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Chapter 373 - Did We Win?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 373: Did We Win?

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    Both Lord Kurome and Yamamizuki were about ten meters in height, but the Immortal Guardian was now about fifteen meters. The long golden blade in his hand was over twenty meters long. He rode on the heavenly horse, basking in his own glory as a brilliant shine emanated from his body.

    His mount was about fifteen meters long and was as white as marble. On its back, two wings spread out behind the saddle, making it look like the mount of a real Heavenly General.

    This was the Immortal Guardian Chen Fan had created using the Divine Soul of Lord Susano as a surrogate. Chen Fan had named it Immortal Guardian Susano

    Immortal Guardian Susano caught everyone’s attention. People gaped at him in surprise. Violet rounded her eyes in disbelief. She had seen Immortal Guardian Susano before when he was just the size of a normal human. This time, however, he was over fifteen meters tall, wielding a large halberd while mounting a heavenly horse.

    Unknown to Violet, Chen Fan didn’t waste any of the energy inside of Susano Shrine that had been accumulating over the hundreds of years. He channeled that energy into the bone flute and refined Immortal Guardian Susano’s body and form. He still had some energy left over at the end, so he created the golden halberd and the heavenly horse for the immortal guardian Susano.

    “He… he is Susano?”

    Lord Kurome said in a shaky voice.

    Energy rippled from the Immortal Guardian like the waves of a vast ocean. Every inch of his skin and armor looked more real than the Dharma Form of the Demon Gods. In addition, through his helm, the demon gods noticed that Chen Fan had even preserved Lord Susano’s appearance.

    Try as they might, Lord Kurome and his peers couldn’t figure out how Lord Kurome could have been transformed into such a condition.

    Didn’t Chen Fan kill Lord Susano?

    “It’s that bone flute. He calls it Summoning Flute of Demon God. Lord Susano was sucked into the bone flute and was turned into a zombie. He came here to feed you guys to its bone flute. That is why he is here.”

    The appearance of Lord Susano took the wind out of Violet’s sails as she turned into a bundle of nerves.

    “I see.”

    All the Demon Gods nodded as realization dawned on them. They had been wondering why Chen Fan was so obsessed about killing demon gods. Chen Fan was already one of the most powerful men on earth, some people even called him an Immortal State cultivator. Even if he had not reached Immortal State, his previous battles had proven his strength was superior to any Demon God.

    Therefore, the Demon Gods were dumbfounded when they learned that Chen Fan wanted to battle with them. They knew they wouldn’t stand a chance while facing Chen Fan one on one, so they decided to band together.

    “Chen Beixuan, how dare you! This is the utmost disrespect to enslave a Demon God. We won’t let you get away with it!” Karasutengu barked at Chen Beixuan.

    Lord Kurome, Yamamizuki, and Six-Armed Demon God pulled a hard face. They fixed their glinting eyes onto Chen Fan with deadly intent to kill. It was as if they were glaring at the person who had murdered their father.

    These Demon Gods had gotten used to their privilege and seeing one of them suddenly being turned into a slave didn’t sit well with them. The humiliation was even worse than death.

    The moment Chen Fan revealed Immortal Guardian Susano, he had sent out a message to the other Demon Gods that there would be one party leaving the battlefield alive.


    Chen Fan snorted and brushed off the Demon God’s threat.

    He waved a hand and spurred Immortal Guardian Susano to charge out.

    The pegasus flapped its powerful wings and took off from the ground with Immortal Guardian on its back. Susano lifted the halberd with both hands and hacked in the air. His movement carried so much force that it threatened to tear open the very fabric of reality.

    Karasutengu barked ceaselessly and he charged at Immortal Guardian Susano while brandishing the giant tree trunk.

    However, Immortal Guardian Susano was far superior to Karasutengu in terms of strength, speed, and weight. Karasutengu was caught by the golden halberd in a vertical slash with a slight angle and was cut in half.

