    Tanaka Masakazu held the speaker in his trembling hands and watched the tragedy unfold before him. Countless desperate front line officers shouted at him around his ear through the radio but Tanaka Masakazu had heard none of them. He finally said in a shaky voice: “We are defeated…”

    “How is he so powerful? Is he even a human?”

    Tanaka Masakazu was not the only one who had been rendered speechless. Everyone around him gaped at the brutal scene in the distance and couldn’t form a word. Red Sparrow and Ai Jinqi stood at the top of a train cart and saw an azure light lanced up and plummet into the entire formation of Japanese soldiers.

    It wasn’t until Chen Fan noticed that there was not a single soldier to be found on the battlefield, that he realized that he had reached the end of the Fourteenth Brigade’s column.

    He had taken on an army of four thousand strong and won!