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Chapter 372 - Chen Fan’s Trump Card

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 372: Chen Fan’s Trump Card

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    Each and every one of the four Demon Gods was a half-step away from Immortal State. They all possessed nearly indestructible bodies. They would be a headache even for real Immortal State Cultivators. Despite the lack of home advantage, the Dark Sky Curtain allowed them to use at least eighty percent of their real strength outside of their shrine, so the combined might of four of them would be a serious threat to even an Immortal State warrior.

    However, Chen Fan had defied common sense and killed the four Demon Gods like chopping up some squishy vegetables.

    Although the Demon Gods could regenerate their form, Blade of Divine Will had caused permanent damage to their Divine Souls, greatly dampening their power output.

    “How come he is so strong?”

    Violet’s face colored as strong emotions roiled inside of her.

    She had seen the battle between Lord Susano and Chen Fan in person. Lord Susano was able to hold himself before Chen Fan’s regular attacks and forced Chen Fan to use multiple Hypersonic Punches consecutively in the end.

    The drawn-out battle between Chen Fan and Lord Susano had convinced Violet that Chen Fan would not stand a chance when surrounded by four Demon Gods instead of one. However, little did she expect that Chen Fan had another trick up his sleeve: that silvery blade. The blade was able to wound the invincible Demon Gods and hamper their regeneration abilities.

    “Why didn’t he use this ability during his fight against Lord Susano?” Violet regretted. If she knew Chen Fan was so powerful, she would never double-cross Chen Fan.

    It was her conviction that the league of Demon Gods’ could defeat Chen Fan that had planted the seed of betrayal.

    Unbeknownst to Violet, it was Chen Fan’s curiosity about the Demon God’s power that had spurred him to use only his physical power during his first fight in Japan. Without doing so, Chen Fan would have ended the life of the Demon God too quickly for him to observe the full extent of their power.

    “Chen Beixuan, do you think you can defeat us so easily?”

    Lord Kurome’s severed body slumped on the ground lifelessly, but his words boomed around everyone’s ears. Even the passengers inside the train cart heard his voice.

    “Does that mean Brother Chen is winning the battle?”

    Ai Jinqi huddled in a corner with a group of girls. She was too scared to watch what was going on outside the train, but the voice spoke to her and everyone seemed to suggest Chen Fan had an upper hand.

    Ever since Chen Fan got out of the train cart, they heard jarring and harsh noises of violence above the top of the train cart. From time to time, there was an explosion, so loud that it sounded like the sky had collapsed around their ears. One of the train carts was squashed by a force that smashed into it from above. Luckily, that cart was empty since all the passengers had moved to the first cart. They huddle against each other, trying to find security in numbers.

    Ren Hao tried to squeeze in but was deterred by everyone’s cold stares.

    Everyone had witnessed him throwing Chen Fan under the bus, and therefore no one, not even Ai Jinqi wanted to accept him into the group. He sat alone in the adjacent train cart, reflecting and regretting his foolish act.

    If he were given a second chance, Ren Hao swore that he would never speak up against Chen Fan again.

    Meanwhile, the four Demon Gods managed to partially reform their body. However, they were unable to close the wounds and had to constantly fight the silver lining around the wounds that threatened to tear their flesh apart. Beleaguered by the wounds, the Demon Gods were unable to unleash their full power.

    “What gives you four fools so much audacity to challenge me?” Chen Fan let out a smirk. “I can finish ten of you with one blow.”

    Chen Fan stabbed a finger on the body of the silvery long blade and made it clink.

    The Blade was made out of Divine Will, but it was as solid as any metal. Not only could it easily slice through human flesh, but it could also devour Divine Souls.

    The sight of the blade sent a sense of dread into the hearts of the Demon Gods.

    Even though the Demon Gods were powerful enough to form a solid web out of their Soul Energy, their web could only hold solidity for a short period of time. On the other hand, the Blade of Divine Will had shown that Chen Fan’s cultivation of Divine Will had reached such a high level of attainment that it was beyond anyone’s imagination.

    Red Sparrow’s heart sank to the bottom.

    She had seen such power in another old man who she held with the highest regard. No one ever spoke of that old man’s name, but he was feared by even large nations. The old man had lived well over a hundred years, but Chen Fan was only twenty. His young age had made his achievement even more jarring.

    “Chen Beixuan, we are not done yet.”

    Karasutengu barked at Chen Fan.

    His pupils were darker than the sky above and something moved around inside like rats under a black blanket. He swept out both wings, making himself look all the more similar to the legendary thunder God: Leizhenzi. Karasutengu snarled and then took a large gulp of air.

    Currents of Dark Yin Qi were sucked into his gaping mouth as water into the mouth of a feeding whale. Karasutengu’s mouth became a sinkhole for Yin Qi as he feasted on it ravenously.

    After a while, Karasutengu’s body increased in size rapidly.

    Three meters, four meters, five… In the end, the Demon God stood ten meters above the ground.

    Karasutengu’s body erected high into the sky and even the eight-meter long golden staff seemed like a child’s toy in his hands. The earth rumbled with each step he took. Unable to bear his weight, train rails snapped under his feet.