    Immortal Guardian Susano’s weapon was formed created by Chen Fan using Devotion Energy. It was able to banish evil and shatter even the existence of gods, perfect weapon against Divine Soul.

    Karasutengu fell to the ground and struggled to get up. The pegasus neighed and lifted its forelegs and then stomped on Karasutengu, pinning it on the ground. Immortal Guardian Susano brought the golden halberd to one side and landed a blow on Karasutengu’s neck, severing the head right off. After a few more hacks, he had cut off Karasutengu’s limbs, but Immortal Guardian Susano didn’t stop. After a short while, he had carved Karasutengu up into a dozen pieces, preventing it from reforming again.

    Even in his Dharma Form, the Demon God was the plaything of Immortal Guardian Susano.

    “Attack, now!”

    Lord Kurome commanded. His voice was filled with fear and sorrow. He threw himself at the Immortal guardian.

    A light beamed out from his eyes and shot at Golden Armor Immortal Guardian as he lifted another train cart and hurled it at the same target.

    Both Yamamizuki, Six-Armed Demon God cheered for Lord Kurome’s powerful move. They stomped the ground, making the earth tremble as they charged at the Golden Armor Immortal Guardian.

    Being attacked from three directions, Immortal Guardian Susano looked left and right and was not sure which opponent to tackle first.

    Powerful as he was, he was fighting all by himself while the Demon Gods were fighting as a team. This meant that Immortal Guardian had to deal with a team of opponents whose combined might be three times more powerful than each one of them. Yamamizuki seized an opportunity and held the Golden Armor Immortal Guardian in a choke hold from behind, dragging him off the pegasus. Six-Armed Demon God was already on his way to smashing the Dharma Artifact down onto the restrained Immortal Guardian.

    The blow landed on the Immortal Guardian’s armor and thanks to Chen Fan’s careful refinement, the armor held up and absorbed the brunt of the force. However, it had been clear to everyone that the three demon gods had the upper hand.

    “Do something.”

    Red Sparrow said face flushed red.

    She had no place on the giant’s battlefield, so she looked to Chen Fan for help.

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and then brought out the bone flute. He channeled energy into it and started an art. The war drums started beating again somewhere in the void dimension and its timbre set everyone into an upbeat mood. A trickle of golden inscription flowed out from the bone flute and into the body of the Golden Armor Immortal Guardian.


    Golden Armor Immortal Guardian responded to the energy with a snarl as his body increased in size again. In a blink, he was twenty meters tall.

    By now, the Demon Gods were only half the size of the Immortal Guardian. Yamamizuki and his peers looked at the Immortal Guardian with a great measure of despair and shock. Golden Armor Immortal Guardian shot out a pair of giant hands at Yamamizuki and held him in a vice-like clamp. Then the Immortal Guardian tore Yamamizuki into half with his bare hands. He quickly dropped Yamamizuki and punched at Lord Kurome right in the face. Lord Kurome’s head exploded.

    Six-Armed Demon God faltered and was about to spin his tail.

    Immortal Guardian grabbed the long halberd and hurled it at the last demon god. The golden halberd traced an arc in the air as a cascade of golden light tumbled from its body. It landed on the Six-Armed Demon God and severed him into half, shattering the thick shield made out of cold iron.

    In three simple moves, he had defeated the alliance of three demon gods.

    Violet’s face paled as the reality set in. Silently, she backed into a dark corner and disappeared. No one other than Chen Fan had noticed her movement. But Chen Fan didn’t do anything other than gave her a long glance.

    The battle had not ended yet, and the Golden Armor Immortal Guardian still had to finish these demon gods once and for all.

    Although these demon gods can constantly regenerate their bodies, they were in no condition to continue the battle after being shredded into pieces so many times.

    Realizing that they had lost the battle, the Demon Gods knelt before Chen Fan and begged for their lives. All of them were willing to offer Chen Fan their wealth in exchange for their lives.

