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Chapter 376 - Shattered The Army

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 376: Shattered The Army

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    With his Azure Thearch Longevity Body, Chen Fan could spring up more than ten times higher than a normal human. Everyone watched in disbelief as his body kept on rising.

    Ten meters, twenty meters, thirty… In the end, Chen Fan had reached nearly a hundred meters above the ground.

    “Oh my gosh!”

    The pilot of the AH-1 Cobra gaped at Chen Fan who had jumped a hundred meters tall. That was almost as high as a thirty-story skyscraper. No normal human could have jumped so high. Chen Fan was able to pull it off because he had used his True Essence.

    Chen Fan’s display of power stunned the soldiers of the fourteenth brigade. Their commander had warned them about the dangerous nature of Chen Fan, but they didn’t believe the mission briefing until they saw Chen Fan’s superpower in person.

    He was a freak, a super-powerful freak.

    Hovering at a hundred metres above the ground, Chen Fan was at the same altitude as the AH-1 Cobra helicopters.

    Chen Fan surprised everyone again by remaining hovering in the air without falling. It was as if he had landed on an invisible step. He then reached out a hand and closed his fingers.

    Suddenly, a two-meter long black javelin appeared in Chen Fan’s hand out of nowhere.

    Chen Fan squeezed the handle tightly in his hand and bent his body backward, tensing up for a throw. The moment before the javelin left his hand, he looked like a sculpture, his muscles were tense but maintaining harmony with each other.

    The time seemed to have stopped, waiting for Chen Fan to release the tension in his body as everyone watched on expectantly.


    Chen Fan finally hurled the javelin out.

    The javelin let out a deep boom as it ripped open the air and quickly reached hypersonic speed. A white mist came up around the edge of the javelin and it traced a white line across space. The javelin landed squarely on one of the AH-1 Cobras.

    The shell of the helicopter was bulletproof and so was its glass. However, the javelin went through the helicopter as if it was made out of paper.

    The javelin pierced into helicopter’s shell, through the body of the pilot and then the engine until it was out of the helicopter from the other end.


    A loud explosion sounded out in the sky.

    It looked as if the Javelin flew out of Chen Fan’s hand and landed on the AH-1 Cobra at the same moment. The helicopter turned into a ball of flame, a half dozen or so soldiers on the plane died.

    “This is… Impossible!”

    People on the ground and in the air were all stupified by the development.

    Ai Jinqi covered her mouth to stifle a cry. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She had been hiding inside the train cart when Chen Fan dealt with the Demon Gods, but after seeing Chen Fan in action, she was shocked. He had just downed a helicopter that was impossible to land a hit even with a machine gun. What happened here made the girl feel like she was in a dream.

    “What kind of freak is he? His attack is more powerful than a bazooka.”

    Someone exclaimed.

    The other helicopters pulled up at the same time as if Chen Fan was snapping at their heels. Thinking they were only dealing with a mortal, these pilots were lulled into a false sense of security and hovered merely a few dozen meters above the ground.

    However, Chen Fan’s attack had completely caught them off guard. They scrambled to pull up higher in the air, away from harm’s way.

    Meanwhile, another javelin had appeared in Chen Fan’s hand and then he hurled it out again.


    Another ball of fire erupted in the sky.

    “Open fire, now! Stop him. Stop him!”

    The remaining pilots screamed at each other, but before they could get out of Chen Fan’s range, they exploded in the sky like balloons.


    A few AH-1 Cobras that hovered a distance away fired missiles from its flank. Although these missiles lacked armor-piercing abilities, they were a perfect area of effect weapon. Every explosion would annihilate all buildings and life within its explosion radius. In a blink, a dozen or so missiles whizzed toward Chen Fan like a shower of deadly blades.

    Once detonated, these missiles could cover an area a few thousand square meters wide.

    Even Immortal State cultivators would be severely injured by such explosions, much less the Grandmasters.

    Saturation attack!

    This was a common gambit of the modern military. The Grandmasters’ movement was too fast for the military to land a precise blow since he could travel as fast as the speed of the sound. However, that didn’t amount to lack of means to attack a Grandmaster. With explosive weapons, as long as the explosion was close to the target, the military could inflict heavy damage.

    “Peng! Peng!”

    The moment the helicopters fired missiles at Chen Fan, a couple of javelins appeared in both hands of Chen Fan. He hurled both javelins out, creating two more white lines in the air. These two javelins quickly reached hypersonic speed and went through the flying iron monsters.

