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Chapter 375 - Under Everyone’s Eyes

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 375: Under Everyone’s Eyes

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    The news about the mobilization of the fourteenth brigade had shocked everyone in East Asia.

    Japan had less than twenty brigades in total, and so the force dispatched represented a significant portion of the Japanese manpower. Worse, they had also used advanced fighter jets such as F-15. thanks to the Chinese and Korean agents who had been working in Japan, it didn’t take long before leaders of all East Asia countries learned of the development.

    “What’s going on? Why did Japan mobilize so many troops? Is it a drill?”

    “I haven’t heard any news about their upcoming drill. They ought to inform us if there is one.”

    “Could it be some kind of emergency?”

    Both the Chinese and the Korean Military leaders deliberated the issue and its implications. Countries in East Asia were so tightly connected that one nation’s emergency could affect all the counties around it.

    As the leader of the Special Case Departments, Director Xiao had a lot of authority in the government. He was the first one to hear about the news. His face flushed red as soon as he realized what was going on. He slammed a fist on the table and cursed: “Damn those Japanese! They must be using their army to deal with Chen Beixuan! They have broken our pact!”

    “What? Japan is using the military to deal with Chen Beixuan?”

    A few deputy ministers, along with White Tiger and Black Tortoise were all shocked by what they heard.

    The last time they heard about a similar military operation was a decade ago. Zeus the Thunder Lord had killed an American general stationed in the Philippines. The American force was able to drive Zeus the Thunder Lord off the island. Since then, Zeus had never appeared in public since he was still on the wanted list of the American government.

    He had remained silent even after Chen Fan had taken his spot on the Dark Roll. If not for the fear toward the American forces, the short-tempered Thunder Lord would already have been knocking on Chen Fan’s door and asking for a duel.

    “There is no one else who would attract the attention of the Japan Self-Defense Forces.” Director Xiao shook his head and ordered his subordinate to fetch him a map. He unfurled the large map on the table and pointed to Shikoku.

    “Red Sparrow had sent back a message saying Chen Beixuan and she had left Tokyo and were traveling toward Kyushu. So they must be around the Shikoku region right now. That makes sense because the fourteenth brigade is stationed at the Shikoku island. I haven’t heard back from Red Sparrow ever since so the transmission must be blocked. Fourteenth Brigade was dispatched as soon as Chen Beixuan left Tokyo, it is not a coincidence.”

    Deputy Ministers, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise nodded their agreements with a solemn face

    They saw the truth in Director Xiao’s words. During the time of peace, the Japanese military would never mobilize an entire brigade if there was no pressing threat.

    “But they have dispatched the entire fourteenth brigade to deal with Chen Beixuan, you said? Isn’t it overkill?” White Tiger scratched his head and asked in confusion.

    The other deputy ministers also raised their eyebrows curiously.

    “You have underestimated the Japanese’s determination to do away with Chen Beixuan.” Director Xiao shook his head and said. “The Tokyo Tower was a symbol of Japan. Destroying it would definitely rile up the Japanese government. Red Sparrow had told me that even Mitsui Yuto had sent a stern warning to Chen Beixuan, but Chen Beixuan simply brushed him off. I think the Japanese officials’ patience had finally worn out.”

    “Gosh, that’s an entire brigade of 4000 strong. They have gone all in.” White Tiger tutted.

    “Even Azure dragon had struggled to fend off the attack of a thousand-strong army. I don’t think Chen Beixuan would stand a chance this time. I hope he is smart enough to avoid direct confrontation and bug out.”

    “It’s not all that bad. Someone needs to teach Chen Beixuan a lesson. He had become so full of himself ever since he defeated Takemiya Hiro. He has learned that even his power has limits.” A Deputy minister said.

    No one believed that Chen Fan could hold himself before the fourteenth brigade. His only option was to run away.

    History has proven that even the American forces couldn’t stop a semi-Immortal State warrior from running away from them.

    The Grandmasters’ ability to escape any punishment had given them some bargaining chips while dealing with the government, forcing the nation’s leaders to tolerate their existence as an inconvenience. If Chen Fan didn’t humiliate the Japanese government to such a degree, the leaders of Japan would never use military forces on him. Most counties would tolerate the existence of Grandmasters as long as they were not provoked.

    Director Xiao furrowed his brows.

    He knew Chen Fan very well and he knew that Chen Fan would not back down despite the danger he was facing. He had a nagging suspicion that Chen Fan was going to duke it out with the Japanese military.

    But was that a wise thing to do? Even an Immortal State warrior would think twice before taking on an entire brigade.

    Could Chen Beixuan be victorious again?

    The battle in Japan quickly caught the attention of leaders from many countries, including Russia, Korea and the United States of America. Many powerful organizations also sent in their agents to collect as much information about the battle as possible.

    Ever since the battle between Zeus and the American forces, there hadn’t been such a fight for a decade.