    Red Sparrow felt the scene almost surreal: the mighty demon gods of Japan kneeling before Chen Fan, begging for their lives. She gave Chen Fan a more careful look and caught a profile view of Chen Fan’s statues body and sublime features on his face. The sight melted her guard as a warm and fuzzy feeling rose inside of her.

    “Money means nothing to me.”

    Chen Fan laughed as he brought out the bone flute.

    The Summoning Flute of Demon God seemed to be agitated in the presence of the demon gods: It’s feeding time.

    The sight had terrified the Demon Gods; color and life drained away from their faces. They knew what Chen Fan was going to do next.

    “Bang, bang, bang!”

    After four explosions, these Demon Gods finally forfeited their Dharma Forms, leaving only their Divine Souls in the form of four dark mists. They thought that by doing so, they could finally escape Chen Fan, but Chen Fan had expected it and was prepared for their reaction from the beginning.

    The Summoning Flute of Demon God flew out of Chen Fan’s hand and drew in the Divine Souls of the four Demon Gods.

    Karasutengu, Six-Armed Demon God, Yamamizuki, and then Lord Kurome; the bone flute devoured their Divine Souls like a hungry wolf, all the while, it was impervious to the heart-wrenching pleading of its victims. After it had consumed all four Divine Soul, the bone flute wobbled back to Chen Fan like a starving man who just had a large feast. Chen Fan was amused by the silliness of the bone flute as he put it back into the Dimension Altering Dharma Treasure.

    Red Sparrow was stunned; she checked her eyes in disbelief.

    The four deadly Demon Gods were no more. Chen Fan had destroyed five out of six shrines in Japan, and the only one left was Ise Grand Shrine. He alone had done what generations of Grandmasters wanted to do but failed.

    “Who is he? Is he a mortal or a god?”

    Red Sparrow even started to doubt the reality she was in.

    “We won!”

    Suddenly, a wave of cheers came up from the train. Violet had taken the Dark Sky Curtain with her while she was sneaking away. Fingers of sunlight found the train and its passengers again. The bright light was a message to the people trapped inside the train: the battle has ended. People came out of the train to cheer for their newfound freedom and sanity.

    Ai Jinqi scurried to Chen Fan and batted her eyes at Chen Fan like a little fangirl.

    To her, Chen Fan was no longer just a mysterious man, he was also her hero and savior.

    “I have been praying for you while you are fighting out there.” Ai Jinqi looked up at Chen Fan and said with a blush. Other passengers also came over to Chen Fan and regarded him with warm and respected smiles.

    Ren Hao stood far away from the crowd and watched them with bitterness.

    He knew that he would never be able to win Ai Jinqi over. He was so insignificant and pathetic compared to Chen Fan. Ren Hao was in no mood for wooing girls, all he wanted to do was to find a place to hide from Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan smiled back at the crowd and even as he was about to greet them, he noticed something was fast approaching from above, so he looked up in the sky.

    “What is it?”

    Everyone was curious.

    Chen Fan’s face was getting more serious by the second. Red Sparrow also looked up to examine the sky. After a while, she panicked and couldn’t believe what she saw.


    It was the whir of helicopter blades. Someone noticed a group of helicopters descended upon them from afar. They approached the group with incredible speed. It wasn’t long before people spotted the miniguns hanging over the ledge.

    Meanwhile, on the ground, tanks stormed toward the crowd. These were heavy tanks that could easily run over trees and boulders. They crushed anything that was in its way, making loud crunching noises along with the deep droning of the engines. These tanks were equipped with huge cannons that could harvest lives on the battlefield.

    In Chen Fan’s Divine Sense, he registered thousands of soldiers swarming towards them from all directions. They were the Japan Self-Defense Forces and were armed with deadly special weapons. There was no mistake in the goal of their mission: Kill.

    Red Sparrow looked at Chen Fan desperately.

    Chen Fan’s face became solemn, but a light shined through his eyes and betrayed his excitement.

    He could finally put his power to a test against a fully-fledged modern army.