    Karasutengu made his way to the train cart and the roof of the train reached up to his knee. He looked down from high above and Chen Fan seemed as insignificant as an insect. The large frame seemed to have overshadowed the wound with a silver lining. However, it was still visible on his chest.

    “Karasutengu had used his Dharma Form. He is going all in.”

    Lord Kurome grunted as the red light in his eyes dimmed a little.

    It took the Demon Gods hundreds of years to forge their body using Devotion Energy. It was a slow process and the end product needed to be treated with care. Karasutengu had absorbed so much energy that he was risking the solidity of his body. One careless movement of the Yin qi inside of his system would cause an eruption from within his body and permanently fracture his form.

    Even if Karasutengu could get away with exploding from inside, he would have to forfeit his current body after the battle and regain another body from scratch. During that time, he would be confined within his shrine.

    Therefore, the Dharma Form was the last trick up the Demon Gods’ sleeves that they wouldn’t use it unless absolutely necessary.

    “Karasutengu had even committed his Dharma Form to the battle, what are we waiting for? If we don’t go all out and deal with Chen Beixuan now, we won’t get another chance.” Yamamizuki announced. Then he opened his mouth and sucked in the Yin Qi.

    Unlike Karasutengu, Yamamizuki’s Dharma form was not only larger but also strange.

    As he increased inside, his feet and legs turned into tree roots that burrowed themselves into the ground. His body transformed into a dozen meters tall tree with eyes, nose, moving limbs and fingers. That looked like the Ent in the Lord of the Rings.

    “I have heard that Yamamizuki used to be a powerful spriggan: a tree spirit. He turned himself into a Divine Soul after he forsook his original body. ”

    “So they are a dog and a tree. They call themselves Gods?” Chen Fan smiled derisively.

    Meanwhile, Lord Kurome and Six-Armed Demon God also revealed their Dharma Form.

    Lord Kurome’s Dharma Form was a hellish demon, wearing flaming ancient armor that might have belonged to any Shogun of Japan. His round bloody eyes glowed in the darkness, ceaselessly seeking his victim.

    The Six-Armed Demon God’s Dharma Form was the most interesting. It had three heads and six arms. The three heads each faced a different direction and had different expressions. Red Sparrow quickly pointed out that the six-armed demon god used to be a powerful monk of Vajrayana Buddhism. It was originated from Tibet and the dharma form looked like a spitting image of the Wisdom King: Vidyā-rāja

    The four Dharma Forms stood tall like the pillars that support the sky. Lord Kurome walked over the train rail, destroying the train rails and leaving enormous footprints. His shape was so enormous that the top of the train cart only reached his calf. He picked up one cart and held it in his hand as a weapon. Karasutengu had also threw away the golden staff, and chose a dozen meter tall tree that he had just uprooted as his choice of weapon.

    Chen Fan and Red Sparrow looked like two tiny and fragile toys before these train-cart-wielding giants.

    An immeasurable flood of energy emanated out from these giants that were much more threatening than what they used to be. All four of them were as powerful as Immortal State cultivators now.

    “Chen Beixuan, face your doom, but you should also take comfort in the fact that four highly revered Demon Gods have forsaken their bodies in order to deal with you.” Lord Kurome droned. His voice was so deep that it sounded like the rumble of distant thunder.

    A smile surfaced on Violet’s face.

    She observed Chen Beixuan carefully and doubted that he would be able to handle four Demon Gods whose power was infinitely close to that of the Immortal State. They might not be able to hold their Dharma Form for too long, but all they needed was a solid blow.

    Meanwhile, Red Sparrow’s face paled.

    These four Demon God, each the size of a building imposed their overbearing presence onto Chen Fan. Chen Fan’s Blade of Divine Will was only three meters long and it would be difficult for him to pull off the same damage as he used to.

    Red Sparrow finally faltered and was ready to tell Chen Fan to pull back with her.

    There was no point in risking their lives while the Demon God’s had their burst of power. Once the Dharma Form wore off, they would be severely wounded and have to shrivel up in their shrines to lick their wounds. They would be much easier targets then.

    She turned around and was about to call out to Chen Fan, but she watched as Chen Fan fished out a bone flute from a gourd. The bone flute looked ancient, it seemed to have existed when human ancestors still lived in caves.

    As soon as Violet saw the bone flute, her smile froze on her face as if she had seen something terrifying.

    “So you think you guys are the only ones who still have a card in hand?” Chen Fan said lightly, then he looked to Violet and asked: “Have you forgot to tell them about the Summoning Flute of Demon God?”

    So saying, he brought the bone flute to his lips and blew into it.

    A droning with an ancient and primordial timbre sounded out. It sounded like the beating of war drums in the forgotten ages that summoned ten thousand Heavenly Soldiers into the eternal battle.


    With a loud clap of thunder, a Golden Armor Immortal Guardian appeared out of nowhere.

    The Immortal Guardian was five meters tall and donned a golden suit of armor. His mount was a horse of the heavenly breed and his long blade shimmered with golden light. The four Demon Gods looked scraggly and they shriveled up before the righteous presence of the Immortal Guardian.