    Two AH-1 Cobras turned and exploded, turning into two blooming flowers of fire.

    It had taken Chen Fan less than twenty minutes to destroy four helicopters, while there were only eight helicopters that had arrived at the battlefield.

    That means Chen Fan had done away with half of the Fourteenth Brigade’s air force.

    However, Chen Fan was still unable to avoid the missiles’ explosions

    Suddenly, a dozen explosions erupted with an almost celebratory quality as if they were fireworks. A powerful shock wave rippled through the air, spitting mangled pieces of metals and steel beads in all directions.

    Every missile head is packed with countless steel shards, like buckshot. The explosion sprayed these metal beads, turning them into countless bullets. The shower of tiny bullets was the most effective means of countering soldiers on the ground.


    Soldiers and pilots all cheered for finally landing a solid hit on Chen Fan.

    They expected these missiles to turn Chen Fan into a pulp. The remaining helicopters pulled up while the pilots relished their near escape.

    That really was a close call.

    They had never thought that Chen Fan could have harmed them from a kilometer away. It was as if he could turn himself into a ground-to-air missile. If they knew Chen Fan had such a deadly anti-air capability, they could have sent in the bombers to whittle him down before sending in the choppers.

    “Bagayaru! I won’t let those reconnaissance units get away with such a mistake. They pitted us against a superman!” The Brigadier General, Tanaka Masakazu shouted hotly.

    The battle had already cost him four helicopters. No wonder he was livid about the misleading information he had gotten from the reconnaissance team.

    “Did Chen Beixuan die?”

    The Japanese soldiers cheered on, Red Sparrow’s heart skipped a beat.

    She looked to the smoky sky and tried to search Chen Fan among the fire and smoke. Neither Red Sparrow nor Ai Jinqi wanted to see Chen Fan die.

    However, they were not hopeful about seeing Chen Fan still alive after being hit by so many missiles.

    Even as she was going moan Chen Fan’s death, an azure light shot out from the fire. The crowd looked up and saw Chen Fan amidst the smoke. His body emanated an azure-colored glow that made his skin look almost translucent. The azure-colored glow formed an iridescent halo around Chen Fan, making him look like the Moonlight Bodhisattva. Countless steel beads and metal fragments landed on the azure glow and the glow flickered a little but held up.

    “He didn’t die!”


    “I nearly passed out earlier!”

    Ai Jinqi and the others let out a cheer as their faces lit up with glee. Chen Fan’s survival had given them new hope. Red Sparrow’s face also softened and a smile broke over her face.

    Meanwhile, the turn of events had shocked all the Japanese. Their smiles froze on their faces as their cheers faded. The helicopter pilots rounded their eyes and shouted at each other in panic. They pulled on their controllers and tried to get out of Chen Fan’s range.


    Chen Fan walked upon an invisible stair and ascended. Another Javelin appeared in his hand and he was ready to down another helicopter.

    Suddenly, a booming din came up from the distance.

    Chen Fan paused and then scanned the horizon. There was a barely visible grey line extending from the ground coming at him fast. A projectile whizzed past Chen Fan with an ear-piercing shriek. If Chen Fan kept walking, he would walk right into it.

    The barely visible line was the trajectory of a cannon shell.

    The tanks on the ground finally started firing. After the first shell came a few dozen more arrived. Each and every round shot through the sky, trailing a grey streak behind. These shells can reach as fast as 2000 meters a second, which was five to six times faster than the speed of sound. It was so powerful that it could easily penetrate metals. Not even Chen Fan could reach that speed, so he had to rely on his Divine Sense to predict the trajectory.

    Chen Fan was able to maneuver out of the incoming shell’s way even when the shell was still a few kilometers away. These tanks fired their huge cannons at Chen Fan as if trying to shoot down a mosquito with a gun. However, they had put enough pressure on Chen Fan so that he couldn’t focus on dealing with the three remaining helicopters.

    Even as the pilots were about to heave a sigh of relief, they saw Chen Fan plummet down to the ground, creating a large crater in the process, and then with a heavy stomp, he charged out toward the soldiers on the ground. He ran at such a speed that his body had turned into a streak of shimmering Azure light.

    Chen Fan was going to take on an army of a few thousand strong all by himself.

    He was the paragon of strength and mettle, a reincarnation of the War God!