    Zeus barely managed to escape from the clutches of the Americans, what would happen to Chen Beixuan? Despite the inferior equipment and level of training of the Japan Self-Defense Forces compared to the American forces, the Japan Forces greatly outnumbered their American counterparts who partook in the battle ten years ago against Zeus. Plus, they also had the aid of powerful hypersonic jets.

    Meanwhile, many overlords from the Dark World appeared on the CIA’s private forum and posted their two cents. Many secret agents from different nations also chimed into the discussion.

    “What do you guys think about this? Will Chen Beixuan survive?”

    Someone asked.

    “Unlikely. The Japan Self-Defense Forces are not weak by any stretch of the imagination. Plus, there is an entire brigade of them.” Someone replied within seconds.

    “I think Chen Beixuan is going to fight back for a while, and then make his retreat. If he is not careful or too slow, he will be caught by the fighter jets and lose his life.”

    Another person put in.

    A few people replied and agreed with the first two repliers. Among them were mercenaries from the Middle East and West Africa who had dealt with the modern military first hand.

    “A few years ago, I was on a mission in Afghanistan. I have seen an S-Level Overlord being murdered by an Apache Helicopter. Before that, that S-Level Overlord had killed over seventy American troops. When he first saw the helicopter, he was so confident that he could take on the machine. Well, he had paid the ultimate price for that lesson.”

    “Just so. The Japanese Helicopters are no less powerful than the American ones. If I were Chen Beixuan, I would bug out right now and hide in a big city. The Japan Self-Defense Forces wouldn’t barge into a city with tanks and helicopters, would they? Chen Beixuan should bring his enemy to his own battleground where he holds the advantage, not the other way around.” Someone replied, offering his suggestion for Chen Beixuan.

    Of all the users active on the forum, no one believed that Chen Fan stood a chance against the military.

    Ever since the invention of guns, the Martial Artists and Overlords’ power had been greatly diminished. Since World War two, most Immortal State Warriors had lived in seclusion and scarcely dared to show up in public for many reasons, and their fear of modern weaponry was one of them.

    “What if Chen Beixuan emerges victorious in the end?”

    Someone asked.

    “Are you kidding me? If that happens, I will jump off a cliff!”

    “That’s impossible. Even an Immortal Level Overlord has to think twice before taking on such a large force with advanced weaponry.”

    “The OP is such a noob. What a dumb question! The American military had killed Immortal Level Overlords before, what makes Chen Beixuan so different than the others?”

    The question quickly attracted many negative comments.

    In the end, the user Observer replied: “If Chen Beixuan could subjugate the Japanese force, he will be a living legend of our time and the most powerful Immortal Level Overlord.”

    Then the entire forum went silent.

    Although most martial arts and Extraordinary Ones didn’t believe in Chen Fan’s victory, they cheered for him nonetheless.

    The dark world had been living in constant threat from the world’s major nations’ military forces for too long. CIA had made the Dark Roll and they didn’t even have to worry about any repercussions for exposing so much personal details about these powerful warriors. No one, not even those at the top of the rank dared to mess with the CIA.

    “I hope he would win, but the chances are very slim.”

    Many people lamented.

    At this moment, all eyes are focused on this little island in Japan called Shikoku.

    They watched as Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and sauntered toward the fourteenth brigade.

    The chain wheels of the armored vehicle had kicked up clouds of dust. They mixed with plumes of black exhaust tainting the sky a deadly grey.

    Chen Fan looked as insignificant and fragile as an ant.

    Five kilometers, four kilometers, three…

    As the army approached, Chen Fan could see those soldier’s faces clearly. Meanwhile, a few AH-1 helicopters had descended on Chen Fan from above. These AH-1 helicopters were equipped with AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles, as well as M197 Electric Gatling-type cannons.

    These Gatling-type cannons used armor-piercing shells that could easily melt the armor of a tank, hence its nickname: The Tank Slayer. It was a few magnitudes more powerful than ordinary rifles. Its shells were longer than an average human’s hand and packed even more deadliness than an attack from a Peak Level Grandmaster.

    If one of these shells caught a Grandmaster as powerful as Lei Qianjue, it could outright sever the body in half regardless of their level of attainment in Physique Refinement.

    “Bang, bang, bang!”

    The AH-1 Cobra fired at Chen Fan from a kilometer away. It was evident that they had gotten the order to shoot on sight.

    The Gatling-type cannon spun and started spitting out venomous fire, raining deadly shells onto Chen Fan as the Grim Reaper swinging his enormous scythe to harvest souls.

    The deadly volley tore through trees, houses and even boulders, creating a barren path on the ground. Soon a few more helicopters joined in, and suddenly, the sky was lit up by the fire-spitting out from half a dozen helicopters. A deadly web of bullets combed the land as the pilots were in search of their target.

    Amidst the flying rocks and tree branches, Chen Fan finally made a move.

    Under everyone’s shocked eyes, Chen Fan launched himself into the air and flew into the sky like a soaring dragon.